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Egon Spengler
Full Name: Egon Spengler

Series: Ghostbusters
Class: Scientist
Threat Level: Civilian
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 48

Short Description:

Egon Spengler
You see nothing special.


Formerly a professor of paranormal studies at the Columbia University, Egon Spengler is one fourth of the iconic group known as the Ghostbusters. Originating from New York, the Ghostbusters found themselves transported to Twisted with the entirety of their firehouse base of operations. While the rest of the group quickly adapted to their new home, Egon took to learning all there was about the new world they'd found themselves in - a quest that had him disappear for quite some time. Showing that he's still around and still trying to keep a part of events going on, Dr Spengler has made it a point to attend every business association meeting which Happosai has called.


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