Self explanitory, this is a listing of all the dialoge from Chrono Trigger to refresh the memorise of anyone wanting to play here. It's also a good place to find quotes...

Script Perfection Project
Chrono Trigger
© April 11, 2004 GrayLensman, ZeaLitY
1.) Legal information
2.) How to use this script
3.) Chrono Trigger script
4.) Appendices
5.) Credits
1.) Legal information

This is an unofficial game script guide to the game Chrono Trigger, which is
a product of Squaresoft. The Chrono Compendium has released this edited script,
devoid of programming information pertinent to the game, as part of its project
to release all complete scripts of the Chrono series. The edit is copyright
ZeaLitY and GrayLensman.

2.) How to use this script

The script is organized chronologically and by location. Places are used as
headers to lines that take place in said locations. Lines without an identified
speaker are titled above with the speaker's name. For lines unimportant to the
main plot but whose display is dependent upon game events, they are included as
soon as they are accessible in most cases.

 [C01: The Millennial Fair]
 [C02: The Queen Returns]
 [C03: The Queen is Gone]
 [C04: We're Back!]
 [C05: The Trial]
 [C06: Beyond the Ruins]
 [C07: The Factory Ruins]
 [C08: The End of Time]
 [C09: The Village of Magic]
 [C10: The Hero Appears]
 [C11: Tata and the Frog]
 [C12: The Rare Red Rock]
 [C13: Footsteps! Follow!]
 [C14: The Masamune!]
 [C15: Magus' Castle]
 [C16: Forward to the Past]
 [C17: Unnatural Selection?]
 [C18: The Magic Kingdom]
 [C19: Break the Seal!]
 [C20: The Guru on Mt.Woe]
 [C21: What Lies Beyond?]
 [C22: Lavos Beckons]
 [C23: The New King]
 [C24: The Time Egg]
 [C25: The Fated Hour]
 [C26: The Final Battle]

3.) Chrono Trigger script

 [C01: The Millennial Fair]

 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]

 [Crono's Mom]


   Good morning, Crono!

MOM: Come on, sleepy head!
   Get up!

MOM: Ah, Leene's Bell makes such
   beautiful music!

MOM: You were so excited about the
   Millennial Fair that you didn't sleep
   well, did you...?

   I want you to behave yourself today!

MOM: Let's get moving, now!

MOM: Finally!
   By the way, that inventor friend of
   yours... know...!
   Oh, dear, I've forgotten her name!

MOM: That's right, Lucca!
   Don't forget that she invited you to
   see her new invention!

MOM: Run along now, and be back
   before dinner.

MOM: Oh, I almost forgot!
   Here's your allowance, dear!
   Have fun at the fair!
               Received 200 G!

   How about a snooze?

 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   Hard to believe Guardia is now 1000
   years old, and our King is the XXXIII
   descendant to the throne!

   But how can he rule a kingdom when
   he can't even control his own

 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   That brat, Lucca, says she's made
   the discovery of a lifetime.

 [Young Woman]
   I'm so happy I could scream!

 [Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.]

   Come on in!
   Take your bloody time...!
   I'd rather serve you than go to the
   fair, anyway...

 [Inn Keeper]
   Lodging is 10 G.
         Check in?
         No, thanks.

   See ya around.

 [Young Man]
   Been to the fair yet?

   Well get going, then!!
   You'll have to wait a thousand years
   for another Millennial Fair!

   Wasn't that a trip?! I spent all my
   Silver Points at the «Tent of Horrors!»
 [Young Woman]
   Are you buying?

   I'll play you a song.

 [Young Man]
   Remember the earthquake we just

   Airhead, huh?
   Well, never mind.

   We've been having too many.
   Something's wrong...
   Hope the «Big One» isn't coming!

 [Black Chest]
  This box has been in the family for
  Open it, and you may have what's

         Sealed by a mysterious force...

 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Visit our stall in Leene Square!

 [Mayor's Manor, Truce, 1000 A.D.]

   Do you know about our establishment?

   This is the Mayor's Education Center.
   Think of it as a workshop for

   You can take the things you find here!

 [Young Woman]
   Need a brief Weapons and Items

   Weapons include swords, bows, and

   Some weapons can only be used by
   specific party members.

   You'll find a variety of armor for the
   head and body.

   Finally, there are numerous accessories
   with unique properties and effects.

   As you gain Power, swords will inflict
   greater damage. Bows and guns get
   more powerful as your Hit rate

 [Young Man]
   Scattered throughout this world are
   places where you can save your game.
   Save whenever you can, especially in
   unfamiliar or dangerous areas!

   That's just a replica. Record your
   journey whenever you find the real

   You'll find more of them in riskier

   Also, remember that you can log in
   anywhere on the World Map!

 [Little Boy]
  You can walk while reading messages.
  But go too far, and you can miss them!

 [Little Girl]
   Use the Y Button to move the
   Message/Battle window up or down.

 [Old Woman]
   Do you know about «Shelters?»
   They're quite useful!

   Use «Shelters» at Save Points, or on the
   World Map, to completely restore HP
   and MP.

   All right, I'll teach you about skills. Are
   you willing to learn?

   During combat, the effect of each
   attack can vary.

   First, some of your attacks will
   damage more than one enemy.

   For example, target this critter...

   ...and your attack will hit another
   monster in the area.

   But if you target this one... can get all three at once!
   Use this fact to your advantage!

   Next, you can hit enemies in your
   direct line of sight.

   There are two attack patterns.
   The first one...

   ...allows you to attack all the enemies
   oriented on a straight line from you.

   You may place the cursor on any one
   of them on the line.

   The other pattern...

   ...allows you to hit only the enemies in
   a straight line between you and the

   As in the previous example, all 3
   creatures are targeted here, but... this one, and that's all you'll

   Next, use an enemy to establish a line,
   and any others on it will also be hit.

   They're lined up horizontally here...

   The final pattern puts you at the
   center of the attack zone.

   You can't use an attack like this if your
   enemies are outside of the zone.

   However, your attack will hit all
   enemies inside the active zone! you may target any of them.

   That's about it.
   Feel more confident?

   Want my advice?

   You've got potential!
   You'll learn a number of «Techniques»
   as you progress!

   «Techniques» are magic attacks that
   also utilize your weapons.
   You'll acquire them with discipline.

   My, my! You're so enthusiastic!
   Use this to help you get started!

                  A gift of 300 G!

 [Young Woman]
   Want to learn about damage in

   Some monsters have special attacks.

      HP slowly decreases.
      Your attacks are weakened.

      Increases the time between attacks.

      Lowers your guard.
      A good hit will wake you up again!

      Confuses you into attacking allies!
      A little tough on friendships!

      You can't see too well...
      It's hard to hit enemies!

      Can't use any «Techniques.»

      Immobilizes and disables you.

   In these situations your guard is down,
   and you'll sustain more damage.
   Use «Heal,» or wait until the battle
   ends to heal automatically.

   Would you like to hear more?

   When your HP hits 0, you'll be disabled.
   Use «Revive» to restore yourself, but if
   everyone goes down, you're through.

   Be careful!

 [Young Man]
   Hold down the L and R Buttons to
   escape from battle!
   Know when to run!
   But you need to fight to grow strong!

   Now, about the Equip menu...
   Numbers next to the Sword and Shield
   icons indicate Attack and Defense

   The higher the number, the greater the

   «M. Def.» indicates your ability to block
   magic attacks. If it's 10, then magic
   damage will be reduced by 10%.

   A star after any characteristic means
   it's at maximum strength.

 [Ticket Office, Truce, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   Sometimes a mysterious whirlpool
   appears in the ocean near here.
   What could cause that?

 [Ticket Clerk]
   It's 10 G to Porre.
   Hop aboard?

ELAINE: If only Fritz would return.
   I'd ask for nothing more!

ELAINE: I guess he's forgotten me.

 [Lucca's House]

LARA: Oh, hi Crono.
   Lucca's off at Leene Square with
   her father, Taban, unveiling her new

 [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]

   The forest leads north, to Guardia

   An open field lies ahead.

   Approaching Guardia Castle.
   No trespassing.

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

SOLDIER: Who's there!

SOLDIER: Can't let you through.
   Go check out the festival!

 [Zenan Bridge, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   Going to the fair!

 [Little Girl]
   A festival!
   Let's get crazy!

   I'm opening a  stall at the fairgrounds.
   Why don't you drop by!?

 [Old Man]
   Always wanted to go to a 1000th

   All right, everyone!
   Let's have some fun!

 [Porre Inn, 1000 A.D.]

 [Inn Keeper]
   20G in advance...

   Very well!

   Come again soon.

 [Mayor's Manor, Porre, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   The person I hate most?
   My dad, of course.

 [Little Boy]
   Dad loves money more than he loves

 [Little Girl]
   Everyone says Daddy's greedy.
   They're lying, right?

   The children are slipping away from us.
   It's so sad...

   I run this town!
   And I'm so rich I don't know what to
   do with it all!!

   Give you 10G if you act like
   a chicken!

ELDER: Bo-oring!

   Here ya go, 10G!

 [Porre Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   Grandpa & Grandma went to the 1000th
   Anniversary in Truce.
   We're keeping an eye on things here!

 [Young Woman]
   I wanna go to the festival, too!

 [Snail Stop, Porre, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
  Some monsters coexist with humans.
  Like that piano player.

 [Young Man]
400 years ago a woman named Fiona
died trying to save the great forest
that once flourished to the north.
How sad...

Everyone's over at the festival.
What fools!

 [Shop Keeper]
  I've got the best Jerky in town, but I'm
  saving it.

  I might let some go for, say, 9900G.
  How about it?

  You must be really hungry!
  Here you go!

  Didn't think so...

  The piano man's got talent.
  Stop by and!

  I'm the piano man [musicsymbol]
        Play a sad one, Joe!
        Something upbeat, please!

 [Ticket Office, Porre, 1000 A.D.]

 [Ticket Clerk]
   A one-way ticket is 10G.
   Want one?

   Here you go.
   Have a nice day!

   But you'd love the trip!
   I guarantee it!

   Not enough cash.

   I take the ferry every chance I get!

 [Little Boy]
   Nothing like a ferry ride!

 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]

 [Old Man]
   Welcome to the Millennial Fair!
   Have fun!

 [Little Girl]
   Those runners are busy racing, so they
   won't talk to you.

   Press the A Button while facing the
   bell. Judge your distance carefully, and
   press the A Button again!

   I'll put 1 Silver Point on your card!

   Can't carry any more Silver Points.

 [Old Woman]
   This Kingdom's been through a lot,
   like the war against Magus,
   400 years ago.

   Thank goodness things are so peaceful

 [Little Girl]
   This is Leene Square. They say people
   who hear Leene's Bell ring will have
   interesting and happy lives!
   I heard the Princess ran away from
   home again!

 [Young Woman]
   I heard Lucca and her dad have
   made another crazy invention.

   Hope it doesn't blow up like all the

 [Young Woman]
   I heard this guy pays big bucks for
   charms, weapons, pendants, and other

 [Little Boy]
   What's the big deal?
   So what if we won a war against a
   Wizard hundreds of years ago!

 [Young Man]
   Guess the winner?
         No thanks.

         A. Steel Runner!
         B. Green Ambler!
         C. Catalack!
         D. G. I. Jogger!

 [Young Man]
The race is on.
Be quiet and watch!

 [Old Man]
   The Steel Runner might try something.
   I knew it!
   It's the Green Ambler!
   Catalack, you're a sure bet!
   Can't anyone beat G. I. Jogger?

 [Young Man]
   Last round's winner: ...

   Steel Runner!
   Green Ambler.
   G. I. Jogger.

 [Young Man]
   That's great!
   I'll put your 20 Silver Points on the

 [Young Man]
   You can't earn any more points!

 [Old Woman]
   This is the renowned
   «Tent of Horrors!»
   Spend your  [num8] Silver Points here!
   Parental discretion advised.

   Welcome to Norstein Bekkler's lab.
   The spine tingling show is about to

   How many silver points would you
   like to pay?

         10 points.
         40 points.
         80 points.

   You can't play this game alone.
   Go and bring your friends.

   You don't have enough points.

   I'm Vicks.

   I'm Wedge.

   I'm Piette.

   Find Vicks.

   Find Wedge?

   Find Piette?

   Is it THAT obvious?

   It's a Poyozo doll.
   It'll spruce up your room!

   Mimic what you see!
   L...Left Arm   R...Right Arm
   Y...Laugh        A...Surprise!

   Start when you hear the signal.



   The Clone will be at  [member1]'s house.

   Monsters are closing in!
   Throw your pack against them and
   push them back into the cage!

   A hostage will be slowly lowered into
   the flames! To save the day, you must
   hit the blue light, to raise the rope.

   Defeat all monsters before the
   hostage's goose is cooked!

   Well done!
   Take this cat!

   Cat food...
   I'll leave it at Crono's house, so his
   cat won't run away.

 [Young Man]
   Keep going if you want to demo
   Lucca's robot battle trainer!
   Collect Silver Points if you win!

   They call me Gato [musicsymbol]
   I have metal joints [musicsymbol]
   Beat me up [musicsymbol]
   And earn 15 Silver Points [musicsymbol]

   You're so weak [musicsymbol]
   And I'm so strong [musicsymbol]
   I punched your lights out [musicsymbol]
   Now run along [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol]

   I lost [musicsymbol] You won [musicsymbol]
   Here's 15 Points [musicsymbol]
   Now wasn't that fun!? [musicsymbol]

 [Old Woman]
   I hate fairs!
   Say, do you know the latest gossip?

   Then scram!

   Just between us, I heard that the King
   is distressed over his tomboy of a

   Just once, I would like to see how wild
   she really is!

 [Young Man]
   They're still setting up.
   Why don't you come back in a while?

 [Little Girl]
   After pressing the B Button and
   dashing here and there, I'm pooped!
   But this dance has rejuvenated me!

 [Young Woman]
   A prehistoric dance.
   How enchanting!

 [Little Boy]
  Catchy rhythm!
  Use the X, Y, L, and R buttons to dance!

 [Little Girl]
   Got some spending money from the

GIRL: Hey!!

GIRL: Ouch, that hurt!

GIRL: I'm so sorry!
   Are you okay?

GIRL: Uh oh...
   My pendant!

GIRL: Oh, no!
   Don't tell me I lost it!

GIRL: Oh, thank goodness!
   My pendant!
   It has a lot of sentimental value!

   May I have it back?

Marle: It's a family heirloom.
   May I please have it back?

   I came to see the Festival! in this town, don't you?!
   I feel a little out of place here.

   Would you mind if I walked around
   with you for a while?

GIRL: Oh, come on! I don't know anyone
   around here! Please!

GIRL: You're a true gentleman!

GIRL: Oh, by the way...
   My name is, er...

GIRL:, Marle!
   And you're?

Marle: Crono?
   What a nice name!
   Pleased to meet you!
   Now, lead on!

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

SOLDIER: Who's there!

Marle: C'mon, let's check out the

 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: My, how nice!
   I've only seen you with Lucca!
   Who's your pretty new friend?

Marle: Hi, I'm Marle!

MOM: Eh?! Marle?
   I'm sure I've seen you before, dear!
   Now, where was that...?

    [num8] ounces of cat food.

 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
They're still setting up.
Why don't you come back in a while?

 [Old Man]
   No time to talk.
   I'm just sitting down for my lunch.

      Tastes like chicken!

Marle: Hee, hee.
   You're such a pig, Crono!

 [Little Girl]
   Where's my cat?!!

 [Little Girl]
   You brought back my cat!
   Thank you!

Marle: You're so sweet, Crono!

   It's a soda guzzling contest!
   Press the A Button as fast as you can!


Only  [num8] cans?
Is that the best you can do?!

Not too shabby!

Not bad!
I'll put 5 Silver Points on your card.

You're too much, kid!

Marle: You're awfully competitive,
   aren't you, Crono?

   Buy something from Melchior,
   the swordsmith?

         No thanks.

   By the way...

   Could you talk that young lady into
   selling her pendant?
         I'll try.

   Oh, my!
   It's...the pendant...!

   Er, sorry, but I can't buy that!
   It's...far too special!
   Keep it safe!

MELCHIOR: I live on the continent to the
   Come see me sometime...

 [Little Girl]
   This is Leene Square. They say people
   who hear Leene's Bell ring will have
   interesting and happy lives!

Marle: Crono...
   I'm having a great time!

 [Little Girl]
   Lucca's device is all set up.
   She's at the north end of the Square.

 [Young Woman]
   I heard Lucca and her dad have
   made another crazy invention.

   Hope it doesn't blow up like all the

   They ought to be ready now.
   Make for the far side of the Square.

Marle: This is going to be fun!
   Come on, Crono!

Marle: Hold your horses!
   I want to get some candy.

Marle: Give me just a second!

Marle: There's no need to drag me
   by the arm like some kidnapper!

Marle: Hi!
   I'd like some of this.

LA.D.Y: Sure, young lady.

Marle: Thanks for waiting!

TABAN: Step right on up, any of you
   who have the time and the courage!
   Our «Super Dimension Warp» is the
   invention of the century!

TABAN: To use it, jump up here...

TABAN: ...and you'll get teleported here!
   It's the masterwork of my beautiful
   daughter, Lucca.

 [Little Boy]
   Check out that girl's glasses!

 [Old Man]
   She could probably see the back side of
   the moon with those.

 [Young Woman]
   Lucca's inventions never work

TABAN: Give it a try, kid?
   ...Oh, it's you, Crono!

Lucca: Crono!

Lucca: Where have you been!?
   No one wants to try the Telepod!

   How about you?

Marle: It looks like fun!
   I'll watch while you try it out!

Lucca: Just hop onto the left pod!

TABAN: Don't worry, we tried it on our
   There's no reason why it shouldn't
   work as well on humans!

   So, step right up!

TABAN: All systems on!

Lucca: Begin energy transfer!

ALL: Oh wow.
   That was GREAT!

Lucca: So, how was it?
   Want to try it again?


   Uh, er, a thrilling display of science at
   its best, ladies and gentlemen!

 [Young Woman]
   I guess even HER inventions have to
   work, sometimes.

 [Old Man]

Marle: What a kick!
   I want to try it, too!

Lucca: Huh?

Lucca: Hey Crono, how did you
   pick up a cutie like her?

Marle: Hang on, Crono!
   I'll be right there!

TABAN: Behold, ladies and gentlemen, as
   this vision of loveliness steps aboard
   the machine!

Marle: Don't go away.
   I'll be right back!

TABAN: You're sure about this...?
   There's still time to change your

Marle: No way!
   Throw the switch!

TABAN: Okay, everyone, let's give her a
   great big hand when she reappears!

TABAN: All systems on!

Lucca: Begin energy transfer!

Marle: What's happening?

Lucca: Huh?

TABAN: Lucca!
   Where is she?!

TABAN: Show's over, folks!
   Let's head along now!

TABAN: What's going on Lucca?

Lucca: The way she disappeared...
   It couldn't have been the Telepod!

   The warp field seemed to be
   affected by her pendant...

TABAN: What are we going to do now?

Lucca: She's so familiar!
   I KNOW I've seen her somewhere...

Lucca: Crono!
   You brought her here, YOU get her

Lucca: Crono!

TABAN: You're actually going to do it?!
   What a fine lad!

Lucca: Listen!
   I don't know where this machine is
   going to send you, but we haven't
   any other choice.

TABAN: Won't they both be lost?

Lucca: This is our only hope!
   That pendant seems to be the key, so
   hang on to it Crono, and brace

Lucca: Power to full!

TABAN: Roger!

Lucca: More!
   Give me more power!

TABAN: Roger!

Lucca: There!
   We did it!

Lucca: I'll follow you after I know
   what went wrong.
   Good luck, Crono!

 [C02: The Queen Returns]

 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]

   A Millennial Fair? Here?
   What ARE you talking about?
   It's the year 600, and the 21st King of
   Guardia reigns.

 [Young Man]
   We've been at war for years.
   When will it end?

 [Truce Inn, 600 A.D.]

   That'll be 10 G.

   «Where am I?» Are you stupid?
   THIS is the kingdom of Guardia!
   We're battling Magus's army.

   You DID know that, right?
         Of course.

   Then shut your pie hole!

   We NEED more ignorant strangers
   around here...

   Millennial Fair?
   Are you crazy?!
   What nonsense!

   What a relief!
   They finally found Queen Leene
   wandering up in the mountains!

   She must be glad to be home!

   The Queen has been through a lot!
   She's babbling about the oddest thing.

   Everyone was worried!
   The King freaked when the Queen took

   We all thought Magus had grabbed
   Thank goodness she's safe!

 [Young Man]
   The Magus's army destroyed Zenan
   Bridge, so the south continent is

TOMA: Are you a stranger here, too?
   I'm Toma, the explorer.
   If you're buying, I'll tell you a story.

   How about it?

   Cider please!

TOMA: Thanks!
   It's about the missing Queen.

   She disappeared while visiting that
   cathedral to the west, and...

   Beg your pardon?
   They FOUND her?
   Never mind...

TOMA: I was sure there was something
   fishy about that cathedral...

TOMA: So, you think I'm a beggar, huh?!
   Well, scram!

 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]

   I'm Banta, the blacksmith.
   I'm forging a bell for the King to
   present to his beloved Queen Leene!

   I lost it when the Queen disappeared.
   I just couldn't keep working on the

   But now it's back to business as usual!

 [Young Woman]
   My husband wants a daughter who is
   as intelligent as she is beautiful.

 [Truce Market, 600 A.D.]

   No window shoppers!
   Whaddaya want?

   See ya.

   You're going to fight Magus's army?
   Wonderful! But remember to equip
   yourself with the weapons you buy!

 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]

   This bridge is being fixed because
   Magus's Army trashed it.
   But until Sir Cyrus returns, we'll fight
   Magus's Army, tooth and nail!

 [Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.]

      The forest leads north, to Guardia

      Dead end ahead.

      Approaching Guardia Castle.
      No trespassing.

          The monster dropped a Shelter!

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

   Who goes there!

SOLDIER: Check out that hair!
   Where're you from, son?
   Are you one of Magus's troopers?

SOLDIER: Hardly! This kid never would
   have made the cut!
   Show us your stamp collection, son!

SOLDIER: Har, har!
   Now beat it, shrimp!

 [Queen Leene]
   Stop that at once!

SOLDIER: Queen Leene!

QUEEN: Show your manners!
   This is a friend of mine!

SOLDIER: But there's something odd
   about him!

QUEEN: You refuse to obey my orders?!

SOLDIER: Forgive me, my lady!
   Please enter, Sir!

QUEEN: Giggle...

   Please pardon us!
   We revere our Queen's guests!

   I envy you, whom the Queen calls

   King Guardia the XXI is in the throne

   Mind your manners!

KING: Sir!
   I understand that you are the one
   who saved my dear wife, the Queen!

   But can you tell me what happened?
   Leene's acting rather odd.

   And she seems to have lost her coral
   pin, which is something she guarded
   with her life...

   Forgive me! You must be tired.
   We can talk about this later.
   Please rest in the Knights quarters,
   downstairs, to the left.


The King's room is upstairs.
The Knights' quarters are downstairs,
to the left.

CHANCELLOR: What do you want?
   Get out of my face!

   Just between us, the Chancellor's been
   acting VERY strange lately.
   He's been sneakin' out at night...

   Speaking of nut cases, I haven't seen
   the Queen's guard, that frog-thing,

   Heard a spell turned him into a frog.
   Do you believe that?
   I think he's a spy!

 [Young Woman]
   People say the Chancellor's gone crazy,
   but I don't believe it.

   The Chancellor's a decent man.
   Why, he goes to the cathedral

   The Queen seems to be waiting for you
   upstairs in her room.

   The Queen awaits.

 [Young Woman]
   YOU saved our Queen?
   You don't look that tough.

 [Young Woman]
   The Queen married into the family 10
   years ago.
   She still looks so youthful!

   In fact, she looks even younger now
   than on her wedding day...

   There you are.

QUEEN: Please leave us.
   I need to talk to this individual.

ATTENDANTS: Certainly, your Highness.

QUEEN: Come nearer, Sir.

QUEEN: Giggle...

QUEEN: Fooled you, didn't I, Crono?

Marle: It's me!
   But everyone calls me, Leene!

Marle: I'm so relieved you're here!

Marle: We barely know each other,
   but somehow, I knew you'd come for

Marle: Thank you, Crono!

Marle: S, something's wrong!!!

Marle: W, what's happening?!
   It feels like...I'm being torn apart!

Marle: Help me, Crono!
   I'm scared!!!
    Please... Crono
   ...h, help me!

 [Young Woman]
   Did you notice anything odd about
   the Queen?

   Just as I thought!
   She claims she's not Leene! There's
   something...different about her.

   Don't mention this to anyone!

   Okay, if you say so.

 [Young Woman]
   Has she dismissed you already?
   You were polite, of course?

   You didn't do anything...funny, did you?
         Of course not!

   Are you sure?

   Oooh! We can't let this juicy tidbit out
   of the castle!


   I grow so tired of the gossip around


Lucca:  Huff,'re okay!
   Did you find the girl?

Lucca: GONE?!
   Whadd'ya mean she's gone?!

Lucca:'s just as I thought.

Lucca: I knew I recognized her!

Lucca: And this looks identical to
   the castle in OUR time!

Lucca: I'll bet they mistook
   that girl for her ancestor...
   You see, she's a member of the royal
   family in OUR time!

Lucca: She's Princess Nadia!

   Marle, that is, Princess Nadia,
   is a descendant of Queen Leene!

   Queen Leene has been kidnapped.

   As I recall, someone was supposed to
   have saved her.
   But history has been changed!

   Marle looks so much like Leene,
   that they probably called off their
   search when she appeared here.

   But if the real Queen is killed...

   ... Marle will simply disappear.
   There might still be time!
   If we can save Leene, history as we
   know it should remain unchanged!

Lucca: Something must have
   happened to the Queen in this era.
   As a result, Princess  Nadia
   ceases to exists!

Lucca: Hurry!
   We have to find the real Queen!

 [C03: The Queen is Gone]

CHANCELLOR: She escaped?!
   But how?
   She was in a secured room!

   Go downstairs if you want to rest.

   The Knight's quarters is downstairs.

 [Knight Captian]
   Zenan Bridge is our last line of
   We MUST guard it with our lives!

   So you're the one who helped the
   Talk to the maid if you need to rest.

