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Atmosfear: The Third Dimension (Rules)


Somewhere between nowhere and forever is a place we only visit in our worst nightmares. It's a land of limbo called The Other Side, where the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Every midnight, a harvester's moon rises over the six Provinces of this Camelot-lost, and half a dozen myths who call themselves Harbingers rise up to challenge the caretaker of these old bone yards, The Gatekeeper, to a game of their own invention -- a quest for 6 Keys.

But overthrowing The Gatekeeper is easier said than done in a game lasting only as long as his patience and your quest for six Keys -- each one rewarding you with a new power and unlocking a Gate to another Province.

In this game, the only thing that's fair is the pallor of a corpse. Tonight is going to be another one of those night. But what are you afraid of?

With friends like these......

The Gatekeeper

"You are nothing but a little shiver looking for a spine to crawl up!"

The Gatekeeper rules The Other Side by adding insult to injury -- heaping it on The Harbingers that rise up in rebellion around him.

For he alone presides over the six Provinces of The Harbingers -- until Doomsday or whatever comes next. His is a lousy lot, but your could be even worse.



To collect six different colored Keys -- one from each Province -- then journey to the center of The Other Side and open the casket to face your greatest fear -- beating the clock and The Gatekeeper

Character Quick Reference Cards

Place the six Character Quick Reference Cards off to on side of the table. These cards comprise a portrait of one of The Harbingers along with their individual symbol, a map of the Provinces with a legend and a Key power index.

At the start of the game you will 'become' one of these Harbingers and will need to collect the Quick Reference card corresponding to your character.


To begin the game, select the number of players by clicking on the lock numbered 1-6. While ATMOSFEAR has a single-player mode (See SINGLE PLAYER OPTION), it is ideally designed for multiple players. The more the merrier.

'Becoming' A Harbinger

Once you have selected the number of players, a screen comprising of six windows will appear. Behind the black glass of each window is a symbol of a Harbinger.

Players take turns by clicking on the window of their choice, breaking the glass and revealing the symbol of The Harbinger they have just 'become'.

In multi-player games, the person sitting on the far right should go first. Taking turns in a clockwise direction makes playing the game easier -- so you can move swiftly against The Gatekeeper.

After the symbol has been revealed, the player will also be shown their own Portrait Screen and should take their character's quick reference card. When the game beings, you own Portrait Screen will always appear at the start of your turn, immediately it is your move. This screen also indicates the number of minutes left in the game, the power points and Keys you have collected plus your character's symbol.

The Clock

Indicates the number of minutes/seconds remaining in the game.

Power Counter

Indicates the number of power points you have accumulated.

The Keys

Each on is illuminated as a Key is collected. Refer to the index on the back of your own Character Quick Reference card for your own Key powers. If you loose a Key, it is instantly removed from the Portrait Screen and you lose the power it gives you.

Harbinger icon

Click on this to Duel another opponent.


Each Harbinger has a different Portrait Screen and can also be recognized throughout the game by their symbol and color.

Character Color Harbinger Icon The Vampire -- Countess Elizabeth Bathory Red Bat The Witch -- Anne de Chantraine Orange Cauldron The Poltergeist -- Hellin Pink Building Block The Zombie -- Baron Samedi Green Top Hat The Mummy -- Khufu Yellow Cobra The Werewolf -- Gevaudan Blue The Tooth

The Greatest Fears

As each player 'becomes' a Harbinger and has taken his/her Character Quick Reference card, they will then be asked to pick one of six fears. Once again, players pick their fears by clicking on one of the shelves holding the scrolls, breaking the glass.

One of these scrolls will then be placed in the casket in the center of the Provinces and you had better hope it is NOT yours -- for if you unleash your own worst nightmare you have lost!

Game & Move Time Settings

Finally, players must decide in the duration of the game and the length of their turn by increasing or decreasing the "heat" of ATMOSFEAR on the meter.

For a "hot" game, experienced players can reduce the default settings which are initially shown on screen, i.e. game duration and move time.

To increase or decrease the game's durations in minutes, click on the arrows beneath the numbers on the meter to raise or lower the time limit. If you are a first time player. increase the time limit by at least a half hour so you can get to know the rules of the game. Once you have settled on the length, click on the 'tick' symbol.

The shorter the game -- the faster the turns -- the greater the challenge!

Next, you need to determine the length of your turn (how many seconds you will be given to roll the dice and move around the Provinces, etc.). To select the length, once again, click on the arrows to increase or decrease the time limit. If it is your first game, increase the time limit to the 60 second maximum duration.

The following table outlines some recommended settings: 6-player game. Duration: 80 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS 5-player game. Duration: 70 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS 4-player game. Duration: 60 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS 3-player game. Duration: 50 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS 2-player game. Duration: 40 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS 1-player game. Duration: 30 MINUTES Move time: 25 SECONDS


Once the times have been set, the first player's Harbinger Portrait Screen appears. That player is then transported to the central stone of his/her own Harbinger's Province.

