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DC Animated MU* uses a simple system to divide highly popular heroes and villains from less well known and infrequently used characters. This system breaks down as follows:

Tier 1: A city's principal guardian and their archvillain, along with iconic DC staples. Examples of Headline characters include Batman and the Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, and the Flash. Staff reserves the right to append this list. Please also note Headline chars will by definition have the most alt-crossover, often with entire rogues galleries or organizations of their own.

Tier 2: Prominent, popular villains and capes. Always skilled and/or powerful, these are iconic heroes in their own right, and little truly separates them from the most popular Tier 1 characters. Many prominent heroes and villains fall into this category. Examples of Tier 2 characters include Nightwing, Robin, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Bane, Metallo, and Mr. Freeze.

Tier 3: Less well known and less exposed heroes and villains, these characters may be exceptional in their own right, but will typically be more minor characters than the Tiers above them, at least outside their own circles. Examples of Tier 3 characters include Hourman, Wildcat, Secret, Deadshot, Talia al Ghul. OCs will almost universally be considered Tier 3.

Tier 4: Support characters without a major career in either the hero or villain roles will fall into this category. They may also be exceptional in any number of ways, but their main purpose in life is something other than wearing tights and doing good and evil. Examples of Support tier characters include Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Linda Park, or Vicki Vale. These characters do not count towards alt quotas.

Further information: NPC Listings


Players may have up to four superhero or supervillain alts (This includes characters on Twisted). Of these, no more than one may be a Tier 1 character.

Characters which should, thematically, interact a great deal cannot be alts for the same person. In general staff will be lenient about this, but in no case will the same player have, for instance: Batman and Robin, Aquaman and Black Manta, Hal Jordan and Sinestro, etc.

There is no numeric limit to support characters, but players are encouraged to be sensible about both alt interaction and RP availability. Waitlist and idletime concerns (see below) will be amplified when directed towards players with more than three alts.

Feature Characters

Characters originating from DC Comics media including the comics and animated series are considered FCs. FCs who are featured in the shows that make up the game's theme are expected to incorporate these events and traits into their backstory and portrayal. While other sources may be adapted within reason, this single, relatively simple sequence of events provides a good foundation for the game to build from, and should be altered minimally if at all.

Subsequent players of an FC are encouraged to start their play where the previous player left off. It's helpful to read the previous player's logs, and speak with connected characters. If you have any particular concerns about the previous player(s), please talk to Staff. We understand that some elements can be difficult to pick up and play, like romantic entanglements and close friendships. While a 'soft reset' is certainly possible, we encourage players to consider compromises that move the story -forward-, rather than backwards. For example, an amicable (or not!) breakup, argument, or absence of some sort leading into the present day.

DCAM is not a "Year One" game. While some characters may be ideally suited to such an adaptation, perhaps due to absence in the AU or the simple appeal of starting from scratch, players are under no impetus to start a character 'over' simply because they are being adapted from mainline DC. In many cases, a character's career and history may be adapted in part or in full, for example when dealing with the elder members of the Justice Society. Characters who have received massive or temporary upgrades in powers or items (Becoming the avatar of Parallax, White Lantern rings, artifacts of ungodly magic, etc) will likely be expected to start play without these powers and items. If you have any question, just ask staff.

Characters from any DC label that you feel would mesh well with the AU may be discussed for adaptation. The final word on this is with Staff, please trust us to fully consider and discuss this before rendering a verdict, we understand that it can be difficult to be denied a favorite choice. Please also keep in mind when adapting characters that the animated universe is somewhat lower-power than the comics, and characters brought into it may need to be slightly downgraded in power level. In almost every case where Staff's primary concern with a character is power level, this will be the solution rather than banning the character itself.

Staff also reserves the right to introduce non-animated elements from the comics into continuity proactively as necessary.

Age Limits

There are a few FCs below the age of 16 in the DC universe. These FCs may be applied for, but should be adapted to be at least 16 years of age. In no case will DCAM allow a PC under 16 years of age, or who is explicitly or implicitly stated to appear as such. Younger characters may be NPC'd as necessary, but any inappropriate conduct will result in immediate dismissal of the offending player.

Please keep in mind that players on the site must be 18 years of age. We do not allow younger players, and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Love and Marriage

Feature Characters are welcome to develop romantic relationships with other characters. In order to be conscientious of potential future players, however, any FC who wishes to propose marriage or have a child must submit a request to Staff. Please be aware up-front that these requests are not especially likely to be passed if the development in question is not present in the pre-existing animated or comics canon, and/or supported by long-term play and stability.

Banned Characters

On DCA MU* there are a few characters who, as a general rule, may not be used as PCs. These characters are usually not available for application, but staff welcomes original and insightful suggestions for adapting them to theme. This list includes:

5th Dimension Characters Alternate Universe Characters Amazo
Non-Sentient Animals Brainiac Chemo
Chronos Despero Doomsday
Dr. Psycho The Endless Future Characters*
Dial H For Hero Hippolyta Johnny Thunder
The Monitor and Anti-Monitor Morgaine le Fey Nekron
Some New Gods** Olympians/Titans*** Parallax
The Phantom Stranger Ray Thompson The Spectre
Starro Swamp Thing Waverider

(*) - Future Characters not banned: Booster Gold, Impulse, Goldstar, Sungirl, Rip Hunter, others TBD.
(**) - New Gods banned: Highfather, Darkseid, Metron, Black Racer, Malice Vundabar
(***) - Olympians/Titans not banned: Circe, Hercules.

