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Warker is a Twitter-like service recently introduced on Twisted. It was created to emulate the ability of posting short messages as though the characters where posting tweets. At this time it exists simply as a form of flavor text to possibly enhance role play and must be maintained manually by the player who wishes to use the desired functionality. It can only be used on character profiles using the "2019Profile" template and only after setting a "WarkerName" to enable the tab for the service.

To create your WarkerName, simply enter your desired @name in the space below to set up your "account". Use the suggested format already shown, it will make things much easier for you later. Please note that there are no spaces in the example!

To set up Warker on your Profile page, look for the WarkerName= line and enter the same @Name you gave yourself above. If you are using the 2019 profile and do not see a place to enter a WarkerName, please add the following line to your profile:


If you later decide to change your name for any reason, please reach out to staff to assist before you make any changes.

Please use the links at the bottom of this category page to learn more about how to use the Warker service.

If anyone has professional experience with such a project, or if you wish to use this functionality on your own wiki, please contact User:Marr0w.

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