   If only Sir Cyrus were here!

   You've heard of him, haven't you?

   If HE were here, this whole mess with
   the Queen would never have happened.

   You don't know of Sir Cyrus?!
   From which land do you come?
   Or are you simply a fool?

   Sir Cyrus was the Commander of the
   Knights. His mission was to protect the
   King and Queen.

   He and a friend left on a journey 10
   years ago.
   No one has heard from them since.

   Long ago, a beast called Yakra lurked in
   the western forest. But after the
   cathedral was built, Yakra disappeared.
   We're thankful for that.

   What a relief, the Queen's been found.
   Now we can concentrate on the war!

   Magus's troops are strangely
   Something's about to happen.

 [Wounded Soldier]

 [Young Woman]
   Take a snooze?


The dining room's below.

The chef's got a nasty temper, so don't
get in his way!

This dining room is for us soldiers.
Feel free to grab a bite.

Magus's troops had better
watch out for us!

The chef's food is great.
I give it 3 stars.


I'm hungry...

MAID: Here's your food!

SOLDIER: All right!

   This is great!

 [Young Woman]
   Hungry? Sit down at the upper left
   corner of the left table.

 [Young Woman]
   This place is a mini war zone!

 [Young Woman]
   YOU saved Queen Leene!

   This is no place for kids!

   Wait! Maybe you'd know!
   What's this «Eyes Cream» stuff that
   Queen Leene wants so badly?

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Where's supper?

WAITRESS: Oh, Captain!
   I'm sorry...

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: We're fighting a war
   out there!
   Can't you even keep us fed?

CHEF: What are you fussing about?
   You're not the only one who's
   fighting out there!

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Hey, I don't have time
   for this.
   Just feed my men, okay?

CHEF: Shut your trap!
   I'll decide who's going to get fed,
   and when!!

   The Knight Captain is trying hard to fill
   the shoes of his predecessor, Sir Cyrus,
   Commander of the Knights.

   The Knight Captain is normally very
   The chef just rubs him the wrong way.

 [Young Woman]
   Those two are brothers. You've heard
   the expression, «sibling rivalry,» right?

 [Young Woman]
   The chef's stubborn, but he's a good

 [Young Woman]
   My husband chose this life because he's
   a pacifist.

   That fool...he thinks HE'S the boss!

 [Young Woman]
   What will you have?
         Refresh Salad
         Power Stew
         Hyper Kabob

   Just a sec, okay?

   Here you go!

 [Cathedral, 600 A.D.]

   We want nothing but world peace...
   Or a piece of the world, tee, hee...

   People wouldn't know what to do with
   themselves in a truly peaceful world!
   My, what delicious, er......

   I mean, delightful looking humans!

   You might like to stick around for the
   organ recital.
   It's a real killer!
   Oh dear! It looks like you could use
   some food and a place!

Lucca: What did you find?

Lucca: A hair pin.

Lucca: That's Guardia's royal crest!

Lucca: Phew!
   That was close!

Lucca: Aack!

   Lower thine guard and thou'rt allowing
   the enemy in.

   Thou'rt here to save the Queen?

   The lair is deep within.
   Will thee accompany me?

Lucca: A...a FROG!?

   Crono, it's a talking FROG!
   I hate frogs!

   My guise doth not incur thy trust...

   Very well, do as thee please.
   But I shall save the Queen.

Lucca: W, wait!

Lucca: You don't seem like a bad...
   ...uh, person-frog-thing...
   I mean...

Lucca: Crono!
   What should we do?
      Go with the frog.

Lucca: It may be risky going alone...

Lucca: I'll just have to handle it!
   I with...him!

Lucca: What's your name?

Frog: Frog will do.

Lucca: All right...
   Nice to meet you Frog.

Frog: Mayhap a hidden door lurks
   nigh? Let us search the environs.

   Y, you're humans?

   They're hiding the Queen in the back.
   Please rescue her!

   Inside this building, there's a room
   dedicated to Magus...
   Heard something about a treasure

   Found the secret Naga-ette Bromide!

   Hey everyone!

   They're after the Bromide!

   Get them!

   Hey what's with the disguise?

   No need for them here!

   It's almost my shift.
   I hate pretending to be human...
   it's so repulsive.

   The ones we ate recently weren't SO

   And those 2 soldiers we caught look
   rather plump and juicy...

   Yakra's so smart!
   His plan to capture the Chancellor and
   take his place worked perfectly!

   Now the Queen's captive, and the
   castle's in an uproar.
   This is rich!

   I'll look in on Magus's statue
   before my shift.

   A...are you here to save Queen Leene?!

   Oh, what a relief!

   How nice of you to come.
   I'm sure Yakra will be just as pleased.

   Why not rest in here until he's

   There was no need for you to come
   rescue me!

   The master, Yakra is very kind! I've
   decided to stay here.
   Now why don't you make yourselves at
   home, too!

   Don't be in such a hurry...
   Enjoy yourselves first...Hee hee.

   Oh...dearest Magus... [musicsymbol]
   Your flashing stars... [musicsymbol]
   And flowing hair... [musicsymbol]
   Like waves atop the sea... [musicsymbol]

   No sad sunny day nor any frightful [musicsymbol]
   bright place can get us down [musicsymbol]
   as long as you're near... [musicsymbol]
   There's nothing to fear... [musicsymbol]

CHORUS: Magus, oh Magus [musicsymbol]
   Our Hero, Magus [musicsymbol]

   Come join us in singing your funeral
   Gyah hah ha!



   Nooo, stop it!
   I SAID that you can't...


   I'll say this!
   You know what you're doing!

NOTE: No entry.

NOTE: Try hard enough and you will
   find a way in.

   Prepare yourself, Queen Leene.

   How did you get in here?

LEENE: Frog!

Frog: Majesty, stand back and
   allow us the honor!

LEENE: Be careful!

CHANCELLOR: Gyah, ha, ha...
   It's useless to fight!
   No one will leave here alive!

CHANCELLOR: Stupid frog! It's time you
   jumped off this mortal coil!


   Reverts to Yakra!!

LEENE: You came to rescue me!
   Thank you Frog.

Frog: The King awaits.
   Let us return to the castle.

Frog: I thank thee Crono,
   and Lucca.

LEENE: Yes, thank you so much.
   Please join us.

LEENE: Let's return to the castle!

   What about me?

REAL CHANCELLOR: Phew, thank you!
   That monster stuffed me in there.

   Your Highness!
   As you can see, I am undamaged!

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

KING GUARDIA: You had me worried,

Frog: I failed to protect
   Queen Leene.
   I hath disgraced thee.

LEENE: Frog!

CHANCELLOR: That no good Yakra!
   Impersonating me and kidnapping
   the Queen!

   We MUST create a criminal justice
   system in this Kingdom to do away
   with such fiends.

   Thank you, Crono.
   But...who was that girl we found in the

LEENE: Your timing was perfect.
   Who knows what would have
   happened had you not saved me!

   By the way, where is the girl who
   was mistaken for me?

Lucca: Oh, yeah!
   I forgot all about Princess Nadia!

Lucca: Crono!
   Where did Princess Nadia
   She may still be there!

 [Young Woman]
   Which means the real Leene was
   somewhere else.
   It's exactly as I thought.

 [Young Woman]
   But you're a dead ringer for her.

Marle: Huh?
   What happened?

Lucca: Princess Nadia!

Marle: Crono!

Marle: It was awful...

   I can't recall it all...
   I was somewhere cold, dark...and

   Is that what it's like to...die?

Lucca: Welcome back, Princess

Marle: You risked your life to
   help me, too?!

   Uh oh...

Marle: I guess you guys figured it
   out, huh?

Marle: Sorry, Crono.
   I didn't mean to deceive you.

Marle: I'm Princess Nadia.
   My father's King Guardia the XXXIII.

   I really enjoyed being with you at
   the fair.
   But if you had known my identity...

Marle: Crono, you wouldn't have
   shown me around the fair, right!

Marle: See?
   I like Marle better than
   «Princess,» anyway!

Marle: Oh, Crono!
   That's why I like you!

Marle: The real Queen's safe, right?
   So let's go home, Crono!

   Hmmm.  The more I look at you, the
   stronger the resemblance...uncanny!

   Now the Knight Captain can
   concentrate on battling Magus's

 [Young Woman]
   You guys leaving?
   Wherever you're heading, be careful!

Marle: You're the real Queen Leene,

LEENE: You really could be my twin.

Marle: Well, you two better get
   or I'll be in big trouble.

   I'll keep my fingers crossed!

LEENE: Excuse me?

Marle: Um...never mind!
   I guess it's time to go!

   You seem like one of the family, now!

   Thank goodness, you're safe!!
   You may resemble Leene, but you sure
   don't act like her!

   Anyway, you've really helped me.
   Let me know how I can repay you.

   Wow, you could be Leene's twin!

   The King and Queen make such a great

   Hard to believe she really wasn't

   So... she wasn't Leene after all.

   Didn't know that a frog could be so

   Hmm. I still think there's a conspiracy
   going on here!

 [Young Woman]
   A beast was posing as the Chancellor?
   Well, the fake one had much better

Frog: 'Twas a fault of mine, which
   endangered the Queen.

   I shall depart for good.

Marle: Eeeek!

Frog: Indeed, your resemblance
   to the Queen is uncanny.

Frog: Crono, you hath potential
   to be a good swordsman!

Lucca: ...

   Froggy, you weren't such a bad guy

   This ought to relieve the King.

   Leene's presence always brightens
   things up.

   You can come and go as you please
   from now on.

   You sure were lucky, defeating Yakra
   and all.

 [Knight Captain]
   So! That cathedral was at the heart of
   it all.
   That Frog's done a fine job.

   But since Magus's troops failed to
   kidnap Leene, they'll probably be back
   If only Cyrus were here!

   We must crush Magus's troops!

   Heard that Magus's troops put
   Yakra up to it all.

   Can't believe the cathedral was  their
   I guess Magus's troops kidnapped

 [Young Woman]
   Well, Leene would never snack before
   meals like that other girl did!

 [Young Woman]
   I THOUGHT she ate too much to be our

   The REAL Leene?
   Let's prepare a feast!

   That wasn't Queen Leene?!

   And I wasted my time whipping up a
   batch of that «Eyes Cream» dish she
   wanted so badly!

 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]

   That frog made it across by swimming
   to the other side.

 [Truce Canyon, 600 A.D.]

Marle: How do we get home?

Lucca: Your Highness, er,

Marle: Please call me Marle!

Lucca: Well then, Marle...

Marle: Wow!

Marle: Lucca!
   You're amazing!

Lucca: Ain't it the truth!

Lucca: Oh, um...I mean...

Marle: Enough with the false
   modesty! You have a real gift!
   I would trade my royal ancestry for
   your genius in a heartbeat!

Lucca: Well, if you say so...

Lucca: Anyway, I call this thing a

   It's a kind of portal, that takes you
   to the same location in a different

   Gates are very unstable, so I used
   the principal behind my Telepod

Lucca: create a «Gate Key.»
   Now we can use them as we please.

Marle: But why did this Gate
   suddenly appear?

Lucca: Either the Telepod had
   something to do with it,
   or...something else made it.

Marle: This is getting pretty weird.
   Let's at least head back to our own

Lucca: All right!
   Coming, Crono?

 [C04: We're Back!]

 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]

Marle: Phew!
   We're back!

Marle: Crono, Lucca, why
   don't you come home with me to the
   I'd like you to come over for dinner!

Lucca: Sorry for putting you
   through all that, Marle.

Marle: Are you joking?
   That's the most fun I've had in
   And I have some new friends, too!

Lucca: Crono, be a gentleman
   and take her home.

   I've got some work to do.

Marle: See you soon, Lucca!

Marle: Will you escort me home,

   The merchants went back to their
   warehouse to stock up on more goods.

 [Young Woman]
   I heard the Princess ran away from
   home again!

 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: Hello, Crono!

 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   There used to be a cathedral in the
   woods to the west.

   I wonder what became of it?

 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]

   Elaine's down at the pier again?
   That Fritz!
   Where could he be?

   What can I do for you?

   Not enough cash!

   Thank you very much.

 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]

Lucca: Hmmm, two-legged, walking
   humanoid robots are virtually
   impossible to create.

   Oh! Crono! Hurry up and escort
   the Princess to the castle!

LARA: Lucca and Taban only care
   about their silly toys!

TABAN: Here's what we earned today!

LARA: You're so thoughtful.

TABAN: You're Lucca's friend right?

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

   Princess Nadia!

CHANCELLOR: Are you all right?
   Where have you been?!

   I heard you were abducted!
   We had soldiers searching for you!

CHANCELLOR: Scoundrel!
   You're the one, huh?
   Kidnapping Princess Nadia!

Marle: No!

   You confused her and tried to take
   over the throne!

Marle: S, stop it!

Marle: Stop this at once!!

CHANCELLOR: What are you doing!

SOLDIER: But Princess Nadia said

   Detain him!!

Marle: Crono!!

   I'm the lawyer, Pierre.

   I'm the Chancellor, the prosecutor!

CHANCELLOR: Members of the court.

   We now bring forth the defendant,
   Crono, who is charged with
   abducting Princess Nadia.

CHANCELLOR: What shall we do with
   Fire, perhaps?

   Hang him upside down for a few

   Or...shall we employ the guillotine?

CHANCELLOR: You, the jury, shall decide
   his fate.
   Now, let us begin.

JUDGE: Crono, you are hereby
   ordered to tell the truth!

PIERRE: Crono is charged with
   «Premeditated Abduction of Royalty.»
   The question is, did he kidnap
   Princess Nadia? The answer?

   No, he did not.
   In fact, no «abduction» took place!

PIERRE: The two met completely by
   accident. In fact, the Princess ASKED
   Crono if SHE could join HIM!

CHANCELLOR: Is this true? Who actually
   started this whole mess?
      I did.
      Marle did.

CHANCELLOR: Just as I suspected!
   The defendant deliberately tried to
   get near the Princess!

CHANCELLOR: Are you sure?
   We have witnesses who'll say YOU
   were the one that bumped into the

CHANCELLOR: The Princess then
   innocently followed you to
   Lucca's little sideshow.

   Whereupon you both disappeared!
   If that wasn't criminal abduction, I
   don't know WHAT is!

CHANCELLOR: And I have facts that
   throw the defendant's character into

PIERRE: Objection!

   This can't have any relevance
   whatsoever to this case!

JUDGE: Care to respond, Chancellor?

CHANCELLOR: Crono's character is at
   the very core of this case!

PIERRE: We have nothing to hide.

PIERRE: We have a witness.
   A little girl who will vouch for the
   character of the defendant.

 [Little Girl]
   This nice man...
   He brought me my kitty.

    Thank you for being so kind!

PIERRE: How about that?
   Doesn't this young man deserve a

PIERRE: Whew...
   Looks like they're buying it.

CHANCELLOR: The defendant's cruelty is
   quite evident.

CHANCELLOR: You remember HER, don't
   The poor little girl who lost her cat?
   You wouldn't even listen to her!

 [Little Girl]
   You ignored me!

CHANCELLOR: Oh you poor dear!
   Thank you.

CHANCELLOR: As you can see, no further
   proof is necessary here.

CHANCELLOR: Have you ever stolen
      No! I've never been a thief.

   He lacks morals!
   This should be on the record!
   He's crying out for help!

CHANCELLOR: DO NOT feign ignorance!
   We have a witness.

 [Old Man]
   He ate my lunch right off the table!

CHANCELLOR: Let the record show that
   he stole from a poor, helpless man!

PIERRE: The issue here is MOTIVE.
   Was there any motive for this fine
   citizen to kidnap Princess Nadia?
   No! There was none.

CHANCELLOR: What about ransom?

   Crono, her fortune DID tempt
   you, did it not?

CHANCELLOR: So, you admit it!

CHANCELLOR: Nothing more your honor.
   The prosecution rests.

CHANCELLOR: Are you sure?
   You really weren't tempted?
      Not at all.
      Just a bit.

CHANCELLOR: That's enough.
   I have no more questions.

PIERRE: It is evident that my client is a
   fine, noble young man!
   Your honor, the defense rests.

CHANCELLOR: Please keep in mind that
   he just said he had NO interest in her

   Witness please!

 [Young Woman]
   He can't fool me, I saw him with my
   own eyes!

   Dear me!
   I'm so nervous!

 [Young Woman]
   That man grabbed the pendant even
   before he checked to see if the
   Princess was okay!

   He didn't seem to want to return it,

 [Young Woman]
   He tried to sell it to the merchant,

CHANCELLOR: And this person's final bit
   of testimony will prove our case!

 [Young Woman]
   I heard it clearly.
   I heard her cry out with my own ears!

   Is that it?
   Can I go?!

JUDGE: Members of the jury...
   If he is guilty, stand to the left.
   If innocent, stand to the right.


   Not guilty.

   Order in the court!

   A verdict has been reached!

   We have a majority!

   The verdict is...guilty!
   The sentence? Solitary confinement,
   pending execution in 3 days!

   The verdict is...not guilty!

   But the fact remains that even if he
   did not kidnap her, he ran off with her.
   3 days solitary confinement as

CHANCELLOR: Take him away!

Marle: Now just a darn minute...


KING: That's enough, my dear!

Marle: But Father...!

KING: All I asked was for you to
   behave like a princess.

   Even royalty must obey rules.
   Leave the rest up to the Chancellor
   and forget about the events in town.

KING: We're leaving!

Marle: Crono!!!

CHANCELLOR: This terrorist has tried to
   overthrow our kingdom!

CHANCELLOR: He has been found guilty,
   and you must now carry out his

SUPERVISOR: So THIS is the monster who
   kidnapped the princess!

CHANCELLOR: The execution is 3 days
   Do NOT let him out of your sight!


SUPERVISOR: Execution?!
   Strange, but I don't seem to recall
   hearing anything about an execution.

   How DARE you question ME!
   The paperwork's probably just been
   held up in the system!

SUPERVISOR: Understood, Sir!


SUPERVISOR: Take the prisoner away!

 [C05: The Trial]

   Some sympathizers brought that stuff
   for you, you lousy felon.
                     Got 1 Ether!

                               HP and MP recovered!

   Pipe down!

   Knock it off!

   I'll show him.

   Open it up!

   That's what you get for misbehaving.

   Where do you think you're going?!

   So YOU'RE the escaped con!

   They don't pay me enough for this!

   The prisoner's escaping!

   What are you up to?!

   H, Help me!

   Save him?

   You're a life saver!

   I'm Fritz.
   My dad runs a store in Truce village.
   Stop by if you're in the area.


Lucca: Crono!
   I've come to save you!

Lucca: Gee, it looks like you didn't
   need my help, after all!

Lucca: Let's blow this joint!

              Received a Mid Tonic!

      You found 5 of them!!

                   He passed out!

   A top secret document has been left
   behind the floor...

   Care to read it?

   To the Prison Supervisor

         «Dragon Tank Owner's Manual»

   The Tank Head repairs body damage.
   It contains a shield that prevents
   damage by Lightning and Fire.

   Unless the Head can be defeated, the
   Tank is unbeatable.
                        Guardia R & D

       3 day(s) until the execution...

       2 day(s) until the execution...

       1 day(s) until the execution...

       And finally, the day arrived...

   We're here to take you to your place
   of execution.

   Come along.

   We've sharpened up the guillotine...

   Any last words?

Lucca: Crono!
   I've come to save you!

   Who the heck are YOU?

Lucca: Get outta my way!!

Lucca: Take 5, you mugs!

Lucca: So, what do you think of my
   Pretty cool, huh?

Lucca: Let's blow this joint!

Lucca: This is what happens to
   fools who challenge the mighty

Lucca: What was that?

CHANCELLOR: Forward, Dragon Tank!
   Crush those rebels!

CHANCELLOR: They got the Dragon Tank!!
   Fix it!

CHANCELLOR: Don't fool yourselves into
   thinking you've gotten away with

   They're escaping!

Lucca: This doesn't look good!

Lucca: We have no choice but to
   break through!


SOLDIER: Princess Nadia!

Marle: This is my friend!
   Show him your respect!

SOLDIER: B, but...

Marle: Can't you take orders?

SOLDIER: Of course!

   Hold it right there!


Marle: Father...

KING: Silence, Princess Nadia!

   The throne comes before your
   personal wishes!

Marle: What!?
   Just because I have a title doesn't
   mean I'm not a person!

KING: You pick up strange ideas
   venturing outside!

Marle: I didn't «pick up» anything!
   It's called «common sense!»

KING: Princess Nadia!

Marle: I despise you!
   I'm leaving!

CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia!

Marle: Come on, Crono!!

CHANCELLOR: Don't just stand there!
   After them!

KING: Princess Nadia...

SOLDIER: There they are!
   Don't lose 'em!!

SOLDIER: There's no escape!

SOLDIER: Silence!

Marle: Looks like a dead end!

Lucca: A Gate!

Marle: Come on!

Lucca: But we don't know where
   it'll take us!

Marle: Who cares?!
   This place stinks, anyway!

CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia!

Lucca: This is completely irrational.

Marle: Hurry, Crono!

CHANCELLOR: Princess, move away from
   that hoodlum!

CHANCELLOR: They...disappeared!!

 [C06: Beyond the Ruins]

 [Bangor Dome, 2300 A.D.]

Marle: Eeeek!

Lucca: Yeoouch...!

Marle: There's no way the
   Chancellor can reach us here.

Marle: But, where are we...?

Lucca: The civilization here seems

Marle: Like we're in another world.

   A strange crest is engraved here.
   It's sealed by some kind of power.

 [Trann Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   If you're looking for food, you lose!

   Truce Dome?
   Never heard of it.
   This is Trann Dome.

   Whaddaya talking about...?

   You'll find some food at Arris Dome to
   the northeast.
   But only if you get past Lab 16...

   The beasts there don't react to
   weapons, like guns and swords.

   This is an Enertron.
   You get a full night's sleep in a few
   seconds, but it still leaves you hungry.

   Will you rest in the Enertron?

                  HP/MP restored!

              But you're still hungry.

   Got any cash?

   You call this money?
   Oh well, I have some good stuff.

   Got nothing for you fools.

   Save money.
   It'll do ya good.
   That's my motto.

 [Lab 16]

                     Stole 500G!

                    Stole a Tonic!

 [Arris Dome, 2300 A.D.]

OLD MAN: You there, where're you

Lucca: We came from the
   laboratories to the west.

OLD MAN: W, what?!

OLD MAN: Hey, we've got people who
   crossed the ruins!

   Say again!?

   You're joking!?

OLD MAN: So there ARE people who can
   beat up those freaky mutants...

OLD MAN: Pardon me.  I'm Doan.
   I'm the descendant of the Director of
   this Info center.

   In the basement, there's a huge
   computer and a storage center for

   But we can't get through 'cause of
   the robot guards.
   It's a pity.

   Who are you?

   My husband went down to the food
   storage area below.

   I haven't seen him since...

   Daddy's gonna bring us some food!

   Did you really come from the dome to
   the west?...

   I see...
   Not that I really care...

   A time portal?  What in the...?
   Well, guess we can get our own
   information using our computer!

   There's an old factory site called Proto
   Dome to the east. Can't get near it
   'cause there's a bunch of lunatic robots
   in the area.

   You can reach the continent to the
   south through the Sewer Access,
   but stay off of «Death Peak.

   There's an old man living in a dome
   near «Death Peak.»
   Talk about crackpots!

   The door with the crest?
   Dynamite won't budge it.

   Have any money?

   You sure this is money...?
   Oh, well, I have to lighten my inventory

   I hate wise guys!

   Save money, it'll do you good.

   It's what that guy who walked to the
   other dome used to say.

DOAN: Are you going down below?

Marle: Of course!

DOAN: But no one's ever returned from

Lucca: Gotta try, right?

DOAN: ......

   It's nice to see such spirited young
   people for a change.

DOAN: Careful, now.
   And come back alive.

Lucca: This console controls the
   We need a password to get through.

   Looks like a statue.

   A memo is attached to it.

   Anyone within the vicinity of the stock
   room will be attacked!

   Executing program...

Marle: Crono!
   What's going on?!

Lucca: Marle!

   Let's go!

Marle: Phew!
   Something reeks!

Lucca: Everything's completely
   The refrigeration must have failed...

Marle: Crono, look!!



   Passed away long ago, I suppose...

Marle: He's holding something.
   What do you suppose this is?

Lucca: It looks like some kind of

Marle: A seed?
   Do you suppose it could grow in a
   place like this?

   The following is written on a soiled
   sheet of paper...

   The rat is more than just a statue!
   It knows the secret of this dome.
   Catch it!

Marle: There!
   There it is!

Lucca: Shhh!
   It might run away.

   Dash with the B Button, catch him
   with the A button!

   Got it!

   I give up.

   I'll tell you everything, squeek.

   Press and hold the L&R Buttons and
   then press the A button to access the
   secret passage, squeek.

   Don't make any mistakes, or you'll be

Lucca: So this is the info center!

Lucca: Good!
   The computer's still operational!
   If we run a search on time warps,
   we might find our Gate!

Lucca: Here!
   Got it!

Lucca: East of Arris Dome...

Lucca: That would be Proto Dome, I

Marle: Leave it to Lucca!
   I'm beginning to think you could find
   anything with this device!

Marle: Say, what does this button

Lucca: 1999 A.D.?
   Visual record of The Day of Lavos...

Marle: Wh, what...IS that?

Lucca: Lavos?...
   Is that what's destroying our world?!

Marle: We must truly be in the

Marle: No!
   NO WAY!
   I refuse to believe it!!

Marle: This...

Marle: ...this can't be the way the
   world ends...

Lucca: ......

Marle: Crono...

Marle: There's only one thing we
   can do!
   We must change history! Just like
   Crono did when he saved me!

Marle: Okay, Lucca?

Marle: Okay, Crono?!!

Lucca: I...guess so...

Lucca: We can't just go back to our
   world and live comfortably after
   seeing this...

Lucca: It was a stroke of luck that
   we were sent here through that

Lucca: Crono, let's go!

Lucca: ......

Lucca: Come on!
   Show Marle what you're made

Marle: Crono!
   Together we can do this!

Lucca: Let's take a second and do
   some more research on Lavos'
   activities back in our time period!

Lucca: Next stop, Proto Dome!

DOAN: You're back!

DOAN: Well?
   What did you discover?

Marle: This is...our future!

