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DBA Logo.png

Reappearing sporadically over the years, DBA was a MUD originally based on the worlds of Dragonball from where several of TwistedMUCK's players and staff originally got their start. It existed online for many years and the stories which began there are still ongoing today. In character, the world of DBA became connected to Twisted in an agreement between Señor Diablo and Cale Satanas - the full extent of this agreement is still publicly unknown.

Dragon World Map.jpg

Prior to the shattering of the Twisted Street not much of DBA existed on Twisted's Grid, however since then a large portion of it's map has become accessible featuring new descriptions which will become integrated should DBA once more return in an official capacity. Anyone interested in playing in this theme should contact the players of Caliga and/or Cale Satanas for more details.

Characters from DBA

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