This is here for informative purposes only. Alot of information about the Chrono Trigger storyline was blured thanks to changes in the script due to the translation. So if you'd like to learn a bit more about the characters and events, here you go. We are by no means requiring anyone read this, but we do recomend it.

Chrono Trigger Translations FAQ, version 0.1
written by go right corner
with translations done by Hyena20, Saiyajin Jas and others

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  Copyright (C) 2003 by go right corner

Table of Contents

How To Use This Guide
Character Names
Names of Objects, People, etc.
Place Names
  65,000,000 B.C.
  12,000 B.C.
  600 A.D./1000 A.D.
  2300 A.D.
  Crono's Weapons
  Marle's Weapons
  Lucca's Weapons
  Frog's Weapons
  Robo's Weapons
  Ayla's Weapons
  Magus's Weapons
Event Items
Single Techs
  Crono's Single Techs
  Marle's Single Techs
  Lucca's Single Techs
  Frog's Single Techs
  Robo's Single Techs
  Ayla's Single Techs
  Magus's Single Techs
Double Techs
Triple Techs
Enemies and their Moves
Chapter Titles
Names of Time Periods
   1. The Millenium Fair
   2. The Queen Returns
   3. The Queen is Gone
   4. We're Back!
   5. The Trial
   6. Beyond the Ruins
   7. The Factory Ruins
   8. The End of Time
   9. The Village of Magic
  10. The Hero Appears
  11. Tata and the Frog
  12. The Rare Red Rock
  13. Footsteps! Follow!
  14. The Masamune!
  15. Magus' Castle
  16. Forward to the Past
  17. Unnatural Selection?
  18. The Magic Kingdom
  19. Break the Seal!
  20. The Guru on Mt. Woe
  21. What Lies Beyond?
  22. Lavos Beckons
  23. The New King
  24. The Time Egg
  25. The Fated Hour
    a. The Sunken Desert
    b. Ozzie's Fort
    c. Origin of Machines
    d. The Sun Stone
    e. Cyrus' Ghost
    f. The Rainbow Shell
    g. Black Omen
  26. The Final Battle
Appendix A: explanation of some Japanese words
Appendix B: explanation of romaji notation used by this guide
Appendix C: credits
Appendix D: contacts
Appendix E: revision log


This FAQ grew out of a long thread, started by Hyena20, on the GameFAQs
Chrono Trigger board.  She went to great lengths translating names and dialogs
from the Japanese version of the game to English, in some cases revealing
surprising differences between the Japanese and English version.

I found the thread a very useful source of information, but also a bit hard
to use.  So I decided to take up the task of compiling the information there
into a FAQ.  I was also briefly inspired to do some translations on my own,
but since I know so little Japanese, the amount of dictionary lookup I'd have
to go through would be way too much for me to bear, especially without $$$.

Nevertheless, I did went through some of the translations and verify their
correctness, and made some corrections in various places.  I also made a few
contributions of my own (mostly on names, not dialogs).  I've also decided
early on that it is worthwhile to try to include the original Japanese text
in as many places as possible, to allow others to verify the correctness of
translations and identify errors or other issues.

All these hard work by me and others is the document you're reading right now.
There are still much to be translated, but I hope you'd find the document
useful nonetheless.

How To Use This Guide

Ideally, this guide should be in HTML, with abundant links to help one
navigate to the tidbits they'd like to read.  But GameFAQs only allows FAQs
in plaintext to be posted.

So the best way to use this guide is probably to read it in a browser or
text editor that supports searching of words and phrases (almost all
browsers and text editors I know of support search).  If you have a very
specific thing in mind (eg. a specific weapon, the name of a character)
and can spell it correctly, just do a search for that.  Otherwise, go to
the table of contents (the very first section of this document), and find
the section that most likely contains what you want, and do a search on
the section name to get to the section.  Then skim the section to find
what you need.

If you're looking for the translation of a particular line of dialog, don't
bother trying to do a search of the text of that line in the English version,
since currently in many sections I only show the translation of the dialog,
and not the dialog in the English version.  Instead just go to the relevant
section.  I've made each savegame chapter a separate section, so as long as
you know roughly which savegame chapter the dialog occurs in, you should have
no problem finding what you want.

Lists are usually organized alphabetically by the names in the English version,
though sometimes they might be organized in other orders more natural to
the particular list (eg. weapons are listed in increasing power).

I also made an attempt to summarize the translation difference highlights in
the next section, "Highlights".  For those who don't necessary care to know
the details, that section would be the place for you to read.

For those who are interested in the original Japanese text, you might want
to read Appendix B first to understand the particular system of romaji
notation I've chosen to use for this document.  It is basically just the
standard Hepburn system with a few modifications.

Finally, if you saw an error you want to report, a suggestion you want to make,
or possibly a translation request, go to Appendix D to learn about how you can,
well, help contribute to this FAQ!


There are basically 4 categories of differences between the English version
and the Japanese version being translated to English:

1) censorship.  It turns out there are a number of topics or themes in the
   Japanese version that was modified in the English version, perhaps to make
   the game more acceptable to parents of younger kids.  For example, all
   references to alcohol in the Japanese version are replaced by other stuff
   (soup, soda, etc.) in the English version.  Some dialog that have strong
   nature-worship tones are rewritten in the English to tone down the
   "religious" tone.  Things that would directly translated to "demon" are
   revised to be "magic" or "Mystic" etc.  And so forth.

2) space limitations.  Because of the way written Japanese works, you can
   often express in Japanese more stuff with less characters.  As a result,
   many names of people and things are often revised in the English version
   so they fit.  Sometimes the revision is minor; other times it is almost
   a completely different name, and yet other times, the revision leads to
   incorrect readings in the English version (eg. the "Titan" in "Titan
   Vest" turns out to be not really "Titan", but "Titanium" shortened).

   Dialogs also suffer in similar ways, with certain information or
   connotations removed in the English version as a result.  For example,
   the Japanese version was more explicit about the planet's connection to
   the whole story, and apparently has a more substantial backstory for
   the war between humans and Mystics.

3) Language differences.  Japanese is simply too different a language from
   English, and some things just don't translate easily or well into English.
   Things like politeness levels of speech, for example, don't really carry
   through in the English as a result.  Certain phrases or titles need to
   be changed, since certain grammatical constructs in Japanese don't really
   work as well in English, especially in situations involving fragments of
   sentences (eg. title, some lines of dialog, etc.)

4) Others.  The Japanese names for characters tends to contain puns that are
   hard to translate into English.  For example, Frog's name in Japanese is
   actually not just Frog, because the word is also homonym with other words,
   many of which describes an aspect of Frog's character development.  And
   then there's Vinegar/Mayonaisse/Soy Sauce rendered as Ozzie/Flea/Slash
   in the English version.

Character names

(If you can't find something's name on this list and it is an enemy, try
 searching the enemies list instead.)

English           Japanese                Translation
Alfador           ARUFADO                 (same)
Ayla              EIRA                    (same) [*1]
Banta             BANTA                   (same)
Bekkar Norstein   NORUSHUT'IN BEKKERAA    (more or less same)
Belthasar         GASSHU                  Gassh
Crono             KURONO                  (same) [*2]
Crono's Mom       JINA                    Jina
Cyrus             SAIRASU                 (same) [*3]
Dalton            DARUTON                 (same)
Doan              DON                     Don
Doreen            DORIIN                  (same)/Drean [*4]
Elaine            EREIN                   (same)
Fiona             FIONA                   (same)
Flea              MAYONEI                 Mayone/Mayonaisse [*5]
Fritz             FURITTSU                (same)
Frog              KAERU                   (same) [*6]
Gaspar            HASSHU                  Hassh/Hirsh/Hersh
Gato              GONZARESU               Gonzales
Glenn                                     (same)
Heckran           HEKERAN                 Hekeran
Janus             JAKI                    Jaki [*7]
Johnny            JONII                   (same)
Kino              KIINO                   (same)
Lara              RARA                    (same)
Lavos             RAVOSU                  (same)
Leene             RIINE                   (same) [*8]
Lucca             RUKKA                   (same)
Magus             MAOU                    Maou (Demon King) [*9]
Marco             MARUKO                  (same)
Marle             MAARU                   Marl
Masa              GURAN                   Grand [*10]
Melchoir          BOSSHU                  Bosch
Mune              RION                    Leon  [*10]
Nadia             MAARUD'IA               Marldia/Mardia [*11]
Ozzie             BINEGAA                 Binegar/Vinegar [*5]
Pierre            PIEERU                  (same)
Prophet           (yogensha)              (same)
Robo              ROBO                    (same) [*12]
Schala            SARA                    Sara
Slash             SOISOO                  Soyso/Soy-Sauce [*5]
Spekkio           SUPEKKIO                (same)
Taban             TABAN                   (same)
Tata              TAATA                   (same)
Toma              TOMA                    (same)
Queen Zeal	                              (same)

*1: following the Japanese pronunciation, the "Ay" in "Ayla" would be
    pronounced as the "ay" in "bay", and not as "eye".

*2: following the Japanese pronunciation, the first "o" in "Crono/Chrono"
    would be pronounced as the "o" in "sonic", and not the "o" in "cone"

*3: following the Japanese pronunciation, the "y" in "Cyrus" would be
    pronounced as the "y" in "fly", and not the "y" in "syrup"

*4: the Japanese pronunciation of "Doreen" would be somewhat similar to the
    Japanese proununciation of the English word "dream", so the name
    "Doreen" can be think of as a pun on "dream" (Doreen's favorite thing)

*5: in the Japanese version, Ozzie/Flea/Slash are actually named after
    condiments, namely Vinegar/Mayonaisse/Soy Sauce [they are also written
    in Japanese somewhat differently from how you'd normally write those
    condiments in Japanese, so you can think of the names as puns]

*6: the default Japanese name for Frog, "kaeru" is homonym with a number of
    Japanese words: the word for "frog", "to return", "to change", etc.
    Thus in Japanese Frog's name is a pun on several things.