DOAN: ???

MAN: Who cares, where's the food?!

Marle: This is all we could get...

DOAN: Seeds...?

Lucca: You don't know how long the
   Enertron'll hold out.
   Those seeds might be your only hope.

Marle: You have to stay alive!
   And so do we!

DOAN: Huh...

   You're strange...
   You're different from us...

Marle: I think it's because we're

DOAN: Heal-thy?
   Got a nice ring to it!

   We'll try growing the seeds...

KID: What're those?

DOAN: They just might be our future...

DOAN: Heading for Proto Dome?
   Go by way of Laboratory 32, and
   take this with ya.

DOAN: It's a key to the Jet Bike in lab

   I used to ride it when I was young.
   Hope it still works...

DOAN: They've got more powerful
   robots over there.
   Take care, and stay...healthy!

   Daddy's sure taking his time.

   My husband...he's...he's...gone...

   But he left me precious gifts!
   The seeds...and our child.

   Thanks a lot...
   You've given me hope.

 [Sewer Access, 2300 A.D.]

GUARD: Bandits!
   Must report to Sir Krawlie!

UNDERLING: There was a bridge here!
   I SAW it, rrrribit!

BOSS: Fool!
   There's nothing here!

UNDERLING: B...but it's true, ribbit...

BOSS: Someone's coming!
   Let's scram, grribbit!

Marle: This is a tad on the spooky

Lucca: This is an eerie place.
   I've got a bad feeling about this...

Ayla: Bad place!
   Much danger.

   There's a diary.
   Here's the last page.

   It's all over.
   The fishmen attack if I make even the
   slightest noise.

   I'd rather have my gums scraped than
   have to fight these fiends.

UNDERLING: Press the switch, and the
   bridge opens, ribbit!

BOSS: So, switch on, gribbit!

UNDERLING: Riiiiiiiiibit!

   It's out of reach, ribbit!

BOSS: And you call yourself a frog,
   ribbit, GRIBBIT!

BOSS: Someone's coming!
   Let's scram, grribbit!


   Go around back and press the switch!

GUARD: The 3 of them are almost here!

SIR KRAWLIE: Coming through the
   sewer like they own it!
   They must have a death wish!
   We shall teach them a lesson!

GUARD: Let's show 'em.

SIR KRAWLIE: Just let them come
   through here!
   They'll be chopped liver!

SIR KRAWLIE: Hahahahahaha!

GUARD: Heeheeheeheehee!

SIR KRAWLIE: Harharharhar!





 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]

OLD MAN: Schala...I've missed you so...

OLD MAN: ......


   You MUST NOT climb Death Peak!

   Wouldn't make it very far, anyway!
   It has to be the right time...
   ...and...THEY...have to show you the


   Did you see my masterpieces?
   The Ocean Palace and the Blackbird?
   I designed and built them both.

STRANGE CREATURE: I am pleased you
   think me worthy, O wise one!
   I await your final program code!

OLD MAN: Now, don't go getting all
   emotional on me, critter!
   Back to work, now!

 [Lab 32, 2300 A.D.]

   Hold it right there!

ROBOTS: Hey it's...!

ROBOTS: ...the MAN!

THE MAN: Like, thanks for the intro,

THE MAN: You lowlifes can call me

   Now listen up. Part of an old highway
   leads through these ruins.
   Think you can beat me in a bike

JOHNNY: Use that «Jet Bike» and... don't
   chicken out, babe!

ROBOT: The Man rides like a roller

ROBOT: Winning does that to Johnny's

   Do you know how to ride?

JOHNNY: Need some pointers?

JOHNNY: All right, listen up.
   The gas is on auto, so there's only
   one speed...FAST!

   Use the Control Pad to steer.
   Press the B Button for a Turbo Boost.

   I'll give you 3 of them, but it takes a
   moment to recharge between

   Check your position at the bottom of
   the screen.
   Now show me what you got, babe!

JOHNNY: YOU beat me?
   I don't get it!
   You can challenge me anytime.
   We'll ride the wind, babe!

ROBOT: J...Johnny lost!

ROBOT: Hey, you're not half bad!

ROBOT: You're worthless!

ROBOT: Give it up!
   Go home!

JOHNNY: Ha! What losers!
   You CAN walk your way across but
   that's monster city!

   Ride again, if you think you can
   handle it, chump.

JOHNNY: My grannie rides faster than
   Hop on again, if you think you can
   handle it, babe.

JOHNNY: Hey! Looks like you have a
   neat gadget there!
    Ask Rx-xR how to use it.

RX-XR: Greetings, lifeforms!
   I am Rx-xR, the Log Keeper.
   I'll record your 3 fastest times.

   There are two ways to race Johnny.
   Which do you prefer?

   Which do you prefer?
         Mode 1   with Turbo boost.
         Mode 2   without boost.
            L & R change perspective.

RX-XR: Change race mode?

 [RX-XR Race Listing]
   1      [num16]
   2      [num16]
   3      [num16]

RX-XR: Well shut me down!
   You made over 2300 pts.
   This calls for a prize!

   Oh yeaahh!!!
   5 Full Ethers!!!

RX-XR: That's a new High Score!!

RX-XR: Unbelievable!
   You broke the 1500 point barrier!!
   This is for you!

RX-XR: Amazing!
   Take this!

RX-XR: Lucky 777!
   You deserve a REALLY big bonus!

RX-XR: Jumping anaconda!
   You broke the 2000 point mark!
   Take these!

RX-XR: Beautiful! Over 1300 points!
   Let me slap some of these on ya!

 [Proto Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   Use the Enertron?

                 HP/MP restored!

             But you're still hungry!

Marle: The door won't budge.

Marle: Wh, what's this?

Lucca: It's in bad shape...
   ...but it appears to be a humanoid

Lucca: ...
   I think I can fix it.

Marle: What?!
   It might attack us!

Lucca: I'll make sure it won't.
   Machines aren't capable of evil...

   ...humans make them that way.

Marle: Lucca, you...pity them
   don't you?

Lucca: Let me get to work now,

Lucca: Right, that does it!

   I'm going to give it some juice!

ROBOT: ......

Marle: Good morning!

ROBOT: Mo......

   Good morning, mistress.
   What is your command?

Marle: I'm not your «mistress.»
   I'm Marle!

   ...and this is Crono...

   ...and Lucca, here, fixed you!

ROBOT: Understood.
   Madam Lucca fixed me.

Lucca: Just Lucca will do.

ROBOT: Impossible.
   That would be rude.

Lucca: Look, I hate formal titles!
   Don't you, Marle?

Marle: Hate 'em!

ROBOT: I understand, Lucca.

Lucca: All right!
   Now what's your name?

ROBOT: Name?
   Ah, my serial number.
   It is R66-Y.

Lucca: R66-Y?

Marle: No!
   That won't do at all!

Marle: Come on Crono, let's give
   him a better name!

Marle: Robo...
   Robo...that's perfect!

Marle: Your new name is Robo,

ROBOT: I am... Robo.
   Data storage complete.

Lucca: Hey Robo, why aren't
   there any people here?

Robo: ......

   What has happened here?

Robo: There WERE many humans
   and others of my kind in this dome.

Lucca: I think something awful
   happened here...

Robo: ......

   It would appear so...

Robo: But how is it that you

Lucca: We came through a time
   warp from the year 1000.

Marle: While exploring Arris Dome
   we learned there was a Gate here.

Lucca: We found you when we
   came looking for the Gate!

Marle: But the door to the inner
   chambers is locked, so we're out of

Robo: The power is off.

Robo: If we go to the factory up
   north, I can pass through security
   and activate this dome's generator.

Marle: You'd do that for us?

Robo: You repaired me.
   Now it's my turn to help you.

   But the generator won't run for long,
   so someone must stay behind to
   open the door while the power's on.

Lucca: Then Marle or I will stay.

Who will stay behind?

Marle: Okay.
   Please be careful, Crono!

Lucca: Right!
   I'll handle things here!

Marle: Hi! I was getting SO bored.
   May I take Lucca's place?

Marle: Okay, I'll wait here.

Lucca: Looks like you need my
   genius after all!

Lucca: Oh, all right...

 [C07: The Factory Ruins]

 [Factory, 2300 A.D.]

Robo: Analysis complete.

   Please follow me.

Robo: Override Security System 00.

   Left - Lab area
   Right - Factory area

   Caution! Do not turn off the conveyor
   belt in the factory.
   The security system will activate and
   you'll be in danger.


   Crane control code:
   Code 00... ...X A
   Code 01... ...B B

   To use the crane, enter any two of
   these letters, A B X Y, after the beep.

   Last defense lock code named «ZABIE.»

   That's X A B Y.

   Open hatch.

Robo: All systems down.
   Defense lasers are off.

   Door lock system «Zabie» operational.
   Enter password.

Robo: Emergency!
   Security system has gone haywire.
   Must escape immediately!

Robo: Hurry!

   Emergency elevator shut off.

   Elevators disabled.

Robo: Th...these are my friends!

Robo: R-64Y, R-67Y, and R-69Y!
   Good to see you!

Robo: Wh, what are you doing?!

R-64Y: You are defective.
R-67Y: You have been tainted.

Robo: Pardon?

R-69Y: Have you forgotten our
   All intruders must be eliminated!

Robo: THAT was my purpose?

Robo: I'm...malfunctioning?
R-64Y: Affirmative.

Robo: A defect...I'm a defect...

R-64Y: You shame us!
   You must be destroyed.

Lucca: Wh, what are you doing!

Marle: Robo!
   Crono, Robo's getting

Robo: No, stop!
   These are my brothers!

Lucca: But they'll destroy you!

Marle: You'll break down!

Robo: Please stop.



R-64Y: Now to take care of the

Lucca: No!
   Let's take care of YOU!

Marle: You cocky boxes of bolts!
   You'll never get away with this!

   They trashed him!

   They trashed him!

Lucca: He's in bad shape...
   I'm not sure I can fix him.

Lucca: Let's get him back to Proto
   Dome for now...

Marle: Wahh...!
   What should we do?!
   Robo just got creamed!

Marle: Crono, let's take him
   back to Lucca!

 [Proto Dome, 2300 A.D.]

Robo: C...can you

Lucca: Shh, don't talk.

Robo: You...are trying to save our

Lucca: I don't know how far we'll
   get, but that's the plan.

   Anyway Robo, what are you
   going to do when you're repaired?

Robo: What am I...going to do?

Lucca: Yeah. I mean, what plans do
   you have for the future?

Robo: Lucca, no one has ever
   asked me that before!

Robo: Good morning.

Marle: Robo!
   You're all right!!

Marle: Lucca, you're incredible!

Lucca: I hope I never have to do
   that again...

Robo: Lucca, I have made up
   my mind.
   I want to go with you...

Marle: Pardon?

Robo: There is nothing left for me
   Together, maybe we can give this
   planet of ours a chance.

Lucca: Then let's go!
   The Gate's up ahead!!

Lucca: Hang on to your shorts!

 [C08: The End of Time]

 [End of Time]

Robo: Where are we?

OLD MAN: Ah, more guests...!

Marle: Say...where are we?

Lucca: What do you mean,
   And, WHERE are we?

   this is «The End of Time,» of course!

   All lost travelers in time wind up
   Now, where are you from?

Lucca: We're from
   Guardia Kingdom, circa 1000 A.D.

Robo: I come from 2300 A.D...

OLD MAN: When 4 or more beings step
   into a time warp, the Conservation
   of Time theorem states that they
   will turn up... the space-time coordinates of
   least resistance.

   Disturbances in the space-time
   continuum have increased recently.
   Far too many folks are just popping
   in here...

   I fear something is having a
   powerful effect on the very fabric
   of time...

Lucca: Which means one of us has
   to remain here.

Marle: Stay HERE?

OLD MAN: It is pretty bleak here...

   But not to worry.
   All time periods connect here...

   You can visit your friends whenever
   you wish! But you can never travel in
   groups greater than 3...

Robo: So, one of us must stay.

Lucca: Who'll it be, Crono?

Marle: Decide, Crono!

Lucca: Now don't you go getting
   any ideas, mister!

Robo: Please come for me
   whenever you need me.

OLD MAN: You can instantly bring any
   person here into your party, should
   the need arise.

OLD MAN: ...So there you have it.

   Don't forget.  Press the Y Button to
   switch party members.

Marle: How do we get back to our

OLD MAN: You see those lovely pillars of
   light? Those hook you up to different

   Once you've been through a Gate,
   you can always use it to come here.

   To use a Gate from here, step into
   the light and press the A Button.
   But beware the Gate which leads
   from that bucket...

OLD MAN: That Gate leads to 1999 A.D...
   It leads to the «Day of Lavos»...

   Go there only if you're looking to
   achieve a shorter life span...

   Lavos will help you leave this mortal

   Go to «Day of Lavos»
   1999 A.D.?

   It's locked shut...


OLD MAN: Don't be in such a rush!
   Before you go, take a peek inside the
   room behind me!

SPEKKIO: What're you laughin' at...

   Don't judge a book by it's cover...

   What're you lookin' at?

   I'm Spekkio.
   The Master of War!
   I've seen all kinds of battles from

SPEKKIO: How do I look to you guys?

   Let's put it this way.
   If you're strong, I look strong.
   If you're weak, I look weak.

SPEKKIO: You are strong of will...!

   That's why the Old One let you

   Long before you were born...
   ...there was a kingdom where magic
   Everyone there could use it!

   But in time, people began to abuse
   their powers. It got so bad that no
   one was allowed to use magic except

   But you have it...determination, I
   Magic needs power of the heart.
   It needs inner strength.

   Magic is divided into 4 types:
   Lightning, Fire, Water, & Shadow.

SPEKKIO: You, with the punk hairdo!
   You're «Lightning.»

SPEKKIO: The one with the ponytail is

SPEKKIO: The one with goofy glasses is

SPEKKIO: That's the biggest toy I've
   ever seen...
   Hey, you're not alive, are you?!

   You've got great strength, however,
   since I can't measure your inner
   character, I can't give any magic to

   But your laser weapons will suffice.
   They can inflict «Shadow» type

SPEKKIO: Not just magic, but
   EVERYTHING is based on the balance
   of these 4 powers.

SPEKKIO: Think «MAGIC,» and, starting
   from the door, walk clockwise along
   the walls of my room 3 times.

   Don't lose track, now.

SPEKKIO: No cheating!
   I'm watching!

   Do it over! From the door, clockwise
   along the wall, 3 times!

SPEKKIO: Very good!

SPEKKIO: Ipso facto, meeny moe...

       Crono learns to use magic!

       Marle learns to use magic!

       Lucca learns to use magic!

       Robo can't use magic!

SPEKKIO: So! Fortified with magic!
   Wanna try it out?

SPEKKIO: All right!

   Looking for some practice?

SPEKKIO: Any time, friends.
   Remember, I'M the Master of War!


   That was most embarrassing!

SPEKKIO: Wait a sec!
   I'M the Master of War!

SPEKKIO: See, I AM the Master of War!

SPEKKIO: Harrumph...
   Don't make a habit of this.
   Here, this is for you.

       Spekkio special refresher set!

       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Ethers!

            Spekkio choice set!

       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Mid Ethers!

       SPEKKIO Healthy choice set!

       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Full Ethers!

          SPEKKIO Graceful set!

               Got 1 Magic Tab
               1 Speed Tab
               1 Power Tab

                and 10 Elixirs!

          SPEKKIO Cheerful set!

               Got 10 Magical Tabs
               10 Speed Tabs
               10 Power Tabs

             and 10 MegaElixirs!

   Received enough of Spekkio's praise
   to last a year!

SPEKKIO: Cut it out, fellas!
   I'm empty!!

SPEKKIO: I AM the Master of War!
   Whew! Sometimes I scare myself!

   I WIN!

SPEKKIO: You guys are too much!
   Bring newcomers to meet me!


OLD MAN: Well, well!
   People who lived long ago ALL
   enjoyed such powers...

   Now, I know you are itching to go
   ripping back and forth through time,
   but first you need to return to your

   And you must hurry.
   The longer you remain here, the
   harder it will be to change that
   which must be changed...

   Stop by whenever you're in the

OLD MAN: Come see me anytime.
   Think of me as your guide.

Marle: Take me too!!

Marle: OKAY!

Marle: Aw, come on!

Lucca: Don't you need my brain

Lucca: See!
   You DO need me!

Lucca: Oh, get outta here!

Robo: May I be of assistance?

Robo: I'm ready,  [member1]!

Robo: I shall be waiting for you.

   Go to «Proto Dome»
   2300 A.D.?

   Go to «Medina Village»
   1000 A.D.?

   Go to «Mystic Mountain»
   65,000,000 B. C.?

 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]

   You wear odd skins.

   You want to see pretty red stone?
   Chief has.

   Chief's hut, north of village.

 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]

   You one of Reptites?
   I beat you up!

   Reptites have scales, cold blood.
   Hard to beat.

   Drink Sweet Water?
   Grow strong when drink.

                  Recover HP/MP!

 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]

   Thunder stun all dinosaur!
   You know?

 [Old Man]
   You strange!
   Have good stuff?
   Chief no okay, no can trade!

   Find «Petal,» «Fang,» «Horn,» and
   «Feather,» in hunting range!

   When rain, rare monster appear!

   This trading house.
   Many things for trade.

   Trade your shiny stone?!

 [Meeting Site, 65 Million B.C.]

   Strong one become chief.
   Man, woman, child, no matter.
   Chief of Ioka, big muscles!

   You came from mountain?
   Many strange things happen there.
   That's why name Mystic Mountain.

   Find baby Kino crying on mountain too.
   Chief raise Kino.
   Now chief's right arm.

   Laruba clan hide in north woods.
   Always hide, run from Reptites.

   We fight Reptites.
   Laruba clan no fight Reptites.

   Laruba clan call Dactyl.
   Fly in sky!
   We no can call Dactyl, no can fly.

KINO: Where you from?
   Why you here?

   Kino no like you!

 [C09: The Village of Magic]

 [Medina Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Blue Imp]
   Hey! Did you people just come out of
   the closet?
   Get outta here!

 [Brown Imp]
   Who do you think you are?
   Coming and going out of our closet at
   all hours.

 [Brown Imp]
   Wait a sec.

   Medina village was founded by the
   ancestors of the Mystics, who lost a
   war to human beings.

   Most Mystics hold a grudge against
   Be careful...

 [Blue Imp]
   Hey, wait a minute.

   There's an odd man who lives near the
   cave in the mountains to the west.
   You might enjoy a chat with him.

Marle: Thanks!

Marle: Why are you being so nice?
   Mystics aren't supposed to get along
   with humans.

Lucca: Thanks a lot!
   Say. We were told that Mystics hate
   Why are you being so kind?

Robo: Thank you for your help.

Robo: But why are you being so
   The Mystics supposedly despise

 [Blue Imp]
   Humans fought the Mystics over 400
   years ago.

   My motto is «forgive and forget» but
   not many seem to agree with me.

 [Blue Imp]
   You can use magic?!
   Magic-using humans supposedly
   perished long ago.

 [Blue Imp]
   You folks hungry?

 [Medina Market, 1000 A.D.]

   No human's gonna talk to ME!

   Nothing here to sell to humans!
   Get out of here!
         Give up.

   You know-it-all humans!
   Teach 'em a lesson, boss!

   They got the boss?!

   All right.
   I'll sell something to you.

   Hah! You think I'm gonna cut my prices
   for a HUMAN?!

 [Medina Inn, 1000 A.D.]

   You're spoilin' my meal!

   Hah! I hope those humans get what
   they deserve from Heckran!

   No room here for humans.
         Give up and walk away.
         Plead with them.

   Pipe down, okay!!
   Get' em!


   200G per night.
   Wouldn't you like to rest?

   Not enough cash, huh?

 [Elder's House, Medina, 1000 A.D.]

 [Ozzie VIII]
   I'm Ozzie VIII, Medina village's leader!
   My ancestors served the great

   Oh, great Magus...why didn't you
   simply exterminate the human race
   400 years ago?

 [Green Imp]
   This work is brutal.

 [Blue Imp]
   Ozzie VIII uses his ancestors' fame to
   boss us around!

 [Green Imp]
   A beast lives in a cave on the mountain
   to the west.
   Only magic attacks can harm it.

   Those who do not possess magic will
   find it difficult sneak by.
   Well, I better get back to work and
   tidy up before Ozzie VIII finds me.

 [Medina Square, 1000 A.D.]

Marle: Crono, what's that weird

Lucca: That chanting's pretty
   What do you make of it?

Robo: From where does this eerie
   chanting originate?

   Sir Magus

   As soon as Magus's creation, the
   mighty Lavos, awakens from his long
   sleep, the human race is doomed.

   400 years have passed since Magus
   commanded the Mystics, and waged
   war against the humans.

   When Lavos is awakened, all humans
   are DOOMED!
   Mwa ha!

   Long ago, the all mighty Magus
   brought forth the all-powerful Lavos.

 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]

MELCHIOR: Ah, hello!
   Could I interest you in a weapon?
      Yes, I'd like to buy one.
      No, I'm not interested.

MELCHIOR: That sword is an invention
   of mine.
   It's lightweight and handles superbly.

MELCHIOR: Weapons...
   If there weren't evil in this world,
   there would be no need for

   What a sad state of affairs...

   Well, you know where to find me
   should the need arise.

MELCHIOR: Should you desire to return
   to Truce village, use the shortcut
   through the cave in the mountains to
   the north.

 [Heckran Cave, 1000 A.D.]

   Death to the Mystics' enemies!

   Death to the Mystics' enemies!

   If only the great Magus who
   brought forth Lavos 400 years ago,
   had destroyed the human race!

   The world would've belonged to us


Lucca: In the Middle Ages, Magus
   created Lavos, the destroyer of this
   planet's future!

Marle: In the Middle Ages, Magus
   created Lavos, who is responsible for
   destroying this planet's future.

Marle: If we go to the Middle Ages
   and take out Magus, can we
   change history?

Robo: If we go to the Middle Ages
   and destroy Magus, can we
   change history?

Lucca: We could use the Gate at the

Marle: Hey, Crono, we could use
   the Gate at the Fairgrounds!

   Jump in?

 [C10: The Hero Appears]

 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]

   If you see Lucca, tell her to drop

TABAN: I'd like to see more of her.
   I've been making items she'd like.

TABAN: Oh you're just in time.

TABAN: It's my finest work!
   The ultimate in defense for my,

TABAN: Hey, Lucca!

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

SOLDIER: Princess Nadia!

Marle: Come on, Crono!
   I don't wanna see that bullheaded

SOLDIER: Princess Nadia!

   T, Terrorists!!

Lucca: This is NOT good.

Robo: What is going on?!

Frog: Who, what?

 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]

FRITZ: Come on in!!

FRITZ: Crono!!
   I owe you one!
   You saved my skin back there.

FRITZ: Man, was I up the creek!
   I went off on a buying trip, and
   ended up getting jailed with a bunch
   of thieves!

   The officials planned to execute me
   without a trial!
   What has gotten into them?

ELAINE: We're forever in your debt!
   Thank you, again!

FRITZ: Hope my Dad never hears about

             Get 10 Mid Ethers!

Huh, hey!

FRITZ: D, Dad!

Working hard?

FRITZ: But, of course!
   R, right?

ELAINE: Y, yes.

   Well, all right...

   I'm in your debt.

FRITZ: Now Crono, down to
   Please, buy whatever you like!

FRITZ: Welcome,  [member1]!

FRITZ: Thanks!

 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: Crono!

MOM: Crono!
   You had me so worried!
   I heard you were to be executed,

MOM: Stop scaring me like that!

Lucca: Hi!

MOM: Lucca!
   We hardly see you these days!

Lucca: I've been kinda busy...

MOM: Don't let life pass you by, dear!
   And say «Hi» to your parents!

MOM: Goodness...!
   Lucca, is THIS one of your

Robo: Greetings.
   I am Robo.
   Crono is my friend.

MOM: My, how polite!
   Strange looking, but well behaved!
   Crono, you could learn a thing or

Crono's Mom: Stay out of trouble,

 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   Wearing the «Hero Medal,» the chosen
   one has appeared!
   We're saved!

   I heard Magus's army is at the
   We're in trouble now!

 [Truce Inn, 600 A.D.]

   Have you heard?!
   The legendary Hero has appeared!

   He went to see the King.
   Now Magus's army hasn't a chance!

 [Young Man]
   They say the King has been wounded!
   Is this the end?

 [Young Man]
   No, the Hero has appeared!
   He'll save us!

   Is it true? I heard Magus's army
   has taken the bridge!

 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]

   I had almost completed the bell when
   Magus's army wounded our King.
   I've lost the will to work.

 [Young Woman]
   I hope this bell will ring in a new world
   of peace.

 [Zenan Bridge, 1000 A.D.]

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Our rations have run
   Have the supplies from Guardia
   Castle arrived yet?!

   Forming a protective ring around the
   Hero, the best knights of the Kingdom
   kicked off the offensive.

   It appears our knights and Magus's
   troops are locked in battle, at the
   center of the bridge.
   May we emerge victorious!

   Does the Hero alone have the power to
   take on Magus's army?

   We cannot defeat Magus's army by
   Our only hope is the Hero.

   I never believed those stories about
   the Hero and his legendary medal...
   Now it turns out he's our only hope.

   Our food supplies have run out.

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

   Who goes there!

SOLDIER: Oh, it's you again.

   Magus's troops had us cornered
   but the appearance of the Hero, saved

   He just went to see the King a moment

   The Knight Captain has gone to Zenan
   Bridge. Many of the wounded from
   there, are resting below.

   I'm sorry, the beds are all taken.

 [Wounded Soldier]
   Magus has already defeated 3
   fierce warriors.

 [Wounded Soldier]
   There's a food shortage on the front

 [Wounded Soldier]
   Heard something 'bout a hero showing

 [Wounded Soldier]
   Even the Knight Captain went to the
   front lines...

 [Wounded Soldier]

   The King's trying his best, too.
   So snap out of it!

   The chef's in a snit, trying to get food
   to the front lines while keeping the
   King healthy.

   We've got to nurse the King back to
   good health!

   Chef, hurry with the food that goes to
   Zenan Bridge!

   Hey you, is this food good enough for
   the King?

CHEF: What?
   My brother?!

CHEF: That's what you get for thinkin'
   that you're the only ones fighting for
   your country!

MAID: Hey!

