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Jason Skaggs
PSN DarkKnightNNY
Steam marr0w
Xbox Live DarkKnightNNY
Xfire marr0w
Active Characters Alucard, Johnny_C, Nancy, Senior_Diablo, Tabitha, Wesker, Yoiko_Hax, Harley_Quinn, Tenna
Retired Characters Coop, Marr0w, Zim, Yoiko, Azul_y_Rosa, Leyland, Burn, Crono, Excel (and sometimes Hyatt), Flynn, Freakazoid, Frylock, Gaspar, Grim, Happosai, Mamo, Polly, QueenZeal, Ranma, Rimmer, Sally, Setsuna, Spengler, Stew, Valtiel, Yoko, Xipe_Totec

User:Marr0w, the eternally bored, insomniatic, headwiz of TwistedMUCK. Also known as the Resident Maniac.

About Marr0w

Besides making videos and websites under the name, Marr0w_Productions, this former clerk of many years now dedicates nearly all of his free time to overseeing TwistedMUCK and making sure it's players remain happy and content, even if that means taking on hundreds of alts to give people someone to RP with. Contact me for -ANYTHING-. (Well, anything but TS.)


"My work is a game, a very serious game." ~ M.C. Escher

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