This list is not all-inclusive. Theme Staff has the final say with regards to which characters may be PCs.

Restricted Characters

While not out and out banned, the following characters or character categories will need to be discussed with staff and are likely to have plot significance that will require cooperation and detail from the applicant, and/or a good plan to fit them in and make them work.

Kryptonians Lanterns (other colors than Green) The Ultimen
Wildstorm characters

Original Characters

Original Characters are just what they sound like, original creations not found in any DC products. OCs are slightly limited by comparison to FCs; generally, they will not be the very best at what they do. They may not be the near-perfect physical god Superman is, the ultimate super scientist Lex Luthor is, or a better detective than Batman for example. OCs may, however, grow through RP by the same measure as any other character, and are encouraged to shine. Try to equalize powers and skill levels with experience levels, and avoid coming in as super famous - as no one on the game will have actually heard of you yet! OCs are expected to consider carefully their goals, psychology, and flaws, and how these mesh with age, experience level, and desired RP.

Banned Concepts

The following OC concepts are not acceptable:

  • Alternate reality versions of FCs
  • Clones of FCs
  • Heretofore unknown relatives of FCs
  • Lanterns (However, OCs are eligible to join - or be selected by - the various Corps in play.)

Restricted Concepts

These OC concepts are possible but will require an exceptional app:

  • Magicians
  • Telepaths
  • Regenerators
  • Time or Reality Manipulators
  • Time Travelers
  • Dimensional Travelers
  • Super-Soldiers
  • Demons, Angels, Fae, et cetera
  • Immortals
  • Independently Wealthy Persons
  • Veterans

This list is not all-inclusive. Theme Staff has the final say with regards to which concepts are allowed.



Q: What is the Concept Application?
A: The Concept App serves to quickly show that you understand the basics of the character (in the case of an FC) or that the character is thematically acceptable (in the case of an OC). Characters who are Concept Approved may RP freely, and are expected to complete the full application within two weeks. Problems with details of the powers or portrayal may be examined in this period and can be addressed on the application. Players are expected to cooperate with one another and staff in making sure the new character meshes with the game and theme.

Q: How long will it take for me to get approved?
A: We aim to handle concept applications as they come in, providing an environment where new players can join a game and drop IC almost instantly after considering the rules and character options. Obviously, we can't be awake and on duty 24/7, but concept apps should never take long when an appstaffer is available. When submitting the full application, you should hear back from staff within 24 hours, under most circumstances, if not much sooner. Problems with the app may delay actual approval, but we will make every effort to highly prioritize incoming players and address applications quickly. If you have not heard from staff within 24 hours, please add a comment to the application job, or page to inquire.

Q: I want to apply for a character on your Banned list, or I want to apply for a character listed on the wiki as an NPC. What should I do?
A: This is unlikely to be allowed, but it never hurts to ask. Talk to our staff with your reasoning for how that character will work as a PC.

Q: How long does my background have to be?
A: FCs can (and are encouraged to) use bullet points as long as they get all their important information across. OCs need to write prose backgrounds, but they do not need to be very long. Just make sure we know who you are, where you came from, and what you're doing in the DCU.

Q: When is our Theme cutoff?
A: DCAM diverges from the regular animated continuity after the JLU episode 5.11 "Ancient History". This is because the following episodes involve a lot of character death, and we think that'd be a waste when so many of the deceased in question could make great PCs.

Q: Can I use a Feature/Original Character in my background?
A: You may not use any character that is currently being played in your background without the permission of that character's player, unless the characters have interacted in canon. This includes OCs, who may not be used without permission under any circumstances. If you want to use a Feature Character who is not currently being played, you may inquire with staff.

Q: If I'm applying for the Green Arrow, do I need to define every single one of his trick arrows on my sheet?
A: No; we understand that the Green Arrow has a variety of different arrows for different situations that come up on the fly. Please outline a few examples in your traits and otherwise remain reasonable in your RP. However, characters with broader power sets like sorcery will be required to write out what, exactly, they are capable of. We realize this is not exactly in keeping with the comic books (where Zatanna, for example, can do anything she sets her mind to), but it's necessary to keep a consent game running smoothly, and keep power levels sane across the board.

Q: What if the character I want hasn't been in the Animated Universe?
A: Some characters, such as Jason Todd or Hal Jordan will require significant tweaking, but are still available. The reason they never showed up in the Animated Universe is most likely due to backstory issues or issues regarding wanting a different feel by the production staff. Hal Jordan is prime example, as his origins have been taken by Kyle Rayner. Please speak to staff regarding these kind of characters so we can help get them into a proper fit.

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