MAID: Stop bickering!
   Grow up!

CHEF: ...

   Pipe down!
   What do you know?!

   Men are such fools!

   He acts that way, but the chef always
   worries about the Knight Captain.

   Those two are really looking for a way
   to make up.

   Hey, hey, come on now!!


CHEF: ...

   Take this with you!

CHEF: And, this is for you guys.
   Take it, will ya.

CHEF: And tell that fool...

   He had better come back alive!

   Sir Crono!
   The legendary Hero has finally

   He just arrived a moment ago, to meet
   the King.

   The King was injured, and is
   recuperating in bed.

   Queen Leene has been at his side all

   The King fought bravely against
   Magus's troops. Had he not heard of
   the arrival of the Hero, he might have
   fought to the death!

   I'm so ashamed...

   I treated him badly, thinking he was
   just some brat.

   Luckily, he forgave me.
   A hero, HE IS.

   At this rate, Queen Leene will also

   Cyrus must have sent the boy to us.

   Oh, Crono...
   I've let down my kingdom.

   Since we cannot locate Cyrus, our sole
   hope rests on the boy who has the
   hero medal...

   He searches the southern continent,
   for the sword that can defeat

 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]

   Mere mortals can never expect to beat
   Magus's troops.

   The Hero has made it across the bridge
   somehow, but our troops have
   suffered heavy losses.


KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Magus's army has
   the advantage now.
   Keep back!


   Is that for us?

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Food rations!

   The cook...he has saved us all!

KNIGHT CAPTIAN: Sir Crono, if I do
   not make it back...
   ...give my brother my thanks...


   Magus's troops have launched an
   They're breaking through our

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Stop sniveling! It
   shames the Knights of the Square

   We shall DESTROY Magus's troops
   and bring honor to our King!

   But, we are far outnumbered!

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: This is our last line of
   We must let no one through!


KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Our troops are
   suffering greatly.

   Sir Crono, will you assist us?

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: We are eternally in
   your debt!

   You will find Magus's troops
   across the bridge!
   Take this with you!

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Magus's troops are
   highly trained.
   Please be on your guard.

   We Knights of the Square Table
   cannot surrender.

   We shall hold this position to the last

   Magus's army is awfully well

   I'm Ozzie, Magus's top general!
   Those who dare defy Magus have to
   answer to me!

OZZIE: Yes my children...
   Give 'em a taste of doom!

OZZIE: Those wimps're stronger than I

Marle: Wait up, already!

Lucca: He's pretty swift when it
   comes to running away.

Robo: We've got him.

OZZIE: Seems I misjudged you.
   But I won't do that twice!

OZZIE: Grrrr!
   You're through!

OZZIE: Drat!

OZZIE: That's IT!
   Now you're finished!

Marle: Don't mess with Crono,
   or you'll really be sorry!

Lucca: Poor sport, huh?

Robo: You cannot win.
   You had best surrender.

OZZIE: Go Zombor!
   Crush Sir Magus's enemies!

   Crono, we held the bridge! But,
   unless we defeat Magus, this is an
   empty victory.

   We held Zenan Bridge with Sir
   Crono's help.

 [Dorino Market, 600 A.D.]

   Welcome, what can I do for you?

   Thanks a lot!

   The Hero has appeared?

   That means the epic battle will begin!

 [Dorino Residence, 600 A.D.]

 [Little Boy]
   Mom said I can't play outside 'cause of
   the monsters.
   I'm so bored!

   I heard Magus knows arcane magic
   which the monsters can't match.

 [Young Woman]
   Where could Sir Cyrus be?

   Surely he hasn't deserted the kingdom?
Frog: ......

                  It's locked!

 [Old Man]
   Is it true that the King was injured?

   What's going to happen to us, and to
   our country...?

 [Old Man]
   Is that a Naga-ette Bromide you've got

   I'll trade you something good for it.
   How about it?
         Let's trade!
         I don't want the geezer's loot.

   Fine then, suit yourself.

   Really, you mean it?

   Yahoo! Now just hold your horses and
   I'll be back in a jiffy!

   It's unlocked so you're free to take it.

   And I'll be taking this.
   Hee hee...

 [Old Man]
   Don't tell Grannie.
   Hee, hee, my very own Naga-ette pet.

 [Elder's House, Dorino, 600 A.D.]

HEA.D.MAN: I want you to find the
   mythical «Rainbow Shell.»

   Here's some front money.
   We're counting on you Toma!

TOMA: Hey, no problem!
   'cause, like, I'm the mythical
   Good match, eh chief.

   I'll be waiting for good news.

TOMA: With that settled, I'll grab a bite
   before I go.

TOMA: I'm busy right now.
   Let's talk later.

CHIEF: We can use the «Rainbow Shell»
   to make some reflective armor.
   It'll be strong against magic!

   But that guy's a little flakey...
   Was it a mistake to trust him?

 [Little Girl]
   The Hero has come!

   He's strong and he's gonna thrash
   those monsters!

 [Young Woman]
   Only the ancient sword, «Masamune,»
   can defeat him.
   And only the Hero can wield it!

 [Old Woman]
   The chief of Sandorino Village lives

   Are you foreigners?
   Did you flee from Magus's troops?

   Magus has 3 fearsome henchmen,
   Ozzie, Flea, and Slash.

   They're tone-deaf, evil fiends!

 [Young Man]
   Magus's lair is on an island to the
   Sheer cliffs make it inaccessible.

 [Dorino Inn, 600 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   Are Magus's armies really closing

   Well, the mythical Hero has appeared
   so we'll be all right!

   Want to hear my tale?

   Goblins with huge hammers, roam the
   Denadoro Mountains to the east.

   But burn their weapons, and they're

   Well...I'll tell someone else...

 [Young Man]
   Did you know? They say the mythical
   Masamune lies deep within the
   Denadoro mountains.

   But it's guarded by terrible beasts.

   Clear your conscience, the end of the
   world is coming.

 [Young Man]
   Magus is trying to bring forth an
   immense evil...

   If he succeeds, there will be nowhere
   to run.
   We'll all perish!

   That's why I'm living it up now!

TOMA: Hey, how have you been?
   You pay my tab and I'll let you in on
   some stuff.

   How about it?
         No way.

TOMA: Thanks a bunch!

TOMA: Tsk!
   Not enough money!

TOMA: Hey, one more, please!

TOMA: Some creepy, dangerous frogs
   have taken over the southern woods.

TOMA: Fine!
   Go away, I don't have time for you.

TOMA: Now for that «Rainbow Shell»...
   I guess Porre would be the first
   place to look.

 [Old Man]
   Many people go to the inn.
   If you seek someone, ask there.

   By the way, EnergyWhirls will dissipate
   if you use your «Slash» attack.

   There's balance in nature.

OWNER: You're looking for the Hero?
   Go south, to the village of Porre,
   where they say he's from.

   Helloooo there!
   This is the R & R hotel.
   It'll cost you 50 G!

   Will you stay?

   Oh yes!
   Well then rest and relax!

   You don't have enough!

   What a shame!
   I'll wait for you to come back...

   A sword called the
   «something-or-other mune» was
   made hundreds of years ago.

   No one has the skill to make a sword
   like that anymore.

 [Young Woman]
   Have you met the Hero already?

   Wow! I wish I could just get a glimpse
   of him...
   I've got butterflies!

   I haven't met him either.

   I wonder what the champion of the
   world looks like?
   I'm so excited!

 [Fiona's Villa, 600 A.D.]

FIONA: My husband Marco hasn't
   returned from the war.

   But these woods mean a lot to us, so
   I'll guard them until he returns.

 [Porre Inn, 600 A.D.]

   20G in advance...

   Very well!

   Come again soon.

 [Porre Market, 600 A.D.]

 [Little Boy]
   I'm gonna put on this armor and fight
   that stupid Magus!

   It's heavy!

 [Little Girl]
   Don't overdo it!

 [Porre Cafe, 600 A.D.]

MISTRESS: Little Tata must be away...
   We haven't seen him in awhile.

   But things are a lot quieter without
   that brat around.

 [Old Man]
      A strange monster came by the other
   day, mumbling about Queen Leene and
   the Masamune...

   That shore were an ugly frog!
   Hardy har!

   I can't believe the legendary Hero was
   a boy from this village!

   Did you hear the latest?

   Everyone's talking about him!
   I bet his old man is proud!

   Well, remember that the legendary
   Hero is from this village then!

 [Young Woman]
   I can't believe the legendary Hero is
   that naughty runt, Tata!

   Have you heard about the magical
   The one east of the Denadoro

   I saw a rock wall there pop open, and
   a gaggle of ghouls just walked right in!

   Best to leave Magus and his cronies
   alone, though!

TOMA: Hey, you again!
   How 'bout buying me a soda?
      No way.

TOMA: Thanks!
   I'll wish you a safe journey.

TOMA: I tracked down the Rainbow
   Shell that the chief wanted.
   It's on some small island...

   Only thing is...I don't know WHICH

   And the money he gave me is gone.
   What should I do?

TOMA: What a miser!

   I don't even have enough for grub!

 [Tata's House, 600 A.D.]

 [Tata's Father]
   My son's the legendary Hero!
   It must have been all that oatmeal!
   And to think that I'm his father...!

 [Old Man]
   My grandson's a brave Hero!
   That's from my side of the family!

 [Elder's House, Porre, 600 A.D.]
 [Little Girl]
   I'm gonna marry Tata!

   If only I had some Jerky...
   What a great meal I could make...

 [Young Man]
   Next to the bed is a treasure box.
   Open it, and the contents are yours.

VILLAGE CHIEF: The «Magic Cave» lies
   under a mountain east of Denadoro.

 [Young Woman]
   Tata received the Hero Medal!
   At first I thought it was fake!

   He must have done something very
   brave! He's probably up north, looking
   for the legendary sword.

 [C11: Tata and the Frog]

 [Denadoro Mts]


BOY: Th, this is a terrible place!
   Y, you'd best run away while you

   Shut up!
   Get lost!

   Mountains're nice.

   This's the life.

   Mountains're nice.

   Man, you're nosy.
   Here, take this.

KID: I'm the wind!

KID: Stop!

KID: Are you here for the Masamune?

KID: You're not?
   Then you should leave quickly.

KID: Thought so...
   Wait a second, okay?

KID: Oh big broooother...
   Where are you, Masa?!

MASA: What is it, Mune?

MASA: Not again!?

MASA: So! You want to get a name for
   yourself by grabbing the Masamune?
   What a buffoon!

MUNE: Humans are so...silly!
   It's how you USE the sword that's
   important...not who owns it!

MASA: You can't even understand
   something as simple as that.
   That's why you're human.

MUNE: What should we do?

MASA: The usual...test them.
   You can entertain us for awhile.

MUNE: All right!
   Here we go!!!

MUNE: Hey they're pretty tough.

MASA: Only Cyrus made it this far.

MASA: This time it's for real!

MUNE: All right, this is it...
MASA: Yeah.
   We mean business!

   With Masa's bravery and...

   ...Mune's knowledge!

   Two become one!!

MUNE: They beat us, big brother...

MASA: That was fun!

MUNE: Will they fix us?

   Will they find us an owner?

MASA: Yeah, it'll be all right.

Lucca: So this is the Masamune...

   But it looks like it's been broken for

Robo: So!
   The Masamune is not just a myth...

   But it has long been broken.

       You got the broken Masamune!

MASA: Allow me! We'll ride the wind to
   the base of the mountain!

MUNE: Good luck to you.

   Ride the wind?

 [Dorino Inn, 600 A.D.]

OWNER: Last I heard, the Hero went to
   the Denadoro Mountains to find a

   I hope he's okay!

 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]

   Sorry, but I'm out on the road peddling
   my wares. 
   Please come back some other time.

Lucca: Say, where's Melchior?

Lucca: There's a note?
   What does it say?

Lucca: What!! The geezer's gone
   when we need him the most!

Marle: Hey, looks like Mr. Melchior
   isn't home!

Marle: I wonder what this is?
   Let's see here...

Marle: He's gone when we need him
   the most!

 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]

SIGN: Private Property.
   No trespassing...GRIBBIT

   Stop it you dog!

   Who's there!?

Frog: 'Tis thee, Crono!
   Thou art here to practice thy
   skill in swordplay?

Frog: What?!
   The King hast been injured?

Frog: ......

   I see...

Frog: 'Tis nary a thing I canst do...
   Please be on thy way.

Frog: The Hero, I am not.
   I can do naught.

 [Tata's House, 600 A.D.]

TATA: I...I'm sorry everyone.
   Some frog guy dropped this in a

   I thought I'd sell it, but then
   everyone started calling me a
   I couldn't bear to get rid of it!

   I just can't fake it any longer.
   I'm no Hero...! I'm so ashamed!
   Please take this!

TATA'S FATHER: Scoundrel!
   I knew this was all a sham!

 [Tata's Father]
   How could I have fallen for that? For
   my dear departed wife's sake, I vow
   to keep my feet on the ground!

TATA: Listen to YOU!
   Who was going around telling
   everyone that you raised a Hero,

 [Old Man]
   Oh, my grandson!

   He secretly told me, «My next goal is to
   command the Super Legendary Space
   Ship, XR-RX!»

 [Porre Cafe, 600 A.D.]

MISTRESS: I guess Tata's home now.
   It was so quiet without him...

   But I'm glad he's back.
   It was a bit TOO quiet around here...

   And I thought the Hero was from here.
   What a let down...

 [Young Woman]
   So Tata was a fake after all!

   Then where's the real Hero?

 [Porre Elder's House, 600 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   Oh, that Tata!
   He's just too loveable.

 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]

Frog: You hath done well to find
   this locale.
   Th, the Hero Badge!

Frog: Thee hath returned?
   Th, the Hero Medal!

Frog: Aye...
   Then thou hast seen the lad.
   Yet there's nary a thing I canst do
   against Magus.

Frog: The legendary Masamune is
   required to fight Magus.

   And I've no right to wield it.

Frog: Please leave now...

Lucca: A broken sword...
   It's part of the Masamune!

Robo: A broken sword...
   A part of the Masamune!

Lucca: It's engraved with archaic
   I think I can read it.

Lucca: ...M...e...l...c...h...i...o...r!

Lucca: «Melchior?!»
   That guy in Medina Village?

Robo: Something is written in
   archaic script.
   I will translate...

Robo: .........

Robo: Roihclem?

Robo: System error!
   I reversed it!
   It says «Melchior!»

Marle: Melchior?
   That guy in Medina Village?

   What does this mean, Crono?

Frog: Nary a soul remains to
   mend'eth the Masamune.

 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]

MELCHIOR: You're back again?
   Come to see my collection?

MELCHIOR: Th, this's the
   How did you get it?

Marle: Why would YOUR name be on
   that sword?

Lucca: Why would your name be
   engraved on the sword?


   It's a...long story.

MELCHIOR: You do want to hear this
   story, right?

Marle: Yes!
   Tell us about the Masamune!

Lucca: Of course!
   Tell us about the Masamune!

Marle: Can you fix it somehow?

Lucca: Is it possible to reforge it?

MELCHIOR: Hmmmm...
   It might be possible if we could get
   our hands on some Dreamstone,
   which the sword is made of.

Marle: Dreamstone?
    Where can we get that?

Robo: Dreamstone...?
    No data in my memory banks of
   such a rock.

MELCHIOR: You can't find it anymore.
   It was a red stone that was once
   used as money.

   Unfortunately, it hasn't been
   available for a very long time.

MELCHIOR: I doubt that you'll ever find
   the red stone, but if you bring some
   to me, I will fix the Masamune. Keep
   the sword with you until then.

   Would you like to buy something?

 [C12: The Rare Red Rock]

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: Dreamstone?...

   I've heard of it, of course.
   It's a prehistoric mineral...

   You might find it way back in the
   prehistoric era.

 [Mystic Mountain, 65000000 B.C.]

Marle: Wh...what are those?

Lucca: They're all green and scaly!

Robo: Half human, half dinosaur...
   An unlikely life form.

Marle: What should we do,

Lucca: We're outnumbered!

Marle: Goodness!
   She is tough!

Lucca: Who IS that woman?!

Robo: Her fighting capabilities far
   exceed those of humans!

Marle: Uh oh...they're coming our

Robo: Now they're after us!

Marle: Wh...what do you want?

Lucca: What the...!

Robo: Do not upset her.
   She's rather agitated right now.

Marle: Ack!

Lucca: We're not looking for a


Robo: Her...expressive abilities are
   also greater.

Woman: You strong.
   What name?

   Crono, huh?
   Good name.

Ayla: Me Ayla.
   Ayla like strong people.
   So Ayla like Crono!

Marle: Get away from her,

Lucca: I think she likes you,

Ayla: You strong too.
   Ayla respect strong people.
   Men and women.

Marle: Oh, brother...

Lucca: Where have they been
   keeping her?

Robo: Y, yes?

Ayla: You different, but strong

Robo: It's because I'm a robot.

Ayla: «Rawboot?» What that?
   Ayla don't know.

Robo: It's a machine that looks like
   a man.

Ayla: What you say?!
   No rubbish or Ayla, head go

Ayla: Crono, where from?

Marle: Uh, how can we explain?

Robo: It is beyond her grasp.

Lucca: We're from way after the
   day after tomorrow.

Marle: We're from many days
   ahead of tomorrow.

Ayla: Ha ha, you funny.
   Ayla like funny people.

Lucca: It's no use...

Ayla: Come to village!
   We talk and eat.
   Dance! Eat!

Marle: Thank you but we can't.
   We're looking for a Dreamstone.

Lucca: We'd love to go, but we've
   got to look for the Dreamstone now.

Ayla: Stone?
   Plenty stones!
   Here, there, at village.
   You take plenty.

   Crono come, Ioka village this way.

Ayla: Crono too slow!


 [Meeting Site, 65000000 B.C.]

   Not ready yet.

 [Chief's Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: Good, Crono come.
   Night soon and ready for party.
   Come Crono!

 [Meeting Site]

Ayla: Listen all!
   New friends here!

   Strong man.

 Friends of Crono.
 [member2],  [member3]!

All: Unngaaa!

Ayla: Now, we dance!

Ayla: Crono, eat, sing, dance!

Marle: C'mon Crono, let's party!

Marle: This is fantastic!

Lucca: They're twisting my arm!

Lucca: Bur...rrp!

Robo: This is no time to celebrate!

Marle: I want to dance, too!

Marle: This is great!
   C'mon Crono. Let's dance!

   Press LRXYB to dance!!
   Press A to stop.

Lucca: Yumm.
   Crono you've got to try some poi!
      Spoon it up!
      No, thanks.

Lucca: Are you a man or a mouse?!
   Do it in one gulp!

Lucca: Hey? You're not a wimp, are
   you?! C'mon eat up!

Lucca: Gyah ha ha!

Lucca: Buurp!

Robo: What an unpleasant
   And so many bugs in it!

   Good music!
   We pass down to many generations...!

   Oohga, bunga [musicsymbol]
   Munga, meeple [musicsymbol]
   Dance with wind people [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol]

   Oohga, bunga [musicsymbol]
   Munga, meeple [musicsymbol]
   Dance with mountain people [musicsymbol]

   Oohga, bunga [musicsymbol]
   Munga, might [musicsymbol]
  Sing and dance all night [musicsymbol]

Kino: You outsiders...
   But Ayla give party.

Ayla: Crono you try?!
   Special Jurassic pork soup!
   Good stuff!!

Ayla: Ayla fight Reptites.
   Their leader Azala.
   Very smart.

Ayla: All in Ioka village fight.
   No fight, go to Laruba village.
   Don't know where village is.
   Always hide.

   Azala want to destroy Ioka AND

   But Ayla no lose.
   Only when Ayla dead, give up!

Ayla: Enough.

   Meet Crono today.
   Good day!
   Eat, party, sing, dance!

Ayla: Crono, you look for red

   Rare, red rock sign of power.
   Ayla strongest in Ioka village.
   So Ayla's rock!

   You want, you challenge Ayla!
   You win, then Ayla give to you.

Ayla: Challenge Ayla?

Ayla: Crono scared?!
   Crono strong.
   Ayla strong!
   We battle!

Ayla: Bring plenty soup!

Ayla: Party now, so eat!
   Crono and Ayla have soup

Ayla: We start now.
   Push A Button much times!

Ayla: Burp!

Ayla: What?!
   Crono give up?
      No way!

Ayla: Crono eat more?
   Ayla no can...

Ayla: Stop already?
   You strong, but no can eat much.

Ayla: Enough, Crono.
   You win, I give you rock!

Ayla: Crono eat plenty.
   Eat last bowl for health!

Ayla: Ok, eat.

Ayla: Maybe eat too much!

 [C13: Footsteps! Follow!]

Marle: Morning Crono!
   Wasn't that fun last night?!

Lucca: Phew...

   I was a perfect lady last night!
   But why does my tummy hurt so...?

Robo: G...good morning.
   That soup seems to affect humans.

Marle: Wh...who made these

Lucca: Hey!
   Who made these footprints?!

Marle: It, it's gone!

Lucca: It's gone!

Marle: Oh no!
   The Gate Key is gone!

Lucca: The Gate Key's been taken!

Lucca: These prints were left by
   the thief!

Robo: Whomever left these prints
   took the Gate Key!

Lucca: Without it, we're stuck here

Robo: It's too risky to use the Gate
   without it.

Marle: Crono!
   Let's go find Ayla!

Lucca: This isn't funny!
   Let's go see Ayla!

 [Chief's Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: Snort...zzzz...zzzz...

Ayla: Huh...
   Crono, you up already?

Ayla: Too much soup!
   Sleep like stone.

Lucca: Sorry to wake you, but
   we've been robbed!

Marle: We'd let you sleep, but a
   valuable item has been stolen.

Ayla: Wh, what?
   Must be Reptites!

Ayla: Crono come with
   We settle with Reptites!

Ayla: Who else come?

Ayla: Someone from village see.
   We go ask.
   Crono come!

 [Hunting Range]

   You strong!

   Got 3 each of the following: Petals,
   Fangs, Horns, and Feathers !!

   You plenty strong!

             Got a «Third Eye!»

 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Want to know items?

   «Petal» and «Fang» = Ruby Gun
   «Petal» and «Horn» = Sage Bow
   «Petal» and «Feather» = Stone Arm

   «Fang» and «Horn» = Flint Edge
   «Fang» and «Feather» = Ruby Vest
   «Horn» and «Feather» = Rock Helm
   for trade.

   I tell you something good.
   «Ruby Vest» strong against fire.
   Not too hot when wear.

   Well come.
   What you have?

   «Fang,» «Petal,» «Horn,» «Feather»...
   Bring 3 each of any 2 items, I give you
   1 weapon or 1 item!
   What you give me?

         Petal    [num8] each
         Fang    [num8] each
         Horn    [num8] each
         Feather   [num8] each

   What else?

   Same, no good!
   Choose 2 different ones!

   You have nothing, so no trade!

   «Fang,» «Petal,» «Horn,» «Feather»...
   Give 3 each of any 2 items, I give you
   1 weapon or 1 item!

   Still want trade?

   Trade for «Ruby Gun?»

              You got a Ruby Gun!

   Trade for Sage Bow?

              You got a Sage Bow!

   Okay trade for «Stone Arm?»

              You got a Stone Arm!

   Trade for «Flint Edge?»

              You got a Flint Edge!

   Trade for «Ruby Vest?»

 [Chief's Hut, 65000000 B.C.]


 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Reptites strong.
   Chief, take this.

                  You got a Tonic.

   They leave footprint when run.
   Follow print, find lair!

   Me saw Reptites.
   Came from meeting site.
   Went south to Forest Maze.

   Where Kino?
   Gone all morning.

   Forest Maze, scary place.
   Many monsters, and paths to get lost
   Chief! Be careful.

 [Forest Maze, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: Kino!
   What you do?!*

Ayla: Say NOW!

KINO: Ayla...
   Kino take Crono stuff.

Ayla: Why take?!

KINO: Kino like Ayla best.
   Ayla like Crono, but Kino not

Marle: Ayla!
   Mellow out!

Lucca: Wow, talk about strict!

Robo: Miss Ayla, please do not
   promote violence.

Ayla: Kino!
   You know why I punish?

KINO: Ayla no like Kino...

Ayla: No!
   Ayla like Kino BEST!
   No more do bad stuff, okay?!
   That wrong!

KINO: Ayla...

KINO: Sorry Ayla!

KINO: Sorry Crono!

Ayla: Give back stuff to Crono!

KINO: ...No have... Reptites take!

Ayla: Reptites!!
   Where they go?!

KINO: Run into trees...there!

Ayla: Ayla go too.
   Kino go back village.
   Kino protect village when Ayla
   not there.

KINO: Okay, Ayla!

Ayla: Kino is man... so if Ayla
   die, Kino chief then.

Marle: Ayla...

Lucca: Ayla's one tough cookie.

Robo: Ayla, you are gentle at

Ayla: Chase Reptites!
   Get back Crono stuff!!

 [Reptite Lair, 65000000 B.C.]

   What's this?!
   Could those apes have made something
   THIS advanced?

Ayla: Azala!!

AZALA: Ah, the apes have arrived!
   You're nothing like Ayla...

   Tell me what this is, at once!

   Tell Azala about the key?

AZALA: Liars!
   No one would talk that easily.
   This should loosen your tongues.

AZALA: I guess you need

AZALA: Come, Nizbel!

AZALA: Th...the apes beat Nizbel!

Ayla: Give thing back to Crono.

AZALA: But remember, WE Reptites will
   rule the world!

AZALA: Your days are numbered!

Marle: Is the Gate Key okay?

Lucca: Is the Gate Key okay?

Lucca: No problem!

Robo: I do not detect any damage.

Marle: Thank goodness!
   It looks all right.

Ayla: I fight anytime, Azala!
   Ayla no lose!

Ayla: Bbburp!

 [Chief's Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: You leave, Crono?
   No fun for Ayla!

Marle: I'll never forget you!

Lucca: Thanks Ayla.
   I learned a lot from you.

KINO: Sorry, Crono!
   I try be strong now.
   Just like Crono!

Ayla: Come again, Crono!
   Party! Eat! Dance!

Ayla: Come again, Crono!
    [member2] and  [member3] too!

 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Reptites no come around lately.

 [Little Girl]
   You brave!

   Chief strong!
   You strong too!

   Admire Crono!

   Where Azala run?

