The Kingdom of Zeal. 1004 AD.

Created in response to overwhelming demand to allow a wider range of characters to ChronoMUCK, the Kingdom of Zeal is an alternate dimension based off the original unaltered timeline that existed before Crono and co. first began their voyage through time.

The basic idea is simple. In 12,000 BC Queen Zeal realised in a brief moment of clarity that she was being used by Lavos. In an attempt to not only break off the mental link she now had with the beast, and to continue to use it's power as her own, she plunged the Red Knife into the shell of Lavos... originally such an action awakened it early and angrily it destroyed the Kingdom before returning to rest once more. Thus, the Red Knife became the Masamune and the Kingdom of Zeal perished.

In this new world, however, something very different happened. The Red Knife, born from the red rock of the dreamstone, reacted with the titanic Lavos and caused a feedback. Zeal became completely overtaken with the will of Lavos and much like in the Black Omen scenario, Queen Zeal was driven insane. The entire kingdom grew to reflect this as it quickly became nothing more than the caretakers of Lavos, feeding it, finding new lifeblood and DNA for it to feast upon...

The year is now 1004 AD. Due to the events of Chrono Cross no other versions of the planet exist on parallel worlds aside from this world and the one that ChronoMUCK calls home. Thanks to the evolution of the Kingdom, various people have been either brought over or cloned and given a choice: help the kingdom prosper, or become a snack for the destroyer of worlds. Now, the Queen wants more... the Kingdom has long been considered the center of the Universe, and its inhabitants are eager to keep it that way, even it other worlds must fall.

The plan is that anyone can now bring over any character, from any MU* with approval from our pcreate staff. Characters can not freely pass from the alternate world to the real one. Only the queen has this power, bestowed upon her thanks to the still functioning Mammon Machine and the link to Lavos via the red blade still embeded in his shell. For more information on this world and details on getting a character here, please log on and contact our wizzen. We do have TP's in mind involving cross-overs between the two main worlds.