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T.A.S.K. is the closest thing to a government approved police force on Twisted. Characters listed in this category are active or suspended members of the group.

The badge carried by T.A.S.K. members
Director Rayne Hurris
Headquarters TASK Building


TASK, Task, or T.A.S.K. were a group of people originally assigned to prevent uncontaminated worlds from interacting with the Multiverse. It was generally disliked by the general population who were convinced they were more of a local police force in the absence of one. TASK at the time was the extension of the will of Twisted's Council though it now serves a new purpose in the Unification Timeline.

Spearheaded by Señior Diablo with Dante Sparda as its leader, TASK saw a revival following an unusually large amount of powerful individuals deciding to join the Devil May Cry agency. These became the first members of a new TASK, one designed to meet the expectations of Twisted's populace and to stand for the citizens against threats.

Following the unexpected disappearance of their leader, Dante's second in command Huitzilopotchli, or as he is better known in Twisted; Kotal Kahn, assumed leadership of both organizations and was been actively taking steps to improve them. During his leadership, he solidified his hold by merging all DMC activities and resources within TASK, and moved them all back to the TASK Building after it had been fully renovated. Although he was eventually recognized officially as TASK's director, even after Dante's return, the title was never officially given to him - possibly due to controversy over rumors that had been spread.

Originally any Mal-Travelers (people who have been to one or more connected worlds in the Multiverse) captured by TASK for breaking the rules automatically became members of the group itself as punishment, while this no longer applies to the organization there are still a small number of questionable members who were 'grandfathered' into the current roster. Applicants are now approved by the newly appointed Director of TASK, Rayne Hurris.

Further information: Pre-Unification TASK

Unlike its previous incarnation, the TASK force has been largely welcomed by the Twisted public thanks to their zealous efforts to protect the city from any dangers that would threaten it. TASK has done away with all its previous policies; it no longer has a ranking system for officers and, with the absence of the Council, it operates individually rather than answering to any one branch of government.


While no evidence of these actions was publicly verified, the press was quick to point out barbarous acts supposedly approved by the former acting director ranging from torturing prisoners, holding 'deathmatches', and threats of executions. Given Kotal's reputation of being the former Kahnum, or leader, of Outworld (a world known for such harsh punishments) it was easy to see where such accusations originate.

Whether these claims where in fact true or the exaggerations of the press has yet to be determined. While TASK is now in the hands of a new Director, the legacy of Kotal's leadership is still fresh in everyone's minds leaving the public anxious to see into what new direction the organization shall grow.

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