 [C14: The Masamune!]

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: You found a Dreamstone!
   I'd forgotten how beautiful they are.

   You'll need to find someone that can
   process that mineral. You'll probably
   find him in Medina, a village near the
   Mystic Mountains.

   Go to «Leene Square»
   1000 A.D.?

   Go to «Truce Canyon»
   600 A.D.?

 [Melchior's Hut]

MELCHIOR: You found some
   Then I'll repair the Masamune!

MELCHIOR: HOW on earth did you get the
   ...and the Dreamstone?

MELCHIOR: No, don't tell me.
   I don't think my heart could take it.
   It'll take a little while to fix this...

Lucca: I'll lend a hand!!

Robo: I shall help also.

Marle: Crono!
   Where are you going?
   The Masamune isn't fixed yet!

Lucca: Hey, Crono! Are you just
   gonna leave the Masamune here?!

Robo: Mr. Crono, the Masamune
   has not been fully repaired.

MELCHIOR: All right, then!

Lucca: How are you gonna fix it?

Robo: These repairs seem quite

MELCHIOR: Don't interrupt me while I'm
   conducting research!

MELCHIOR: At any rate, leave this to me!

MELCHIOR: To repair the Masamune, we
   must process the Dreamstone, and
   activate the sword.

   You work on the Dreamstone, and I'll
   work on the sword.

Lucca: OK!
   Leave it to Lucca the Great!

Robo: Understood.

Lucca: Gonna be mighty busy!

Robo: First, the tools...

Lucca: This's pretty complicated...
   You're breaking my concentration, so
   would you find somewhere else to
   go for awhile?

Robo: Without the proper facilities,
   refining the Dreamstone could take
   some time.

MELCHIOR: To energize this sword, we
   must first rejuvenate the broken

MELCHIOR: The spell to energize the
   sword takes immense concentration.
   Could you leave us alone for awhile?

MELCHIOR: All right, it's done!
   Now, bring me the Dreamstone.

Lucca: I'm done here too.

MELCHIOR: All right, let's get started.

MELCHIOR: Sorry to keep you waiting.

MELCHIOR: Take a good look!
   THIS is the Masamune!

Marle: Awesome!
   What a weapon!

Lucca: The Masamune...
   It's mystic powers might just force
   me to believe in the supernatural...

Robo: How strange.
   My sensors are picking up...spiritual
   energy emanating from the

MELCHIOR: Well, I think that's

Marle: Ok Crono, let's take the
   Masamune to Frog.

Robo: Crono, let us take the
   Masamune to Frog.

Lucca: Okay, Crono, let's get this
   back to Frog.

MELCHIOR: This weapon represents
   considerable power...
   Your actions may either save or
   destroy life.

   Wield your sword with full
   knowledge of the consequences!

   Would you like to buy something?

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: What luster!
   The Masa...Mune, correct?

   A...person in the Middle Ages wants to
   take down Magus with that.

 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]

Frog: 'Tis thee again.

Frog: This sword...
   'Tis the Masamune?

Frog: I must ponder this turn of
   Remain'eth here the night.

 [Frog's Flashback, Guardia Castle, 590 A.D.]

LEENE: Cyrus!
   Are you leaving?

CYRUS: Yes, it's time we took back the
   Medal from the Frog King.
   And I'd like to see that mythical
   sword for myself.

GUARDIA: But Cyrus, the kingdom needs

   And Leene and I need you.
   You must return to us!

CYRUS: As long as there is life in these
   bones, I shall return!

   By your leave...

SOLDIER: Sir Cyrus!!

SOLDIER: We, the Knights of the Square
   Table, wish you a safe journey!

CYRUS: Listen well, my friends...

CYRUS: I now entrust the safety of the
   kingdom to you!

CYRUS: Pardon the delay.
   Shall we be off?

LEENE: Glenn, you be careful too!

GLENN: Be of sound health, your

 [Frog's Flashback, Unknown Forest, 590 A.D.]

 [Frog King]
   So! You want the Badge of Courage,
   dear knight of the kingdom?
   Well come and take it...if you can!!!

CYRUS: Prepare yourself, polywog!
   En guarde!

   Nirvana Strike!

 [Frog King]
   How dare you pick on a helpless

   Filthy medal!
   I won't forget this!

 [Frog's Flashback, Denadoro Mts, 590 A.D.]

GLENN: Aaah!

CYRUS: Beware Glenn!!

GLENN: Cyrus!
   The sword...

   The Masamune!

OZZIE: Gyah ha ha...
   Is THAT the best you can do?!

   Without your sword, you're nothing!

CYRUS: Arrgh!
   You haven't beaten me yet!

GLENN: C, Cyrus...
   I'm a g...goner.

CYRUS: Glenn, escape while I keep them
   at bay.

GLENN: B, but...!

CYRUS: If you stay, they'll get us both.
   Go on, Glenn!

Magus: You'd better worry more
   about yourself, Cyrus!

CYRUS: Come on, Glenn!

CYRUS: Aaahhh...!

GLENN: C, Cyrus!


   The Queen.
   Take care...of...Leene...


GLENN: C, Cyrus!?


Magus: Harumph!
   What's the matter?
   Aren't you going to try your luck?

GLENN: Err...!

OZZIE: Gyah, ha ha...
   Cat got your tongue kid?

OZZIE: How about it, Magus?
   Can't you give him a more fitting

Magus: All right, why not?
   There's always time for a little fun.


GLENN: A...augh!!

GLENN: Aaaaack!

OZZIE: Gyah ha ha...!
   You spineless wimp!

 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]

Frog: 10 years hath passed...

   Can I do it?
   I've changed so much.
   Alas, poor Cyrus...!

Frog: Awaketh, Crono.

Frog: Though we may fail...
   ...let us go to Magus's lair.

Frog: Thou knowest his power?

Lucca: Nothing can beat science!

Marle: We won't be beaten by a
   bad guy!

Robo: We must do it to save our

 [C15: Magus' Castle]

 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: Dear me...!

   How many times have I told you to
   keep your pets outside!!

Frog: M, madam...!

   I am NOT a pet!
   Though I am...odd of figure, I am a
   master swordsman!

   Er...I just thought, I mean...

   I'm terribly sorry, uh, Mr. Toad!

Frog: NO!
   Mine name is...

MOM: Yes, dear?

Frog: ......

   «Toad» will do for now...

 [Magic Cave]

 [Frog's Flashback, Unknown Forest, ? A.D.]


   Hey you-!

   It's Cyrus!
   Run for your lives!

   Sniffle...thanks, Cyrus...Hic...!

CYRUS: Glenn, there're times when
   people simply have to grit their

GLENN: hurts when I get hit.

CYRUS: You're a marshmallow, Glenn...

 [Frog's Flashback, Zenan Bridge, ? A.D.]

CYRUS: Hey Glenn...
   I've been thinking about becoming a

GLENN: I knew you were going to enlist!
   You'll make a great warrior!

CYRUS: Why don't you join, too?

GLENN: I...don't think I'd make the cut.

CYRUS: But, why?
   You're better with a sword than I

GLENN: I don't know...
   I think I'd really lose it if I had to
   hurt someone.

 [Frog's Flashback, Denadoro Mts, 590 A.D.]


GLENN: A...augh!!

   ...The Hero's...Medal...

 [Magic Cave, 600 A.D.]

Frog: Hand'eth over the

Frog: Mine name is Glenn!
   Cyrus's hopes and dreams...
   And now the Masamune...

Frog: Forthwith I shall slay
   Magus and restore honor!

Frog: Be that magic you use?
   I hath heard only magicians wield it

   Travel to the End of Time, and you,
   too, may learn to use magic.

Robo: Travel to the End of Time,
   and you may gain the use of magic.

   A note written in blood!

   «The Juggler in Magus's castle...
   strengthens his guard when attacked.

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: What a strange new guest!
   Are YOU from the Middle Ages?

SPEKKIO: What a weird fellow.
   Being a frog, let's give him «Water!»

Frog learned to use magic!

 [Magus's Lair, 600 A.D.]

Frog: This can only be...

Frog: Magus's castle...!

 [Young Woman]
   Ha, ha...

 [Young Man]

   Wanna play...

 [Little Boy]
   Our treasure...

Frog: Ozzie!

OZZIE: Welcome, Glenn! Or should I say,
   Sir Froggy! Mwa, ha!
   Say, looks like you got some
   replacements for Cyrus!

   Magus is a tad busy right now.
   You'll have to take up your business
   with me...

   ...the swordsman, Slash, and Flea, the

OZZIE: You'll have to defeat all 100 of
   the beasts in Magus's castle...!

   Dance, DANCE!!
   For tonight our leader is to be born!

   Here comes the sacrifice!

   Please let me go...

   Put me out of my misery...


   Please, put a stop to this...!

   Only a moron would try to kill
   something that's already dead!


   Please help...

   Relieve us of this misery!


   How did you get past my...cadaver

Frog: It's been ages,
   Sir Slush!...

SLASH: That's SLASH, you slimy dolt!
   Still playing the comedian, eh Glenn?

   You'd be singing a different tune if
   Cyrus hadn't been there with you
   last time!

SLASH: You'd have fit right in with those
   boney fellows you just busted up!

SLASH: Now, let's get to business.
   This is going to do me a world of

SLASH: And with no Cyrus to protect
   you, you're mine!

SLASH: You dare to oppose me?!

SLASH: Unbelievable...!
   But falling in the line of duty for

SLASH: ...leaves me with few regrets...!

   Do you want our treasure...?

   It's good stuff...

   In that case, will you...

   Play with us!
   Pretty please!

 [Fake Crono's Mom]
   Crono! So THIS is where you've
   been since the Festival!
   You had me worried sick!

   Children THIS naughty...

   ...deserve to be punished!

 [Fake King Guardia]
   Princess Nadia...

   I was wrong!
   Please return to the castle... road kill, my dear...!

 [Fake Taban]
   Well, if it isn't Lucca!

   You're STILL alive, my dear?!

 [Fake Lucca]
   Robo, don't waste your strength!

   No matter what you do, I'll break you!

 [Fake Queen Leene]
   Frog, you're safe!

   I guess we'd better do something
   about that!

Frog: The magician, Flea, I

Frog: Wait!
   That isn't Flea...
   Where's the REAL Flea?!

   Mwa ha...
   Here, over here...

   Giving up, little tadpole?!

Marle: Who IS this person?

Lucca: Hey!
   Who ARE you?!

Robo: Who is this fiend?

Frog: Keep your guard up!
   This is no ordinary woman!
   Meet Flea, the magician!

FLEA: What the...?!
   Hey, I'm a GUY!

Marle: THAT is a GUY?!

Lucca: Say what?!
   That's a guy?!

Robo: But its exterior is that of a

FLEA: Male...female......what's the
   Power is beautiful, and I've got the

FLEA: Poor little Froggie! You must be
   lonely now that Cyrus is gone.

   And to be turned into something so

FLEA: But since you've brought your
   new friends over to play...

FLEA: ...I'll show you all a good time!

FLEA: How can this be...

   Sir Magus...

OZZIE: I grow tired of this!

OZZIE: Flea!

OZZIE: Slash!!

Frog: Sorry, Ozzie,
   but they can't help you now...

OZZIE: You fly eating, tongue flicking...!

OZZIE: Oz...

   Ozzie's in...a jam!!

Frog: Thou can'st not run!

OZZIE: Welcome...!

OZZIE: Mwa, ha...
   How's this ?

OZZIE: Urghhhhhh...

OZZIE: What the...?!

OZZIE: Grr...This takes the cake!

Frog: Thy time hath cometh, Ozzie.

OZZIE: Harharhar...

   I'm sure Sir Magus has already
   called for reinforcements...!

   Wait until Lavos arrives!!

OZZIE: I shan't be defeated!
   No form of attack will break MY

OZZIE: Hahahahahaha!!

OZZIE: Watch where you're aiming!
   Guwa, ha, ha...

OZZIE: Mwee, hee, hee...


Marle: That was a breeze!

Lucca: That guy was totally bent...

Robo: What was that guy's
   That Ozzie...

Frog: We must hurry to
   Magus's place!

   Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...

   Now the chosen time has come...

   Exchange this world for...!

Frog: Magus!!

Magus:'s that stupid frog!

   Kissed any princesses lately?!

Frog: I rather enjoy this form.
   And I oweth it all to you!

Frog: I have something for you!

Magus: Ah...!
   The Masamune!!!

   I bet you're just dying to use it!

Magus: The black wind begins to

    Okay...give me your best shot...

Magus: If you're prepared for the

Magus: W...what have you done to
   the Masamune...?

Marle: What the...?!

Lucca: What's happening!

Robo: It's a large-scale energy

Frog: Could it be...Lavos?!

Magus: Bad timing...!
   Don't wake up on me now...!

Marle: Wake up?
   YOU'RE the one who CREATED him!

Lucca: What do you mean?!
   Didn't you CREATE him?!

Robo: What do you mean?
   According to my records, Lavos was
   born here, at THIS precise moment...

Magus: You fools!
   I only «summoned» him!

   He lives in the inner earth, absorbing
   the land's power and growing ever

Marle: What?!

Lucca: So, he wasn't born in this

Robo: Then my data must be

Frog: What's going on?!

Marle: Th, the Gate?!

Lucca: A g, Gate?!
   It's huge...!

Robo: Impossible!
   A Gate this large should not exist!

Magus: You!
   If you hadn't shown up...!

Marle: Crono!!

Lucca: We're being drawn in!

Robo: It's an enormous gravity

Frog: Whoa...!!

 [C16: Forward to the Past]

 [Crono's Dream]

   Wake up, Crono!
Marle:'ll be late for

Marle: I'd forgotten how beautiful
   Leene's Bell could sound!

Marle: Crono!
   We can't keep sponging off my dad!
   Go out and get a job!

   Crono! Crono!
   Crono! Crono!
   Crono! Crono!
   Crono! Crono!!

 [Chief's Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: Crono awake?!

Marle: Ayla!

Lucca: Ayla?!

Robo: Ms. Ayla!
   Which means we're...

Ayla: Ayla had strange
   Went to Mystic Mountains.
   Everyone lie there, hurt.

   I carry back to hut.

Frog: Magus!

Ayla: Yummy frog!
   For Ayla eat?

Frog: P, perish the thought, lass! 
   By the way, whither the blue-haired

Ayla: Only find you there.
   Blue-hair one more tasty?

Frog: We hath lost him...

Marle: But if Magus didn't create
   Lavos, where from?

Robo: If Magus didn't create
   Lavos, then in what era was

Lucca: Magus said that Lavos
   was born in the distant past...

Ayla: Lavos?
   Not worry now.
   You rest.
   Hurt bad.

KINO: Crono, ok now?
   Ayla busy, look for Laruba

   Fight Reptites together.
   Destroy Reptites or we no survive.


KINO: What happen?
   Crono rest.

   North wood burning!!!

 [Meeting Site, 65000000 B.C.]

   Chief look for Laruba village in north
   Chief okay?
   Trader has new weapons!
   Go see.

 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Saw Reptites follow chief!
   Went north wood!

   Red star in sky.
   See during daytime!

   Red star grow strong!
   Bad sign...

   Weird thing appear in lava field.
   Must be Azala!
   But flying Dactyl go anywhere.
   Hear weird cry in lava field to east.
   Never hear before.

              You got a Ruby Vest!

   Trade for «Rock Helm?»

              You got a Rock Helm!

   Trade for «Aeon Blade?»

             You got an Aeon Blade!

   Trade for a «Magma Hand?»

            You got a Magma Hand!

   Trade for a «Dream Bow?»

          You got a Dream Bow!

   Trade for a «Dream Gun?»

       You got a Dream Gun!

 [Laruba Ruins, 65000000 B.C.]

   Reptites take Kino!
   Reptites hurt all who fight!
   What do now?!
   Reptites come!
   Burn village!!
   Those who fight, killed!
   Reptites follow Ayla.
   Ayla bad luck!

   You disobey, so Reptites mad!

OLD MAN: Ayla...This your fault!
   Look at mess...

OLD MAN: Reptites followed you!
   So village now ruined!

Ayla: ... Ayla feel bad.

OLD MAN: Reptites strong!
   They live long time before us, they
   smart so we hide.

   But Ayla say fight together...
   Ayla still fight?!

Ayla: Ayla fight while alive!
   Win and live. Lose and die.
   Rule of life.
   No change rule.

   Old man breathe, but dead on inside.

OLD MAN: Ayla, you strong, can
   make big talk.
   We no have power...

Ayla: No! Have power!
   We fight, gain more power!
   Ayla help you, but need Dactyl.
   Give Dactyl.

OLD MAN: Need Dactyl?

OLD MAN: Go to Tyrano lair?!
   That Reptite's place.
   Ayla want die?

Ayla: Want to live, so go there!
   Ayla be OK.
   Give Dactyl!

   Go to Dactyl's nest and keeper will
   Careful, Ayla!

Ayla: Thank you, Old man!

   Take care Ayla.

 [Dactyl Nest, 65000000 B.C.]

Ayla: Crono!!

Lucca: You can't be serious about
   going alone!

Marle: Don't even THINK about
   leaving us behind!

Frog: Thou goest forth alone?

   I know not thine quest, but a
   comrade of Crono's is also mine.

   I will not allow thee to meet thy
   demise alone.

Ayla: No!
   Tyrano lair dangerous!
   Maybe all perish!

Lucca: Listen, we owe you one!

Lucca: Right, Crono?

Marle: We can't let you go alone!
   Ayla, you saved us.
   Now it's payback time!

Marle: Right Crono?

Frog: You desire to perish?
   I refuseth to be party to yet another

Frog: Let us proceed, Crono.

Ayla: Ayla have strong

Lucca: We're all going to the Tyrano

Marle: Ayla, let's go!
   Next stop, the Tyrano Lair!

Robo: Let us proceed to the Tyrano

 [C17: Unnatural Selection?]

 [Tyrano Lair, 65000000 B.C.]

JAILER: Thanks for bringing, er, being
   the main course!

GUARD: It's the apes!!!

KINO: Ayla!

Ayla: Kino get back!
   Ayla save you!

Marle: Wow!

Lucca: What are you doing in

Robo: That method does not
   appear to be rational.

Frog: Hmmph.

KINO: Sorry Ayla.
   All Kino's fault.

Ayla: No matter.
   Kino escape with Laruba villagers!

Kino: What Ayla do?

Ayla: Put end to this!

KINO: Kino go too!

Ayla: Kino no come.
   If Ayla dead, Kino new chief of

KINO: Ayla...

Ayla: Ayla strong.
   No lose!

KINO: Kino understand.
   And show you something!

   You strong, me weak.
   Ayla good chief!

NIZBEL: Well, well!

   Out for a little stroll, are we?

NIZBEL: Azala's in the back.

NIZBEL: Hold it.

   This is a special place.
   The great Nizbel was defeated here!

AZALA: are here at last.
   This is it, then.
   The showdown.
   Today there shall be a conclusion.

   Will it be the Reptites, or you silly
   apes who end up ruling the world?

Ayla: Strong survive.
   Ayla strong.
   Ayla fight!

AZALA: Hear that lovely voice?

   You'll soon become the best of
AZALA: Red star...


   Stain the earth...RED!

AZALA: Though it may be our fate to
   perish, we will not simply hand this
   world over to you!

AZALA: Mwa ha ha! With this Black
   Tyrano I can finally exterminate
   those filthy apes!
AZALA: No...It can't be...!
   Could the heavens truly have sided
   with the apes?

   Listen, primates, and let it be known.
   We Reptites fought bravely to the
   bitter end!

Ayla: Ayla understand...

Ayla: !?

AZALA: Soon, stones of fire will rain
   Flames shall scorch the land.

   The burned out plains will slowly
   freeze, ushering in a long, cruel ice

   Mwa, ha ha...what a treat!
   You will wish you went along with us!

   Mwa ha!

Ayla: Lavos...

Marle: Pardon?

Lucca: La...Lavos!?

Robo: Lavos...Impossible!

Ayla: Ayla's word.
   «La» mean fire.
   «Vos» mean big...


Ayla: Kino!

Ayla: Hurry!
   Lavos come soon!

Ayla: All ride Dactyl!

Ayla: Kino!

KINO: Ayla!
   What you do?!

Ayla: Come!

AZALA: Absolutely not!
   The powers that be have spoken.

Ayla: ...

KINO: Ayla!

Ayla: Azala... not forget...

AZALA: The future...

Ayla: Future?
   What about future?

AZALA: We...have no future...

Lucca: So Lavos arrived in this

Robo: So Lavos was «born» here...

Marle: So!
   Lavos descended in this era!

Frog: Through no fault of
   Magus does Lavos live!
   Lavos hath fallen from the sky in
   ancient times.

Ayla: Lavos huge!
   Crono fight it?

Ayla: Crono!
   We go where Lavos fall!

Lucca: We may be able to do
   something now!
   Let's go find out!

Robo: Lavos should be weaker
   Perhaps we can put an end to him?!

Marle: It just arrived so there may
   be something we can do!
   Let's go see!

Frog: Left unscathed, it will
   burrow deep within the earth.
   Best to defeat it now!

 [Cave, 65000000 B.C.]

Marle: Th, there's a Gate!

Lucca: Why is there a Gate here?!

Robo: A Gate has formed!

Frog: 'Tis a Gate?

Ayla: Lavos very fast!
   Deep under earth already.

Marle: This Gate was made by
   Maybe Lavos is the source of all

Lucca: Now I understand!
   The immense energy that Lavos
   gives off alters time and creates

Robo: It appears that the immense
   energy that Lavos radiates alters
   time and creates Gates.

Frog: M, mayhap Lavos be the
   cause of this warp?

   The one in Magus's Castle was

Ayla: What wrong, Crono?
   Fight Lavos!
   Go in here.

 [Laruba Ruins, 65000000 B.C.]

OLD MAN: Reptites gone.
   Thank Ayla...
   You strong.
   I strong now too.

   Reptites burned.

   No more fear.
   No more run away!

   Reptites gone!
   We happy!

 [Meeting Site, 65000000 B.C.]

   Praise strong chief, and Crono!

   Reptites gone!

 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Red star fall...bad omen.
   But Reptites gone!

   No more Reptites!
   Happy happy, joy joy.
   Red Star!
   Me saw!
   Big fire where Lavos fall.
   Me scared!

   Reptites gone!
   Happy happy!

   All relieved.
   Peace good.
   Everyone happy.

 [End of Time]

   Go to «Tyran Fortress»
   65,000,000 B. C.?

   Go to «Earthbound Island»
   12,000 B. C.?

 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: Gracious!
   Who're you?

Ayla: Me Ayla.

MOM: Ayla...
   A young lady doesn't dress like that,

Ayla: But, Ayla like...

MOM: Say «Yes, ma'am!»

Ayla: Crono strong...

   Crono mother strong, too!

 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]

STRANGE CREATURE: Please, do not
   disturb my slumber.

 [C18: The Magic Kingdom]

 [Cave, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: Boy, this is exciting!

Lucca: Well it IS the Gate nearest to
   We have no idea as to where it leads.

Robo: The Time Gyro says...
   12,000 years in the past?!
   That was some trip!

Frog: Wh, where art we?
   'Tis strange...!

Ayla: Where this, Crono?!

 [Enhasa, 12,000 B.C.]

 [Young Man]
   Welcome to Enhasa, in the magical
   kingdom of Zeal.

   We find truth in the bliss of sleep.

   Dear me!
   And who might you be?

   This is the eternal kingdom of Zeal,
   where dreams can come true.

   But at what price?

   Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man...

   Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate
   of sashimi?
   Never assume that what you see and
   feel is real!

   I'm Doreen.
   Seek the hidden path, and open the
   doors of knowledge, each in turn.

 [Young Woman]
   Welcome, what can I do for you?

 [Young Man]
   The Queen has sealed the Elemental
   Weapons in the north palace.

   You can see its entrance on the
   northern continent, but no one is
   allowed there.

 [Young Man]
   The door to the north palace is sealed
   with a mysterious energy.
   Even we, the Enlightened Ones, cannot
   open it.

 [Young Woman]
   What strange visitors!
   Welcome to Zeal!
   Is this part of a dream?

   Queen Zeal rules our magical kingdom.
   She is without peer in beauty and

 [Young Woman]
   The Queen has given us everything!

   After the King died, she nurtured
   magic, which has advanced the

 [Young Woman]
   This is a Spring of Recovery.
   Heal your mind and body here.
 [Young Man]
   The Queen's palace is at the center of
   From there she protects the entire

   That's why we can sleep our days

 [Young Man]
   I wonder what's inside the north

   I bet there's a key to it in the palace.
   But entry is strictly forbidden.

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Do you believe in Fate?
   Which means our lives are all

      Yes, of course.
      No such thing as Fate.
      I don't have time for this!

   You're a believer!

   Yes, it is useless for us to fight destiny!

   You're right!
   We're the masters of our own

   Speaking of which...
   I believe there may be a doorway of
   destiny somewhere around here!


 [Young Woman]
   The city of Kajar, where they study
   magic, lies on the edge of the western

   The airship, «Blackbird,» is kept there.

 [Young man]
   Truths exist in dreams...
   Herbal tea...zzz...crystals...zzz...

BOY: ......

Marle: What's wrong with him?
   What a weird kid...
Lucca: Hey, what's wrong?
   You have something to say?
Robo: How may I help you?

Frog: 'Tis a sullen lad...

Ayla: What wrong?
   That animal good food?
BOY: The black wind howls...

BOY: One among you...
   ...will shortly perish.
Marle: What?!
   And out of the blue, like that?
Lucca: H, hey!
   Explain yourself!
Robo: Is, is it true?
   What are the percentages?
Frog: Urchin!
Ayla: ???

Marle: Crono...
   This is kinda creepy.
Lucca: It's only a bad joke!
   It's unscientific.
Robo: Why did he say such a thing?

Frog: I knoweth not what this
   What an unpleasant lad.
Ayla: Strange one...
   But not bad boy.

   The Guru of Reason, is gone.
   Challenge me?

   Ok, here we go.

   Oh, okay...

   You're strong!
   Take this.


           You got a Magic Tab!

           You got a Speed Tab!


   «The Mystery of Life»
   Vol. 841, Ch. 26

   All life begins with Nu and ends with

   This is the truth!
   This is my belief! least for now.

 [Blackbird, 12,000 B.C.]

   Who're you guys?!