*7: "Jaki" is homonym with a Japanese word that means "evil aura", and so
    Janus's Japanese name is also a pun.

*8: following the Japanese pronunciation, the final "e" in Leene would not be
    silent, but rather pronounced like the "ay" in "bay". However, it is also
    the case in Japanese that, within dialogs, the name Leene is often followed
    by the suffix "sama", and "Leene-sama" tends to sound better with the "e"
    pronounced than silent.  Since you wouldn't tack the "sama" onto the name
    in a proper English translation, it's acceptable to not pronounce the final
    "e".  In English, "Queen Leen" sounds better than "Queen Leen-ay" anyway.

*9: "Maou" is homonym with a Japanese word that means "demon king".  In fact,
    throughout the game, Magus is almost always referred to by that Japanese
    word (written in Kanji) for "demon king".

*10: the Japanese version uses "Grandleon" instead of "Masamune" for the name
     of the sword.  As a result, Masa and Mune are correspondingly named
     "Grand" and "Leon"

*11: although "Mardia" is easier to pronounce and sounds more natural,
     "Marldia" better reflects the difference between the fake and real names
     in Japanese, if we decide to transliterate MAARU as "Marl" rather than
     the lame-sounding "Mar".

*12: the Japanese pronunciation of "Robo" would come out sounding more like
     "Rob".  But then again, the Japanese would also pronounce "robot" the
     same way (ro-bot-to), with the first "o" pronounced as the "o" in "Rob".

Names of Objects, People, etc.

This list contains names which don't neatly fall into one of the other lists
here.  This doesn't mean this list is unimportant!  Read it and you'll
understand why.

English           Japanese                Translation
Enertron          ENE BOKUSU              Ene-Box (short for Energy-Box)
Guru of Life                              Sage of Life
Guru of Reason                            Sage of Reason
Guru of Time                              Sage of Time
Mammon Machine    (majinki)               Demon God Device
Mystics           (ma)(zoku)              Demon Race/Tribe
Nu                NW'U                    Nwu  [*1]
Reptites          (kyouryuu)(jin)         Dinosaur People/Dinosaur Men

*1: see last section [point g] of appendix B for a discussion of how the
    Japanese name for Nu was transliterated as "Nwu".

Place Names

65,000,000 B.C.
English               Japanese               Translation
Dactyl Nest           PUTERAN no (su)        Pteron's Nest
Forest Maze           mayoi no (mori)        Lost Forest/Lost Woods
Hunting Grounds       kari no (mori)         Hunting Forest
Hut (eg. Ioka Hut,    TENTO                  Tent
  Chief's Hut, etc.)
Ioka                  IOKA                   (same)
Laruba                RARUBA                 (same)
Laruba Ruins          RARUBA (mura) no       Charred Remains of Laruba Village
Mystic Mountains      (fushigi) (yama)       Mystic/Mysterious Mountain
Reptite Lair          (kyouryuujin) AJITO    Dinosaur People's Hideout
Tyrano Lair           T'IRAN (shiro)         Tyran Castle
Lair Ruins            T'IRAN (jouseki)/      Tyran Castle Ruins

12,000 B.C.
English              Japanese              Translation
Blackbird            (kuro) (tori) (gou)   (same)
Earthbound Village                         Village of the People of Earth/
                                           Earth-people Village
Enhasa               ENHAASA               (same)
Kajar                KAJAARU               (same)
Land Bridge                                Way to the Earth/Way to the Ground/
                                           Road to the Earth/Road to the Ground
Last Refuge                                Remaining Village
Magic Kingdom                              (same)
Mountain of Woe      nageki no (yama)      (same)/Mountain of Grief
Ocean Palace         (kaidei) (shinden)    Ocean Floor Temple
Skyway                                     Way to the Sky/Way to the Heavens/
                                           Road to the Sky/Road to the Heavens
Zeal                 JIIRU                 (same) [*1]

*1: it's true that the Japanese pronunciation sounds more like the word "gill"
    than how most people would pronounce "Zeal", but keep in mind that the
    Japanese always pronounces a "zee" sound as a "jee" sound, so JIIRU is
    the closest pronunciation the Japanese could get to "Zeal".

600 A.D./1000 A.D.
English            Japanese                       Translation
Cafe               PABU                           Pub
Cathedral          MANORIA (shuudouin)            Manoria Abbey
Choras             CHORASU                        (same)  [*1]
Denadoro Mtns      DENADORO (yama)                Denadoro Mountain
Dorino             SANDORINO                      Sandorino
Fiona's Shrine     FIONA (shinden)                Fiona Temple
Fiona's Villa      FIONA no (koya)                Fiona's Hut
Forest Ruins       (kita) no (mori) no (iseki)    North Forest Ruins
Giant's Claw       (kyojin) no TSUME              (same)
Guardia Forest     GARUD'IA no (mori)             (same)
Guardia Kingdom    GARUD'IA (shiro)               (same)
Leene Square       RIINE hiroba                   (same)/Leene Plaza
Market             GUUZU MAAKETTO                 Goods Market
Magic Cave                                        Demon Cave
Magus's Castle     (ma)(ou)(shiro)                Maou Castle
Medina Village     MED'IINA                       (same)  [*2]
Melchior's Hut     BOSSHU no (koya)               Bosch's Hut (same)
Northern Ruins     (kita) no (haikyo)             (same)
Ozzie's Fort       BINEGAA no yakata              Binegar's Mansion
Porre              PAREPORI                       Parepori
Snail Stop         makigai (tei)                  Snail Restaurant
Sunken Desert      (chitei) (sabaku)              Subterranian Desert
Tata's House       TAATA no (ie)                  (same)
Truce              TORUUSU                        (same)
Truce Canyon       TORUUSU (mura) no (urayama)    Truce Hill

*1: following the Japanese pronunciation, the "ch" in "Choras" should be
    pronounced as the "ch" in "church", and not as the "ch" in "chorus".
    In other words, it's a true "ch" sound, not a hard "k" sound with
    a silent h.

*2: Medina is also referred to in the Japanese as the "Village of Demons",
    [(ma) no (mura)], whereas English uses "Village of Magic" instead.

2300 A.D.
English            Japanese                 Translation
Bangor Dome        BANGO DOOMU              (same)  [*1]
Trann Dome         TORAN DOOMU              (same)/Toran dome
Arris Dome         ARISU DOOMU              (same)
Proto Dome         PUROMETE DOOMU           Promethe Dome  [*2]
Lab 16             16 (gou) (haikyo)        Ruins #16
Lab 32             32 (gou) (haikyo)        Ruins #32
Sewer Access       (chika)(suidou) (ato)    Underground Sewers
Keeper's Dome      (kanshisha) no DOOMU     Guardian's Dome
Death Peak         (shi) no (yama)          Mountain of Death/Death Mountain
Factory            (kouba) (ato)            Factory Ruins
Geno Dome          JENOSAI DOOMU            Genocide Dome
Sun Palace         (taiyou shinden)/        Sun Temple/Sungod Palace  [*3]
                     (taiyoushin den)
Sun Keep           (hikari) no hokora       Shrine of Light

*1: following the Japanese pronunciation, the "or" in "Bangor" should be
    pronounced like the "o" in "core", and not like the "er" in "hanger".
    The "g" sound is pronounced like a hard g, and not trasnmuted into a "y"
    sound as you would with "hanger".

    Despite the Japanese for "Bangor" being BANGO, that "o" sound in Japanese
    is NOT a long o sound as in the English word "go".  If it were a long o
    sound, it would've been written here as BANGOU, not BANGO.  This is why
    I resist saying "Bango Dome" in the translation.
    [Sidenote: so actually, strictly speaking, words like "Tokyo" and "Osaka"
     are not proper transcriptions, since all those "o"s are actually long o
     sounds in the actual Japanese.]

*2: Promethe is short for Prometheus (which was Robo's original name),
    considering that the Japanese would write the word "Prometheus" as

*3: the ambiguity between the two possible translations arises from the fact
    that written Japanese do not actually use spaces to separate words, and so
    in this case you can read the name slightly differently depending on where
    you separate the two words.  Based on context and the way many 4-Kanji
    phrases are segmented into words, my opinion is that "Sun Temple" is the
    intended interpretation.  However I haven't carefully looked at every line
    of dialog that mentioned the Sun Palace to be certain whether the
    contextual evidence really points to the "Sun Temple" reading.


Crono's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
Mop            MOPPU                 (same)
Wood Sword     bokutou               (same)
Iron Blade     seidou no katana      Bronze Katana
SteelSaber     koutetsu no katana    Steel Katana
Lode Sword     hakugin ken           Pearl-Colored Sword
Bolt Sword     raimei ken            Thunderclap Sword
Red Katana     kurenai no tsurugi    Crimson Sword
Flint Edge     MAMMOSU no tsurugi    Mammoth Sword
Slasher        SOISOO tou            Soyso Knife
Dark Sabre                           Katana of Darkness
Aeon Blade     taiko no tsurugi      Sword of Ancient Times
Demon Edge     zanma tou             Demon Killer Knife
AlloyBlade     kongou ken            Alloy/Adamantine/Diamond Sword
Star Sword     tennou ken            Sword of the Sky/Heaven King [*1]
VedicBlade     YASHA                 Yasha  [*2]
Kali Blade     oni maru              Ogre Zero
Swallow        tsubame               (same)
Slasher 2      SOISOO tou 2          Soyso knife 2
Shiva Edge     suzaku                Suzaku [*3]
Rainbow        niji                  (same)

*1: Note that the Japanese word for the planet "Uranus" is "tennousei", which
    literally means "sky-/heaven-king star".

