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This page lists the variables used in our plot generator. While this page allows anyone to come in and add content, the actual generator will not receive these changes until they have been manually added by our staff. To simplify this, please continue to use the layout you see on this page and let us know when changes have been made.

Starting Location

"While traveling to..."

"the TASK Building","the Usual Restaurant","somewhere on Twisted","Zeku-Kari Beach","S-Mart","Ray's Occult Books","Eat or Die","Nowhereto Park"


"the team..."

"eats something they shouldn't","finds a magical whale that grants wishes","discovers hope only to have it rent cruelly from their hands","hears about a sale going on at S-Mart","becomes surrounded by mysterious fog","are pulled into a parallel world","become displaced in time, watching the world freeze in place around them","decide to stop for food","pause to reflect on life","are approached by a strange man","discover a dead body","notice an eerie silence","become aware of the lack of people","stumble upon a stopped bus","find themselves trapped in a musical","struggle for hours to solve a complicated puzzle box","encounter a bass drop so huge it tears the starry vault asunder to reveal the face of god","has a random out-of-place beach party episode","decides to just go home","attends a concert run by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix","is overcome by a concentrated wave of apathy","really wants some taco bell","all agrees that rainbow sprinkles are the way forward for the donut","hide underneath a cardboard box","casually solve the homelessness problem in detroit","get into an argument with someone on the internet","witness the fourth wall being demolished by the kool-aid man. Oh yeah","have an existential crisis and must quickly seek validation for their poor life choices","eat a taco"

Person 1

"While investigating, they meet..."

"a lost child","a little girl","a monster","a synth","a new arrival","a former UR waitress","a reporter for the Times","a rogue AI","a random citizen","a talking dog","a small cat"

Problems 1

"The problem, the team soon learn, is that..."

"someone has lost something dear to them","they have been mugged","everyone is unarmed","magic has stopped working","everyone has amnesia","the stores are all closed","they've run out of food","a storm is approaching","the skies have turned dark","puppies suddenly appear everywhere","flying bunny things start to attack","monsters appear everywhere","wrestling isn't real","god is in the TV","Cobra Commander is a huge jerk","the earth has become the most potent source of energon in the known universe","cats and dogs are living together","there is a problem with the space-time continuum","Doritos have stopped selling the cool-ranch flavor","Canadians have become slightly less polite","DESTRUCTION RAINS FROM THE HEAVENS!!!","the afterlife has started leaking into the real world","vampires are real, but also very unimpressive","subliminal advertisements are creating an obesity epidemic","a curse is turning all women under 25 into magical pretty girls","men cannot resist the allure of giant robots that also transform","violence is never the answer, but red and blue lasers sometimes are","the real world is boring","someone has started singing the Song that Doesn't End","they are being hit by temporary mutagenic rays","bands that play horrible music but are somehow still popular are to blame","crazy fan stalker people like Lorne are watching"

Persons 2

"...responsibility may lie with..."

"a missing store-owner","an old homeless man","an unexpected villain","rainbow monkies","the Puppy Master","a Pyramid Head","an alien infestation","an otherworldly kombatant","a lost soul","a magical tome","a rift in space/time"


"To resolve the problem..."

"fight for their lives","return a lost item","struggle to stay on the correct path","seek out a mysterious energy","find shelter for the night","win an eating contest","call for reinforcements","learn the meaning of friendship","win a tournament"

Location 2

"Traveling to..."

"the TASK Building","the Usual Restaurant","elsewhere on Twisted","Zeku-Kari Beach","S-Mart","Ray's Occult Books","Eat or Die","Nowhereto Park"


"But, the situation is complicated by..."

"a lack of motivation","a man-eating shape-shifter","an army of possessed citizens","demons","zombies","a powerful new enemy","a wall of fire","an evil plot to destroy Twisted","nobody paying any attention","loose lips sink ships","one can never be too careful","their mere existence as a group inviting challenge","learning some people will do literally anything for a Klondike bar","magma elementals which have risen from the earth's crust","what Stacy's mom has got it going on","the end of the world as we know it","everyone having simply forgotten what day it was","it was all just a dream"

Outside Aid

"To succeed, the team may need to enlist the help of..."

"assistance from TASK", "another shopkeeper","a waitress","a bartender","a heroic citizen","an overly protective dog","a Gegoshi kiosk","a skutter","a prinny","a super intelligent shade of the color blue"

Looming Threat

"The team are still investigating when..."

"an ominous force arrives","a traffic accident blocks the path","portals open everywhere","it begins to rain donuts","a karaoke contest is declared"

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