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What's happened? The state of the game

Alright, while it's quite a bit overdue, it's about time I said something about the state of TwistedMUCK. If you want to skip to the chase, go down to the last two paragraphs. However I feel the need to explain a few things before we get that far.

My goal with Twisted (then ChronoMUCK) was from the start very simple. I wanted to make a place where my friends and I could RP. First and foremost my friends came first. I spearheaded every decision to make them happy. I dedicated countless hours and planning because this was my way of giving back to them for all they had done for me whether it be goofing around or being there as emotional support during some very tough times in my life. I hope in my way I was able to give back to them and then some.

Once the game picked up more people I began to put the needs of the players before my own. This caused us to double down on rules in the struggle to keep everyone on the same page so that new players had just as much of a chance as a seasoned veteran with a twelve year old player killer. (This was a real concern, I’m not just giving ridiculous examples) The world had to become more fleshed out and I struggled to make sure that as much information was available to everyone as possible even if it meant fleshing things out a bit too far in advance so that questions needn't be asked. I admit in a few areas I went too far with this, but my intentions where in the right place.

As time passed people moved on. Some outgrew RP, some moved onto other games where they felt more at ease, and some left because of personal reasons that aren't my place to comment on. These things happen and as always real life must always come first. Unfortunately this has left me with my hands tied with a lot of things and the game has suffered for it. This last time we reworked things I was working alongside the last of my friends the game was originally built for. For his own reasons he decided afterwards to finally leave the game as well. This was not an easy decision for him to make and I took it harder than I should have. After all, in my eyes this game was made for those friends and now it had seemingly outlived its usefulness. At his insistence and at the request of the remaining active players we made a grand bandage for the hole that was left so the game would be in a state where things could move on, but the damage was done and things have moved at a snail's pace since then.

This brings me back to the reason I'm writing this. Until the day that incoming connections are refused Twisted will never be dead. It will continue to live on in some form or another as a testament to the virtual lives and stories which existed there. The wiki and it's log archive will exist for as long as I'm able to keep it going. But what of the world of Twisted itself?

Right now the game in my eyes is on hiatus. Since I'm no longer running things for those friends who've left so long ago, I see little point in continuing to move forwards with plans created with them. I am currently rethinking things and will hopefully in the next few months be revealing new details for the direction the game will go on from here. I've been accused of running Twisted as my own playground more than once, and now you're going to see what that really looks like (and trust me, it won't be the self-indulgent nightmare some have tried to paint it). I'm already considering reviving some of the more successful and entertaining ideas of the past in a new way which should be fun for everyone involved. I am also looking into new ways to handle the political side of the game in a way that prevents it from becoming the bad, opinionated, soap opera it's been in the past.

Too much time and effort have gone into TwistedMUCK for me to let it sit on a shelf forever. I just need a little more time to get things in order before we let all the kids back in our favorite sandbox once again. I am open to feedback at this point, but don't expect me to be very vocal about things until I can get things right with myself first. Applications for new staff will also now be accepted. (Please contact me directly if you're interested.) Thank you all for your time and continued patience.

The Rev.Dr. DarkKnightNNY

Head Wiz, TwistedMUCK

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