*2: In Japanese folklore, "Yasha" is a female demon who is a sort of vampiress.

*3: "Suzaku" is the sacred Chinese beast of the cardinal direction of the
    south, summer, and elemental fire.

Marle's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
Bronze Bow     BURONZU BOOGAN        Bronze Bowgun
Iron Bow       AIAN BOOGAN           Iron Bowgun
Lode Bow       hakugin no yumi       Pearl-Colored Bow
Robin Bow      ROBIN no yumi         (same)/Robin's Bow
Sage Bow       hijiri no yumi        Shaman's Bow
Dream Bow      DORISUTON BOU         Dreamstone bow
CometArrow     KOMETTO AROO          (same)
SonicArrow     SONIKKU AROO          (same)
Siren          SEIREEN               (same)
Valkerie       WARUKYUURE            (same)

Lucca's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
Air Gun        EA GAN                (same)
Dart Gun       mamedebbou            Pea-Shooter
Auto Gun       WAN HANDO GAN         One-Hand Gun
Pico Magnum                          (same)
Plasma Gun     PURAZUMA GAN          (same)
Ruby Gun       RUBII GAN             (same)
Dream Gun      DORISUTON GAN         Dreamstone Gun
Graedus                              Graditi
Megablast      MEGABURASUTAA         Megablaster
Shockwave      W'EIBU SHOKKU         (more or less the same)
Wondershot     MIRAKURU SHOTTO       Miracle Shot

Robo's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
Tin Arm        BURIKIN AAMU          Tinplate Arm
Hammer Arm     HAMMAA AAMU           (same)
MirageHand     MIRAAJU HANDO         (same)
Stone Arm      SUTOON AAMU           (same)
DoomFinger     DESU FINGAA           Death Finger
Magma Hand     MAGUMA HANDO          (same)
MegatonArm     MEGATON AAMU          (same)
Big Hand       BIGGU HANDO           (same)
Kaiser Arm     KAISAA AAMU           (same)
Giga Arm       GIGA PAWAA AAMU       Giga-Power Arm
Terra Arm      TERA PAWAA AAMU       Tera-Power Arm
Crisis Arm     KURAISHISU AAMU       (same)

Frog's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
BronzeEdge     BURONZU SOODO         Bronze Sword
Iron Sword     AIAN SOODO            (same)
Masamune       GURANDORION           Grandleon
FlashBlade     SHAIN BUREEDO         Shine Blade
Pearl Edge     EBIRU SUREIYAA        Evil Slayer
Rune Blade     RUUN BUREEDO          (same)
Demon Hit      DEEMON KIRAA          Demon Killer
BraveSword     BUREIBU SOODO         (same)

Ayla's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
Fist           kobushi               (same)
Iron Fist                            (same)
BronzeFist                           Copper Fist

Magus's Weapons:
English        Japanese              Translation
DarkScythe     yamiyo no kama        Dark Scythe/Scythe of Dark Nights
Hurricane      KIRAA HAAKEN          Killer Hurricane
StarScythe     meiou no kama         Scythe of the Dark King [*1]
DoomSickle     zetsubou no kama      Scythe of Despair/Hopelessness

*1: Note that the Japanese word for the planet "Pluto" is "meiousei", which
    literally means "Darkness-King Star".


Note: many of the Japanese names use "METTO" as a shortened form of the
      English word "helmet" (namely, using just the "met" part). But this is
      not a natural way to abbreviate "helmet" in English, so here in this
      translation, "METTO" is uniformly translated as just "Helm", the usual
      shortened form of "helmet".

English         Japanese                Translation
Aeon Helm       ETAANARU METTO          Eternal Helm
Beret           PAREPORI BEREE          Parepori Beret (Porre beret)
BronzeHelm      BURONZU METTO           (same)
CeraTopper      TORIKERA kabuto         Tricera Helmet
Dark Helm       DAAKU HERUMU            (same)
Doom Helm       DESU HERUMU             Death Helm
Gloom Helm      zetsubou no kabuto      Helmet of Despair/Hopelessness
Glow Helm       SHAIN HERUMU            Shine Helm
Gold Helm       GOORUDU HERUMU          (same)
Haste Helm      HEISUTO METTO           (same)
Hide Cap        kawa no boushi          Leather Hat
Iron Helm       AIAN METTO              (same)
Lode Helm       PURACHINA METTO         Platinum Helm
Memory Cap      wasurezu no boushi      (more or less the same)
MermaidCap      MAAMEIDO METTO          Mermaid Helm
OzziePants      BINEGAA PANTSU          Binegar Pants
Prism Helm      PURIZUMU METTO          (same)
R'bow Helm      REINBOO METTO           (same)
Rock Helm       SUTOON METTO            Stone Helm
Safe Helm       PUROTEKUTO METTO        Protect Helm
Sight Cap       madowazu no boushi      (same)
Taban Helm      TABAN METTO             (same)
Time Hat        toki no boushi          (same)
Vigil Hat       mamori no boushi        Talisman Hat


English         Japanese                Translation
Aeon Suit       ETAANARU SUUTSU         Eternal Suit
Black Mail      BURAKKU PUREETO         Black Plate
Black Vest      BURAKKU BESUTO          (same)
Blue Mail       BURUU PUREETO           Blue Plate
Blue Vest       BURUU BESUTO            (same)
BronzeMail      BURONZU AAMAA           Bronze Armor
Dark Mail       DAAKU MEIRU             (same)
Flash Mail      SHAIN PUREETO           Shine Plate
Gloom Cape      zetsubou no MANTO       Mantle of Despair/Hopelessness
Gold Suit       GOORUDO SUUTSU          (same)
Hide Tunic      kawa no fuku            Leather Clothing
Iron Suit       AIAN SUUTSU             (same)
Karate Gi       dougi                   Martial Arts Gi
Lode Vest       PURACHINA BESUTO        Platinum Vest
Lumin Robe      hikari no ROOBU         Robe of Light
MaidenSuit      RED'II SUUTSU           Lady Suit
Meso Mail       TORIKERA PUREETO        Tricera Plate
Mist Robe       MISUTO ROOBU            (same)
Moon Armor      gekkou no yoroi         Moonlight Armor
Nova Armor      NOVA AAMAA              (same)
PrismDress      PURIZUMU DORESU         (same)
RavenArmor      shikkoku no yoroi       Jet Black armor
Red Mail        REDDO PUREETO           Red Plate
Red Vest        REDDO BESUTO            (same)
Ruby Armor      RUBII AAMAA             (same)
Ruby Vest       RUBII BESUTO            (same)
Taban Suit      TABAN SUUTSU            (same)
Taban Vest      TABAN BESUTO            (same)
Titan Vest      CHITAN BESUTO           Titanium Vest
White Mail      HOWAITO PUREETO         White Plate
White Vest      HOWAITO BESUTO          (same)
ZodiacCape      hoshikuzu no KEEPU      Stardust Cape


English         Japanese               Translation
Amulet          SARA no omamori        Sara's Amulet
Bandana         hachimaki              (same)
Berserker       BAASAKU RINGU          Berserk Ring
Black Rock      kuro no ishi           (same)/Black Stone
Blue Rock       ao no ishi             (same)/Blue Stone
Charm Top       miwaku no BURA         Charm Bra
Dash Ring       SUPIIDO RINGU          Speed Ring
Defender        PUROTEKUTAA            Protector
Flea Vest       MAYONEE no BURA        Mayone's Bra
FrenzyBand      gekido no udewa        Rage Bangle/Bracelet
Gold Erng       ken no IYARINGU        (same)
Gold Rock       ken no ishi            (same)/Gold Stone
Gold Stud       GOORUDO PIASU          Gold Pierce
GreenDream      midori no yume         (same)
Hero Medal      yuusha BAJJI           Hero Badge
Hit Ring        HITTO RINGU            (same)
Magic Ring      MAJIKKU RINGU          (same)
MagicScarf      MAJIKKU SUKAAFU        (same)
Magic Seal      MAJIKKU SHIIRU         (same)
MuscleRing      MASSURU RINGU          (same)
PowerGlove      PAWAA tebukuro         (same)
Power Ring      PAWAA RINGU            (same)
PowerScarf      PAWAA MAFURAA          Power Muffler
Power Seal      PAWAA SHIIRU           (same)
PrismSpecs      niji no MEGANE         Rainbow Glasses
Rage Band       ikari no udewa         Anger Bangle/Bracelet
Relic                                  Accessory
Ribbon          RIBON                  (same)
SeraphSong                             Angel's Whisper
SightScope      SAACHI SUKOOPU         Search Scope
SilverErng      gen no IYARINGU        (same)
SilverRock      gen no ishi            (same)/Silver Stone
SilverStud      SHIRUBAA PIASU         Silver Pierce
Speed Belt      SUPIIDO BERUTO         (same)
Sun Shades      taiyou no MEGANE       Solar Glasses
Third Eye       SAADO AI               (same)
Wallet          echigoyano saifu       (same)
Wall Ring       BARIA RINGU            Barrier Ring
White Rock      shiro no ishi          (same)/White Stone


