Twisted St. and Mabase Dr.

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Twisted St. and Mabase Dr.
Twisted St and Mabase Dr.png
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Grid Description

Twisted St. and Mabase Dr.

The more stable side of Twisted Street is broodily overhung by the eerie, steaming bulk of the Medical Mechanica building to the north. The waters of Lake Emepherea border the road on all other sides, where to the east it simply... stops, as though removed by the merest thought of a bored god. Warning cones are placed when anyone cares to remember, but it would be all too easy to just drift over the edge.

Branching south before Twisted's abrupt end, Mabase Drive forms the loose arc of a horseshoe, and provides a fairly green and pleasant view. Traffic here is more leisurely, as people embark from and return to the suburbs.

The City of Mabase
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