An Harbingers start the game from their own Headstone. Refer to the map in your Character Quick Reference card to locate your Headstone and get your bearings.

Once on the Headstone, three dice at the bottom of the screen will being to spin. Click on the single die or double dice depending on how far you want to move. Clicking on the single die will stop the die rolling and award you 1-6 steps, while clicking on the double dice offers up to 12 steps.

The number you have rolled appears in a move counter in the bottom center of the screen and diminishes as you take each step. When you reach 00 you have no steps remaining, although you may still have enough time to click on the move counter and reveal the overhead map if the Province you are in. Your position is indicated by a flashing square. To get rid of the map, simply click anywhere on it.

Keep in mind, calling up the map also uses valuable move time. Try to keep track of your progress by using the map in your Character Quick Reference card.

When you have finished moving or getting your bearings, hit the space bar to end your turn. If you fail to hit the space bar before your move counter reads 00, The Gatekeeper will invalidate your move, rendering it null and void.


Moving is an acquired skill but practice makes perfect. To move, point the Maggot cursor in the direction you want to go and click on the mouse.

If you roll 12, you can take 12 steps by clicking 12 times. Each click equals one step from one stone to another. The faster you click, the faster you move. If you are on a straight path and want to move 12 steps along it, just click 12 times.

Before you make your move, take a close look at your map.

If other paths DO NOT converge on the stone you are on, you may turn around 180º as soon as you have rolled the dice and go back the way you cam to try to land on a particular stone. To change your direction -- point the Maggot to the left or right of the screen and click -- an about face. To step forward in the new direction, move the Maggot back to the center of the screen and click again.

If other paths DO converge on the stone you are on, then you are on a junction and you can turn 90º by moving the Maggot to the bottom right or left sides of the screen and clicking. If you land on a junction stone at any time during your turn you can turn through 360º to decide on any path. When you turn around it is not counted as a step.

You cannot turn around at any time during your move. You may only turn immediately after you have rolled the dice or when you are on a junction.

Keep track of your movements on the map using using your Character Quick Reference card. If you are lost, call up the overhead map at any time between rolling the dice and ending your turn by clicking on the move counter.

Summary: To step forward, move the Maggot to the center of the screen and click. If you have rolled the dice or are on a junction stone and you wish to turn around, move the Maggot in the direction you want to go and click. This is not counted as a step.


Before you can win the game, you must collect six different colored Keys. Each Harbinger Province holds a particular colored Key. For example, if you refer back to the HARBINGER CHARACTER CHART, Khufu's color is yellow and the yellow Key can be found in his Province. These Keys are found along the trails that snake through the Provinces and you can identify them and all other prizes and pitfalls in your path by referring to the legend on the map in your character quick reference card.

Key Stones

Ending your turn by landing exactly on one of these stones rewards you with a Key from that Province -- unless they have all been collected by the other Harbingers or you already have a Key of that color. Each Key will give you a different power -- check the reverse of your character quick reference card to see the power each colored Key will give you. A winning tip is to go for the Provinces that give you the most powerful Keys first. When you win a Key, it will appear in your character Portrait Screen.

Fortune sepulchre

Ending your turn by landing on one of these stones may reward you with a boost in power points needed to Duel other Harbingers, or you could get a free turn, or much sought after 'force' protecting you against attack from one of your opponents. Locate these stones then plot your course so you can continually land on them and build up your strengths and powers. While in the Provinces you will recognize these stones by their size and light coloring.

Fate crypt

Ending your turn by landing on one of these stones will almost always result in a penalty or punishment. Avoid them like the plague. While in the Provinces you will recognize these stones by their size and darker coloring.

Black Holes

Ending your turn by landing in a Black Hole will result in the loss of up to three turns unless you have the Key giving you the power to release yourself.

While you are in a Black Hole, your Portrait Screen will still appear but you will not be able to move in the Provinces. You cannot move or even Duel while you are in a Black Hole. The Gatekeeper will release you when he thinks you have missed enough turns.


If a player is going to end their turn by landing on a Fate stone or a Black Hole and tries to cheat by not moving and wasting time, you can push them onto it or into it by using the arrow pad on the keyboard and then hitting the space bar to end their turn.

Central Headstones

As well as being the starting stones of the Harbingers, they can open up the entrances to underground tunnels and can also be used to fly from one Province to another if you have the Keys give you these powers of passage. The central headstones are situated at the head of each province.


The Provinces are separated and surrounded by walls. There are Gates in the middle of each wall which lead to the neighboring Provinces. At the top of each Province are the Gates leading to the center of The Other side which contains the casket holding the greatest fear. To open a Gate and journey into a neighboring Province, you must have the Key from the Province you are in.

