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Characters who are, or where formerly, on Hell's Council. Occasionally referred to as the Council of Seven due to the number of seats available on the Council. Each member of Hell's Council has a specific task reflected in the title the council members carry.



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The Hell Council

Founded by Señor Diablo, each member of the Hell Council is given control of 1/7th of the combined Hells. By design the seventh seat is always vacant and defaults back to Diablo himself when decisions are made. The only way to join the Hell Council is to kill a previous member and take their position and powers. Council Members do not concern themselves with the transfer of soul coins and are generally given free reign to do as they see fit in Hell. Leviathan and it's Cenobites are the only beings in Hell whom the Council has no authority over despite technically representing the seventh seat of the Council.

Offices in Hell

Each council member is considered a Lord or Lady of a specific location of Hell which they then govern. Their full titles include that location and is then offset by the duties of that position. For instance Diablo is considered "the Lord of the Lower Depths of Hell, Master of it's Archives, and one seventh Council of Hell".

The Skies of Hell Builder of Hell's Armies Oblivion Herr Major
The Endless Planes of Hell Guide to Hell's Lost Souls Caliga Satanas Parallax
The Demon Cities Judge of Retributions Johnny C Alessa
The Heart of Chaos Keeper of the Balance Diaduin Emepherea
The Abyss Protector of the Void Vergil Sparda
The Lower Depths Master of the Archives Señor Diablo None
The Labyrinth of Hell Keeper of Secrets Leviathan None

In special circumstances a seat on the Council can be made vacant but generally it requires the previous seat-holder to relinquish their duties onto a designated representative and often ends with the former being banished from Hell. In the result of confusion an empty seat always defaults back to Señor Diablo as it was his domain which was divided to create the seven positions. However, in the above list a blank square represents information not currently available more than it does a vacant seat. Some secrets are held on purpose as the knowledge of them is of significant importance.

Honorary Members

In addition to the proper full members of the Hell Council there have been several additional members who have played an important role without actually holding a seat.

  • Xipe Totec - Leader of the Cenobites, the Word of Leviathan, Acting Seventh of the Council
  • Valtiel - Former Servant of Alessa, Leader of her Personal Guard
  • Kasumi Tendo - Former Shadow of Emepheria, Acting Seventh of the Council
  • Grim - Personification of Death, Guide to the realms of Heaven and Hell
  • Setsuna Meioh - Former Guardian of the Gates of Time (Her position is temporarily being held by Caliga)
  • In addition to the honorary members above, the following groups have also been known to assist the Council under special circumstances.

  • Cenobites - Guardians of the Labyrinth, Harbingers of Leviathan's Judgements
  • Pyramid Heads - Harbingers of Retribution, Protectors to the Council of Hell during Alessa's membership
  • Technologies Used by the Council

  • The Lemegeton - Described often as a Kindle-looking device. Lemegetons connect to Satoshi (Hell's own AI-run computer network) and are used for communication as well as pulling up information from the House of Berith (Hell's Library which contains a copy of anything written down in the mortal realms).
  • The Lament Configuration - Puzzle boxes which open gateways to Hell. In the mortal realm these will summon the Cenobites depending on the intent of the box holder. If no willful intent is expressed these boxes instead summon the Council.
  • Pre-Unification Description

    The Hell Council is very similar in appearance to Twisted's Council. It is a group of higher powers that look down upon those inhabiting it's worlds and decides the fate of those creatures. While Hell is after all that horrific place where the damned go to spend eternity, it is also home to many forms of life both native and adopted. Likewise the members of it's Council aren't always the kind you'd expect in this sort of place. One dramatic difference between this Council and the one 'above' is that this one aims to unite all worlds under one rule, not separate them to prevent contamination...

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