   Everything okay with the Blackbird?
SOLDIER: Everything's A-okay, Sir
DALTON: Of course it is, you idiot!
   Hey you!
   What're you doing there!
DALTON: was true then...!
   You're the ones the Prophet said
   would come and cause trouble!
DALTON: Let's see how you handle THIS
   little situation.
DALTON: I didn't think they'd make it so
   easy on me!
   The Blackbird's a symbol of how
   advanced Zeal's culture is.
   Never thought somethin' so big could
   fly, huh?

 [Kajar, 12,000 B.C.]

 [Young Man]
   This is the magical city of Kajar.
   We do experiments for the Queen.
 [Young Woman]
   Your power differs from ours...
   In you I sense a strange aura
 [Young Man]
   Combine the ancient Rainbow Shell and
   the Sun Stone to create incredible
   weapons and items.
   But now, only the Guru of Life has the
   Elemental power usage is forbidden.
   Plants are so content!
   I wish I could be, too.
 [Young Woman]
   This is a Spring of Recovery.
   Heal your mind and body here.

 [Young Man]
   That's the Sun Keep you see on the
   southern continent. A Sun Stone, once
   the source of this world's power, was
   kept there.

   But when we began using our new
   energy source, it was sealed up just
   like the north palace.

   They claim we don't need the energy
   of this tired, old planet.

 [Young Woman]
   We've been seeing a lot of Janus lately.
   He appears upset and paces around.
 [Young Man]
   His only friend, other than his sister, is
   that stupid cat.
   What tempest rages in his head?
 [Young Man]

   Queen Zeal has two heirs, Schala and

   Schala's an incredible child who has
   extraordinary magical powers.

   Being so gifted, she'll breeze through

 [Young Woman]
   My, you've got an unusual aura!
   So, you must possess the skill, too!

   It must be very primitive compared to
   You poor things!
 [Young Man]
   How did we come by our skills?
   And why do others lack them?
   Who cares!
 [Young Woman]
   Those lacking magic have always lived
   beneath the clouds, as the «Earthbound
   After all, they lack what we have...



   I've got Lode Shields, but I cannot sell
   them unless the Queen says it's okay.

   Is that Schala's Pendant?

   I hate liars.

      Come again.

 [Old Man]
   The construction of the Ocean Palace is
   behind schedule.

   Eternal Palace, beneath the waves...
   It'll be a sight to see when it's done!
 [Young Man]
   That great aeroplane «Blackbird,»
   which Belthasar built.
   When it soars in the sky, it looks alive!
   Belthasar is truly a genius!
 [Young Man]
   The Earthbound Ones are being allowed
   to work on the construction of the
   So they do have a purpose after all.
 [Young Woman]
   The Ocean Palace lies deep beneath the
   It's a symbol of the Queen's power!
   The Palace is the source of light which
   sustains all living things.
   Queen Zeal, the great!
 [Young Woman]
   The Gurus of Life, Time, and Reason,
   live in Zeal.
   Their skill and knowledge is supreme.
 [Young Man]
   Zeal's advances stem from a new
   energy source. Its power surpasses
   that of the elements.
 [Young Man]
   I heard a strange prophet has come to
   the palace.
   I don't know the details...but I heard he
   has uncanny powers.
 [Old Man]
   I'm working on a tab that will boost
   magical skill.

   But my precious products have been
   disappearing lately...

   Must be the naughty Nu that hid them.
   They love pranks...
   What can I do?

 [Old Man]
   Oops, that's a defective item.

   Too bad, huh?
   Ha ha ha.

            You found a Magic Tab!

 [Young Man]
   I heard Schala's powers far exceed
   those of her mother.
   Then there's her step-brother, Janus.
   He's of royal blood, but he doesn't
   seem to have a speck of magic.
 [Young Woman]
   A Guru once told me that the Sun Stone
   could store the almost infinite energy
   of our sun.
   But if its energy were used up, it
   would lose its glow and change into a
   Moon Stone.
 [Old Man]
   Did you know a Moon Stone can be
   recharged if you leave it in the sun?
   But it takes aeons, so it's unlikely for
   us to see that gorgeous glow again.
   Water summons wind...
   ...wind makes fire dance.
   Scratch, scratch...

   Scratch, scratch...

   Scratch, scratch...

   Tee hee...!


          You've found something strange!

          But a «Black Rock» is inside!

   It all began aeons ago, when man's
   ancestors picked up a shard of a
   strange red rock...
   Its power, which was beyond human
   comprehension, cultivated dreams...
   In turn, love and hate were born...
   Only time will see how it all ends.

 [Zeal Palace, 12,000 B.C.]

 [Young Man]
   This is the Queen's Palace, the center
   of Zeal Kingdom.
   Which makes THIS, the center of the
 [Old Man]
   The source of our energy lies deep
   below the sea.
   Now that its exact location has been
   found, the Ocean Palace will be built.
 [Young Man]
   Use the Queen's hall to get to the Ocean
   Palace, which is under construction.
 [Old Man]
   The wandering prophet is amazing!
   All his prophecies have come true.
   It's as if he knows the future!
   How eerie...
 [Young Woman]
   My, what strange clothes!
   You must be travelers from afar?
   Use the Spring of Recovery to
   recuperate from your journey.

 [Young Woman]
   Visitors, do you like plants?
   I see...
   You're like the Queen.
   Oh, you're just like me!
   But the Queen ordered me to burn this
   sapling I received from the Guru of
   He said it was a magical sapling, with
   powers to cure the environment.
   What shall I do?
         Burn it.
         Secretly plant it.
   You're right...
   I must obey the Queen's command.
   You're right! Even if it IS the Queen's
   command, the Guru of Life gave it to
   I can't burn it...
   I'm going to grow it with love.
   Someday it may save the environment.
   If I'm reborn, I hope it'll be in a land
   full of green forests.
 [Old Man]
   Ask the Queen or the Gurus if you want
   to know about the Mammon Machine
   and the Ocean Palace.
   But just between us, she probably
   won't give you the time of day.
 [Old Man]
   That man's a newcomer but his
   accurate prophecies earned the
   Queen's trust.
   He's a drifter...
   He's not one of us Enlightened Ones,
   nor of the Earthbound Ones either.
 [Young Man]
   Did you know that Belthasar, the Guru
   of Reason, has secret rooms in Enhasa
   and Kajar?
 [Young Woman]
   The Queen's two heirs, Schala and
   Janus, get along so well.
   If only Janus would open up to
 [Young Woman]
   That pendant of yours...
   It looks like Schala's, but it doesn't
   I wanna be the wind, Masa!

   Oh, you will some day.

   Big sister Doreen's at Enhasa again

   That's 'cause she likes dreams.

   I like the wind better!

   I wonder how ol' man Melchior is...
   Humans are so odd...
   Could you...
   Scratch my back?
         No way!
   How cruel!
   You got it...
   Thank you!
   You discovered the Nu's scratch-point!
 [Young Woman]

   Beings that are born of dreams, must
   return to them...

   The power of Lavos can make hopes
   and dreams come true...

 [Old Man]
   Even Belthasar is gone, after designing
   the Blackbird and the Ocean Palace.
   How strange that the 3 Gurus who
   guide Zeal have all disappeared.

 [Young Woman]
   They say that Gaspar, the Guru of
   Time, continues his work on some
   deserted island.
   He's making a «Chrono Trigger» or
   «Time Egg,» or something.
   But no one has seen him for ages.
   This leads to the hall of the Mammon
 [Young Woman]
   The prophet's aura is full of hatred and
   He'll destroy himself, and those he
 [Old Man]
   Beyond is the hall of the Mammon
   Machine. The incredible energy of
   Lavos pervades it!
 [Young Woman]
   The Mammon Machine?
   You came to see it?
   I thought so!
   Feel the flow of the mighty Lavos's
   Oh...I feel faint.

   Oh, but you MUST feel them!
   The last of the great Lavos's
 [Young Man]
   THIS is the source of Zeal's strength.
   The Mammon draws and
   magnifies the infinite power of Lavos.
 [Young Woman]
   Magic strong enough to control the
   extraction of energy, is needed to
   control the Mammon Machine.
 [Young Man]
   The 3 Gurus made the Mammon
   Machine from the royal family's red
   Melchior, who has studied much about
   Lavos, was in charge of the plans.
   But then he disappeared...
 [Old Man]
   Melchior, who opposed the Queen's
   plans, has vanished.
   You're not thinking what I am, are
 [Young Man]
   When the Mammon Machine was
   finished, the Queen changed almost
   over night.
   Just between us, I heard that ANYONE
   who opposes her, and not just the
   Earthbound Ones, vanishes.
 [Old Man]
   If the Mammon Machine is moved to
   the Ocean Palace, we can extract even
   more energy from Lavos.
   The ultimate dream of eternal youth
   and life, is now possible!
   Oh, almighty Queen, our kingdom of
   Zeal will reign forever!
 [Young Man]
   The completion of the Ocean Palace will
   allow Zeal to last forever!
   And there will be no fear or sadness,
   just eternal peace.
 [Young Man]
   The Queen's aide, Dalton, was in charge
   of the Ocean Palace, until some
   traveling prophet took over.
   He's in a bad mood so you should avoid
 [Young Woman]
   The Queen must have borne pain and
   sorrow in silence.
   No pain, no gain...
   Zeal, too, was born out of much
   sacrifice and work.
   This will take you to the bedroom.
 [Young Man]
   Schala's pendant was made from the
   same red rock as the Mammon
   When she chants, the pendant glows.


   Oh, you're back Janus!
   Is something wrong?

JANUS: The black wind...

SCHALA: You feel it too?
   Don't worry, it'll be alright.

SCHALA: Now, hold onto this.

JANUS: What is it?

SCHALA: It's a kind of amulet.
   If something should happen, it'll
   protect you.

   I wish I could be with you always...
   But mother has other plans.

JANUS: She's NOT our mother!
   She looks like mother, but inside she [
   has changed.

SCHALA: ......

   Still I can't...
   Janus, I'm sorry.

 [Young Woman]
   Excuse me, Highness.

   The Queen asks for your immediate
   presence at the Ocean Palace.

SCHALA: All right.

SCHALA: Well, Janus...
   I'll be going.

   Who might you be?

 [Young Woman]
   Miss Schala, please hurry.
   If you're late, I'll be punished!

SCHALA: Oh yes, I'm sorry.

JANUS: ......
   Go away.

JANUS: Don't waste your time.
   Alfador only likes me.

 [Old Man]
   The Earth is alive, and it has changed
   over the aeons.
   From flat lands into mountains...
   From mountains into oceans...
   You may find THE WAY...
   That is, if you could pass aeons of time
   at the forbidden palace, or the Sun
   This connects to the Queen's hall.
 [Young Woman]
   To open the door from outside, an item
   like Schala's pendant is needed to
   break the seal.
   Y...your pendant!!
   It looks just like Schala's!
   I heard that when Schala communes
   with the Mammon Machine, her
   pendant starts to glow.
 [Young Woman]
   No one may enter while the Queen is
   away at the Ocean Palace.
   Y...your pendant!!
   It looks just like Schala's!
   I heard that when Schala communes
   with the Mammon Machine, her
   pendant starts to glow.
Marle: Hmm...
   Just as we thought, it won't budge.

Ayla: Strange.
   How come?

Robo: This door has a strong
   defense mechanism.

Lucca: Hmm...
   There's something to this pendant.

Frog: 'Tis a mere DOOR that keeps
   us bound, hand, foot...and tongue!

 [Old Man]
   That pendant...
   It looks like Schala's.
   When she chants to the Mammon
   Machine, the pendant glows...
   As if they were in union.

 [Old Man, Young Man]
   That glow...?!
   That's the pendant the Gurus made for
   How did you get it?

Marle: Yea, we did it!

Lucca: Heh, heh...
   Even a door of this caliber can't keep
   science at bay!

Robo: There is no doubt.
   Marle's pendant is made of the
   «Guru's Rock.»

Frog: What doth challenge us

Ayla: Ayla go!
   No fear, Crono!

 [Young Woman]
   That glow...!?
   Is that Schala's pendant?
 [Young Man]
   No one may enter while the Queen is
   away at the Ocean Palace.

   So it's you!

QUEEN: Who are you!?
   How did you get in here?

PROPHET: Your majesty...
   They are the evildoers I warned you

QUEEN: How DARE you think you could
   oppose me, you...foreigners!
   You're worse than the Gurus!

QUEEN: Fools!
   Dalton, take them away!

Dalton: Yes ma'am!
   By your leave...

DALTON: Golem!

DALTON: My poor Golem!
   That was inexcusable!

QUEEN: Mwa, ha, ha...
   Fear not!
   You won't die...immediately, that is!

   But by the time we're through with
   you, you'll be begging us to end your

   What a delicious diversion!

JANUS: Hmph!
   What will you do, Schala?

SCHALA: Let us rescue them.

JANUS: I think it's useless.
   Besides, if they escape, you'll be in

SCHALA: Don't worry about me.

   They just might be able to rescue
   the Gurus.

JANUS: Schala...

SCHALA: Are you all right?
   Quickly, escape from the palace!

   And if you can, please rescue

SCHALA: He was sent to the Mountain of
   Woe for opposing the Queen.

   You have to help him!

   I'm afraid I can't allow that...

PROPHET: Your meddling tires me.
   You'll...just have to disappear!

SCHALA: You mustn't!

PROPHET: ......!

JANUS: Stop!

PROPHET: Okay...I'll spare them.

   But in return, you WILL cooperate,

PROPHET: Now, show me how you came

 [Cave, 12,000 B.C.]

PROPHET: you came in through

PROPHET: Now Schala!
   After I throw them in, I want you to
   seal the portal shut.

SCHALA: N, no!
   You can't make me!

PROPHET: Obey me!
   Their lives are at stake!

SCHALA: I...oh, all right...

SCHALA: Please forgive me...

 [C19: Break the Seal!]

 [Lair Ruins, 65000000 B.C.]

Marle: Why did the Prophet let us

Lucca: The Prophet could have just
   done away with us.

Robo: Why would the Prophet
   spare us?

Frog: 'Tis true, he hath spared us.
   But something is amiss.

Lucca: The key to defeating Lavos
   must exist in that period.

Robo: The key to defeating Lavos
   must exist in that era.

Frog: Where hast Magus gone?
   I shan't allow him to get away.

Ayla: They take energy from
   Lavos not get weak?

Marle: But we can't get back to
   that time.
   What can we do?

Lucca: But the Gate to that time has
   been sealed.
   Is there another way back?

Robo: But the Gate has been shut.

Frog: Yet Schala hast sealed the
   'Tis not possible to returneth.

Ayla: Door gone.
   No can return.

Marle: Wait a minute. I've seen the
   design on the doors this pendant
   opens, somewhere else...

Lucca: The crest on those sealed
   We've seen it elsewhere, haven't

Robo: Wait. The crest on the doors
   that the pendant opens...
   I have seen them in my own time!

Frog: Thou hast seen elsewhere
   the crest on the doors that the
   pendant opens, correct?

Marle: Let's check it out, Crono!

Lucca: We may yet find our way
   back to that era!
   Let's get cracking, Crono!

Robo: Let us return to my time!

Frog: 'Tis time to depart, eh,

 [Land Bridge, 12000 B.C.]

             The power is sealed...

 [End of Time]

   So you've been to the Land of Magic...

   Now that the pillar of light is sealed,
   you'll be needing something that will
   transport you through time.

   I recall someone working on such a
   The Wings of Time, I believe he called

   I'm afraid he became a tad psychotic
   spending so much of his time doing

Frog: Need you not a

Frog: OK, let's get going!

Frog: Mine blade and skill
   may rust...
Ayla: Ayla go.
   Big yawn here!

Ayla: Ayla fight for world!

Ayla: Take Ayla,  [crononick]!

Ayla: Take Ayla,

   Go to «Guardia Forest»
   1000 A.D.?

   Go to «Bangor Dome»
   2300 A.D.?

 [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]
             Got a Power Ring!

 [Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.]
	     Got a Speed Tab!

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

   Princess Nadia!
CHANCELLOR: I've been worried,

   I understand your pain.
   But the king really only cares about
   his realm...

   Yes, even when your mother, Queen
   Aliza passed away, he worked all

Marle: No one could do that!
   It's inhuman!

CHANCELLOR: Oh, child, it's ancient
   history now...

Marle: Tell me more!

CHANCELLOR: This may be difficult...

   Well, Queen Aliza's condition suddenly
   changed for the worst.

   She desperately wanted to see the
   king one last time, but he couldn't
   find the time to drop by...

CHANCELLOR: Said he had some work to

   But knowing nothing about death,
   you waited faithfully by your
   mother's side...

CHANCELLOR: Aliza passed away in

   It's as if the king indirectly killed
   her... Such a shame...

Marle: WHAT...!!

   Father KILLED?
   ...MY MOTHER...?!!

CHANCELLOR: But what do I know!
   There are reasons for everything,
   right dear?

CHANCELLOR: glad to see you
   back again.
   Please go and visit the king.

   The King awaits the return of his

   It's locked.

   Since it IS our 1000th Anniversary,
   The King has, for the time being,
   ordered probation for Crono.

   Due to the King's orders, the court is
   We're about to begin celebrating, but
   with the King like that...

   What? You want to be put on trial
   again or something?

   Getting ready for the Millennial Fair.
   The chef's ancestor had a cook-off
   with Magus's troops.


   Leave it!

   Oh, dear!
   I didn't recognize you, Princess Nadia!

 [Young Man]
   Hey, sorry 'bout that.
   The old lady's handlin' the kitchen.
   Gotta tread softly around here!
   The gist of this is that she can
   cook...but she can yell, too.

 [Young Woman]
   Hey, don't come in here without

   Mr. Pierre awaits downstairs.

   The Chancellor lost it right around the
   time he ordered that Dragon Tank to
   be built!

   The Chancellor hired all those soldiers
   that work in the jail.

   Those jail guardians were an odd
   We got cold stares from them.
   It's like they weren't even human!

   I heard the Chancellor really gave it to
   the King in court.

   I'm your lawyer, Pierre.
   The King has been so gloomy since
   Princess Nadia's disappearance...
   Listening to my story, he has concluded
   that it was NOT a kidnapping...
   It's taken time, but I think he
   Still, the Chancellor's acting weird.
   He may give us some trouble...

   Only the Chancellor thought Crono
   was guilty.

   Without Princess Nadia, this castle's

   I, too, hope Princess Nadia returns.

   Princess Nadia's a dead ringer for
   her mother. That's why the King's so
   strict with her.
   The King is deeply concerned about
   Princess Nadia.
   But being a King, he keeps it all locked
   up inside. 

 [Young Woman]
   After his wife's death, he only lived for
   Princess Nadia.

 [Old Man]
   I'm in charge of the Princess'

   I'm in charge of her physical education!

   I'm in charge of discipline.
   And she's missed almost every lesson
   this year!

   You'll see, you'll be put on ice!

 [King Guardia]
   It's you!
   Where's Princess Nadia?
   Tell her to return to the castle, please.

   Come, Princess Nadia...


KING: W, what do you want!
   I'm not giving in to your demands!

Marle: ......

KING: It's your fault for leaving the

   And letting these...hoodlums in here.

   You might as well beg for bread on
   the street corner!

Marle: Stop it!
   They're my friends!

KING: They're a disgrace to this family!

Marle: Father, you, you...

Marle: You care more about your
   country than me...or mother!!

KING: What...?

Marle: You, killed mother!

KING: !!

KING: Get... OUT OF HERE this instant!!!
   I never want to see your face again!

Marle: Good riddance!

KING: We're no longer family!
   Do as you wish!!


   Oh, woe is me...
 [King Guardia]
   All right, forget it!
   Beat it, you guys!!

 [King Guardia]
   I've got nothing to say!
   Why not give the King a present?
   He's been known to love jerky...

 [Young Woman]
   Seems one of his ancestors first made
   it, but I don't know the recipe.

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

   You want some Jerky?
   Sorry, I'm out of the ingredients right
   now. Besides, it's a tad spicy for most

 [Snail Stop, 1000 A.D.]

   I've got the best Jerky in town, but I'm
   saving it.

   I might let some go for, say, 9900G.
   How about it?

   You must be really hungry!
   Here you go!

   Didn't think so...

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

KING: W, what's that?

Marle: Your... favorite.

KING: ......

   For me?

KING: Let's see...

SERVANT: What is it, sir?!

KING: What...!!

KING: How dare you...?!

   Giving me something this rich when
   you KNOW I have high cholesterol...!

Marle:'s your favorite!

KING: This is the last straw!
   Now I know how you REALLY feel!

Marle: Father, NO...!

KING: Leave!
   Never show your face here again!!

Marle: Father!!

   The King does not wish to see anybody.

   If you must know, he's been bedridden
   since then.
   He's emotionally drained.

 [Heckran Cave]

          There's something else in here.
           Wh...what in the world...!

 [Bangor/Arris/Trann Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   A curious crest is engraved here.
   Some unknown power keeps it sealed.

   The pendant shimmers...!

 [Arris Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   It's those people again!

   Daddy's on a trip.

   But I haven't given up.
   This child, and this seed are
   still growing.

   Wonder what kind of fruit this is going
   to bear?

   Since you've come, we've gained the
   courage to live.

DOAN: Hey fellas!
   The seed's sprouted!

 [Trann Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   So, there are people in Arris Dome, too!

   This edible?...

   Finally got through the ruins. I brought
   the sapling that sprang from the seed!
   Amazing what you can do when you
   think you're gonna expire...

   What's this?
   A plant?
   What's that?

   You light up my, really!

   Never seen anything like this...

 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]
STRANGE CREATURE: The professor's
   programming was, in a sense, his
   own eulogy.

   Soon, I, too, will be able to sleep

   But first...

   There is one thing I must do.




   Program error... memory banks have failed...

   To those who opened the door...
   I am Belthasar, the Guru of Reason.
   I once lived in the kingdom of Zeal.
   A great disaster in Zeal somehow
   threw me into this era.
   To my surprise, Lavos exists here, and,
   I suspect, in other periods as well.
   Aeons ago, Lavos descended from the

   Burrowing deep into the the world's
   core, he began to consume our planet's
   energy, and grow stronger.

   Lavos disappeared briefly when he
   was summoned away by a mighty
   wizard who lived in Guardia, in the
   year 600.

   In 1999, Lavos claims this area, and
   reigns from high atop Death Peak.

   Lavos continues to replicate......
   like a giant parasite, he is consuming
   our world.

   Forced to live here, I continued to
   conduct research on Lavos.
   But I am growing old.
   And it's impossible to keep sane in such
   trying times. So before I lose it
   completely, I shall safeguard my data,
   and my ultimate creation...

   How I long to return home...
   But I have grown frail...
   So you...YOU, who have opened the
   I leave things in your hands.

   Only by mastering time, itself, do you
   stand a chance against Lavos.

   The odds will be against you...
   But you are true heros.
   The world is in your hands.

   Open, now, the last door, and take
   what you find there.
   My last invention...
   My «Wings of Time» ...

Marle: Wow...this is amazing...
   How do you tell the front from the

Lucca: This must be the invention
   Belthasar spoke of.

Robo: The Wings of Time... I
   believe I have heard of this device.

Frog: This...moves through time?

Ayla: !!

   What this thing?

STRANGE CREATURE: Scared you, didn't I?

   It's me......BELTHASAR

   I copied my memory into this thing.
   What do you think?

   Anyway, there's something I need to

   Namely, how to transcend time!

   Press the Y Button for the time

   Then use the L&R Buttons to select
   an era.

BELTHASAR: Oh, yeah!
   Before you go, why don't you...

BELTHASAR: my time machine!

BELTHASAR: Hop aboard!

   No dozing off, now!

STRANGE CREATURE: I will now deliver a
   message from the professor.

STRANGE CREATURE: Instructions for the
   time machine are as follows.

   The Y Button displays the time gauge.

   Use the L & R Buttons and Control
   Pad to select a destination in time.

   Press the A Button to board and get
   off the device, and to warp through

   End Professor's message.

STRANGE CREATURE: Enter name of time

STRANGE CREATURE: Mumble, mumble?
      Take off.
      Get off.

Marle: Awesome!

Lucca: Traveling at warp speed!

Robo: Even in my time, we did not
   have such devices!

Frog: Whoa!

Ayla: It great!
   It fast!!!

   Epoch's capable of THIS?!

 [End of Time]

Marle: We're outta here!

Lucca: Let's go, Epoch!

Robo: Forward, Epoch!

Frog: Hi ho, Epoch!!

Ayla: Epoch, GO!

Magus: We're off.

OLD MAN: Interesting. So he actually
   finished the Wings of Time.

   In fact, gave his life for it!

   Why not put that device to good use?
   Take it to the ancient Land of Magic!

      Full speed ahead!

Marle: Let's go!

Lucca: Time for action,

Robo: Epoch ready
   for takeoff!

Frog: High ho, Epoch!!

Ayla: Epoch!

Magus: Forward...

Board the Epoch?

 [Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]

   This is Algetty, the village of the
   Earthbound Ones.
   Many inhabitants of this land were
   taken to build the Ocean Palace, and
   were never seen again.
   Wanna buy something?
   We Earthbound Ones lack magical
   powers. That's why we were banished
   from Zeal.
   The Queen put the Mammon Machine in
   the Ocean Palace to absorb Lavos's
   Is that safe?
   She locked the Guru of Life up on the
   Mountain of Woe for opposing her.
   The situation's hopeless.
OLD MAN: The Guru of Life said that Sir
   Janus has stronger powers than
   even Miss Schala!

   Janus must be using her and the
   Queen to get to Lavos...
   Now, only the 3 Gurus and Miss Schala
   treat us as equals.
 [Little Boy]
   I wonder when Miss Schala's gonna
   come and play with us?
   Long ago, the Enlightened Ones and the
   Earthbound Ones lived as one.
 [Little Boy]
   The Beast's nest is dangerous.
   Better stay away, okay?
   Spend the night?
   Our Hero, the Guru of Life, rejected the
   Queen's plan, so he was banished to the
   Mountain of Woe.
   This hole leads to the Beast's nest.
   Through the nest you'll reach the place
   of chains, which anchors the Mountain
   of Woe.
 [Mud Imp]
   You can't pass through here!

 [C20: The Guru on Mt.Woe]

 [Mountain of Woe, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: The Guru of Life's trapped in

Lucca: The Guru of Life's trapped in

Robo: Here we will find the Guru
   of Life!

