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The world-destroying beast known as Lavos. (In the native tongue, La - big, Vos - fire) In 65,000,000 BC the beast crashed into Chronos, burrowing deep into the planet's core. In the original timeline of the planet Lavos awoke in 1999 AD - destroying the world and reducing it to ruins. This event was prevented due to the interference of a band of adventurers led by a boy named Crono after discovering that the immense energies released by Lavos disrupted the fabric of space and time allowing them to rewrite their planet's history.

In 12,000 BC Lavos was nearly awoken from it's slumber when the Kingdom of Zeal began to syphon energy off of the beast only to discover that it was highly addictive. The Queen of Zeal became irreparably damaged by this tainted energy and was driven insane. In multiple timelines the Kingdom of Zeal dominated the world, if not the multiverse, using the powers of the beast to enslave all to what the Queen called 'the will of Lavos'. However, in most timelines Lavos is eventually awakened early causing the kingdom to be destroyed...

Chrono Trigger
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