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* Mystery of the Batwoman
* Mystery of the Batwoman
* Batman and Harley Quinn
* Batman and Harley Quinn
* Batman Under the Red Hood
* Justice League Unlimited
* Justice League Unlimited
* Justice League vs the Fatal Five
* Batman Under the Red Hood
* The Killing Joke
* The Killing Joke
* Batman Beyond Return of the Joker (Flashback)
* Batman Beyond Return of the Joker (Flashback)

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Thank you for taking an interest in DC Animated MU*. (Sometimes referred to as DC Animated Multiverse) DCAM is a text-based role playing game intended as a world of super heroes and masterful criminals doing battle in a universe inspired by the animated DC Comics series. Titles like Batman: The Animated Series, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin, Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited; and animated movies including Superman Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Wonder Woman.

It's a world where anything can happen yet gratuitous violence is kept at a minimum. Where the Joker, while still a murderous madman, is more willing to keep the victims around as an audience than melt them in a vat of acid. It's also the worlds many of us grew up with.

For more information please check out our rules page or log on and speak to a member of staff.

Because of reasons far beyond the comprehension of mortal man, DCAM and all related setting and additional information have been merged with TwistedMUCK and exist as it's own connected world within it. Despite this the rules of DCAM still apply while in areas designated with our name and branding. Likewise, the rules of Twisted are to be followed in the event of character passage to Twisted or beyond.


DC Animated MU* (DCAM) is a game focused on accessibility and flexibility, on the preferences of the players and love of the characters. It is for this reason that we've chosen to set the game within the events of the greater DC Animated Universe (or Timmverse or Diniverse or whatever you prefer to call it!). With few exceptions, characters from the comic continuity can be considered to exist here, and many events and backgrounds can be easily adapted. Our focus is on the nature and essence of these iconic characters, not convoluted and ever-evolving (and re-evolving) comic and other media continuities.

The following television programs and animated films are considered canonical here (in order):

  • Batman The Animated Series
  • Batman and Mr Freeze Sub Zero
  • Batman Mask of the Phantasm
  • Superman the Animated Series
  • Superman Doomsday
  • Justice League
  • Teen Titans
  • Static Shock
  • Batman Under the Red Hood (intro)
  • The New Batman Adventures
  • Mystery of the Batwoman
  • Batman and Harley Quinn
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Justice League vs the Fatal Five
  • Batman Under the Red Hood
  • The Killing Joke
  • Batman Beyond Return of the Joker (Flashback)
  • Green Lantern First Flight
  • Green Lantern The Animated Series
  • Batman Beyond
  • Batman Beyond Return of the Joker
  • Justice League Unlimited (Episode: Epilogue)

JL/JLA is considered to run in tandem with presented materials not exist in it's entirety before moving onto the next show. The positions listed simply indicate the starting points for those shows.

It should be noted that the DCAMU (DC Animated Movie Universe) is separate from the Timm/Diniverse. It follows it's own ongoing story line and world development. While it could exist on it's own as a parallel world, we will not be adapting it. That stated we do acknowledge that Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen is much closer to the version we would like to see than Superman Doomsday. In an ideal world the three would be fused together into one film.

For further explanation about how our timeline fits together, please read our timeline page.

Active DCAM Characters

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