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The Integra's Arms Apartments is a 5 story building where Medical Mechanica houses space/time refugees.


"Medical Mechanica has authorized Integra Arms LLC to house stray citizens who may find themselves lost in space or time as a result from the chaotic nature of Twisted Street™®. It is our duty to help those unfortunate souls in their time of need and relocate them at a later time to our Medical Mechanica authorized housing districts of the city of Twisted. Medical Mechanica cares about the life of Twisted's citizens. Medical Mechanica understands the needs of those new comers who arrive in our little town. "Medical Mechanica, here to build a life with you!"™ All we need is your verbal authorization and signature and we can help get you set up right now in a comfortable accommodation until you are ready for more advanced housing needs."

The Integra's Arms is the first housing facility to be built on Twisted (pre-unification). It is currently considered to be one of the oldest structures besides the Usual Restaurant itself. Sometimes referred to as the Arms Hotel, the building is owned and operated by Medical Mechanica directly with a public story about it being for the good of the citizens of Twisted.

Entirely automated and run by a pair of nearly identical androids known as Leena and Debbie, the Arms Hotel is designed around advanced technology that allows rooms to be 'built' upon request of almost any size and specifications with the warning that the larger the room, the more unstable it is. These modifications where added after the Joker destroyed the original Integra's Arms hotel and the building was reconstructed at its current location. Rooms are treated similarly to private pocket dimensions, made popular by people like Crux Caedon, and thus are not restricted to physical limitations like available space. Rooms can even be built with different atmospheric conditions for citizens of Twisted City who originate from worlds different than the rest of Twisted such as aquatics or methane-based life forms.

Grid Description

Integra's Arms Apartments - Lobby(#2023R)

The Integra's Arms Apartments, with its stone-styled tile and its brown and white walls, is actively trying to feel like a Spanish villa. Soft, comfortable-looking chairs are arranged inside the door, complete with a glass table and non-specific magazines. Wide arches sit across from the help desk, leading to the elevator.

OOC Information

Everyone is welcome to take residence in one of the apartments available in the Arms and will live there ICly rent free. Type 'directory' on any floor to see all claimed/unclaimed rooms and to take residence in one type 'claim' followed by the room number. (ex claim 2B) Please speak to a member of staff if you have any complications or questions.

Interior Design

Once your home is created you can rename the rooms by typing @name here= followed by the name you wish to change it to. Your room description can be set with the @desc command.

Setting your Home

Once you have an apartment created the command @link me=here will set that as your character's home position. If at any time you are sent home or you use the home command you'll be teleported back to that location. To prevent loosing items that don't belong to you there is also an alternative gohome command.

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