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Sunset Shimmer
Full Name: Sunset Shimmer

Series: My Little Pony
Class: Student/Magic Investigator
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human Form (Unicorn)
Age: Teenager in Appearance
Birthdate: ??
Height: Average
Weight: ??

Short Description: Red/Yellow haired tanned girl with teal eyes, wearing leather jacket over blue dress.

Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer appears to be a human teenager, with an amberish skinstone that makes it look like she has a permanent light tan. She has eyes that are a light cyan in color, with a gaze that is intelligent but occasionally shows a hint of deeper turmoil with herself. A bit more unusual is her hair, which is a bright red color with large streaks of blondish yellow running through it. It's styled to wrap back around her head and then an odd half-fold upon itself, making it look like there's two seperate sheets hanging behind her, the upper portion fanning out while the lower section tapers off near her waist. Typically she is wearing a light sky blue dress with short fringed sleeves, and a longer white ruffle draping from under the short hemline. A pair of darker blue tights cover the rest of her legs, while she's wearing black dress boots with raised heels and buckled straps around the front ankles. Over that assemblem Sunset usually wears a black leather jacket, with orange chevron-like stripes on the upper sleeves. On the back of the jacket is a sunlike logo that is red on the right side and yellow on the left, while the inner circle is twisted in a way that make the red and yellow sections curve together similar to a yin-yang design.
Sunset Shimmer
Pony Up - When determined and focused to help others in need Sunset Shimmer can 'pony up', gaining pony-like ears and tail, and a limited access to what would be her magic as a unicorn. The problem is due to her past mistakes she still has some self-confidence issues, making it difficult to do so if she's not certain of herself or the course of action being taken is right. Losing that focus can also make her drop out of the transformation.

Fire Magic - Sunset's magic is primarily fire and light in basis, going with her sun-based thematic, and that her redemption from her past is akin to a pheonix rising from its own ashes. Bursts of flame and bright light primarily, that she can use while in her ponyfied form.

Teleportation - Sunset was one of the few unicorn students actually grasp teleporation magic. In her ponyfied form she can teleport a short distance, a few meters at the most. She doesn't have the experience in using it that a certain princess does to enable farther transits or chain blinks though.

Manipulation - While she was a 'mean girl' Sunset developed a knack for learning about others and then using those traits or weaknesses to manipulate them in ways that benefit herself. While she now avoids doing so in ways that could hurt others like she once did, it is still a useful in getting information from other people, and noticing similar hints to manipulation in others. She was the first to pick up on something being 'off' about the Dazzlings because of her own familiarity with being that kind of person.

Studious - Sunset Shimmer is exceptionally intelligent, as one would expect of a former student of Celestia. Though she prefers getting hands-on than reading it from books or other sources. She learns and retains information better from actual experience, process and effort. Just look at how well she was able to readjust to the human world on her own. At Canterlot High she excelled at math and sciences, and even though it is magic she's trying to understand she approaches the matter like a scientist would.

Music - There seems to be some connection between music and magic in the Canterlot Hight world. Music can help trigger the transformation because it helps one focus on their effort and feelings. Sunset's primary musical talent is singing; though she also knows some decent guitar skills.

See Theme_Music for help with this section.


Before there was Twilight Sparkle, there was Sunset Shimmer as Princess Celestia's favored student. There's no real knowing if Celestia had the same intentions for her as she would eventually put Twilight to, but in the end the stature went to Sunset's head and her potential was eclipsed by pride and ambition. When Celestia refused to make her a princess because it had to be -earned-, Sunset ran away to another dimension through a magic mirror to do things HER way.

Although now in a world populated by humans (with eerie similarity to ponies from Equestria) and a human herself, Sunset was quick to forget her confusion to follow her ambitions. Without her unicorn magic she resorted to using her brains instead, tricking and manipulating the study body of Canterlot High to work herself to the top. When the portal to Equestria became active again Sunset went back and stole Twilight's Element of Magic crown, intending to use it to gain the magic a unicorn would have in the human world. But as she had become a polar opposite to Friendship it corrupted her into a demonic creature that tried to subjegate the entire school until Twilight was able to use the human versions of her friends to tap into the Elements of Harmony and purge the corruption from Sunset Shimmer.

The experience opened Sunset's eyes to what she had been becoming, and with the help of Twilight's friends was trying to reform even though the rest of the school was not so willing to forgive her, leaving Sunset rather insecure and lacking her previous confidence despite her efforts. But when the Dazzlings attempted to do the same thing with their siren magic and overpowering her friends Sunset was able to swallow her own doubts finally and rally her friends back together to defeat them with channeling the Magic of Friendship through their music. When Twilight has to go back to Equestria Sunset even took over her role with the girls' band, having finally gotten over some of her confidence issues.

Although it had become apparent that magic did exsist in this world in its own form, Sunset was constantly flustered by it not following the same manner as Equestria magic did, as her friends would 'pony up' at what seemed random at the time. To complicate matters they found out this world's Twilight Sparkle was actually a student at the rival school Crystal Prep. This Twilight was also trying to make sense of the magic occurances, but after her device absorbed magic from Sunset's friends her corrupt instructor pressured Twilight into releasing it to win the competition between the two schools, transforming her into a tremendously powerful being much like Sunset had before and started to tear open portals to get to Equestria's magic. When she got her hands on the device Sunset realized the power behind the magic came from her friends' strongest traits, and was able to use that with the device to transform herself, and use that Magic of Friendship to save Twilight from herself just as the first Twilight had once saved her. Since then the pair had been working together to examine how magic worked in that world, at least until somehow ending up in Twisted seperated her from the others.


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