English         Japanese               Translation
Tonic           POOSHON                Potion
Mid Tonic       MIDORU POOSHON         Middle Potion
Full Tonic      HAI POOSHON            High Potion
Ether           EETERU                 (same)
Mid Ether       MIDORU EETERU          Middle Ether
Full Ether      HAI EETERU             High Ether
HyperEther      SUUPAA EETERU          Super Ether
Elixir          ERIKUSAA               (same)
MegaElixir      RASUTO ERIKUSAA        Last Elixir
Heal            bannouyaku             Panacea
Revive          ATENA no mizu          Athena's Water
Shelter         SHERUTAA               (same)
Lapis           RAPISU                 (same)
Barrier         BARIA BOORU            Barrier Ball
Shield          PUROTEKUTO BOORU       Protect Ball
Power Meal      tokusei bentou         Deluxe Lunchbox
Power Tab       PAWAA KAPUSERU         Power Capsule
Magic Tab       MAJIKKU KAPUSERU       Magic Capsule
Speed Tab       SUPIIDO KAPUSERU       Speed Capsule

Event Items

English         Japanese                Translation
Bent Hilt       oreta ken no tsuka      Bent/Broken Sword's Hilt
Bent Sword      oreta ken               Bent/Broken Sword
Bike Key        BAIKU no KII            (same)
C. Trigger                              (same)
Clone                                   Doppelganger
Dreamstone      DORISUTOON              (same)
Fang            kiba                    (same)
Feather         hane                    (same)
Gate Key        GEETO HORUDAA           Gate Holder
Horn            tsuno                   (same)
Jerky                                   Hyper Jerky
Moon Stone      ankoku seki             Darkness Stone
Pendant         PENDANTO                (same)
Petal           hanabira                (same)
PrismShard      nijiiro no kakera       Rainbow-Colored Fragment
Race Log        RECOODAA                Recorder
Ruby Knife      akaki NAIFU             Red Knife
Seed                                    (same)
Sun Stone       taiyou seki             (same)
Toma's Pop      TOMA no sake            Toma's Sake
Tools                                   Carpenter Tools
Yakra Key       YAKURA no KAGI          (same)

Single Techs

Note: in the Japanese versions of various Square RPGs (including this game),
      it has been a tradition to tack "GA" to a spell to indicate a level-2
      magic spell, even though "GA" is not actually a Japanese suffix at all!

Crono's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Cyclone         kaiten giri            Spinning Cut
Slash           kamaitachi             Whirlwind Cut
Lightning       SANDAA                 Thunder
Spincut         zenryoku giri          Full-Power Cut
Lightning2      SANDAGA                Thunderga
Life            REIZU                  Raise
Confuse         midare giri            Confuse Cut
Luminaire       SHAININGU              Shining

Marle's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Aura            OORA                   (same)
Provoke         chouhatsu              (same)
Ice             AISU                   (same)
Cure            KEARU                  (same)
Haste           HEISUTO                (same)
Ice 2           AISUGA                 Icega
Cure 2          KEARUGA                Curega
Life 2          AREIZU                 Araise

Lucca's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Flame Toss      kaenhousha             Flame Thrower
Hypno Wave      saimin onpa            (same)
Fire            FAIA                   (same)
Napalm          NAPAAMU BOMU           Napalm Bomb
Protect         PUROTEKUTO             (same)
Fire 2          FAIGA                  Firega
Megabomb        MEGATON BOMU           Megaton Bomb
Flare           FUREA                  (same)

Frog's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Slurp           BERORON                Lick
Slurp Cut       BERORON giri           Lick Cut
Water           W'OOTAA                (same)
Heal            HIIRU                  (same)
Leap Slash      JAMPU giri             Jump Cut
Water 2         W'OOTAGA               Waterga
Cure 2          KEARUGA                Curega
Frog Squash     kaeru otoshi           Frog Drop

Robo's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
RocketPunch     ROKETTO PANCHI         (same)
Cure Beam       KEARU BIIMU            (same)
Laser Spin      kaiten REEZAA          (more or less the same)
Robo Tackle     ROBO TAKKURU           (same)
Heal Beam       HIIRU BIIMU            (same)
Uzzi Punch      MASHIN GAN PANCHI      Machine Gun Punch
Area Bomb       SAAKURU BOMU           Circle Bomb
Shock           EREKI ATAKKU           Elec(tric) Attack

Ayla's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Kiss            KISSU                  (same)
Rollo Kick      marumajiro KIKKU       Marumajiro Kick
Cat Attack      hikkaki kamitsuki      ??? Bite
Rock Throw      ganseki nage           (same)
Charm           irojikake              Venus Flytrap
Tail Spin       shippo tatsumaki       Tail Tornado
Dino Tail       kyouryuu               Dinosaur
Triple Kick     3 dan KIKKU            (same)

Magus's Single Techs:
English         Japanese               Translation
Lightning2      SANDAGA                Thunderga
Ice 2           AISUGA                 Icega
Fire 2          FAIGA                  Firega
Dark Bomb       DAAKU BOMU             (same)
Magic Wall      MAJIKKU BARIA          Magic Barrier
Dark Mist       DAAKU MISUTO           (same)
Black Hole      BURAKKU HOORU          (same)
DarkMatter      DAAKU MATAA            (same)

Double Techs

Note: see the note in the "Single Techs" section on the suffix "ga" used on
      various magic spell names

English           Japanese              Translation
Antipode          hansayou BOMU         Reaction Bomb
Antipode 2        hansayou BOMU 2       Reaction Bomb 2
Antipode 3        hansayou BOMU 3       Reaction Bomb 3
Aura Beam         OORA BIIMU            (same)
Aura Whirl        kaiten OORA           Spinning Aura
Beast Toss        jigoku nage           Hell throw
Blade Toss        bun nage SOODO        Dive Throw Sword/ Diving Sword Throw
Blaze Kick        honoo 3 dan geri      3-Step Flame Kick
Boogie            otachidai             On Stage
Bubble Hit        SHABON TAKKURU        Bubble Tackle
Bubble Snap       SHABON PURESU         Bubble Press
Cube Toss         hyouga nage           Glacier Throw
Cure Touch        KEARUGA W'INDO        Curega Wind
Cure Wave         KEARUGA W'EIBU        Curega Wave
Double Bomb       DABURU BOMU           (same)
Double Cure       DABURU KEARUGA        Double Curega
Drill Kick        DORIRU KIKKU          (same)
Drop Kick         agura ochi giri       Sitting Cross-Legged Drop Cut
Falcon Hit        HAYABUSA giri         Falcon Cut
Fire Punch        FAIA PANCHI           (same)
Fire Sword        FAIA SOODO            (same)
Fire Sword 2      FAIGA SOODO           Firega Sword
Fire Tackle       FAIGA TAKKURU         Firega Tackle
Fire Whirl        kaen sharin           Blaze Wheel
Fire Whirl        kaen tatsumaki        Blaze Tornado
Flame Kick        honoo geri            (same)
Frog Flare        KAERU FUREA           (same)
Glacier           hyouga                (same)
Ice Sword         AISU SOODO            (same)
Ice Sword 2       AISUGA SOODO          Icega Sword
Ice Tackle        AISU TAKKURU          (same)
Ice Toss          koori nage            Ice Throw
Ice Water         AISU W'OOTAA          (same)
Line Bomb         RAIN BOMU             (same)
Max Cyclone       dai kaiten giri       Great Spinning Cut
Red Pin           REDDO NIIDORU         Red Needle
Rocket Roll       kousoku kaiten        High Speed Turn/Spin
Slurp Kiss        BERORON KISSU         Lick Kiss
Spin Kick         dai kaiten geri       Great Spinning Kick
Spire             hiraishin             Lightning Rod
Super Volt        SUUPAA EREKI          Super Elec(tric)
SwordStream       yaiba no taki         Blade/Sword Waterfall
Twin Charm        DABURU irojikake      Double Venus Flytrap
Volt Bite         kaminari kamitsuki/   Thunder Bite/
                  kaminari kami tsuki   Thundergod Thrust  [*1]
X Strike          EKKUSU giri           X Cut

*1: since Japanese do not actually use spaces to separate words, you can read
    the Japanese name for the "Volt Bite" double tech in two ways.  However,
    the "Bite" reading is more likely, considering the fact that Ayla's single
    tech "Cat Attack" also have a Japanese name that ends with "kamitsuki", and
    in that case the "kami tsuki" reading is much less likely.

Triple Techs

English           Japanese              Translation
3D Attack         3 jigen ATAKKU        (same)
Arc Impulse       AAKU IMPARUSU         (same)
DarkEternal       DAAKU ETAANARU        (same)
Delta Force       MIKKUSU DERUTA        Mix Delta
Delta Storm       DERUTA SUTOOMU        (same)
Final Kick        FAINARU KIKKU         (same)
Fire Zone         FAIGA SAAKURU         Firega Circle
GatlingKick       GATORINGU KIKKU       (same)
Grand Dream       GURAN DORIIMU         (same)
Lifeline          KIIPU AREIZU          Keep Araise
Omega Flare       OMEGA FUREA           (same)
PoyozoDance       POYOZOO DANSU         (same)
Spin Strike       SUTORAIKU SUPIN       (more or less the same)
Triple Raid       TORIPURU ATAKKU       Triple Attack
Twister           BIKKU TORUNEEDO       Big Tornado

Enemies and Their Moves

(Eventually this section will be reorganized, but for now, I will have an
 enemies list and a separate moves list; eventually the two should be merged.)

