Jon Bone

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Jon Bone

NPC: Jon Bone

Jon Bone and his wife proudly own BURGERS! REALLY CHEAP!, a truck stop dinner out in the middle of Nowhere. These pig-people are known not only for cooking and selling the supposed greatest burgers on Twisted, but also for a unique tallent of Jon's wife - meat sculptures. Whenever someone new comes in they generally try to coax them down to the basement to a room that looks like it belongs in a Saw movie to create a horrifically accurate bust of the newcomer's face. Of course, these are usually deep fried or mashed into burgers themselves, but her creations have been known to terrify more than one unsuspecting fool with the misguided belief that the meat is really the customers themselves.

Jon Bone and his wife both speak in heavy Southern accents and are extremely hospitable.

Jon Bone
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