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Welcome Travelers!


Twisted is the name given to the planetoid which the city of Twisted is built upon. This is not the only city, but it's the primary one. Likewise Twisted Street is the first street built on Twisted and depending on whom you talk to, the road exists everywhere at the same time. Twisted is a product of chaos. A planetoid which has formed due to the crossing of countless universes overlapping one another at a fixed point in space. Because of this the world was originally a chaotic, uninhabitable landscape which few where willing to attempt to visit let alone build a settlement. However, necessity being the mother of invention, enough people found themselves here that a city was built and the chaos was pushed back.

The Twisted Street mostly built itself in this chaos. It is formed from pieces of roads from all those overlapped worlds and if one where to choose a direction and somehow make it out past the wastelands they would find themselves deposited on any of those possible worlds purely at random. For this reason elaborate measures were taken to prevent this. Walking in one direction will /usually/ bring you to the other side of the Street to allow you to keep walking in the same direction. While this disorientates some, it was considered the safest alternative. Going out past the wastelands that surround Twisted City is too dangerous for even the toughest explorers with the best possible equipment.


People on Twisted are usually lumped into two groups. Natives and visitors. Natives of Twisted have either been here their entire lives or have been born here over the years that the settlements have existed. Visitors are the standard fare who find themselves uprooted from their home world and deposited somewhere in the habitable areas at random. Many times they aren't even aware of the transition. For this reason people are assigned specifically to greet newcomers and most citizens are happy to explain the situation to confused visitors or at least point them towards a place where they can get settled in.


Leaving Twisted is possible, although it's only done safely if the world the visitor has arrived from has been connected to Twisted properly. A large tower-like structure, which at the time of this writing is being renovated for Twisted's police-like force TASK, exists behind the "Town Hall" where properly connected worlds can be accessed.


For new visitors places like the Integra's Arms Apartments and The Usual Restaurant exist where people can find food and shelter for free. Abusing technologies which exist only because of the multiversal nature of Twisted, these locations offer their services free of charge to anyone who enters. Because of this the UR also adopted an open door policy for employment where upon anyone may come in off the street and put on a uniform to be a barkeep or waiter. Wages are paid exclusively from tips.


With the overlapping realities which make up Twisted most businesses operate in a state somewhere around 20th-21st century Earth in terms of layout and technologies. This was chosen partly because of the ready familiarity to them, but mostly because many of the buildings themselves where uprooted and deposited into the city whole. That being said it's not considered out of place to find a holographic informational kiosk nestled between two vending machines offering goods from whatever world they originated.


Twisted's government is an open public forum overseen by Señior Diablo. Anyone may come and voice opinions about the way the city is run and what measures need to be taken to maintain its safety. The majority opinion will always rule out, when people bother to voice it. Otherwise decisions are left to Diablo and acted out by Gegoshi, the AI Synth which oversees all of Twisted's technologies and stability directly. Gegoshi can be reached at terminals all over the city as a green holographic woman who will happily chirp out any IC-acceptable information stored on the wiki to anyone who bothers to ask for it.


"Ohhh, the economy of Twisted is case by case for each store/establishment! Basically, owners take payment in whatever form of currency they think will be worth to them! The Usual Restaurant tends to take all forms of currency, but prefers gold. n.n" ~ Gegoshi

Economy is a strange thing on Twisted as something of value to one person isn't necessarily of value to another. Usually people will simply accept currency from anywhere so long as it's obviously legit and not hand-written. Many places are also free establishments much like the Usual Restaurant and the Integra's Arms Apartments. This is one of the many smaller details about the world that generally we turn a blind eye to. Some people enjoy making characters work at jobs and keeping track of how much money they have and what the value of that money is. That's fine. Most do not. As always just do whatever feels most appropriate to the scene.


Being a multiverse setting, the options for entertainment are pretty unlimited - which is why certain things are in high demand. Video rental kiosks called Canary Boxes exist randomly around the grid and stores are likely to always have that one unique item that only someone from a particular world could identify. It is assumed that the television and radio stations are handled in much the same way with a rather ridiculous assortment of shows from various universes. This, however, poses a small problem since everyone is in a form of media in another universe it seems. Typically people try not to make a big deal of it. If it's logical for your character to have watched a TV show about another character that's fine. Just don't be a fanboy about it unless both parties are OOCly okay with it. Don't use knowledge about a character's on-screen weakness against them.

Normally if a character is active on the grid, that character's "original media" just-so-happens to be a rare thing at the time. This is out of respect. That being said, be careful when leaving Twisted as characters might just end up where they don't belong or worse - someone might make a TV show out of you...

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