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The City of Neo-Edo


Assembled by former Councilwoman Nancy Dark, Neo-Edo is a dense island city built of fragments of Twisted City previously lost during Twisted's Unification. Built to allow citizens of this world an alternative place to live from Senior Diablo's ever watchful eye, Neo-Edo isn't protected by Twisted City's power-restricting protective shield. While this does cause the area to be more chaotic, it also means that characters won't be weakened by using their own natural abilities; but also as a consequence the buildings are not protected by Gegoshi's nano-bots meaning they cannot self-repair and lack automated construction.

Neo-Edo is built to resemble an early 21st century city, similar to the city of Manhattan. It is broken up into several smaller districts each with slightly different purposes and architecture. Each district is heavily populated with large amounts of citizens making transportation nearly impossible unless by foot. These citizens mainly consist of refugees of the more chaotic times who were rescued from the turmoil surrounding the world of Twisted. Another strange side effect of being further away from Twisted City and Gegoshi's influence - the day and night cycle is very chaotic, sometimes allowing both a sun and a moon to appear in the sky at the same time. The reason for this has yet to be determined officially.

Locations Adachi District  •  Fukuoka District  •  Higashi Ayase Street  •  Neo-Edo Main  •  Plowse Bridge  •  Red Light District
Buildings Akira Institute  •  Coffee of Doom  •  Devil May Cry  •  Eat or Die  •  Happy's Eight Treasures  •  Kohoku Public Academy  •  Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium  •  Rays Occult Books  •  S-Mart  •  Sweaty Pits Apartments  •  The Arena

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