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There are many voices in Johnny's Head but only a few ever get named. Due to this unique level of insanity Johnny has been one of the few characters on various MU*s which has been allowed to speak to guest characters ICly before they where accepted into the games - viewing them as ghosts which only he could see. Below are a list of some of the more important voices chattering for his attention.

It is rumored that the twin Doughboys, or at least the puppeteers that controlled them, went on to become Sickness - Devi's tormentor.



Mr Eff, arguably the leader of the gang of voices that exist inside the maniac, was easily the one to cause the most problems. From the beginning he encouraged Johnny to kill and murder anyone and anything he could. As NNY's character evolved with his travels from one game to another, Eff was always the first to appear and remind him just how bad reality could be. At one point the Styrofoam menace was actually cocky enough to go after Crux, despite failing spectacularly.




Psycho Doughboy was Mr Eff's partner in crime. He was satisfied with watching things come apart and regularly encouraged Johnny to kill himself to end the "pain" that would allow the Doughboys to go back to whatever had taken them from NNY's mind into reality. Very much a downer in every sense of the word, Psycho D-Boy followed his orders and nothing more.




If the Doughboys where an extension of what Johnny had become, Nailbunny was an extension of what he used to be. Always the voice of reason and the only thing that remembered what happened back in the time before Johnny had started down the road to being a homicidal maniac. Nailbunny began life as a real bunny, until NNY nailed it to a wall and with the help of some violence from the Doughboys then became a floating head. Nailbunny was always there for Johnny when he needed someone to fall back on, but eventually gave his 'life' to save the fool from dying as an innocent bystander to the Dark Angel Datenshi.

Johnny carved a massive statue of Nailbunny in the cave on Watcher's Cliff where he resided while living on Chronos.



Reverent Meat was a voice which came about from the absence of the Doughboys that saw little attention paid to it after Johnny found himself getting lost into the multiverse. He still comes around from time to time to remind him that everyone is a slave to something. Usually responsible for Johnny's obsession with Burritos.


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