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The commands listed on this page are functions available to all players of TwistedMUCK that might not be posted in the normal ways meaning they were created by a global command or just not as documented as they could be. This list is by no means complete and exists just to make it a little easier for players to use. Some of these exist only for comedic value while some are actually useful.

@cat <name> - A command that sends Kuroneko Kukan to the person you designate. The cat will pop out and say "NYAA!" and then return home.

dice - A dice roller by Kats. Allows you to specify the number of dice you roll and the number of sides.

d20 - A d20 roller that announces to yourself and the rest of the room what result you've rolled.

md20 - The same as d20, but it only announces it to yourself.

@pingme - Pings your connection every few seconds to keep you connected to the server. Especially useful if you're behind a firewall. Options can be accessed with @pingme #help.

sleep - Makes your character fall asleep... and possibly enter another world.

bus - Take the Intercity Transit from anywhere in either of Twisted's cities. (Can be used indoors!)
SIDENOTE: On NeoTokyo this command is 'WARP'

fly - Grant the ability to fly! (Can be used indoors!)

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