Frog: Ah, 'tis where the Guru of
   Life remains imprisoned.

Ayla: This big cage?

Marle: Look!
   It's disappearing!

Lucca: It's disappearing!

Robo: What's happening?!

Frog: 'Tis disappearing!

Ayla: Crono!

Marle: M, Melchior?!

Lucca: Melchior?!

Robo: Mr. Melchior?

Frog: Old man Melchior!?

Ayla: Melchior?

MELCHIOR: Indeed, I am Melchior.
   Have we...met before?

   More importantly, can you tell me
   anything about the Ocean Palace?

MELCHIOR: I see...the Queen has
   degenerated to that degree...

MELCHIOR: The more energy the
   Mammon Machine absorbs, the
   further the Queen degenerates.

   Her spirit has been stolen by the
   infamous immortal, Lavos.

MELCHIOR: We must flee!
   The seal has been broken!
   The mountain will collapse!

 [Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]

   Elder! The Mountain of Woe is about to

 [Little Boy]
   Mommy, the mountain's gonna fall!
MELCHIOR: Lavos sleeps deep
   underground, while consuming the
   energy of this planet.

   If the Mammon Machine is brought
   closer to him, he may awaken!

MELCHIOR: We must hurry before it's
   too late!

   Schala is here!

   Schala's here?

ELDER: Miss Schala...why have you come
   to such a miserable place?

SCHALA: Stop degrading yourselves!
   We Enlightened Ones were once the
   same as you.

   The only difference is that we are
   under Lavos's control...
JANUS: What a filthy hovel.

SCHALA: Melchior...
   After the Mountain of Woe fell, I
   thought I would find you here!

MELCHIOR: Is it safe for you to leave
   the palace?

SCHALA: That no longer matters!
   The Ocean Palace is now operational!

MELCHIOR: Then all is lost!

SCHALA: But without me, the Mammon
   Machine won't work.
   I have turned my back on that evil

SCHALA: I've kept the Skyway open.
   You must mother!

   Why don't we keep it right there...

SCHALA: Dalton!

DALTON: Tisk, tisk my dear.
   Your presence is required elsewhere!

   Leave her alone!

   The geezer speaks!

DALTON: Silence, old man!


DALTON: You'll come to the Ocean Palace
   with me.
   Do anything funny, and Schala's dust.
   Got it?

JANUS: Schala!

DALTON: The Queen's children all seem
   to have a problem with authority,
   don't they?

DALTON: Stay back.
   The life of this woman means
   nothing to me!

DALTON: Shall we get going, Schala,
   Your mother awaits!

Marle: Melchior!

Lucca: Melchior!

Robo: Mr. Melchior!

Frog: Melchior!

Ayla: Old man.

MELCHIOR: I'm all right.

MELCHIOR: But we must save Schala, or

OLD MAN: Impossible!
   Even though it's coming from YOU,

MELCHIOR: If the Queen is allowed to
   fulfill her scheme, all life as we
   know it, is doomed!

MELCHIOR: You're willing to challenge
   the Queen?

MELCHIOR: You've done so much for us...
   ...and I don't even know your names!

Marle: You'll find out soon enough!

Lucca: That's OK.
   Someday, maybe we'll need your

Robo: You've already helped us.
   Let us return the favor.

Frog: Worry not thine head.
   Thou hath fixed the Masamune!

Ayla: Gramps use red stone.
   Help Crono.
   Now, Ayla help you.

MELCHIOR: What ARE you talking about?

Marle: Crono!
   Let's get going!

Lucca: Come on, Crono!

Robo: Crono, let us hurry!

Frog: Crono, let us be on our

Ayla: Crono!
   We go now.

MELCHIOR: Wait, take this with you.

MELCHIOR: It's made from the same red
   stone as the Mammon Machine.
   With it, you can destroy the Machine!

 [C21: What Lies Beyond?]

ELDER: Schala's been abducted.
   But without sorcery, we can't do a
   So it was the Enlightened Ones!

 [Little Boy]
   Miss Schala, where have you gone?

 [Little Boy]
   Aaaahhh, Schala...Schala...!!
   How could something like this happen?
   Use the Skyway to chase Dalton.
   And please hurry, for Schala's sake!
   It's likely that Dalton came here using
   the Skyway that Schala created.
   Sir Janus is headed toward the Skyway
   to save Miss Schala!
   The Gurus of Time and Reason are
   missing, along with Miss Schala.
   Can no one stop the Queen?
   Is Miss Schala alive?

 [Kajar, Zeal, 12000 B.C.]

 [Young Man]
   The Palace is finished!
   This heralds the dawn of the eternal
   kingdom of Zeal!!

 [Zeal Palace, Zeal, 12000 B.C.]

 [Young Woman]
   The Queen took Schala with her to the
   Ocean Palace.
   We Enlightened Ones will finally attain
 [Young Man]
   The way to the Ocean Palace is through
   the Queen's hall.
   A day will come when all may see the
   shining new Mammon Machine.
 [Old Man]
   The Ocean Palace is complete.
   Zeal will rule forever!!
 [Young Man]
   Our kingdom is shrouded in eternal
   There is no sadness or fear, only
   eternal peace.
 [Old Man]
   The hall of the Mammon Machine is
   But the power is gone...
 [Young Woman]
   The Mammon Machine?
   You came to see it?

   Just as I thought!
   Unfortunately, the Mammon Machine
   has been moved.

   Tragic...I can no longer feel the last
   waves of energy.
 [Old Man]
   The Mammon Machine was moved to
   the Ocean Palace to obtain the raw
   energy of Lavos.

DALTON: Phooey!
   Why is the Prophet allowed inside
   while I'm stuck with guard duty?

   There you are...

DALTON: I let the Prophet go, knowing
   he'd mess up sooner or later.
   But I've no use for you anymore.

DALTON: You're history!

DALTON: N...nooooo!
   I'm going to be immortal!
   I CAN'T be beaten now!

 [C22: Lavos Beckons]

 [Ocean Palace, 12000 B.C.]

MUNE: The black energy grows...
   Something scary is waking up!

QUEEN: Schala, raise the power of the
   Mammon Machine to its limit!

SCHALA: ......

QUEEN: Schala!
   You dare to disobey me?!

SCHALA: All right, mother...

PROPHET: ......

QUEEN: Oh...what bright splendor!
   The incredible power of Lavos!!!

SCHALA: Aagh...

PROPHET: ......

MASA: The ancient Red Rock has been
   passed down through the ages.
   From it, a magic pendant and a knife
   were made.

   We embody Melchior's dreams,
   sealed, within the knife...

MASA: Now hurry, if you plan to
   confront the Queen.
   We're counting on you!
QUEEN: Ahh, I can feel it!
   The pulse of eternal life!!!
   Ha, ha, ha...!

SCHALA: D...dark...force...wild energy...!

PROPHET: ......!!

Th, the Mammon Machine!
Your majesty, it's too dangerous!

SCHALA: Mother...!

QUEEN: Don't stop Schala!
   We're almost there...

   Immortality will be ours!
   Zeal will have the glory it deserves!

QUEEN: Mwa, ha, ha...
   Too long have I waited...!
DALTON: You made it THIS far.
   Maybe I underestimated you...

DALTON: But this is the end!
   THEY will take care of you!

DALTON: Come, GolemTwins!

DALTON: They beat the GolemTwins!?
   All right, this calls for the GolemBoss.

DALTON: W, what's this strange force?

   Could this be...Lavos's energy?!

   I've got a bad feeling about this...

   All my work will be in vain if I expire
   before I'm immortal!

DALTON: This is your lucky day!


   This is the hall of the Mammon
   Now is the time to turn back, nu...
Marle: Schala!
   We're here to save you, c'mon!!

Lucca: We just made it in time!

   It's a pity, but I'll have to turn this
   machine off!

Robo: A gravitational pull!?
   I sense a dimensional warp!

Frog: We shan't allow thee to
   meddle with Lavos, Queen!

Ayla: Ayla come!
   Where strong beast?!

SCHALA: You're...!

SCHALA: Help!!

PROPHET: Schala...!

QUEEN: What are you doing Schala?!
   I need your help here!

Marle: Crono...!
   The Red Knife!

Lucca: Quickly Crono!
   There's no time!

Robo: Use the knife from Melchior
   to stop the Mammon Machine.

Frog: Crono, use the old man's
   knife to stop the Machine!

Ayla: Crono!
   Use Red Knife!!

MASA: Here we go Mune!

MUNE: Ready, big brother!

Frog: T, 'tis...
   ...the Masamune?!

Lucca: The Machine's energy
   changed the knife into a sword?

Marle: Whoa...!
   It turned into the Masamune!?

Robo: The knife used the Machine's
   power to become a sword?

QUEEN: Th, the Mammon Machine!?

PROPHET: It's coming...!

SCHALA: N, no stop!
   That sword alone can't stop it!

   I've waited for this...

Magus: I've been waiting for you,

Magus: I swore long ago... that I'd
   destroy you!
   No matter what the price!

   It is time to fulfill that vow.
   Feel my wrath, Lavos!!

   What do you think you can do?

QUEEN: Hmph!
   A false prophet...
   You'll be a snack for the great Lavos!

SCHALA: Mother, please stop!

   This power can only end in ruin!

QUEEN: Get away from there, Schala!

   The almighty life force of Lavos lives
   in all of us...
   You are a part of it!

   You cannot change fate now!
   Oppose me and I will destroy you

SCHALA: Heeelp!

Magus: Uh oh...

QUEEN: Come Prophet, feel the power
   of Lavos!

Magus: Ungh!

Magus: Aaah!!
   My powers are being drained!

Magus: Unghh...
   I won' beaten!

   I survived the darkness to defeat
   you, Lavos!

Magus: Take this, Lavos!


Magus: Wh, what...?
   It doesn't work?!


QUEEN: Foolish one!
   Your measly power can't touch

QUEEN: This is from me to you!
   You shall enjoy eternal life... part of Lavos!

   Uwa, ha, ha, ha...!

Marle: Can you move, Crono?
   Please help Schala!

Lucca: A...are you all right?
   At this rate we'll all...

Frog: Magus!
   Thou art mine to defeat!

Ayla: Stand up, Crono!
   Ayla no like lose!

Robo: The dimensional warp is
   getting bigger!
   We cannot stay!

Marle: Crono...
   We can't leave Schala here.

Frog: Aack...!
   Halt... Magus!

Lucca: Science has finally failed me.

Robo: If we're caught in that
   energy field, our molecular structure
   will be disrupted!

Ayla: Errgh...!
   Ayla no lose!
   Start fight now!

SCHALA: P...please escape... Crono!
   Humans can't hope to defeat it.

QUEEN: So! You are Crono.
   Why don't you do as Schala says, and
   run away, yelping in terror?

   Isn't your life precious to you?
   Mwa, ha, ha!

Magus: S, Schala...
   Are you all right?

QUEEN: Haven't given up yet?
   What do you hope to do?

   You challenge Lavos with that
   battered body of yours?

QUEEN: Mwa, ha, ha...
   See the power of Lavos and feel his

Marle: Crono!!

Lucca: Stop, Crono!

Robo: Crono!

Frog: Desist Crono!!

Ayla: Crono!

Magus: Lavos!!



Marle: Crono?
   Where's Crono...!?


Lucca: Crono...!
   There was nothing I could do!

Robo: The Palace is collapsing!

   We must escape now!

Frog: Argh...!

   We must plan our escape!
   The Palace crumbles!

Ayla: This bottom of ocean!
   What can do?

Magus: I can't...beat him.

SCHALA: The last of my pendant's
   power will send you to safety.

SCHALA: I know you can't forgive her

   ...please don't hate mother, or our

SCHALA: I'm so sorry!

   Now, off you go!

Magus: ......!

SCHALA: ......

 [Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]

   A tidal wave!

 [Last Village, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: Hmm...




Lucca: Hold it, Crono!


Robo: It's too dangerous,


Frog: N...nooooo!

   Crono..., Crono...!
Ayla: Crono!

Marle: Crono!!

Lucca: Crono!

Robo: Crono!

Frog: Crono!

Ayla: Crono!

   Your'e awake!

ELDER: You were delirious.

Marle: Crono!!!
   Where's Crono?

Lucca: Crono!!
   Where's Crono?

  Robo: Crono!!
   Where's Crono?

Frog: Crono!
   What hast thou done with Crono?

Ayla: Crono!
   Where Crono?!

ELDER: We found no one else...

Marle: So it wasn't a dream.

Lucca: So it wasn't a dream...

Robo: I had hoped that was a
   memory error...

Frog: First Cyrus, and now

Ayla: No!
   That not true!
   Crono strong!
   Crono not gone!

Lucca: Where are we?
   Is this the Earthbound Village?

Robo: Is this the Earthbound

Frog: Be this the Earthbound

Ayla: Where this?
   This Earthbound Village?

ELDER: This island was the only refuge
   left, after the Ocean Palace disaster.

Lucca: This is so depressing.
   No era is safe, and there isn't much
   of a future to look forward to.

Robo: We have failed...
   This era, too, has fallen into ruin.

Frog: 'Tis a pity...

Ayla: Metal bird?
   Place that float in sky?
   All gone?

Lucca: Melchior!
   Where's Melchior?

Robo: Is Sir Melchior here?

Frog: Whither hath old man
   Melchior gone?

Ayla: Melchior!
   Where Melchior!?

ELDER: When the disaster struck, an
   eerie, black portal materialized.
   Melchior tried to save Janus, but he
   was also dragged in.

Lucca: A «black portal?»

   A GATE!!!

Robo: A «black portal?»

   No doubt, a Gate made by Lavos!

Frog: A «black portal?»

   A GATE!!!

Ayla: A «black portal?»
   Like one we step thru?

Lucca: ...
   What about Schala?

Robo: And what of Ms. Schala?

Frog: That maiden, Schala...
   Whither hath she gone?

Ayla: Where Schala?

ELDER: I don't know.
   No one has seen her since.

Lucca: Epoch!
   What happened to it?

Robo: Epoch!
   Is it intact?

Frog: Epoch!
   What fate hast befallen it?

Ayla: Where Epoch?
   Epoch alive?

ELDER: Your ship is quite sturdy and
   It's almost as if it followed you

Marle: Crono...

Lucca: Marle...

Robo: Marle...

Frog: Marle...

Ayla: Marle...

Lucca: If Epoch is
   okay, my gut tells me that Crono
   is, too!!!

Marle: ...

Robo: Please calm down.
   This isn't like you at all.

Frog: Thou hast lost thy friend
   before thine eyes.
   No words can comfort thee...

Ayla: Marle cry, make
   Crono sad.
   Ayla no cry!

Marle: ...

ELDER: Oh, this must be yours.

Marle: My... pendant.
   The one Crono held for me.

Lucca: Marle's pendant...
   ...the one that Crono kept for her.

Robo: The pendant from
   Crono's pocket.
   It's Marle's, right?

Frog: 'Tis the pendant Crono

Ayla: Look!
   Pendant that Crono had!

ELDER: Young lady, I found it on your
   shoulder, almost as if it were
   guarding you.

ELDER: It was at your side, like a

Marle: Crono...

Lucca: Crono...

Robo: Crono...

Frog: Crono...

Ayla: Crono...!

ELDER: Take all the time you need to
   I will be in the commons.
   Will you stay?
   A few «Enlightened Ones» did survive.
   But no distinctions remain between the
   «Enlightened» and the «Earthbound»
 [Young Woman]
   A Moon Stone left in a sunlit spot for
   millennia, becomes a Sun Stone!
   The Sun Keep of Zeal had such a Stone!
   Very old stones are required to
   harvest useful amounts of power.
 [Young Man]
   Check back with him, because his
   wares vary from time to time.

   Come again.

 [Commons, 12000 B.C.]

 [Young Woman]
   We grew too dependent on a
   dangerous force.
 [Young Man]
   How can I survive in this land without
   my magic?

   You don't need magic to survive.
   Besides, you're not alone!

 [Young Man]
   You're absolutely right!
   We're alive, and there's always hope.
   Gotta seize the day!

   Everything and everyone sank to the

   The sea of clouds has parted and the
   blizzard has finally abated.
   Could the long winter finally be over?
 [Little Boy]
   Must have cried himself to sleep.
   Let him be.
ELDER: All rested up?

SOLDIER: Bow, and pay homage to our
   new liege, King Dalton!

DALTON: You there!
   What's wrong?!
   You're lucky to be alive!

DALTON: The old crone and the pesky
   Gurus are gone.
   I now rename Zeal, the Kingdom of

DALTON: YOU! You're alive!?
   Ah! That vehicle outside must be

   It's just like the one Belthasar was

DALTON: I've decided you don't deserve
   such a splendid toy!
   Henceforth it shall be my personal

Marle: Hey, you can't do that!

Lucca: You've got to be joking!

Robo: Impossible!

Frog: Come again, Sir?!

Ayla: Epoch!
   It Ayla friend!

DALTON: You'll have to come with me!
   You might start a rebellion or

DALTON: And now, as a token of my
   esteem for you...

...take this!!

DALTON: What!?

DALTON: Grrrr.


DALTON: How's this?!

DALTON: Mwa, ha, ha!
   Enjoy a little taste of my true

 [C23: The New King]

 [Blackbird, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: Uhh...

Lucca: Unghh...

Robo: ...?!

Frog: Huh...?

Ayla: Fuga!

Marle: Where are we?

Lucca: Where is this?

Robo: Unfamiliar...scenery.

Frog: Where are we?

Ayla: Where this?

 [member3]: !?

Marle: Our equipment's gone!

Lucca: Our equipment's gone!

Robo: Our equipment's gone!

Frog: The equipment hath

Ayla: Weapons!
   All gone!

Marle: Our items too...!

Lucca: Our items too...!

Robo: Items are missing, too!

Frog: The items too!

Ayla: All stuff, GONE!

Marle: Even the money...

Lucca: Even the money...

Robo: The money has also been

Frog: Confound it!
   The money, too!!

Ayla: What you buy stuff with,
   «money» gone too.

Marle: What do we do?...

Lucca: This's depressing...

Robo: Must think of a way to

Frog: Now, what?

Ayla: Ayla fight!
   Get all weapons back!
   Destroy bad man!!
Marle: Eeeeeeek!

Lucca: Wh, what!

Robo: We're airborne!

Frog: We're going up!

Ayla: !!

Marle: The sky!
   So we're inside...

Lucca: Sky?!
    Then we're inside...

Robo: This must be...

Frog: The sky!
   We're in the belly of...!

Ayla: Sky!
   This sky!

   ...The Blackbird?!
Ayla: !!

Lucca: !?

Robo: Please wait!

Frog: What?!

Ayla: Breeze come in here.

Lucca: There's an airduct.

Robo: It seems like an airduct.

Frog: We can get up there...

Lucca: We can check out the lower
   deck from here.

Robo: We can observe the enemy
   from this point.

Frog: Let us watch our captors
   from here...

Ayla: Down there, can see!

GUARD: Serves 'em right.
   Without weapons they're powerless.
Marle: What should we do,
      Act sick.
      Think of a plan.

Lucca: What now,  [member1]?
      Act sick.
      Think of a plan.

Robo: What shall we do,  [member1]?
      Act sick.
      Think of a plan.

Frog: What shall we do,  [member1]?
      Act sick.
      Think of a plan.

Ayla: What we do,  [member1]?!
      Act sick.
      Think of a plan.

GUARD: Yeah, right!
   Nice try.

Lucca: I see.
   We're gonna trick the guard.

Robo: I see.
   Keep the guard OFF GUARD.

Frog: Oh, I get it...
   Get the guard in here...

Ayla: Ayla healthy!

    [member1] want sick, then sick.

Lucca: ...Owww!
   The pain...THE PAIN!!!

Robo: Total system overload!
   Please help!

Frog: Owww!
   Belly button...pain...ohhh...!

Ayla: Uooo...!
   Ayla...hurt bad!

GUARD: What's wrong?!

Lucca: Mission accomplished!

Robo: Seems we have succeeded.

Frog: You fool.
   Frogs haven't belly buttons!

Ayla: ......

   Ayla don't like lie...

   Hey you!!

Lucca: Look!
   He's messing around with the

Robo: It seems he's modifying

Frog: Me thinks he CAN'T just
   tinker with another's possession!

Ayla: They change

 [member1]: Shhhhh...

DALTON: Pay close attention to what
   you're doing!
   This will be my royal «Airthrone!»

DALTON: The world now belongs to me!

DALTON: Mwa, ha, hahahaha!

   H, how did you guys get out?!

   Hey you!?


    [member1] is escaping!
    [member1] is escaping!

Lucca: But we haven't got our stuff
   back yet!
      Don't care

Robo: There are still some missing
      Don't care

Frog: We still have some missing
      Don't care

Ayla: Still missing stuff!
      Don't care

                 Got money back!

                   Got items back!

          Got  [member1]'s equipment back!

          Got  [member2]'s equipment back!

          Got  [member3]'s equipment back!
Marle: W, what's going on?

Lucca: He's...!

Robo: It's a massive magic energy

Frog: Something cometh!

Lucca: Phew...

Frog: How annoying.

Ayla: Ayla don't give up!!

   At last...!

   We did it!
   It's done!!

DALTON: See these beautiful wings!
   Now THIS is a King's throne.
   I now name it...

DALTON: The Aero-Dalton Imperial!

   And THEY'RE gonna be my first

DALTON: Aero-Dalton Imperial, engage!

DALTON: No, no, no, no...!

DALTON: Stop the music!

   There we go!

DALTON: Ready for takeoff!

DALTON: The Aero-Dalton Imperial!

   We have lift-off, Houston!!

 [member2]: Look!

Robo: Th, that's!

Frog: What in the...!

 [member1]: Epoch's...

Ayla: Epoch fly...?

   It's flying?!

DALTON: It's not Epoch!
   It's the Aero-Dalton Imperial!

DALTON: Mwa, ha, haha!!
   You are excess baggage!

DALTON: Make like the wind and blow
   outta here...!

Marle: Help!

Lucca: What's going on!

Robo: Danger!

Frog: Oh, no!

DALTON: Mwa ha!
   You are like insects to me!

Lucca: There...

Robo: We must retrieve

Frog: Filth!
   A lesson he shall learn this day!


Marle: It's all your fault!...


   Give back Crono!!

Lucca: Dalton!

Robo: I am on my way!!

Frog: Cheerio...!

Ayla: Grrrrrr...!

DALTON: You, you...!

Marle: Pant...wheeze...

Lucca: Is Epoch okay?!

Robo: Success!

Frog: That groundling thief!

Ayla: Epoch, okay?

Lucca: More importantly, did he
   change the controls?

Robo: More importantly, did he
   change the controls?

Ayla: Epoch...steer

Marle: Is everything okay?!

Lucca: What's that lever for?!

Robo: These instruments are

Frog: I am at a loss!

Ayla: Epoch, wake up!

Marle:  [member1]!
   Hit the Y Button, quick!

Lucca:  [member1]!
   Hit the Y Button, quick!

Robo:  [member1]!
   Please press the Y Button!

Frog:  [member1]!
   Me thinketh, 'tis the Y Button!

Marle: Oh...then try the X Button!

Lucca: Well, then try the X Button!

Robo: Then try the X Button!

Frog: Then hit the X Button!

 [Commons, 12000 B.C.]

 [Last Villager]
   Dalton got what he deserved!

ELDER: Whoa!
   That ship can fly!

 [Epoch, 12000 B.C.]
Lucca: Phew, now I get it!

Robo: I should have linked my

Frog: Fantastic!
   We are actually in his debt!

Ayla: Epoch in good
   Epoch...become bird!!

Robo: We were lucky!
   If we had pressed the wrong control

Lucca: It needed a remodel

Lucca: !!

   There's something in here!

Robo: !!

   Our items!

Ayla: !!

   Found Ayla stuff!!

Lucca: He was going to steal it all!

Robo: So!
   Dalton was stealing everything!

Frog: A dog of a man, if there
   ever was one!

Lucca: Our money isn't here!...

Robo: Our money isn't here!

Frog: But, where is our money!

Robo: Probably back in the

Frog: Oh!
   What a tragic thought!

Ayla: What's wrong, everyone?

Marle: Crono...

Lucca: Marle...

Robo: If Epoch is
   I'm sure that Crono is too...

Frog: That poor lad...

Ayla: Crono strong!
   Crono won't die!!

Marle: Crono's gotta be
   I'll find him!!

Lucca: Crono might be on this

Robo: Let us find Crono!

Frog: Dead or alive, let's go find

Ayla: Find Crono!
   Crono still alive!!

 [Last Village, 12000 B.C.]

 [Young Man]
   He's got more goods.

 [Commons, 12000 B.C.]

   I saw a suspicious looking person up
   north, on the cape.
   Gee, seeing you has really made my

 [Little Boy]
 [Young Man]
   A stranger trying to locate someone,
   passed by after you left.
 [Young Woman]
   No one had ever seen the person who
   came looking for you.
   Could he be a friend of yours?
   Glad to see you've all recovered!
   ELDER: We're slowly recovering.
   We've got to start from scratch.
 [North Cape, 12000 B.C.]

Magus: So, it's you...

Marle: Magus...

Lucca: Magus...

Frog: Magus!

Magus: Behold.
   Everything's at the bottom of the

   Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal,
   and all the dreams and ambitions of
   its people.

Magus: I once lived there...
   But I was another person then.

 [Ocean Palace, 12000 B.C., Lavos Timeline (Flashback)]

GASPAR: Hmm...!
   A dimensional warp!

BELTHASAR: This power is beyond
   human control!

   We'll be dragged into the warp!

SCHALA: No Janus!!
   Stay away!
JANUS: B, but!?

MELCHIOR: It, it's a...!!

GASPAR: A Timegate!?


SCHALA: Gurus!

JANUS: S, Schalaaa!!

SCHALA: Janus!!!

 [End of Time, Lavos Timeline (Flashback)]

GURU GASPAR: Th, this is...


   Nothing here...
   This must be...

   ...the End of Time...
Marle: You're...

   ...Janus, aren't you?

Lucca: You...!


Frog: So!
   Thou art...

   ...thou art that filthy urchin!

Magus: ...

Magus: Ever since Lavos's time
   portal stranded me in the Middle

   I have waited to even the score.

   You interrupted me just when I had
   summoned Lavos to my castle.

