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Vol. IV No. 01 October 5, 2003
Weather:A storm is coming, can you feel it?Lucky Numbers: 01-11-42


...for the website that is. Thanks to Shrine member Scott M. we now have a permanent home on his server, www.answorld.net, home to Adrinenalin. So, after five long years you won't have to worry about where to find the Shrine of Akira, and I won't have to worry about transfering all the damn files that go with it. Also, we now have a Yahoo! group for inner cult communication. Anyone who is not a member of the Shrine of Akria that signs up for the Y! Group is automaticly a member, but will not recieve a membership number. The site for the group is http://groups.yahoo.com/shrineofakira/. The group site contains many pages and files from this website, but allows members to add to, or edit them to make their own contributions.

Until we get the Shrine completly back in order, I will not be updating this counter number. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE WON'T BE ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS. It just means it's going to take a bit longer than two weeks to get a response...
Anyone who's been with the Shrine since the eairly days may have noticed that I'm a bit obsessive with frames. Until now I haven't had the opportunity to use the thanks to add banners. As you can see, that's not a problem now...
"Don't Panic" -Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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I hate the fact that I've again got an ancient computer. The one I'm using now has a 200MB hard drive, Windows 95B, and 16MBs of ram. You're all jealous, I can tell...
I can't get to anyone's pictures so I can't update this section for this issue. Sorry, all...
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Name: John Doe
Number: AK000
All work and no play make jack a dull boy. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. All work and no play make jack something, something...
Anime Review: FLCL (fulri kullri) ( * * * * )

Ok, It's not called Fulri Kullri, but that's how it sounds to me. FLCL is a very strange show you might see on Adult Swim late at night if your lucky. As far as we can fathom, it follows a boy who gets hit in the head by a vespa (?) and then has strange robots grow out of his forhead. (?!) Later you find out that he carries with him the powers of a space pirate bent on flatening the entire universe. (?!?!) If that's not confusing, wait till you see it. FLCL has great animation and music that'll remind you of Serial Experiments Lain. Although a confusing plot, it's one that'll make you think diffrently about everything you see and hear from now on. Even the end credits of this show is intertaining!! Make time to watch this, but don't expect robots to grow out of your head - no matter how many times your friends run you over...

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