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Chiffon Deloume
Full Name: Chiffon Deloume

Series: Final Fantasy
Class: Blue Mage
Threat Level: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Sanuye
Age: 38
Birthdate: June 23rd
Height: 4' 6"
Weight: 520

Short Description: A reddish lionwolf looking fellow in a dapper blue cape.
Miscellaneous: Chiffon is a mild mannered creature, akin to a half lion, half wolf, all dope lug. A strange creature raised by stranger creatures, one man's lost is another man's adventure and that's about where he is. Of note, he operates as a freelance wilderness guide, helping people find resources and providing protection for expeditions. This is largely a biproduct of his own research, which in this age could be known as a form of cryptozoology. Whether his own supernatural abilities are responsible for this interest, it is difficult to tell. As a Blue Mage, after being exposed to supernatural abilities and innate magic, Chiffon can learn and recreate the effects. More than this, though, he's fascinated with strange beings in the cosmos and enjoys encouraging these encounters--if occasionally to the dismay of his company. Despite his bestial nature, he's very mild-mannered, speaks fluently, and has a fair sense of humor.

Chiffon Deloume
Oh no, who broke out of the zoo! Chiffon's lanky lionwolf gait might give unknown passers-by a bit of a spook at first glance. 4.5 feet at the shoulder and over 9 long, coated in rusty red fur and a sweep of chocolate black mane spilling between his ears and down his shoulders like a proper set of hair. His tail is long, feline, and tipped in thick bristles that possess a fire-like glow.

Not to worry, he is kept modest and dapper with an indigo cloak. The hood rests between his shoulders, a neat pile while the swoop of fabric rimed in frost-white trim makes its way back towards his tail. The clasp is two leaves over a Kupo nut.

He walks, runs, wags and waves on four thick paws. Umber colored claws poke out and soft pads quiet his step. His snoot is a darker patch, his eyes warm amber colored, and his demeanor friendly.



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