For example, if you are in Elizabeth Bathory's Province and want to travel to either Baron Samedi's are Gevauden's land, you cannot open the Gates leading to these Provinces without the Vampire's red Key. The Gates to the Provinces are branded with the symbol of the Harbinger who presides over the land beyond it. E.G. A gate leading to the Vampire's Province would be marked with a bat.

Gates to the center of The Other Side

These are located at the top of each Province and lead to the center of The Other Side and the casket. They are branded with a coffin and can only be opened by Harbingers with all six colored Keys.

To open any gate, turn towards it using the maggot cursor and then click. If you attempt to open any gate without the Key/Keys you will be rebuked by The Gatekeeper.


Different colored Keys do many different things to different Harbingers. While a red Key opens underground tunnels for Elizabeth Bathory, if provides Khufu with one of the most sought-after strengths -- the freedom to step on any stone. The powers of your own Keys are outlined on your own character quick reference card. You should refer to the index throughout the game and develop a strategy.

Entrance to Tunnels

The first Key you need to collect is your own. This Key opens up the gates to each of the neighboring Provinces and will allow you to go into that underground tunnels that link the Provinces to The Other Side. These tunnels provide short-cuts to any land and once you have your own Key, you can travel to any Headstone, including your own, and open the tunnel trapdoor to the dark side of the Provinces.

To enter the tunnels, simply step onto any Headstone, situated in the center of each Province, and then click and you will be spirited down to these subterranean trails. The path runs right around The Other Side and has six exists of alcoves leading to what is called the Footstone. This is situated beneath the Headstone of each Province. Once you are 'down there', follow the arrows to any Province and when you arrive at your destination, turn into the alcove, step onto the Footstone and click. You will then be swept up the stair and into the Province.

Never Banished

This Key prevents you from falling into any Black Holes.


If another opponent attacks you, this Key automatically provides you with a 25% increase in points, cushioning any blows, allowing you to defend yourself in a Duel without having to sacrifice as any power points as your adversary.

Stop on any Stone

This is the most valuable Key of all for it allow you to end your move by stopping on any precious stone and hitting the space bar to collect the prize. For example: If you are 7 stones away from a stone with a Key on it and you roll a 12, you can move 7 spaces and then hit the space bar -- ending your turn -- and reaping the rewards. Without this Key, if you roll a 12, you must move 12 steps. This Key is also the hardest to win as it is located in the most distant Province on the opposite side of the map.


This Key boosts your power by 25% in any Duel when you attack another Harbinger.


Moving further and faster than your opponents is one of the secrets to winning and this Key allows you to fly from the central Headstone of one Province to another.

Simply move to any central Headstone and hit any function key F1, F2, F3 etc -- on the keyboard for Flight, revealing an overhead map of the Provinces.

Click on the central Headstone of any Province you want to go to and be instantly flown there.

You can only collect on of each Key and if you lose a Key you also lose it's power.


The Duel

All Harbingers being the game with 25 points and increase their power throughout the game by landing on Fortune Sepulchres or gambling in games of luck. The more points you collect, the more powerful you become.

But to use this power, you need to Duel another opponent. To attack, click on your Harbinger symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your character's Portrait Screen -- which appears at the beginning of your turn. This calls up a competition screen showing your foes. To fight any Harbinger, click on his/her symbol, smashing the glass and calling up the Duel Screen.

At least one blank window is provided just in case you have second thoughts. Clicking on this window suspends the Duel and returns you to your Character Screen so you can continue your turn.

To begin the conflict, the attacking player uses the Maggot cursor to raise the level of heat on his/her character's thermometer. The "heat" is increased or decreased by simply moving the Maggot up or down. The higher the measure of points, the more heated the exchange and the greater the loss of Power Points. Confirm the level by pressing the spacebar.

Once the attacking Harbinger has set the level of his/her attack and pressed the spacebar, the rival must defend itself by also setting the level on its thermometer and pressing the spacebar. The Duel then begins. For example: If an attacking player has 30 points and sets the thermometer level at a half-way point, the exchange will cost him/her 15 points. If the defending player has 50 points and counter-attacks by also setting the thermometer level at a half-way point -- 25 points will go into his/her attack and he/she will win the Duel.

The Harbinger who wins the Duel can choose to:

(A) Steal a Key, if any are available, from the defeated Harbinger by simply clicking on a Key in his/her rack.


(B) Curse the vanquished opponent by clicking on the parchment which will appear in the center of the screen.

The Curses

Each Harbinger can scourge an opponent with a different curse which is outlined on your own Character Quick Reference card.

If you are cursed by Countess Elizabeth Bathory, any Key you collect is give to the Vampire.