Enemies List
English         Japanese              Translation
Acid                                  (same)
Alkaline                              Alkli
Amphibite                             Primeval Frog
Anion                                 Rainy
Avian Chaos                           Petit Calamity
Avian Rex                             Ptero Glider
Azala                                 (more or less the same)
Bantam Imp                            Bird Jariian
Barghest                              Billion
Base                                  Id
Beast                                 Dorokui
Beetle          SUKARABEE             Scarabée
Bellbird                              Bell
Blue Eaglet     KOKKADOUDOU           Cockadoodoo
Blue Beast                            Dorokui L
Blue Imp        JARII                 Jarii
Blue Scout                            Scouter Blue
Blue Shield                           Palace Guard/Sentinel
Boss Orb        samayou mono
Bug                                   (same)
Bugger                                Mouse Hunter
Byte                                  (same)
Cave Ape                              Santana
Cave Bat                              (same)
Crater                                (same)
Croaker                               Primeval Frog
Cronie          GIA                   Gaia/Gear
Cybot           DAIGOROO              Daigorou
Dalton          DARUTON               (same)
Deceased                              Skeleton
Decedent                              Lancer
Debugger                              (same)
Defunct                               Bone Nam
Diablo                                (same)
Dragon Tank     DORAGON sensha        (same)
Egder                                 Egger
Evil Weevil                           Eishú‘o Beetle
Flea                                  Mayone
Flunky                                Ougan
Flyclops        PUCHI AARIMAN         Petit ???
Flytrap                               Rafflesia   [*1]
Fossil Ape                            (same)
Free Lancer     FURII RANSAA          (same)
Frog King                             Golden Frog
Gargoyle                              Monk Gargoyle
Gato                                  Gonzales
Giga Gaia                             (same)
Gigasaur                              Eshú‘osaurus
Gnasher         BAITAA                Biter
Gnawer          SOSHAKKU              Soshakk
Golem           DARUTON GOOREMU       Dalton Golem
Golem Boss                            Master Golem
Golem Twins                           Golem Sisters
Gold Eaglet                           Owo-owo
Goon            DEIBU
Green Imp                             Jarii
Gremlin                               Greming
Grimalkin                             Skassha
Groupie         OUGAN                 Ogan
Guard                                 Inner Guard
Guardian        GAADO MASHIN          Guard Machine
Heckran         HEKERAN               Hekeran
Hench                                 Servant of Magus
Hetake                                Mosuti/Mosstyi
Hexapod                               Rarakalgo
Imp Ace         JARII BAADO           Jarii Bird
Incognito       EIYUU no tate         Hero's Shield
Ion                                   Rainy
Jinn                                  Million
Jinn Bottle                           Klein
Juggler                               (same)
Kilwala         MAMO                  Mamo
Krakker                               Eater
Lasher                                Karvina
Lavos Spawn                           Petit Lavos
Leaper                                Eshú‘o Niks
Lizardactyl                           Eishú‘o Gait
Macabre                               (same)
Mad Bat                               (same)
Mage                                  Zeal Mage
Mahavor                               Sand Rago
Man-Eater                             Takane no Hana
Maneater                              Plantorer
Martello        BURAKKU SAITO         Black Sight
Masa            GURAN                 Grand
Megasaur                              Dodecka Tatta
Metal Mute      METARU MYUU           (more or less the same)
Motherbrain                           (same)
Mud Imp                               Dorokui Trainer/Tamer
Mune            RION                  Leon
Masamune        GURAN to RION         Grand & Leon
Mutant                                (same)
Naga-Ette       MIANNU                Miann
Nereid                                Dondorago
Nizbel                                (same)
Nizbel II                             Nizbel Revised
Nu              NW'U                  Nwu   [*2]
Octoblush                             Cave Chaos
Octopod                               Ruins Stalker
Ogan            OUGAN                 (same)
Omnicrone       GIA                   Gear/Gia
Outlaw                                (same)
Ozzie           BINEGAA               Binegar
Panel                                 Wall
Poly                                  Warumajiro
Proto 2                               Version 2.0
Proto 3                               Version 3.0
Rat                                   Rattler
Reaper                                Anatomy
Red Beast                             Dorokui R
Red Scout                             Scouter Red
Retinite                              Melfikk
Roly            marumajiro            Marumajiro
Roly Bomber                           Marumajiro bomber
RolyPoly                              Marumajiro Revised
Roly Rider      marumaji RAIDAA       Marumajiro rider
R Series        R SHIRIIZU            (same)
Rubble                                Iwan
Ruminator       TSUIN KAMU            Twin Bite
Runner                                Tatta
Rust Tyrano                           Rust Tyrano/
                                      Last Tyrano   [*3]
Schist                                Genbu   [*4]
Scouter                               (same)
Sentry                                Ghost Knight
Shadow                                Silhouette
Shiitake                              Sarugassa
Side Kick       tayutou mono
Sir Crawlie     KUROURII-sama         (more or less the same)
Slash           SOISOO                Soyso
Son of Sun                            (same)
Sorceror                              (same)
Stone Imp                             Jariian
Synchrite       RUIN GOOREMU          Ruin Golem
Tempurite                             Helmet/Beetle Shrimp
Thrasher                              Omen
T'pole          shokuyou gaeru        Edible Frog
Tubster         FATTO BIISUTO         Fat Beast
Vamp                                  Vamputt
Volcano                               Dokkan
Winged Ape                            Baobao
Yakra           YAKURA                (same)
Zombor          JANKU DORAGAA         Junk Dragger

*1: Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic, leafless plants of tropical Asia, which
    includes Rafflesia Arnoldi, one of the largest flowers known in the world
    which attracts carrion flies with an odor of rotting flesh.

*2: see last section of Appendix B for some discussion about the choice of
    transcribing the Japanese name for Nu as "Nwu".

*3: the Japanese name is a transcription of English, and unfortunately RASUTO
    can be the transcription of either "rust" or "last", and they both make
    sense in the given context!

*4: "Genbu" is the sacred Chinese beast of the cardinal direction of the north,
    winter, and elemental water.

Moves List
English            Japanese              Translation
10000 Hz                                 (same)
Absorb                                   Aspil
Amplifire          AMPURIFAIA            (same)
Attack, Attack,    KI, KI, KI, KI~       Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust/
  Attack, Attack                         Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab
Azala Break                              (same)
Bad Impulse                              Bad/Evil Impulse
Blizzard                                 Confuse Blizzard
Buuuuurrrrrp       ONARA pu-             *farts*  [*1]
Chaotic Zone                             (same)
Crimson Rain                             Blood Shower
Dark Gear                                (same)
Dark Plasma        DAAKU PURAZUMA        (same)
Destruction Zone                         (more or less the same)
Doom, Doom,        (shi),(shi),          Death, Death, Death, Death
  Doom, Doom         (shi),(shi)~
Double Handblaster DABURU HANDO BURASUTAA (same)
Gaia Magnade                             (same)
Geyser                                   Hell Geyser
Hallation          HAREESHON             (same)
Hear ye, Hear ye   engetsusappou         Crescent-Moon Wave
Hexagon Mist                             (same)
Iron Orb           (tetsu) (kyuu)        (same)
Lifeshaver                               (same)
Lock                                     (same)
Lock All           OORU ROKKU            (more or less the same)
MP Buster          MP BASUTAA            (same)
Mutant Gas                               (same)
Psychokinesis                            (same)
Rainbow Storm                            (same)
Quicksand                                Sand Cyclone
Sand Breath                              (same)
Shining Bit        SHAININGU BITTO       (same)
Skygate                                  (same)/Heaven Gate
Steel Steam                              (same)
The Drop           izuna otoshi          [something] Drop
Time Stop                                (same)
Water Rise                               (same)
Whirlpool          NEREIDASU SAIKURON    Nereides' Cyclone
Waltz of the Wind                        (same)
Yes, Indeed!       ha--'!                Haaa!

*1: in case you're wondering, ONARA is the Japanese word for the verb "fart",
    and the trailing "pu-" in the Japanese is the (you guess it) sound effect
    (ie. onamatopoeia)

Lavos' Moves
English                                  Translation
                                         Intersection/Cross Attack

Crying Heavens		
                                         (more or less the same)

Destruction rains from the heavens       (ten) kara furi sosogu mono ga
                                           (sekai) o horobosu
                                         Things rain down from the heavens and
                                         brings/reduces the world to ruin.

Evil Emanation
                                         Demon Release/Demon Shot

Evil Star
                                         Demon Star

Flame Battle
                                         Flame Struggle

                                         Stop Energy/Freezing Energy

Invading Light
                                         Evil Light

Laser Beams
                                         Tearing Light

                                         Evil Energy/Evil Aura

Protective Seal
                                         (more or less the same)

Grand Rock
                                         Giant Rock

Scare Voice
                                         Evil Voice

Shadow Doom Blaze

Shadow Slay
                                         Shadow Kill

                                         Cursed Voice

Time Warp

Chapter Titles

English                 Translation
The Millenium Fair      (tabidachi)! (yume)miru (chinensai)
                        The Journey Begins! Dream of the Millenium Festival

The Queen Returns       (kaette) kita ouhi
                        Homecoming of the Queen

The Queen is Gone       (kieta) (oujo)
                        The Princess Disappeared/The Princess that Disappeared

We're Back!             tadaima!
                        [We're] home!

The Trial               (oukoku) (saiban)
                        The Kingdom Trial

Beyond the Ruins        (haikyo) o koete......
                        Passing Through the Ruins......

The Factory Ruins       (fushigi) no (koku) no (kouba) (ato)
                        The Mysterious Country's Factory Ruins

The End of Time         (toki) no (sai)(hate)
                        The Utmost Endpoint of Time

The Village of Magic    (ma) no (mura) no (hitobito)
                        People of the Village of Magic/Demon

The Hero Appears        (arawareta)  (densetsu) no (yuusha)
                        The Hero of the Legend Has Appeared

Tata and the Frog       TAATA to KAERU
                        Tata and Frog

The Rare Red Rock       (akai) (ishi)  mezurashii (ishi)
                        Red Stone Rare Stone

Footsteps! Follow!      (ashiato)/(sokuseki)!  (tsuiseki)!!
                        Footprints! Persuit!!

The Masamune!		
                        Battle! Grandleon!!

Magus' Castle           (kessen)!  (ma)(ou)(shiro)!!
                        Decisive Battle! Maou Castle!!

