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Characters who are, or where formerly, on Hell's Council. Councilmen and women are appointed for "life", meaning one would have to kill them on Twisted or in Hell to be able to claim their seat and transfer their powers. Each member of Hell's Council has a specific task reflected in the title the council members carry.



Hal-icon.gifHerr Major-icon.gif

Johnny C-icon.gifOblivion-icon.gif

Senior Diablo-icon.gif

Pre-Unification Description

The Hell Council is very similar in appearance to Twisted's Council. It is a group of higher powers that look down upon those inhabiting it's worlds and decides the fate of those creatures. While Hell is after all that horrific place where the damned go to spend eternity, it is also home to many forms of life both native and adopted. Likewise the members of it's Council aren't always the kind you'd expect in this sort of place. One dramatic difference between this Council and the one 'above' is that this one aims to unite all worlds under one rule, not seperate them to prevent contamination...

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