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This page lists characters and locations from the shared Question Sleep Universe created by Jhonen Vasquez. The series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, Squee, and Invader Zim all originate from this universe.

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Basic setting

The City (Invader Zim).jpeg
Originally focusing on the view of the world from NNY's perspective, the shared world the characters inhabit quickly became an almost nightmarish parody of real life with the most frightening part being how little removed from reality it truly is. Specifics about the country/state/city are not given aside from it being in a city. Possibly an endless city similar to that shown in the Matrix.

People are shown to be spectacularly dumb or oblivious to what goes on around them. Popular television shows such as the Scary Monkey show feature nothing but an angry monkey glaring for hours on end. Restaurants sell popular fizzy drinks under the name Poop Cola. Even the people running the world, such as President Man, are dumb enough to hand the entire world over to people they think are possibly better leaders - such as a man dressed in a Santa Claus costume.

Luckily they have Professor Membrane who regularly saves the world through SCIENCE™.

Johnny's House

Nnys street.png

Johnny's house is one of the more unique landmarks about the city. At first seemingly like nothing more than a broken down old home, the house began to "grow" as the influences on Johnny's mind grew stronger. Literally snaking miles underground and connecting itself to nearly every home in the city, this Domain of the Lost is full of torture equipment and rooms literally filled with people taken hostage by the maniac.

...and yet no one seems to notice.

The address given in the comics is simply #777. At random times Johnny's House will make appearances on Twisted, vanishing just as mysteriously as it appears. Seldom is it ever given any attention by the citizens as most generally turn a blind eye to the broken down eyesore. After Medical Mechanica recently opened it's housing district, it was discovered that the address #777 Mabase Drive is currently an empty field. If this is a coincidence or deliberate intent is currently unknown.


Heaven in this world is portrayed as an endless rolling field surrounded by a fence with trash everywhere. On the fields are a nearly endless amount of chairs upon which sits all the souls of the humans who managed to get in - each of them quiet and filled with contentment despite having terrifying God-like powers granted to them. Assuming they have any needs which need to be met, Heaven brings in the dammed from Hell to take care of everything as a form of punishment. In a beat up Laz-y-boy reclining chair naps God who's still too tired from all that creation business to do anything.


Hell in this world is an endless wasteland sparsely populated by abandoned cities as the dammed are convinced they are always being watched and always strive to be better and faster and constantly on the move. In reality the universe could care less about them, but that giant eye in the sky certainly strives to make them feel otherwise. Señor Diablo resides over Hell offering information and knowledge to whomever may want it, just because it amuses him.


Eat or Die

One of the many random businesses to be featured in the Question Sleep Universe, Eat or Die originates from the first issue of 'I Feel Sick', the comic that features Devi D. as it's main character. Poop Cola, one of it's referenced menu items, was also featured on Invader Zim. In 'I Feel Sick' a bottle of Poop cola can be seen next to the speaker box on the table beside Devi.

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