Zeku-Kari Beach

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Located to the south of the main street, Zeku-Kari beach is an oddly-quiet area with a lone pier that overlooks the bay.

Zeku-Kari Beach
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Grid Descriptions

Zeku-Kari Beach (#2689R)

One of the most peaceful places in Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-clear waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church is here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not stained nor eaten away by salt water yet, though the shack looks like it's seen better days.


The Dock(#4225R)

While in great condition, this dock tends to give off the impression that there have been a lot of goodbyes said here. Perhaps people travelling to - and from - whatever this place used to be. The shack looks worse up close than it did from the beach. Deep stains color the wood a sickly gray/green, and it looks like the place should really be condemned. Maybe no-one ought to go in there until Twisted either fixes it up, or takes it down. Off the pier, a small wooden boat hides, its anchor rope the only clue, bobbing up and down as the boat moves on the slight waves.

Pre-Unification Origins

Warning Warning: This information is not considered to be public knowledge.

When one of the twins banished by the previous Council was sent away, Nancy Dark began to use her powers to populate the confined space she found herself trapped in starting with the beach. Upon being released Nancy brought the beach with her as a reminder of what she thought of as her home, having spent an untold amount of time there. This was her first act after agreeing to join the Council herself.

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