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This template expands into a featured article preview randomly selected from the included list. Add appropriate entries to the list in <option> tags. If it works out well and once we have enough entries, this template can be used as the body of the "Random Featured Article" part of the main page. See the MediaWiki page for more information about the <choose> and <option> tags.

Stuff that actually shows up begins here

One Way.png

The Twisted Street - One Way

Putting the wastelands behind you and traveling east from the city center brings you closer to the bay. The air smells better, the temperature is cooler, and occasionally a seagull passes overhead. It's no surprise that the main government of Twisted has been set up here. On the Northern side of the street the Pantheon called the Town Hall rests beside the local clinic. The opposite side of the street sits a convenience store known as the 24*7, and along the side of it is the sandy path that takes you to Zeku-Kari beach.


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