The Twisted Street

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Marking the first road in the chaos, and in many ways literally built FROM the chaos, is the Twisted Street itself. Unlike the rest of the streets in Twisted, the Twisted Street is made out of a strange black rock which has been carefully laid out across its length. Careful study will reveal that it's actually a single piece of solid stone somehow laid out to look like a street. Where it originated or how they managed to place it so flawlessly is anyone's guess.

Twisted Street.png

The Twisted Street(#1833R)

"Welcome to Twisted" reads a small sign hanging on the side of the Usual Restaurant, a two-story establishment dominating one side of the absolute center of Twisted Street. Opposite of the UR is the start of Park Road, which starts at this section of the Twisted Street. Towering over it is the mutli-story Integra's Arms Apartments. Somehow people are quick to ignore the houses and businesses that line the streets here going off one way and another way. Perhaps it's the mental blinders people put up when it comes to places they can't freely come and go from.

Barely visible in the distance is the edge of a sandstorm marking the beginning of the wastelands, its harsh edge a direct contrast to the usually calm weather of the city of Twisted. In fact it almost looks like the storm is brushing against a giant bowl covering the main part of the city, and in many ways this is true. Hopefully no one will ever find a way to deactivate the barrier that holds the chaos at bay...

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The City of Twisted
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