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Full Name: Talinfar

Series: Original

Gender: Female
Species: Former Human
Age: Looks 14 Is 42

Short Description: A cute girl who looks around fourteen or fifteen with blue hair and super deep blue border pruple eyes.
Misc: One of the Keepers in TASK.

The girl looks to be around the age of fourteen or fifteen at first glance. The most catching feature about her is her hair and eye color, ranging from a light blue in her hair to a deep deep blue bordering on purple eyes. Resting in her hair is a small headband, causing her bangs to be pulled back and then branch up and over the sides of her face in classic anime physics style. The rest of her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, which then flows downwards to the middle of her back. Her build is slim and bordering close to skinny, but she still has some curve to her. She wears a short sleeved dress, the left side of it a blue matching her eyes, the middle white, and the right side is black, causing an interesting flow of color on the girl. On her feet she wears a pair of white shoes. Upon her right leg is some japanese lettering meaning Immortality, though it doesn't seem to be a tatoo. All in all, the girl is far more cute than she could ever be pretty.

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