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Called Nightmare in America, Australia and New Zealand and Atmosfear in the rest of the world, this is the first game in the series which introduces the Gatekeeper as well as the Other Side and the six Harbingers.

Using a video tape both as host and timer, you where required to treat the video as if it was a real person as you played the simple board game and attempted to collect keys that would unlock the path to the center of the game board. Upon arriving there you picked up one of the Nightmare cards and read it aloud. If it was not the one you had filled out at the start of the game you stopped the tape and were declared the winner. As simple as it was, it instantly became a cult classic and for a brief time was a popular favorite around Halloween. In some regions the host was played by a different actor.

Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes


Played by Wenanty Nosul in the English editions, this version of The Gatekeeper changes his appearance over the course of the game, changing from a normal looking person in a cloak to the monstrous visage seen in the later installments of the series.



Created, Written, Directed & Produced by
(C) 1991

Director of Photography
Sam Bienstock

Special Effects Make-up
Bob McCarron & Marilyn McPherson

Sound Engineering
Mike Kent & Mark Tanner

Twilight Productions

Bob Aiers
Roy Andrews
Mark Menders Da Costa
Jim Stewart
Tim Hitchen

Video Graphics
Eddie Heuppauff

For Cowboys
Lynette McPhee
Chris Simon
Brooke Furness
Vanessa Wood

Special Thanks
Wentany, Janine, Jane, Rachel, Mark & Brian, Tim, Daniel, Pip & everybody from ROADSHOW

Peter Skillman & the entire staff of APOCALYPSE

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