BURGERS Really Cheap!

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BURGERS Really Cheap!
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Available Exits
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Jean Bon and his wife.

BURGERS Really Cheap!

Also know simply as "Jean's", BURGERS Really Cheap! is a creepy, out of the way diner run by Jean Bon and his wife. Despite feeling more like a lost relic from the Twilight Zone there's nothing mysterious to be seen here. Just really cheap road food and an eccentric couple fond of making puns about eating and "meating" people, which is their way of enjoying the wife's rather bizarre hobby of sculpting customer's faces out of hamburger meat and eating them. In fact, patrons willing to model for her can typically find themselves with a free meal on the house and a possible invitation to join the couple in consuming the resulting sculpture made of them. Even if you choose against the option, it's not uncommon to find your burger patty with a random stranger's face on it. Once you can get past the macabre arts and crafts you'll find their food to be some of the best in all of Mabase/Nowhere. Plus if you need a good butcher, Jean's your guy.

Grid Descriptions

BURGERS Really Cheap!(#2097R)
Your path along this dusty old road has brought you to a small diner. Somehow, despite the fact that no one is here and you've not seen anyone on the road for miles, this place has several old cars parked outside it. Strange, it doesn't seem like the kind of place someone would just randomly leave their car to go for a stroll. There's nothing else outstanding here. Just the old tin diner and the large sign offering 'BURGERS' with a smaller sign under it describing them as 'Really Cheap!'. You think someone could find a better name for a place like this...

BURGERS - Dining Room(#1928R)
'Really Cheap' must refer to more than just the cost of the food here as the interior is nothing but the bare minimum. The front door opens up to the middle of a long room with a bar that runs almost the entire length of it. Several barstools run along the counter and an old jukebox sits in the corner. Except for the trashcan by the door - that's it. Everything seems to be tucked behind the bar or in the kitchen in the back. They must not expect a lot of buisness in the middle of nowhere. Before anyone tries it, there's no way to get behind the bar without jumping the counter or going through the kitchen, and if you ever got a good look at Jean Bon or his wife, the pig-people that run the place, you might think twice before trying it.

BURGERS - Basement Hallway(#1700R)
Decending the massive staircase and entering into the darkness below, you find yourself in a dark and creepy basement. There are several locked doors down here and judging by the ironing board built into the wall, the owners must live down here too. One can only wonder what horrible things go on down here from the odd stains which cover the floors and walls. At the far end of the hallway a lone lightbulb casts it's light onto the floor along with the shadow of what appears to be... a severed head?

BURGERS - Workshop(#1606R)
You've braved the hallway towards the severed head.... only to find that this head is mearly a scultpure of a head made from hamburger meat. It would seem from the photos and tools on the walls that it's a hobby of the owner's wife and she's become something of a local legend in the meat-sculpting industry. All that buildup, all that creepy suspense, and for what? This? Somehow it almost seems like a let down.

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