Forward to the Past     (kigatsukeba)  (genshi)
                        Awaken in the Primeval

Unnatural Selection?    (daichi) no okite
                        Earth's Law

The Magic Kingdom       (mahou) no (oukoku)  JIIRU
                        Zeal, The Kingdom of Magic

Break the Seal!         tokeyo (fuuin)  (yobeyo) (arashi)
                        Break the Seal, Unleash a Storm

The Guru on Mt.Woe      nageki no (yama) no (kenja)-(sama)
                        Sage-sama of the Mountain of Grief

What Lies Beyond?       (tenkuu) de (matsu) mono wa
                        Waiting in the Sky, It...

Lavos Beckons           RAVOSU no (yobigoe)
                        Lavos's Calling

The New King
                        New King of Ancient Times

The Time Egg            (toki) no (tamago)
                        The Egg of Time/The Time Egg

The Fated Hour
                        To the Hour/Time of Fate

The Final Battle
                        At the End of the Planet's Dream

Names of Time Periods

English               Japanese                 Translation
Prehistoric           (genshi)                 Primeval
Dark Ages             (kodai) (bunmei)         Ancient Civilization
Middle Ages           (chuusei)                (same)
Present               (gendai)                 (same)
Apocalypse            (sekai) (houkai)         World Collapse
Future                (mirai)                  (same)
End of Time           (toki) no sai(hate)      The Utmost Endpoint of Time
(Dark Ages)   [*1]    (kodai)                  Ancient Times/Antiquity
(End of Time) [*1]    (sai)(hate)              "The Utmost Endpoint"

*1: In the Japanese game, there are shortened versions of time-period names
    for use in the savegame screen.  The long versions are used in the Epoch
    time-period selection screen.


3. The Queen is Missing

Note: each # stands for a music note icon. In the English translation, the
      slashes are used to explicitly mark the end of each line.

(original Japanese)
  aa  (ma)(ou)(sama)~#
  (kagayaku) hitomi  soyogu kami #
  (yama) yori (takaku)  (umi) yori (fukai) #

  donnani hareta, sabishii hiru mo #
  anata o (omoeba), kowakunai #
  donnani (akaruku), kanashii (basho) demo #
  anata ga iru nara, hecchara  pu-#

  KOORASU  aa  (ma)(ou)(sama) ttara #
  warera ga  sukui no #

  aah Maousama~# /
  Maousama /
  (your) sparkling pupils  [trouble translating this line]
  (and) flowing hair*?* /
  (which blows like a breeze) from high atop a mountain 
  (and is blue like) from the deep sea # /

  How you do not find the bright, desolate midday frightening # /
  [trouble translating next line] /
  How bright, sorrowful places-something # /
  If you're there, [can't translate next word] /

  Chorus: aah Maousama our savior*?* /
  [had trouble translating the last word in previous line]
  Our savior Maousama!

12. The Rare Red Rock

During the Jurassic party with Ayla, that stuff Chrono, Ayla, and Lucca were
drinking wasn't soup... it was alcohol.

Huh? About what I did last night? That's a lie!
I wonder if there's an antidote for this headache...

14. The Masamune!

  Glenn: Uwa..?!
  Cyrus: Watchout, Glenn!!
  Glenn: Cyrus!
         The sword...!?
Binegar: Gya ha ha, What's the matter
         [haven't translated the rest; something like "soon come to an end" +
         Your legendary sword is broken, so now you can't do anything/are
  Cyrus: Ugh, Not yet!
  Glenn: Cyrus... Soon I'm....
  Cyrus: Listen, Glenn. [haven't translated rest of sentance]
  Glenn: B, but..!
  Cyrus: [some untranslated stuff] Go on, Glenn.
  Magus: You seem confident, Cyrus. Now is not the time for you to worry about
         someone else.....
  Cyrus: Glenn, Go, Now!! (given as order)
*Cyrus charges at Magus and is blasted*
  Cyrus: R... Run... Glenn.... (given as order)
         The queen..... Leene-Sama's   [haven't deciphered the rest]
  Magus: Hmmph, what's wrong? You're not going to fight me?
         (said in very rude form)
  Glenn: Ugh....!
Binegar: Gyo he he...
         He's like a frog who's being stared at by a snake.
Binegar: Maou-sama, how about it? How about giving this lowly person a form
         more fitting to his character?
  Magus: Huh, okay....
         I'll erase anyone who dare come before me and challenge me.
         *commence frog-curse*
Binegar: Gyaaa-ha ha ha ha...!
         What a spineless insect!

15. Magus' Castle

  Excuse me, but you use magic? Nowdays only sorcerors can use magic.
(Jap xlate)
  You guys can use magic? I heard that nothing save the Mazoku can use magic

   Frog: Binegar!
Binegar: Weeeeeellllcome, Glen, no wait, you're just a common frog, now.
         Are you bastards taking place of Cyrus, this time?
         Maousama is in the middle of an important ritual right now, so I will
         be your opponent.
         Along with the Outer Measurements Swordsman, Soyso, and the Space
         Magician, Mayone. Also,
         You will have to take down all 100 demons of this Maou Castle!

Voice: Hou....
       I can exterminate lowly guys easily, too.
 Frog: It's been a long time (since we've seen each other).
       Outer Measurements Swordsman, Soyso....!
Soyso: I can't believe you made it here, Glen.
Soyso: If Cyrus hadn't been with you that time long ago, you would have met the
       same fate as my guys.
*after first fight*
Soyso: I'll crush you. It's been a long time since I've fought this seriously.
Soyso: Do you really think that without Cyrus....
Soyso: That you can crush me?!

  Frog: The Space Magician Mayone?!   *fight Juggler*
  Frog: This isn't Mayone.....
        Where's the real one?!
 Voice: Over here, here.....
 Woman: Kaeru-chan, How rude of you not to notice me, ne!  [*1]
 Lucca: Who are you?!
  Frog: Be careful, this is the Space Magician Mayone! She is not an ordinary
Mayone: Oooooh! I am a man, yo!
 Lucca: Yuck! a man? You?!
Mayone: Hoo hoo, it doesn't matter whether a man or woman, powerful people are 
       beautiful, yonei.
Mayone: It's lonely without Cyrus-chan, yone, isn't it, Kaeru-chan?
        And on top of that, you were given such an ugly appearance, yonei!
Mayone: But since you brought your new friends here to play with me.....
        I am going to entertain you all, yonei!
*after battle*
Mayone: I... I can't believe you beat me......
        Maousamaaaaaa&    (note: replace '&' with heart icon)

*1: All of Flea's line is spoken in an "old-woman" style.

Binegar: They came....
Binegar: Soysooooo!!
Binegar: Mayone!
   Frog: It's too bad, Binegar. They couldn't come save you, you bastard.
Binegar: Y... you damned ribbit!
B.... Binegar's in a Pinch!!

Binegar: Welcome...!
Binegar: Hoo hoo. You're pretty good, but how about this?
         *cranks machine faster*
Binegar: *panting* Nuu! Impossible...!

Binegar: *panting*
   Frog: You can't get away this time, Binegar.
Binegar: Gu ge ge..... Maousama has already summoned him....
         I shall not be defeated, I will not be defeated!
         My barrier can withstand any attack!

Voice: Da zuma rafua rou raira....
       Kneel down before me, valleys and rivines of Heaven and Earth...
       Take this Mother Earth's life-force to.....
 Frog: Maou!!
 Maou: It's that damned frog....
       How has your life been since then?
 Frog: I appreciate this form...!
 Frog: Look at what I have obtained...!
 Maou: Hou....
       You have the Grandleon.....
 Maou: But this time, will the others allow you to use it properly?
 Maou: The black wind begins to howl....
       Okay, come and get me.....
       If you are prepared to die!

17. Unnatural Selection?


Because of the deeply nature-worshipping religious symbolism in much of Azala's
speech, a lot of the reptite culture was removed from the US version, or
changed to remove the symbolisms or references to nature-worship.

An example:

 Ayla: Azala! Come!
Azala: Absolutely not! The powers that be have spoken!

(Jap translation)
 Ayla: Come! Azala! Come!
Azala: No good! Mother Earth has made her desision!

Azala: You still came..... This is the final round.
       Fast or slow, (the victor?) will be decided.
       Us Dinosaur People, or you damned apes? [which] Side will survive on
       this land?   [is an unfinished sentence]
 Ayla: That determine by Mother Earth's descision. Ayla fight!
Azala: Can you hear that voice? Hu hu,   [can't translate rest of line]

Azala: Red Star.... fall... and stain Mother Earth red!
       [can't translate next line]
       Hu hu hu.
       This Black Tyrano will erase you apes eternally from history!

*after battle*

       Uu.... Have the heavens chosen you apes.....?
       Ku--, Listen, Apes, and spread the word.
       We Dinosaur People fought to challenge (our) fate of (our) proud and
       lordly people being wiped out.......
 Ayla: Understood.
Azala: In the beginning, a giant rock of burning flames falls....
       The red hot fireball scorches everything.
       Mother Earth is consumed. Before long, cooling begins. Ice settles in,
       and a long era of intense cold will come.....

 Ayla: Come! Azala! Come!
Azala: No good! Mother Earth has decided!
Azala: The future.....
 Ayla: Future? What about future?
Azala: The future is/will.... [speech ends here]

18. The Magic Kingdom


Something was lost in the US translation of various quotes from the Zealians.
The original Japanese made it more clear that the Zealians used to use the
power bestowed to them by the planet, but they have now turned their backs on
the planet in exchange for power.  For example, see the quotes below.

