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A possessed Samantha with one of the daggers

The Daggers of Dread

The Dread Daggers where a pair of weapons created for Johnny by Benedict to destroy his former minion Seraph. The weapons appear to be made of solid black stone and will burn with shadow-like black flames depending on the amount of negative energies around them at the time. Specifically these weapons act as siphons, drawing in extra energies into Johnny's wastelock and magnifying them. So long as he is wielding them, he can use the energies his body naturally absorbs to enhance his own abilities.

After becoming something of a demon himself, Johnny learned he no longer needed the daggers to use his wastelock abilities but continued to carry them for their ability to draw extra energies.

Being demonic in nature, these daggers are impossibly sharp and able to cut literally anything - even the barrier between worlds. They will also act like a poison when used against someone totally pure in nature making them one of the few weapons that can kill almost any holy entity regardless of where they originated.

When Johnny threw Tabitha off of Twisted he gave her one of the two daggers for protection and has yet to reclaim it from her.


Due to the nature of the multiverse there are a few duplicates of the Dread Daggers floating around. In an alternate future Chronos, one was taken by Grete, an experiment created by Munin using a combination of her own DNA and Johnny's. The matching dagger was held by General Gunzota to allow him to travel to the proper Chronos. That dagger was later destroyed along with the alternate version of Johnny from Gunzota's world by Johnny himself.

Another dagger was taken by Lynx in a different future timeline on Chronos. The dagger changed shape when wielded by him and turned into a gnarled, twisted blade. It was used later in an attempt to murder Queen Zeal's daughter.

Weapons based on the Dread Daggers

While on Chronos, Johnny eventually discovered how to create similar weapons himself. One of these, a short-sword with a carving of a tree along the blade, was given to Meln Charis shortly before she went insane and began attacking people using floating surgical instruments created by the magic given to her by her husband.

The other was an Odachi longsword with flames carved onto it's blade that was given to Yoko Merdick after she too was taken and forced to be a bride alongside Meln. While presented to her in a dream, she was promised it would give her the edge to get back at the madman who had captured them but in the end she never used the weapon and was murdered to become his new host. Johnny ended up sealing the sword away inside the first cherry tree planted on Chronos. It was later given to Caliga to prevent him from dying.

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