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Our timeline can be a bit difficult to manage and as such we've chosen to group information by specific characters as opposed to a chronological order to make it easier to digest.

Jason Todd

Between Batman the Animated Series and The New Adventures of Batman is a gap that lasts three years in the span of two episodes. This is alluded to in "Batman: The Lost Years #5 when ex-Robin Dick Grayson states in his journal about the length of time he was training to be Nightwing, "Day 850..."

Teen Titans (Animated) ran for five seasons, however they aired in the span of only three years: 2003-2006.

In our merged timelines Teen Titan's Robin is actually Jason Todd.

Jason Todd started as a carbon copy of Dick Grayson to such an extent that people randomly assumed he was the original boy wonder despite the age difference. This would be reflected in that Animated Teen Titans featured an alternate 7th dimension Robin who claimed to be Nosyarg Kcid. Why would any version of Robin give away his secret identity? Claiming to be the original actually makes more sense.

The idea is that after Dick left to become Nightwing, Bruce picked up a new Robin. Training him at an accelerated rate, Jason soon left to become the founder of the Teen Titans where he heavily relied on a team. (During this time before Justice League would also fit with Static Shock when he asks Batman where Robin has gone and is told "He's with the Titans.") However, getting dumped by Starfire sent the often short tempered Robin running back to Gotham City to "prove" that he didn't need a team. This would lead directly into Batman: Under the Red Hood where we see Robin murdered at the hands of the Joker.

This leaves a different costume, Jason's, in Batman's glass case that the viewers where led to assume was Dick's despite the obvious differences in design when Tim retrieves and claims the uniform later. In Under the Red Hood's flashback scenes Jason is shown wearing Dick's uniform as a child (where he's animated to look like animated Tim Drake) but before being killed by the Joker he's wearing a new costume - one that matches the uniform in the Bat Cave that Tim eventually takes as his own in the New Batman Adventures.

Following this timeline Joker kidnaps and tortures Jason Todd to death immediately following his stint with the Teen Titans. After saving the world more than once with the Titan's help, Batman - already beginning to run around with the Justice League - did nothing to save him or redeem him, thus setting up his eventual change into the Red Hood. Joker following this three year gap is shown with blackened eyes and a murderous rage no longer bothered by the idea of killing Batman or anyone else to achieve his goals. He appears very rarely in the New Batman Adventures, marking the end of the animated series, and even less in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited leading towards Return of the Joker's taking of Tim Drake. Something that feels shockingly too far for him to suddenly pull out of nowhere, but a gradual change after the idea that he murdered one Robin thus far.

This also implies that Robin and Batgirl's absence during Under the Red Hood was due to Joker having already taken Tim Drake to brainwash him with Batgirl searching for his whereabouts. Nightwing's absence during the Return of the Joker flashback would be due to him having JUST dealt with Jason's return as Red Hood during the exact time frame. Jason would have wanted vengeance and after not killing Joker in Under the Red Hood - meaning once Tim Drake DID murder the Joker, Harley would have had to go into hiding to prevent him murdering her and the child we know she had sometime after her assumed death.

The years in which Jason Todd operated as Robin (three years), was dead, and resurrected (four years) also match up with this timeline. This would set the DCAM timeline as such...

Barbara Gordon

The events of the Killing Joke would have to take place just before the Return of the Joker flashback in our timeline. The problem with this is the paralyzing of Barbara which leads to her becoming Oracle. It is not far fetched to assume that Bruce would have used the same technology he used to make the Batman Beyond suit to help her be able to walk again, and it's very likely that Tim's abduction would have been the catalyst needed for her to put on the costume one last time. One of the defining traits of the DCAU is the use of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill's voices, which are both used in this film, plus it gives further parallels to the comic books that inspired the DCAU's creation.


While Superman Doomsday is the easiest way to incorporate the comic story line of Death of Superman, there are many reasons why we would want to adapt the DCAMU Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen movies. Primary among them being the introduction of Superboy. It is known that the same version of Superboy that debuted in the Reign of the Supermen comics appears in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited comic books. While they are not generally considered canon, they are an easy way to incorporate characters who did not originally appear in the DC Animated Universe. As the Reign of the Supermen film version of Superboy so closely resembles that of the comic JL/JLU version and multiple references are made to the Death of Superman, despite him never being shown dying, elements of all three Death/Return/Reign-inspired films are incorporated loosely with room deliberately left for players who might want to further take characters from these story lines.

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