The Heaven, Darkness, Fire, and Water arms and armor were forged from the
planet's power, but the Northern Shrine (which houses them) was sealed earlier
during the Queen's life.
Though you can see that entrance from the northern continent, nobody can get
near it.

You can see what used to be the Sun Temple on the small southern continent.
Formerly, the planet's power was kept in the Sun Stone, however....
Since we now have use of a new (source of) energy, it can be completely closed
Same thing with the Northern Shrine.
We don't need to use this old planet's energy, anymore.

Mother Earth is alive.
Over time, she slowly moves.
Hills become mountains... mountains become oceans...
Nobody can get near the northern Sealed Shrine or the Sun Temple now, but
perhaps after hundreds of thousands of years have elapsed, a way will be

Up ahead is what we call the "Demon God Device".
Ummm, filled to the brim with wonderous energy.
Full of Lavos Energy!

20. The Guru on Mt. Woe

The sage told us that Jaki-sama has even more incredible magical powers than
Sara-sama, but he is hiding it.
However, the Queen has gone mad, and Sara-sama, tormented by that power,
hates it.
That power is sealed/ seals  [not sure what it's saying here]

25a. The Sunken Desert sidequest

 Robo: We thought the gates were created by distortions caused by Lavos's
       power, but the energy needed for that is different.
Marle: What do you mean?
 Robo: I am convinced that maybe someone or something was showing us.
       Something passed us through the gates to various time periods.
       Or perhaps, that someone, itself, was (looking/seeking/watching/showing)
          [I don't know exactly what it's saying up there]
       Or perhaps caused by it rethinking (or trying to change/reform) its own
 Ayla: Ayla understand that. Word pass down generations that when person die,
       at that moment see all memories!
 Frog: When someone dies, the memories from their existance deep in their soul
       [can't translate the rest]
Marle: I wonder what I will become when I die?   [can't translate the rest]
Lucca: I have tried not to think about it when possible.
       [can't translate next sentence.]
 Frog: However, the owner of these memories must be greatly connected to Lavos.
       [can't translate next line]
 Maou: ... ... . That someone you speak of, who is (he/she/it)?
 Robo: I don't know whose memory it is. Perhaps there is no such person.
       Perhaps it is some greater being.
       If one day we understand it, our travels may come to an end.

25b. Ozzie's Fort sidequest

Binegar: Welcome!
         This is the Great Demon King Binegar's.....
         Y- You're.... Maou-sama!
   Maou: .... You've reached a high status, haven't you, Binegar?
Binegar: ......, What are you saying?!
         You abandoned the fight for a 'Mazoku's World' and joined the humans!
         You're not our king anymore!
Binegar: Why... did you betray us....?

Binegar: I... insistent bastards! if something happens.... Mayone!
 Mayone: Ye~es! You c&a&l&l&e&d?   (note: replace each '&' with a heart icon.)
 Mayone: Ooo-oooh, it's Maou-sama.
         You have some nerve showing your mug here, now, nei.
         Big sister is gonna punish you for siding with the humans, yonei.
 Mayone: Well, Binegar-sama, you can sit back, now, and leave it to me, nei.
         I'm going to deal with these people for you, yonei.
Binegar: I'm counting on you, Mayone!
 Mayone: Pu&ni&sh&ment!    (note: replace each '&' with a heart icon)

Binegar: C'mo-on, baby~!
Binegar: Tha.. thaaat treasure box? You haven't taken it yet?
         I'm sure there's something good in there!
  Jarii: Ah, I found the trea-sure!!   *the Imp gets hacked*
Binegar: Binegar's sho~cked!!
         .... farewell!

Binegar: Y... you still don't want to give up and leave, yet?
         If anything happens...... Soysooo!!
  Soyso: Did you call for me?  [*1]
Binegar: Soyso, it's up to you!
  Soyso: I am not too exited about fighing against my former lord.....
         But it is my destiny, and cannot be helped!
  Soyso: Are you ready?!

*1: said in honorific language (a style of Japanese speech used to show
    deep respect or politeness towards the subject)

Binegar: Hoo hoo hoo, third time's the charm. This time we won't get defeated
         so easily.
Binegar: Binegar Pants!
 Mayone: Mayone Bra!
  Soyso: Soyso Saber 2!
Binegar: With these powerful, deadly items we are already wearing, we will hack
         you bastards into tiny pieces~!

  Ozzie: Magus, you lied to me when you said you wanted to help me create a
         world of evil! You used me!
  Magus: Oh, how dreadful. Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the
  Magus: The past is dead. It was all just a dream....
(Jap xlate)
  Binegar: Maou-sama....
           Do you really intend to destroy me?
           You said that together, we would fight for the dream of a Mazoku's
           World. You lied!
    Magus: Hmmph....
           I only desired power.....
           Do you hear that sound around you?
           It's the sound of the Black Wind.....
    Magus: The past has come to an end. It was all just a transient dream.


26. The Final Battle

Lucca: I understand....
       (Lavos) is attracted to a perfect living planet specimen, which it
       relies on. It gradually parasiticizes the planet over a long period of
       Possessing those genes, the descendants born on the Mountain of Death go
       to another planet...

       It [can't translate this line very well] evolves this planet's life over
       a long period of time, lying dormant.
       It sucks this planet's life over a long period of time, evolving while
[not sure which one it is saying, but it's something along this line]

Robo: It possesses the DNA of every creature that has ever lived! It evolves by
      obtaining record of the genes of all living things of the planet.

Magus: We are merely Lavos' produce...  [*1]
       All humans... no, all living things.

*1: "produce" here means "something to be harvested or slaughtered for
    use or consumption"


  Soyso: [can't translate]
         It's been a long time since someone came to hasten their own death.
 Mayone: Hoo hoon, I'm extremely put down....
         Does a rascal like you deserve merit alone?
Binegar: Y... you...!

  Voice: Da zuma rafua rou raira....
         Kneel down before me, valleys and rivines of Heaven and Earth...
         Take this Mother Earth's life-force to.....
   Frog: Maou!!
   Maou: You still came...
         Most of the humans and Mazoku have lost their lives.
         Except for me and you, everyone else alive is no different from a
         The one who survives this fight will have the world in their.....
         No, they will have the future in their hands.....
[haven't translated Frog's last line yet]

Maou: If history is to change, let it change!
      If the world is going to die, let it die!
      If what I am about to do causes me to vanish...
      Then I will be amused!!
      Go, Lavos!!

Appendix A: explanation of some Japanese words

[warning: some of the explanations here might not be precise, as I don't
          have much exposure to Japanese.]

Throughout the English translations of Japanese versions of dialogs, sometimes
a few words are left untranslated, simply because it's difficult to find the
right word to use in English.  These words include:

sama: a suffix added to end of names to show respect, a little like "sir" or
      "madam" but more general.

chan: a suffix added to end of names to show endearment, in the same way that
      you'd use "kitty" as an endearing word for "cat/kitten", or "Johnny"
      for "John".  Unsurprisingly, this is most often used by female speakers.

yo: Japanese speech is full of these "sentence ending particles" (gobi) that
    are somewhat like interjections in English, but more subtle, are used
    much more often, and helps convey the tone of the sentence.  They are
    usually very hard to translate to English.  The "yo" gobi is basically
    used to emphasize a sentence as introducing new information to be paid
    attention to; you can kinda translate it as "Hey" or "You know".

yonei: basically similar to "yo", but is a more female-style of speech

Appendix B: explanation of romaji notation used by this guide

This section is intended for those who are interested in how things are like
in the original Japanese text, but have some trouble understanding some of the
notations I've used in the romaji.  (Note to reader: if you don't know what
romaji is, you can stop reading now; this section would not be of interest to
you.)  This section is an explanation of how and why I've chosen to deviate
from the usual Hepburn notation for certain things.

1) I wanted to clearly distinguish katakana from hiragana, and to some extent,
   to show what is written in Kanji.  The former is easy; katakana "letters"
   are written in ALL CAPS, and hiragana, all lowercase.  No exception.

   Kanji are much more problematic, especially since we're talking about a
   plaintext document.  So I've decided to just transliterate any word
   containing Kanji (plus okurigana) into just straight romaji, but put that
   entire word (okurigana included) in parentheses.  Note that it's the entire
   *word*, not the individual Kanji characters.

   Some information is lost in the process, since often different words have
   the same romaji.  You simply have to read the English translation to figure
   out what the Kanji actually is.  It's clearly not a good method, but I feel
   that it serves the purpose reasonably well.  The only real need to indicate
   something as written in Kanji is to point out that the word is not really
   opened to interpretation in a way that it would if written merely in
   kana (since kana is phonetic and there are many homonyms in Japanese).

2) This is not a deviation at all actually.  Some common Japanese particles,
   notably "wa", "o", and "e", are actually written with hiragana that don't
   follow the pronunciation [namely, ha, wo, and he].  But most people are
   just too used to seeing "wa", "o" and "e", so I decided for comprehension's
   sake to write it that way, instead of showing the actual hiragana used.

3) I don't think I've even seen it in the document yet, but as you know, "di"
   and "du" are really pronounced as "ji" and "zu", and the Hepburn notation
   often use "ji" and "zu" for those kanas.  But the problem is this clashes
   with "zi" and "zu", which are the much more often used kanas for the
   "ji" and "zu" sound.

