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Darkwolff's DVD Key Powers

Atmosfear: The Gatekeeper - Key Power House Rules

Additional Rules

The following rules have been altered and/or added as a requirement for the added key rules

Altered Rules

Players can no longer make use of the flight space or attempt to steal a key from players on their headstone without the appropriate keys.

Key Powers

Each colored key you collect gives you a new power. Key powers are listed on your character card, and are different for each player. Collecting more than one of the same colored key does not confer additional powers.


A character's Occupation power can only be activated if they land on another player by exact count. If you have the Black Key, you cannot simultaneously give a player the Black Key and activate this power... you have to choose.


Curses can be bestowed on the loser of a duel as an alternative to taking one of their keys. Curses can be dispelled by:

  • Rolling your number on any die roll.
  • Defeating the person who cursed you in a duel.
  • Passing the Black Key to a player while you are afflicted by their curse also bestows their own curse on them.

If any of the above conditions are met you are instantly cured of the relevant curse (or curses if you roll your number).

Disclaimer: These rules are in no way official and are in no way an attempt to lay claim on any copyrights for Atmosfear: The Gatekeeper or any other game and are no more than an attempt by a a dedicated fan to contribute some fun to the series he loves so much.