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Non-ChronoMUCK/TwistedMUCK logs stored here for archival purposes. For a list of all non-Twisted logs please visit Category:Non_Twisted_Logs.

ZekuKari is a Charis Productions chat muck where the grid for Chronos was originally built prior to ChronoMUCK becoming it's own game. Characters like Nancy Dark and Airashisa where originally created there. On TwistedMUCK Zeku-Kari Beach is named after the chat muck and it's description is based upon the small RP area which was built there.

Posting ZekuKari Logs

Players who wish to log scenes from ZekuKari on our wiki are more than welcome to. Make sure that when posting the log you add the following:


This is extremely important to make sure logs display correctly across our site.

Removing Icons From Logs

To cut down on error messages from non-Twisted logs changing the first line of the template from {{Logsummary| to {{Logsummary-fake| will prevent icons from being loaded. This is not a requirement.

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