   So my decision is to let "zi" and "zu" be "ji" and "zu" as most people come
   to expect, but to write "di" and "du" as "di" and "du".  There are so few
   words using the "di", "du" kanas anyway, this should almost never cause

4) The small-tsu.  The standard use of the small-tsu is to indicate a breath
   pause between one syllable and the next, and in Hepburn is indicated by
   doubling the consonant that follows the small-tsu.  The same system is used
   here, with a few twists:

     a) sometimes (actually very rarely) the small-tsu is written in hiragana
        while the other kanas are katakana, or vice versa.  The case of the
        first of the doubled letter shows the case of the small-tsu.  So Tta
        means a katakana small-tsu followed by a hiragana ta, and tTA the

     b) There are also often small-tsu that are not followed by a kana at all,
        but rather the end of sentence, an exclamation point, or other
        punctuation.  I've decided to notate such a small-tsu as ' if in
        katakana, or ` if in hiragana (the latter is much rarer). [Note that
        ' can mean other things as well; only assume it is a small-tsu if it
        occurs at the *end* of a word.]

     c) Finally, there are cases where the small-tsu seems to be at the "start"
        of a word, usually meaning that I'm confused about something.  In those
        cases, I will still use the standard doubling notation.

5) Syllabic n.  This is strictly for foreign loanwords:  sometimes I'll use M
   rather than N, to better reflect the actual pronunciation of the word.
   (As you recall, the syllabic n can be pronounced like "n", "m" or "ng",
   depending on what follows it).  So I'd write AMPURIFAIA (Amplifire) rather

6) Finally, representation of sounds not used in native Japanese.  I'm
   specifically talking about those sounds that are represented by two kanas,
   with the first one representing the consonant sound and the second one,
   written smaller (ie. in subscript), the vowel sound.  Like FI being FU plus
   a subscript I.  Although a semi-standard romaji notation exists for such
   kana combinations, I have for various reasons decided to notate it slightly
   differently in certain cases.  The main reason is to avoid possible
   misreading of the kanas used.  Here's a list of all the non-native sounds
   I've found in Chrono Trigger so far, and how they are notated, in kana and
   in my system of romaji:

      a) "f": the kanas used FU followed by the vowel, subscripted.  Here, I
         follow the standard and just use F, so FIONA, FAIA.

      b) "di": the kanas used DE followed by the I, subscripted.  Here, I
         use D'I, so GARUD'IA.  The apostrophe is there to avoid readers
         from trying to parse it as DI+A, as DI is one possible way to write
         the kana "di"/"ji".

      c) "ti": similar to "di", the kanas used TE followed by subscripted I.
         I write it as T'I, again to avoid possible confusion with "ti"/"chi".

      d) "she": the kana used SHI followed by subscripted E.  I write it as
         simply SHE, since this can't be confused with other kana.

      e) "w": in Japanese, the only kana left that has a "w" consonant sound
         is "wa".  "wo" is only used as a particle where it is pronounced "o".
         And "we", "wi" is only used in classical Japanese, so even some
         native Japanese (eg. kids) might be unfamiliar with them.

         So to deal with sounds other than "wa", the kana notation is to use U
         followed by a subscripted pure vowel kana.  I transliterate it as W',
         to avoid possible confusion with WO or the classical Japanese kanas
         WE and WI.  So it'd look like W'OOTAA (water), W'EIBU (wave), etc.

      f) "v": for a few words like "Nova" and "Lavos", Chrono Trigger uses the
         kana U, plus dakuten, to represent the letter V.  The vowel kana that
         follows is subscripted as usual.  Since there's no possibility of
         confusion, I just follow the standard and use V.  So NOVA and RAVOSU.

      g) NW'U:  Finally, the infamous Japanese name for the creature Nu. In
         kana, it is written as a katakana NU followed by a subscripted
         katakana U.  So why NWU instead of NUU or NU'U?  Well, there really
         is a precedent with the NWU notation.  It turns out that to notate
         the "kw" double consonant sound (such as "quake", "queen"), sometimes
         the notation would be to use KU followed by a subscripted vowel kana.
         Following this line of reasoning, we would then indeed transliterate
         NU followed by subscripted U as NWU.  I choose to insert the
         apostrophe to attempt to make it clearer that it is NU+U, rather
         than something like syllabic N+U.

         This leaves the question of how you'd pronounce "Nwu".  Hyena20
         suggests that it is supposed to be unpronouncible as a single
         syllable, but I find that I was able to pronounce it as a single
         syllable fairly convincingly.  That aside, that sound, or even
         something more ordinary like "nawu", would probably be unpronouncible
         to the Japanese, since for starters the Japanese don't have a real
         "wu" sound at all, even in classical Japanese.  So most likely many
         Japanese would try to pronounce it as just NUU (that is, NU followed
         by a normal U), since that is readily pronouncible for the Japanese,
         and is what the kanas look like anyway.

         So as far as pronunciation is concerned, pronounce it however way
         you like better.  Just remember how it is actually written: a
         katakana NU followed by a subscripted katakana U.

Appendix C: credits

As I've mentioned in the intro, much of the credit should go to Hyena20, who
gave the translations of pretty much all the dialog I've presented in this
document, plus most of the translation of names of people and things (I've
made some corrections here and there, but for the most part her translation
of names is accurate.)  Without her, this document could not exist.

Also thanks to Saiyajin Jas, who provided the translations of the chapter
titles, and a couple of other things I probably forgotten about.  Again I
made some corrections or improvements here and there, but much of the work is
definitely hers.

I'll also thank GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ, and for hosting the message
board that enables the translation differences thread to exist in the
first place.

Finally, I need to thank a number of Internet resources, for they are
invaluable in allowing me to understand enough about the Japanese language
to carry out the work I've done so far.  They are too many to list in full,
but one I want to mentioned in particular is Jeffrey's Japanese<->English
Dictionary Server (  It is basically
my only means to look up Japanese words, which I have to do very often since
I have never be exposed to Japanese before.  Without it, I would never have
been able to spot and correct many of the mistakes I've found in the original

On the same note, Jeffrey's Kanji lookup page (
tty/kanji?SASE=/cgi-bin/j-e/jis/tty/usekanji.html) is indispensible for
helping me convert all the Kanji I've seen back into kana, so that they can be
represented in this document in an easily comprehensible manner (to those that
know Japanese).

Finally, as great as Jeffrey's free online dictionary is, it has a severe
disadvantage:  it cannot "de-conjugate" Japanese verbs.  So it's like a
dictionary that can recognize the word "fly", but not "flies", "flying" or
"flied".  So for me to get as far as I could, I also needed to have a good,
comprehensive reference on Japanese verb conjugation.  No source is perfect
for my particular needs, but here are the few sources which together gave
enough information to help me recognize enough common verb endings to be
able to usually figure out what the dictionary form of the verb is, so that
the verb's meaning could be looked up in the online dictionary:
[and a few more I forgot...]

[Warning: do NOT blindly use these sites as a way to further your understanding
 of Japanese verb conjugation!  Remember, my purpose is simply to be good at
 recognizing the various endings, but not necessarily to understand what the
 various tenses really mean and how they are used.  As a result, some of the
 sources listed above might not necessarily be suitable for a true Japanese
 learner, for whom usage and comprehension is just as important as the mostly
 mechanical task of doing the conjugation.]

Appendix D: contacts

So you discovered a mistake in this document.  Or you deciphered something that
neither me nor the translators were able to translate or understand.  Or maybe
you simply have suggestions regarding the general content or layout of this
document.  Or basically you just want to give a comment about this document,
positive or negative.

This is wonderful!  This means you care about this document, and that my work
did not go to waste!  And since I care about the quality and accuracy of the
information presented here as much as you do, I greatly welcome such comments.
Reader feedback is a crucial ingredient in maintaining this document.

For this purpose, I have setup an e-mail address,, where you
could send me e-mail about this document.  However, if you do so, then please
PAY ATTENTION to what I'm about to say:  in the subject line, you MUST include
the words "translation", and either "CT" or "Chrono Trigger".  Because of spam
issues, all e-mails that fail this criteria will automatically go to trash.

Also, I want to mention upfront that I will personally NOT take translation
requests.  As I've mentioned in the intro, I simply don't know enough Japanese
to do a good job of translation in a reasonable amount of time, especially
considering that I'm doing this all for free.  If you want to request a
translation, you're better off contacting Hyena20 directly (sorry, I don't have
her e-mail or IM or anything), or post to the thread at the GameFAQs Chrono
Trigger message board.  And I should still warn you that even Hyena20 doesn't
take many translation requests nowadays.  Hey, if you care so much to get
something translated, there's always the option of learning Japanese yourself,
you know. :)

If the feedback is to correct a mistake or provide a translation for us, it
would be best if you can also include the original Japanese text, preferably
using the romaji notation I've set out in Appendix B (or failing that, just
use whatever romaji notation you're used to).  If you send me stuff in actual
Japanese characters, I might or might not be able to view them on my computer,
due to this technical issue called "encoding" or whatever.  Also, in cases
where Kanji is relevant, it would be great if you could either give a
screenshot of the Kanji, or preferably, the JIS code as looked up in that
"Jeffrey's Kanji lookup page" I mentioned in the credits.  If you must use a
screenshot, consider instead posting it on a website, and just e-mail me the
link to it.  And yes, your name will be included in the credits.

If your e-mail does include an attachment, please limit it to no more than
about 300 K. Yahoo mail, being free, means there's a quota on the total size
of all e-mail I've received and not yet read and deleted, so I really can't
afford to get e-mail of larger sizes.  Any attachments that are too big will
risk the entire e-mail not being read.  If the attachment is a screenshot,
remember again that you can always post it on a website and just e-mail me
the link.

I will try to check e-mail at least once a week, but keep in mind that you
should not expect me to reply to every single e-mail you send me, or that I
would do so within whatever timeframe you expect.  It might be great if I can
devote my entire life to this FAQ, but reality definitely does not work out
that way for me.

Phew!  Well that's all I want to say about contacts, now it's your turn to say
something back! :)

Appendix E: revision log

9/1/03: version 0.1
  First version of this FAQ published (and my very first FAQ to boot)!
  Include all the information found on the GameFAQs thread plus some more.