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The Say System

The basics of communication on TwistedMUCK, or any other MUCK for that matter, is the use of the Say system. This program controls posing and speaking. To pose use a colon. To speak use an open quote. Here's are some examples:

Guest1 waves.
Guest1 exclaims, "Hello!"

Public Chat Channels

You can also use these same commands to speak on our Public and Guests channels simply by adding the channel alias (public is pub. Guest is +g) before you speak. Additionally you don't have to use an open quote when speaking on these channels.

pub :waves!
[Public] Guest1 waves!
pub How's it going?
[Public] Guest1 asks, "How's it going?"

Additional options for the Say system can be accessed in the Player Editor (type PE in chat). To change colors please visit Color Codes.

Note Note: Due to a bug currently being investigated, new characters are not automatically being added to public or guest chat.

To join a chat channel or to add an alias to an existing one type @chan addcom <alias>=<channel> replacing <alias> with what you'd like to use on the channel (pub or +g for example) and replacing <channel> with the name of the channel.

@chan addcom pub=public

Currently the list of joinable chat channels is as follows:

  • Public - Global misc chat for all players
  • Guests - Global guest support channel
  • Mature - Restricted 'adult' conversation channel

How To Use Look

Look is about the most basic command on a MU* aside from using say. The command is look followed by the name of the object you want to look at. Looking at a room will tell you what the room looks like. Looking at a player will show you a description of the character if they have one set. You can also abbreviate look by typing only the first letter.

look mirror
A normal looking mirror. Upon looking upon it, you see not your reflection, but that of Cale.
While doing so, you develop a splitting headache for reasons unknown. Once you look away, you
feel fine.

Setting Your Description

To set the message shown when people look at you, or to describe any object you own, use the command @desc.

@desc me=You see a tall, slender man with spiky hair.
look me
You see a tall, slender man with spiky hair.

For more elaborate descriptions you can use the game's built in editor, lsedit. You need to tell it the name of the file you want to store the text in, such as 'mydesc'. For this example the command is lsedit me=mydesc. Then to assign your newly created description to yourself you'd use the command @desc me={list:mydesc} As this is a rather complicated method, we do not recommend this to starting players. However, this will let you add things like paragraph indents and custom text colors. Please see the help screen inside lsedit or speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.

The above instructions for setting descriptions also apply to rooms and objects with the word 'me' replaced with the name of the object you wish to set a description for.

Further information: Using MPI to enhance descs

The Page System and Wizlist

In addition to speaking in both rooms and on chat channels, you can also speak to people directly using the page command. This is easily done by typing PAGE followed by the name of another character.

page lavos=Hello!
You page "Hello!" to Lavos.

Sending mail to people offline is the same process but with an added word. page #mail <playername>=<message>

page #mail dante=I've left a dead mouse on your doorstep with a blue ribbon tied around it's tail.

You can also just type PAGE #MAIL <playername> to open a program that will walk you through sending a fancier version.

Players are more than welcome to page our wizards at anytime if you need help with anything. To see which wizards are online at any time type the command WIZLIST.

Using Finger (bang bang)

Finger, also referred to as +finger is a command used to bring up an abridged profile for a character to provide character stats such as age, height, and gender.
The standard syntax is finger <character name>

To fill in this information for yourself open the Player Editor by typing PE and fill in the IC section.

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