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Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel
Full Name: Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel

Series: Batman: The Animated Series
Class: Criminal Pyschologist
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 27
Birthdate: September 11
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs.

Short Description: A hyperactive jester and permanent attachment of the criminal mastermind, the Joker.

Misc: Harley is one of the few villains who have seen Batman laugh or smile; which terrifies her more every time he does it.

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.
Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel
There are always two sides to the same coin. A good and a bad. A person and a mask. It's only when the two can't discern which is real and which is false that the line begins to blur. Dr Harleen Quinzel is normally very formal. Her blonde hair tied back, a simple pair of glasses over her eyes, and something professional looking beneath a white labcoat. Nothing worth mentioning Harley Quinn, however is your traditional harlequin. Her face painted white with a black mask over her eyes. A full body latex jester costume painted in red and black with diamond designs going down her legs, black boots and white gloves. One is a professional, and one is a certified lunatic. You'd think with such differences telling the difference between them would be a simple one, but then maybe there's less of a difference than her appearance would suggest...

Major Flaws

A deep rooted obsession with the Joker that overrides most of her actions, violent mood swings, and fits of daydreaming that leave her in a trance-like state.

The Joker - Harley's obsession with the Joker is all consuming. Not only is she willing to throw anything in her life away for what she believes is his love, but she is also prone to frequent daydreams about him leaving her in a comatose state from anywhere between a few minutes to several hours - this becomes worse when she is incarcerated forcing her to be placed on medication to prevent this.

Overly Possesive - Extremely overprotective of the things she cares about. This includes friends, pets, trophies, and sometimes even adversaries.

Easily Distracted - Self explanatory. Small things will distract her at the worst moments. Possibly the reason she makes random lists when she's nervous.

Frequently Daydreams - See 'The Joker'

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.
Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel
Harley has a natural aptitude for acrobatics stemming from her training in gymnastics, and an uncanny (although rarely used) ability to manipulate people from her PhDs in psychology and neurological disorders. She has also shown, on more than one occasion, to have an impressive acting ability; disguising not only her voice but her body language as well. However after befriending Pamela Isley she was given a strong dose of the same anti-toxins that Poison Ivy used for herself, leaving Harley immune to almost any poison - a useful talent for someone who tries to spend most of her time attached to the Joker's arm. The anti-toxin injection also boosted Harley's acrobatic ability allowing her to go toe-to-toe with some of Gotham's heroes.

More specifically Harley boasts the following:

Psychological Training - Regardless of how she's decided to live her life, Harley is a trained criminal psychologist with diplomas and everything. She can quickly asses someone's mental state when she's being serious and tends to offer good advice that she needs to learn to listen to. It's worth noting that this path in her life was a sudden decision brought about by the idea of making a name for herself working at Arkham Asylum. Exactly how much training Harley has had, and remembers, may be questionable but she does know enough about the mind to be very manipulative when she sets her mind to it. This is rare, however.

Toxin Immunity - Thanks to a cocktail created by Poison Ivy, Harley now has a natural immunity to all forms of toxins and an incredibly high recovery time.

Enhanced Gymnastic Ability - Originally trying to be a gymnast, Harley has been trained well and often shows this through her cartwheels and jumping ability. Another side effect of Poison Ivy's influence was a boost to that natural ability allowing her to leap incredibly high and not hurt herself on the way back down. It doesn't hurt her ability to fight at all either.

Trained by the Joker - Whether good ol' Mistah J is around or not, Harley knows his secrets and can deduce his plans even when she's not a part of them. She also knows how to fully recreate his arsenal of weapons and explosives making her extremely dangerous in the right situations.

Acting - While not formerly trained to be an actress, she actually is quite an experienced actor. Infact her Harley Quinn persona is so dramatically different in voice and body language that she has actually fooled professional reporters into believing she was someone she's not simply by acting how she did before meeting the Joker.

Home Economics - While the basics of 'how to keep yourself alive' may not be needed it is worth mentioning Harley's skills which have thus far managed to keep her escaping the Joker's murderous tendencies somehow. She cooks, she cleans, she tends his wounds, she fixes his costumes, cleans his clothes, feeds his hyenas (well, her hyenas now), she even reapirs his toys and sets up traps for him. Maybe he just keeps her around for that. He couldn't possibly LIKE her... could he?

Underworld Connections - Being a former criminal psychologist at Arkham Asylum, Harley has many contacts both in the criminal world as well as the medical field - although most would rather not associate with her due to her close ties with the Joker.

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.


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Where it not for her obsession with the Joker, Harley could be a normal member of the community. However, her deeply rooted fascination with him overrides not only her better judgement but basically every motive in her life. Formerly a fame-hungry student, bending the rules to become a doctor and get hired on at Arkham to make a name for herself; Harley indeed created a name, costume, and persona to match. Now a criminal and convinced that she will one day be the wife of one of Gotham's most notorious madmen - whether he likes it or not. Still, she's willing to do anything and everything for her "puddin'" so long as he returns her affections with a smile.

Occasionally her better judgement will prevail and she'll turn her back on the loonatic madman of her dreams, however this usually this just ends up with Harley following Poison Ivy around Gotham doing the same sort of things she does in the company of the Joker. Her attempts to fly solo are actually usually very successful (as long as she's not robbing anyone), but in the end she always seems to trade it all to return to Arkham so she can be in the same building with ol' "Mistah J".

Since discovering a way to go back and forth between Twisted and Gotham, Harley's been using it as a learning experience getting information that she otherwise shouldn't have. Yet, somehow despite having a Ph.D. no one ever believes her when she says something really out of place like calling that reporter from the Daily Planet Superman or telling people that Batman is a billionaire playboy.

Recently she took residence at the Akira Institute in Neo-Edo where she is now employed by Luna to help out the inmates as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. It's only a matter of time before her background is exposed and presumably she becomes once more the target of TASK's officers, but for now she seems to actually be making a positive difference.


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