If you are cursed by Anne de Chantraine, she turns you into a toad and you will only be able to move on step each turn.

If you are cursed by Hellin, she shatters your Portrait Screen, preventing you from being able to Duel or keep track of your power.

If you are cursed by Baron Samedi, all your movements will become painfully slow.

If you are cursed by Khufu, you will be blinded by one of Khufu's tomb walls so you cannot see your way through the Provinces.

If you are cursed by Gevauden, your Portrait Screen will slowly be eaten away by Maggots. Once they eat your Harbingers symbol, you will be unable to Duel.

If you are cursed, The Gatekeeper will eventually offer you the cure, but it always comes at a price -- 25% of your Power Points.


If you receive a protection from an opponent it will only work if he/she attacks you. If you attack, your opponent could defeat you.

Other Pitfalls, Punishments, Penalties, and Prizes

At various stages of your ATMOSFEAR game play, The Gatekeeper may challenge a player to participate in one of the following.

A Door Prize

The Gatekeeper will ask you to pick a Door. Whether you get a warm welcome or a savaging is anybody's guess.

The Gate

Open it at your own peril for a prize of a penalty.

The One-Armed Bandit

Think you can pull off a jackpot? Spin up three symbols in a row for a potful of power. It is all in the wrist action and The Gatekeeper knows how to twist your arm -- along with your neck.


Gamble your Keys and power against The Gatekeeper who always deals a mean deck in this classic go-for-broke game of '21'.

When Your Number Comes Up

With so many to choose from, you can only hope it is the right one.

The Money or the Box

Not exactly. Choose to take the Power Points or what's inside the Coffin in this 'game' show with a host you're going to hate.

The Chosen One

The first player to roll a double '6' is singles out for some special attention from The Gatekeeper. It's something to look forward to.

One Die Challenge

Roll the die and if you roll The Gatekeeper's number, you will win.


The Gatekeeper is always open to bribes and you can often buy your way out of trouble. But be fast or he'll make you mind up for you.

Roll A Number

The Gatekeeper will ask you to roll a number and if you get it, you will receive that number of Keys.

Pausing or Quitting the Game

To pause or quit the game, click in the bottom left-hand corner of your Portrait Screen.

General Symbols

A tick means YES -- by clicking on this symbol, you accept the challenger and/or play the game. A cross means NO -- you decline the contest.


Once you have collected all six colored Keys, make your way to the heart of The Other Side by opening one of the Gates to the center -- situated at the top of each Province. Follow the path around the Stone Knoll to one of the three staircases. Turn to face the steps and click up them. You will be instantly transported to the top and the fear inside the casket will be revealed. If it is the fear you chose at the beginning of the game, you have lost. But if it isn't your greatest fear, you have won the game.

You cannot fly using your Flight Key or use the underground tunnels to journey to the center of The Other Side. If you are attacked by an opponent while in the center and lose a Key, you will not be able to climb the stairs and must either Duel an opponent or return to the Province to collect that Key again.



If you have chosen a one player game, you must choose how "cool" or "hot" a game you want to play by setting the heat in the thermometer on the screen. Use the mouse to move the level of heat up and down the thermometer. Confirm the level by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.

There are many different levels of difficultly in the single player game. The "cooler" the game, the easier it is. Try one or the more difficult levels and you are asking for a more challenging game.

0º - 10º is the easiest option -- you will have all six Keys so you can practice moving around the Provinces and using the powers the each Key gives you (check out the Key powers listed on your Character Quick Reference card). Because you have all six Keys, the freedom of the Provinces will be yours -- you will be able to go anywhere, including the center of The Other Side, to see which greatest fear is in the casket.

20º will give you four Keys to begin with. You will have to go to the two remaining yards to collect the final two Keys and get to the casket to reveal the greatest fear.

30º will give you two Keys to begin with. Collect the final four to get to the casket.

40º will not give you any Keys to begin with. You are on your own.

50º will give you four Keys to begin BUT will thrust a nasty opponent upon. Their Portrait Screen will appear after your turn. They will begin the game with ten Power Points as opposed to your twenty five, but they build up power quickly so watch out -- they are not afraid of Dueling. You will not have to watch around the Provinces but you can keep an eye on their status by checking on their Portrait Screen which will appear after your turn.

60º will give you two Keys. You will have one opponent -- who will begin with twenty Power Points.

70º will not give you any Keys to begin with. You will have one opponent -- who will begin with twenty Power Points.

80º will give you two Keys. You will have two opponents -- each opponent begins with ten Power Points.

90º will give you two Keys. You will have two opponents -- each opponent begins with twenty Power Points.

100º will not give you any Keys to begin with. You will have two opponents -- each opponent begins with twenty Power Points.

Good Luck!