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This template expands into a featured article preview randomly selected from the included list. Add appropriate entries to the list in <option> tags. If it works out well and once we have enough entries, this template can be used as the body of the "Random Featured Article" part of the main page. See the MediaWiki page for more information about the <choose> and <option> tags.

Stuff that actually shows up begins here


Adachi District

The Adachi district is the overall name for the Western bank of Neo-Edo which looks out across the bay between Edo and Twisted City. Small shops and restaurants are in abundance here, including the infamous gun-shaped Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium which delivers to all known locations on Twisted!

The streets here are much more modern than the city of Twisted. Crosswalks, electric and neon signs, and billboards on the tops of the taller buildings. Yet there are more people walking the streets than driving them. What is it with this world's aversion to cars? If you travel to the East towards the denser populated 'main' part of Neo-Edo you'll find that the buildings just keep getting taller and taller.


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