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Full Name: MoonShadow

Series: Whightwolf, World of Darkness
Class: Lupas, Theurge, Silent Strider

Species: Garou
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Short Description: An Atric Wolf

You see a young human, standing at five and a half feet, maybe in her mid thirties. She has light brown skin and her eyes are a bright yellow. Her snow-white hair is long, kept loose, and well combed, traveling down past her shoulder blades. There are two, wolf-like ears, sticking out of her hair, covered in snow white fur. Her build is thin and lithe, with modest sized breast. For her outfit, she wears a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans, worn loose. On the tee-shirt, there is a picture of a white wolf, its bright yellow eyes staring out at you as it stands regal on a snowy ledge. On the back is a set of three gray wolves, standing close together in a snowy landscape. On her feet are a pair of hiking boots, light-brown in color, with laces all the way up the ankle. Sticking out of the back of her jeans is a long, fluffy, wolf-like tail, covered in snow white fur. Dangling from her neck is a silver medallion, round with a an emerald embedded in the center.

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