Welcome to the Shrine of Akira. Founded in 1996, the Shrine now has over one hundred members and streatches accross three countries and two contents. The group's decree of being "dedicated to killing time" has so far held true in it's seven year reign.

Joining the Shrine is easy enough, nothing but your name and a way of contacting you is required. Members are alowed to do whatever they want in the group as long as conduct does not reflect the Shrine of Akira in a negative way. Nothing is realy asked of members; no mandatory meetings, no "evil cult practices", no sacrifices or rituals. All that is asked of members is that they try to recruit others.

All members are given a membership number when they join which allows them to access special areas of the site (soon to come), and other opportunities. So, if you plan to join the group, are already a member, or just came in to look around, please enjoy your visit to the Shrine of Akira.