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Any situation in which a character goes against it’s established limitations without just cause, anytime a character illogically avoids any negative repercussions in a scene, anytime a pose becomes one-sided with no possibility for another character to fairly react to it, or whenever a characters uses knowledge they can’t possibly have learned on their own is defined as Twinking. We do not allow this on Twisted MUCK. Should one of these situations occur and the players can not deal with it on their own, staff should be notified immediately to deal with the situation.

Powers and Powergaming

If a character is created with god-like powers and/or abilities (immortality, invincibility, being indestructible, etc…) then they MUST be approved by at least three members of staff before being used in a scene. If a character with this level of ability is created without approval staff may ask for an application or terminate said character depending on the severity of the situation. If an application is requested that character must cease being used until one is provided.


Added 10/11/2015 To allow players and characters a better opportunity to get a feel for the game before being able to go "all out" a one month acclimation period is now being encouraged for new characters. This restricts characters from being able to use special abilities during that time allowing them to see the setting from the eyes of an "average joe" before rising above that restriction. ICly the fabric of Twisted is just too chaotic and must be adjusted to. Currently staff are not heavily enforcing this as a rule or plot device but we strongly suggest it be used as it acts as an easy point of growth and better shows off the RP potential of the person playing the character.


Idling, squatting, or camping. These are not permitted. It makes the player base look dull and uninteresting and discourages people from logging onto the muck. We understand that there are circumstances which cause players to fall idle, however. This is why if a character is found to be two or more hours idle they may be booted offline without warning. If you should find this happening to you, please do not post complaints about it to our staff. Simply don’t let it happen again.

It should be noted that we do allow staff members to remain idle for extended periods of time. While this may seem hypocritical at first, we assure you this is to monitor activity on the game and to keep an eye out for player conflict, and we will boot staff members offline who abuse this policy. The only real exception is made for 'Charis' who represents our server host and stays logged in to make sure the muck is running properly.

Consistent Pestering

If someone is bothering you in any way, whether or not it be personal or character related, your first step is to let them know it upsets you. Perhaps they’re not even aware that they’re doing anything wrong. If the problem continues or cannot be resolved, please contact an Arbitration wiz. There’s always the option to p #ignore someone or just simply not go near them if they continue to be a problem! Remember to always log the situation for records before or during your approach to any arb wiz, or any staff member for that matter. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable on this MUCK and we’ll strive to see that it remains a fun environment.


Under no circumstances will staff ever release any personal information about any players or other staff members. In correlation, never reveal any other players personal information or character alts. It’s just common courtesy. If anyone is found to be doing this, you will be approached by the wiz core for punishment.


TwistedMUCK is a consent-based role playing environment. This means that unwelcome actions are prohibited. While this does mean that someone can not force your character to undergo actions you do not approve of, this does not mean that your character is invincible without your permission. There are things that can not be avoided, and there are situations where events will happen that you have no control over. If you get into a gunfight, for example, and a gun is put to your head and fired you are probably not going to get out of it without some kind of head trauma. If you wish to avoid your character getting hurt, stay out of fight scenes and stay away from characters who are literally player killers. There are very few actual player killers permitted on the muck, and they are more than happy to let you know who they are if you ask. Remember to look at people’s descriptions when you interact with them.

A 2019 Side Note

Yeah, we realize that we used the same example twice in that gun-to-the-head thing compared to our rewritten main rules page to illustrate the counter argument to the same situation. It wasn't done intentionally and honestly both points are valid. If anything we're leaving it to see if people actually read all of this before coming to staff about an issue. We're all just here to have fun and write stories. Try to do what's best in the situations your characters find themselves in. Use your common sense. If you need further help, come talk to us.

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