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Characters who are, or where formerly on, Twisted's Council. So far this council has existed in three forms - the council that existed before the Hell Council went to war with Twisted's Council, the council Señor Diablo appointed to replace it afterwards, and the newest incarnation chosen to try and restore order. Despite no longer serving for Twisted's Council all existing previous members are still referred to by their original titles as a show of respect.




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Pre-Unification Description

"The Council (sometimes referred to as The High Council) is the only government like entity that exists in Twisted. Made up of nine rulers from different dimensions and races (though it is comprised mostly of High Elves), The Council makes sure the dimensions aren't being polluted by people moving from one world to the next. How can a single organization prevent such things from occurring? In truth, they cannot. However, they do their best to stop dimensional travelers from going to worlds that are not infected with off-dimension people, thus attempting to preserve them and let them proceed in their natural development. To help with this, The Council has created a group called T.A.S.K., who are sent to round up people that have shifted dimensions and are causing a disturbance. What exactly a disturbance is seems to be up to The Council to decide. The Council meets in a large building floating just above the middle of Twisted Street, where they occasionally meet to try and discuss how best to deal with rising problems in Twisted itself, and hold court on traveling offenders, commonly known as Mal-Travelers." ~Gegoshi

Council Members

Originally Twisted was led by Concordance and her council consisting of Abomination, Forinfel, Guarlesia, Harpanic, Iloken, Lalorien, Myra, Nancy Dark, and Seflit. Although it should be noted that not all of the listed members where part of the council at the same time. Nancy, for instance, took over for Lalorien. After the battle between the Hell Council and the Twisted Council Señior Diablo became the ruling body of Twisted with a council of Crux Caedon, Devi D., and Nancy. After Diablo orchestrated a reboot of Twisted conforming it to a new timeline he all but abolished the Council entirely. It was eventually restored when Señor Diablo was overthrown.

The last official Council of Twisted was led by Setsuna Meioh with a council of Gegoshi, Luna, Rayne Hurris, and Tabitha Li-Bogard. It should be noted that while she has always been included on the lists for council members and attended all meetings the synth, Gegoshi, was never an official member of any council until this iteration.

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