   How ironic that, having been drawn
   into yet another portal, I would end
   up in this age.

   Being from the future, my
   knowledge of the past enabled me to
   convince the Queen that I was a
   mighty oracle.

   But no history book could have
   prepared me for what happened

   Unimaginable is the power of Lavos.
   Anyone who dares to certain doom.

   At this rate, you too, will meet a
   hideous fate.
   Just like that poor fool, Crono!

Marle: How dare you!
   It's because of you that Crono's

Lucca: ...!
   It's your fault that Crono isn't

Frog: ...!

   You dare to insult him?!

Magus: He's history!
   Play with fire and you get burned.

Marle: What an arrogant pig!

Lucca: Pig!!

Frog: Magus!!
   Hold thy tongue!

Magus: You wish to fight me?

Marle: Even if we defeat you, it
   won't bring Crono back.

Lucca: Poor Crono.
   Fighting you won't bring him back.

Frog: Vanquishing thee will neither
   return Crono nor Cyrus.

Magus: Wait.

Magus: I'll come with you.

Marle: Say what?

Lucca: Pardon?!

Frog: Treachery!!

Magus: You know, there just might
   be a way to bring him back.

Marle:'re joking?!

Lucca: You're joking!?

Frog: Nonsense...!?

Magus: Gaspar, the Guru of Time,
   knows how to restore lost or
   misplaced time streams...

Magus: Very well then...

   But you shall not defeat me easily!

Frog: Stand back.

Magus: ...

   I never imagined that we would
   settle our score in this dusty old era.
   Come, let us finish this charade!

Frog: Cyrus, I hath avenged thee!

Magus: Defeat me, and you will
   break the curse on Frog.

   If... you want...
   to bring Crono back...

   find Gaspar, th...the Guru of Time...

               You got the Amulet.

 [C24: The Time Egg]

 [Commons, 12000 B.C.]

 [Little Boy]
   Hey mister, is this your cat?

 [Epoch, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: What's that?!

Lucca: We're getting some
   interference from an enormous
   It can't be! Lavos!!??

Robo: The Epoch's
   space-time compass has gone

Magus: That's...!

Marle: I think they're calling us...

Lucca: It feels like we're gonna get
   sucked in there.

Robo: It's enormous!
   I'm picking up a tremendous amount
   of spiritual power!

Frog: The Ocean Palace hath risen?
   Surely, it doth beckon us!

Ayla: Me hate!
   Ayla not like boat!!

Magus: ...The Undersea Palace?
   This is impossible...!

 [Commons, 12000 B.C.]

   What the heck is that?
   It can't be!
   Is it the Ocean Palace!?
   I sense strong magic, like Lavos's,
   emanating from that ship.

   What happened?
   I've never seen anything so ominous.
   Don't tell me something else is gonna
 [Little Boy]
   What a massive ship!
   Dalton doesn't have what it takes to be
   a king.

   Mr. Dalton was rough on his employees
   and the pay wasn't great either.

   The Guru of Time gave me this sapling,
   but is there any place for it in this
   desolate new world?
   What shall I do?
         Burn it, it's just trash.
         Plant it, with hope.

   You're right, it has no place here...

   All right, I'll take good care of it.
   Who knows? Maybe someday it will
   save our environment.

   This mysterious sapling...
   Maybe someday it will help change our

 [Laruba Ruins, 65000000 B.C.]

   Who disturbs my slumber?
   Just trying to get some shut eye.
   I'll change  [member1]'s name, so let me
   get some rest, nu...!

   I Forget.
   No need for this stone, so I give to you.

   Sleep well.

 [Chief's Hut]

KINO: Did good!
   Take time, rest.

KINO: Ayla!!
   Ayla ok?
   Kino ok!

KINO: Lavos fall.
   Reptites gone. Good!
   But get cold now.
   Hunting bad...

   But Kino not give up!
   Ayla no worry, leave to Kino!

 [Meeting Site, 65000000 B.C.]

   Many cloud in sky.
   No can see sun.
   White, cold stuff fall from sky.
   What that?


   Thankful for Ioka.
   When village burn, they take us in.

   I peek inside trader shop.
   New item there!

 [Ioka Hut, 65000000 B.C.]

   Found strange rock!
   But feel icky when touch, so throw

   Ayla quit chief.
   Kino now chief.

   Bright fire, Lavos, fall.
   Get cold now.

   No more Sweet Water.
   Never happen before.

   Less monster, now cold.
   Less animal too.

   Made armor from many rubies.
   10 each of «Petal,» «Fang,» «Horn,» and
   «Feather» for trade.

   You want trade?

   You want more?

          You got a Ruby Armor!

   Want to know items?

   «Petal» and «Fang» = Dream Gun
   «Petal» and «Horn» = Dream Bow
   «Petal» and «Feather» = Magma Hand

   «Fang» and «Horn» = Aeon Blade
   «Fang» and «Feather» = Ruby Vest
   «Horn» and «Feather» = Rock Helm
   for trade.

   I tell you something good.

   «Ruby Vest» strong against fire.
   No get burn while wear!

 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]

   The Time Axis is out of order.

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: Hey, where's that healthy kid
   with the radical haircut?

OLD MAN: ...

   This is terrible news...

   I have nothing to give you but this
    It's called ...

         «Memories of Crono»

OLD MAN: I wish I could lend a hand...

Marle: We're looking for the Guru
   of Time...

Magus: Only the Guru of Time can
   help us now...

Ayla: Ayla need Guru of Time.
   Search now!

Robo: We are looking for the Guru
   of Time...

OLD MAN: Hey, where have you been?

OLD MAN: So that's your story...
   And just LOOK at you now...
   You've become quite formidable!

Magus: Heh?...

OLD MAN: The Guru of Time, eh...?

   Heard of him, of course, but what do
   you want with him?

Marle: He knows how to bring
   Crono back...

Frog: We've heard he might be the
   one to bring our Crono back...

Ayla: He bring Crono back to
   He strong.

Lucca: We believe he knows how to
   bring Crono back to life.

OLD MAN: To bring back lost loved
   It's what everyone wants...

   Crono must be proud... have friends like you...


OLD MAN: Here.
   Take this with you.

Ayla: Egg!
   Ayla hungry, want eat!

Frog: What be this?
   Me egg?

Robo: This is...
   an egg of some sort?

Lucca: An egg?
   Is it hardboiled or 3-minute?

OLD MAN: Let us call that the Chrono
   Trigger. It is pure potential.

   By unleashing a specific course of
   events, it can have a powerful effect
   on time.

   Ask the one who made the
   Epoch, your Wings of
   Time, how to hatch it...

   Like any egg, it represents a
   It may or may not...hatch.

   But the Chrono Trigger gives you the
   potential to get your friend back...

   The egg will have an effect equal to
   the effort you put into your search.
   No more, and no less.

   Don't forget that.
   As long as you keep Crono in your
   heart, the day you are dreaming of
   shall arrive...

Magus: I get's you, isn't it...?

Marle: Wait a sec...

   Are YOU Gaspar, the Guru of Time?

Lucca: It's you, isn't it?!...

   You're Gaspar, the Guru of Time!

Robo: This can only mean... are the Guru of Time...
   Mr. Gaspar, I presume?!

Frog: Wh...what?


   Thee art Gaspar, the Guru of

OLD MAN: Um...well...

   ...I believe that's what they used to
   call me...

   ...ages ago...

Marle: Crono!
   Let's go get Crono!

Lucca: ...

   He was a pain, but now that he's

   Now don't go getting any stupid
   He was like a brother to me!

Robo: Without Crono, everyone
   is depressed...

Frog: That fool...

   No one that young is supposed to
   leave this mortal coil...

Ayla: Crono strong!
   Not gone yet!
   Ayla find Crono!!

Magus: Doesn't matter if HE's here
   or not.

   My attention is focused elsewhere...

SPEKKIO: All right!

   Unfortunately, you were born before
   magic existed! But you seem to have
   other skills that will get you by.

   Ayla can't use magic!

SPEKKIO: ...Phew...!!

   You hauled in a marlin here, kids!

   He can use «Shadow»...
   And he could probably teach me a
   thing or two!

SPEKKIO: Hey? That punk rocker hasn't
   been coming around, lately.

Magus: Going my way?

Magus: Now we've got a winning

Magus: The weak always strive to
   be weaker...

 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]

MOM: A, are you one of Crono's

Magus: ...

MOM: Another quiet one?!
   Don't be shy, dear!

MOM: What a beautiful day!
   The Black Omen sure sparkles in the

   What a great day for laundry!

 [Lab 32, 2300 A.D.]

   JOHNNY: Where's spike head?
   I only ride with him.

 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]

BELTHASAR: On «Death Peak» you will
   find the power to restore life.

   But to activate this power, the
   deceased must be important to the
   space-time continuum.

   And you MUST have a clone identical
   to that person. Only then, can a
   Chrono Trigger work its magic...

BELTHASAR: Need a Clone?
   The magician, Nolstein Bekkler could
   whip one up in the wink of an eye.

   Bekkler loves festivals. Find a
   festival, and there, too, you shall find

 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]

 [Norstein Bekkler]
   So! You want a Crono Clone?
   Normally I'd never do this, but today
   I'll make an exception.
   Challenge me, and I'll give you a Clone.
   The longer you stay in the game, the
   lower my price will be.
         Take the challenge!
         It's not my lucky day.
   You're out of cash.
   Play longer, spend less!

   I'll take 60,000 G.

   I'll take 30,000 G.

   I'll take 10,000 G.

   I'll take 5,000 G.

   I'll take 2000 G.

   I'll take 1000 G.

   The Clone will be at Crono's house.

 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]
MOM: Oh, hello!
      Is Crono okay?
Marle: Uh, he's ok.
   Fine actually.
Lucca: Yeah...
   Just fine.

Frog: Uh...aye!
   He be in fine health!

Robo: Madam...
   Crono is...quite well.

Ayla: ...
   Crono... okay.

MOM: I hope he's behaving.
   Tell him to be good, all right?

Marle: ...
   Listen, um...

Lucca: ...
   Um, listen,, I mean...

Frog: ...

Ayla: ...

Marle: We'll just borrow this doll,

Lucca: We'd like to borrow this doll
   for a bit.

Frog: By thy leave, mayhap we
   taketh this doll?

Ayla: This, Crono's doll!
   Ayla borrow!

Crono's Mom: Go right ahead, dear.

          You got the Clone!

Crono's Mom: Stay out of trouble,

 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]


   The time has come for you to
   attempt «Death Peak.» It's the only
   chance you have of reviving your

   The last program I've implanted in
   this creature's memory banks will
   help you up the mountain.
   Stand back.

BELTHASAR: Without the Clone, there's
   no point in going to «Death Peak!»
   Now, scram!

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Executing program!

BELTHASAR: The 3 entities you saw will
   help you climb «Death Peak.»

   This ends my message.

   Now I must ask you for a favor.

   This creature has executed its
   Please let him sleep.
   The switch is on his stomach.

   Switch the creature off?

   This creature sleeps beyond the flow
   of time.

 [Death Peak, 2300 A.D.]

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Walk when the wind dies and hide
   behind trees when it blows.

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Be careful!
   It's slippery.
   Fall, and you'll have to start over.

 [Poyozo Doll]
   Push the shell...
   Climb the shell...

   So, this is the summit of Death Peak!

Marle: All who fear the night and
   stand against the darkness...
   Please give us strength!

Lucca: You who fear the night and
   fight the coming of darkness...
   Give us strength!

Robo: You who fight the onslaught
   of night and darkness...
   Please lend us your power.

Frog: We ask for your strength...
   Thee who fear'eth the night and
   stand 'gainst the darkness.

Lucca: Crono!

Robo: Crono!

Frog: Crono!

Ayla: Crono!

   The pendant's reacting!

   It, it shattered!!

Marle: But...
   We've come so far!

Marle: Please answer me!
   Don't leave me!!!


Lucca: It can't be!
   What use was it to come so far?

Lucca: Crono!
   Say something!
   Don't ignore us!

Frog: 'Tis folly...
   To hath travelled so far.

Frog: Crono!
   Giveth an answer!

Robo: That can't be it!
   We've worked so hard.

Robo: Crono!
   Please answer us!

Lucca: Don't be sad.
   It was silly to think we could get
   him back...

Robo: Do not dispair.
   We placed too much hope in bringing
   Crono back.

Frog: Despair not...
   Fate be not malleable.

Ayla: No sadness!
   Ayla lonely too!
   Sad Crono not come back.

 [Ocean Palace, 12000 B.C.]

Marle: Crono...!

Lucca: The Chrono Trigger...
   ...the Guru's Time Egg...!

   And there we all are!
   We're back at that instant!

Robo: It appears that time has
   been suspended!

Magus: A time freeze...
   I never thought it possible.

Frog: Like stone statues.
   'Tis eerie...

Ayla: Only us move?

Magus: ......

Magus: What a pity...

   We weren't able to change a thing.
   We'll just exchange the Clone for

Marle: Crono?

   It's Crono...!
   You're alive!!!!

Lucca: We've got to hurry!

Robo: What a relief!
   Crono, you're all right!

Frog: 'Tis an eerie place.
   Let us withdraw quickly.

Ayla: Hurry!
   We take Crono!

Magus: Save the hellos for later!
   We've got work to do.

 [Death Peak, 2300 A.D.]

Marle: Crono!
   Welcome back Crono!!

Lucca: Crono!
   It's about time!!

Frog: Crono!
   'Tis good of you to return, Crono.

Robo: Crono!
   Welcome back!!

Lucca: I'm so glad you're back,

Frog: How art thou feeling,

Robo: Oh... Crono!
   What a relief to have you with us

Ayla: Crono back!!
   Crono okay?

Marle: We...

   We knew this day would come.

Marle: You mustn't...

   You can't do that ever again!

Lucca: You dummy!

   You wouldn't believe what we had to
   go through for you!

Lucca: You mess up again...

   And we won't save you!

Frog: Thou art a lucky lad.

   Thy friends be loyal and true!

Robo: We have all been waiting for

   Marle and Lucca and...
   Well, all of us!

Magus: Hmph!
   Enough of this sappy stuff!

Marle: While you were away...
   A lot of things happened.
   First, we...and then...

   And after that we..., but...
   Are you even listening?!
   There's so much you have to know.

Lucca: While you were gone we had
   a terrible time!
   Marle had to......, and...
   So then we...and I had to...

   You listening, Crono?
   You can be so irritating sometimes!

 [C25: The Fated Hour]

 [End of Time]

   Looks like you were successful!

   No, don't thank me. I didn't do a
   thing. I just gave you a place to

   If you really want to thank me,
   make me a member of your team!

   By the way, the Wings of Time has
   come looking for you.
   It seems to have a heart and mind of
   it's own...

OLD MAN: You wish to fight Lavos,

   Many paths lay open to you.
   You may use that bucket. Or fly the
   Wings of Time to «The Day of

   Or there's the Black Omen, which
   floats in the sky above your world.
   Lavos is somehow connected with it.

   It's up to you to decide when and
   where to fight Lavos.

   By now you must realize you are the
   only ones who stand a chance
   against him...

   However, you will not be alone. I
   have had vague glimpses of events,
   people and places that will empower

   In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer
   determination brings a forest back to

   A fugitive in the Middle Ages, Ozzie,
   maintains an evil hideout...

   There's a task to be done in the Future,
   where machinery originated.

   And there's a very special stone that
   can shine its light on each generation,
   from the distant past to the far

   There's the ghost of a lofty knight,
   slain by Magus in the Middle Ages,
   who haunts the present...

   There's an object in the Middle Ages
   that sparkles like a rainbow...

OLD MAN: One of you is close to
   someone who needs help...
   Find this
   Just as you touch the lives of every
   life form you meet, so, too, will their
   energy strengthen you.
   Fail to live up to your potential, and
   you will never win...
   I am sorry that I must simply
   witness the coming spectacle from
   my vantage point here...

Marle: I can't believe this!
   I'm so happy!

Lucca: Don't put us through that

Robo: Now that Crono's here,
   everyone's cheerful!

Frog: Look at you... Ladies weeping
   over you right and left...

Ayla: Crono!

Magus: ...

   You got whacked, 'cuz you're weak.

Magus: ......

   And they're still alive!?

   By the way, Ozzie had a hideout
   much like my castle...

Marle: Whatcha up to...


Robo: The origin of machines...?

   You mean to tell me I have a

Frog: The knight spirit which

   It can't be...

Ayla: Fight Lavos!
   Ayla village have strong
   defense item!
   Go see!!

Lucca: Solar energy was used
   aeons ago, well before Lavos
   Energy existed...

   It might be just the thing we need to
   defeat Lavos...

   Punk head!
   Where ya been?

   Will you take Crono?

 [Forest Ruins, 1000 A.D.]

Marle: My pendant...?

Lucca: Your's glowing!

Robo: This glow!
   What is it?

Frog: A torch comes from the

Ayla: It shine like star!

Magus: ...Pendant?

   The seal has been broken.
   I will give you the treasure of the Guru
   of Reason.
   To the right is a weapon which
   increases strength.
   To the left is protective gear which will
   guard your life.
   Choose whichever you feel you need,
   and take it with you.
   13,000 years was a long time.
   Belthasar, I shall see you shortly...

 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]

   My dream has come true.
   Peace is ours!
 [Young Man]
   Let's wage peace from now on!

   The Hero has brought us peace, and I
   have delivered the bell to the King.
   What more could we ask for?
   Hurrah for Guardia!!!
   Let's toast our land!

 [Young Woman]
   Now we'll have peace and prosperity.

 [Cathedral, 600 A.D.]

   In our world, every storm has an end.
   Every night, brings a new morning.

   What's important is to trust those you
   love, and never give up......

   We must all keep hope alive...

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

   We've been expecting you!
   To the King's chamber, please!

   What a stroke of luck for you guys.
   Defeated Magus, huh?

   The injured soldiers have all
   See, they're all better!

 [Injured Knight]

   The Knight Captain and chef have
   finally made up!

   Sorry, I don't have time right now.

   The chef's experimenting on a great

   It's so complicated, who knows when
   he'll be done!

   A great dish needs a great name!

 [Knight Captain]
   We destroyed Magus's troops and
   we owe it all to Crono.

   Frog, you're magnificent...!
   I knew you'd do it...
   I was thinking 'bout making you
   «Knight Captain!»

Frog: I'm afraid 'tis not for me...

   YOU saved the day.
   I just cooked!
   I'm whipping up a victory meal!
   Something real fancy!

   If they had broken through at Zenan
   Bridge, this castle would've been

   Since you didn't come out of
   Magus's castle, I simply thought...

   Crono, my thanks extend for
   generations to come.

 [Quene Leene]
   I don't know how to thank you...

 [Queen Leene]
   Where's Frog?

 [Queen Leene]
   So, you've teamed up with Crono
   and the others!
   You've done a fine job.
   Please remain with us as long as you

Frog: ...

   My heart is glad...thank you,
   my Liege!

 [King Guardia]'re ALIVE!
   Although we did sustain major
   casualties, we wouldn't have made it
   without you!
   Anyway, we all must work together to
   rebuild the Kingdom of Guardia!
   We're all in this together!

   Frog, thanks again.
   You deserve the title, Knight!

Frog: Waste not, such precious
   words on me.

       Sealed with a mysterious power...

   Reacting to the pendant, something
   inside begins to glow. Remove it?

 [Truce Inn, 600 A.D.]

   What a happy occasion!
   Let's get crazy!
   They've built a Town Square to
   celebrate peace.

   And they've named it after Queen
 [Young Man]
   Somebody STOP me!!!
   Hurrah to the Hero and Guardia!

   This box has been in the family for
   Open it, and you may have what's

          Sealed by a mysterious force...

   Something is reacting to the pendant.
   Take the item inside?

                Found a Blue Vest!

 [Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.]

                 Blue Vest powers up!
                  Found Blue Mail!

 [Zenan Bridge]

   Magus's troops are pretty tame
   when he's not leading them!

 [Dorino Market]

   Peace at last, thanks to the Hero!
   Hurrah for the Hero!
   Hurrah for Guardia!

 [Dorino Residence]

 [Little Boy]
   The Hero has beaten the evil monsters!

 [Young Woman]
   I heard the Hero was Sir Cyrus's friend.
   He must be a handsome knight.

Frog: ......


Frog: Uwa, ha!
   What irony!

   Magus survived, and is in hiding.
   We can't let him escape!
   Think of all the soldiers that fell...

 [Dorino Elder's House]

   Magus's 3 henchmen ran off and
   are hiding on some island.
   Will we never get rid of those

 [Old Woman]
   The chief of Sandorino lives here.
   Finally, we'll have some peace!

 [Young Woman]
   The legendary Hero, with sword in
   Just once, I wish I could be in the
   Hero's shoes!

CHIEF: That liar!
   He's a no good, useless...
   He took the money but can't find
   what I asked for!
   I've been duped!

 [Dorino Inn]

   Magus is gone!

   Now there's nothing to fear!
   Let's have a party!
   We're saved!
   At least for now...

 [Young Man]
   They stopped Magus.
   Now that it's safe I'm enjoying my
   Vitamin C builds strong bodies!

 [Old Man]
   The famous Denadoro Mountain winds
   have grown mild.

 [Porre Cafe, 600 A.D.]

MISTRESS: And I have plans of my own...

   Now that the boy's back, it's time to
   set my sights on his father, hee hee.

 [Old Man]
   A strange monster came by the other
   day, mumbling about Queen Leene and
   the Masamune...
   Yeah, he sure was weird.
   Oh, I meant, such a magnificent frog!
   He'll be a hero or a chancellor...!

   Tata's been working hard lately.
   Maybe he's growing up.

   A slimy frog man beat Magus?
   If I knew it was gonna be so easy, I'd
   have done it myself!

 [Fiona's Villa, 600 A.D.]

FIONA: Many trees were destroyed in
   the war with the Magus's Army.

   I try to maintain the forest by
   replanting trees, but they all die.

FIONA: The desert monsters are
   draining the life out of the soil here.

FIONA: This Mystic seedling could revive
   the forest, but I can't plant it. Too
   many hungry monsters lurking about.

FIONA: My husband Marco is finally

   I...I'm so relieved!

MARCO: Don't worry.
   I'm home for good.

MARCO: The monsters in the desert
   cave hate water.
   But I can't defeat them by myself.

 [Sunken Desert, 600 A.D.]

Marle: What was that?

Lucca: Some tremor?

Robo: An unforeseen earthquake

Frog: What, be this?

Ayla: Ground shaking!

Magus: ...?

Marle: So that's the monster
   responsible for this desert!

Lucca: The monsters are creating a
   desert here.

Robo: The monsters are causing
   the desertification here.

Frog: So, THEY changeth the forest
   into the desert!

Ayla: They make forest into

Magus: Retinite...
   He's behind this new desert.

Marle: But how can one find a
   monster that roams the inner earth?

Lucca: It will be hard to defeat a
   monster that travels underground!

Robo: But monsters that travel
   underground are impossible to find!

Frog: How to slayeth monsters
   within the earth...
   'Tis a very difficult task.

Ayla: Hard to find monster in

Magus: ...What a pain...

Marle: At least Fiona will be happy!

Lucca: We've neutralized the
   source of this desert.
   We should tell Fiona.

Robo: Now, the desertification
   should stop.
   Let us inform Fiona.

Frog: It be settled then.
   Let us inform Fiona.

Ayla: Bad bones gone.
   Fiona happy now.

Magus: Hmph!

 [Fiona's Villa, 600 A.D.]

MARCO: You killed the monsters?!
   How can I ever thank you?

MARCO: The war with the Mystics is
   over, but the battle to revive the
   forest is just beginning.

FIONA: Thank you for routing the
   Unfortunately, it'll take centuries
   to revive the forest.

   I wish I could live long enough to see
   my wish come true!

Robo: You can come for me when
   the job is done.

   May I stay behind and help Fiona?

FIONA: With Robo's help, it seems
   my dream may finally come true.
   How can I ever thank you?

 [Fiona's Shrine, 1000 A.D.]

   This is Fiona's Shrine.
   Here we give thanks to Fiona &
   Robo for replanting the forest 400
   years ago!

   The remains of the lofty Robo are
   enshrined in the inner sanctum.

   Here's a hat made from a magical
   bough filled with mystical forest
Robo: Systems reactivated.
      Wh, where am I?

Robo: Ahh...
    [member1], how nice to see you.
   For you, it was a quick hop, but for
   me 400 long years have passed.
   The effort was worth it!
   The forest has grown back!
   Now, let us celebrate our 400th year

 [Fiona's Forest, 1000 A.D.]

Robo: After 400 years of
   experience, I have come to think that
   Lavos may not be responsible for the

Marle: What do you mean?

Robo: I have come to think that
   someone, or something wanted us to
   see all this.

   The different events over time, that
   we have witnessed.
   It is almost as if some entity wanted
   to relive its past.

Ayla: Ayla know!
   When people die, elders say, see
   whole life pass by!

Frog: 'Tis true that mortals do
   relive their most profound memories
   before death claimeth them.

   Yet those memories most often are
   sad ones.

Robo: Thinking things like, «If only
   I had done this,» or, «I shouldn't
   have done that...» triggers
   unpleasant, old memories.

Marle: Will that happen when our
   time comes?

Lucca: Probably...who knows?

Marle: Is there a point in time you'd
   want to return to, Lucca?

Lucca: No...not really...

Marle: I'm sorry, was that
   something I shouldn't have asked?

Lucca: It's ok, it's just something I
   don't like to think about too much.

Frog: Lavos playeth an integral
   role in the fortunes of this Entity...

Magus: who is this Entity?

Robo: It is unknown, whose
   memories these are. It may be
   something beyond our

   Our journey may come to an end
   when we finally discover the identity
   of the Entity.
   ... ...shall we turn in for the night?

 [Lucca's House, 990 A.D.]

Lucca: Did I make it that

   Dad promised to go hiking with me, but
   blew me off again, due to his work. I
   hate science! I loathe it!»

LARA: Lucca... Lucca...

   The password is...
   The name of my lovely wife.
   Use it in an emergency.

LARA: What IS this thing?
   Taban says to keep away from it,
   but it's so dusty.
   I'll just...

LARA: Dear me!
   My's...I'm STUCK!
   Lucca, HELP!

Lucca: I can't pull it out.

LARA: !!
   Enter the password!
   Stop this machine!

Lucca: But I don't know it, mommie!

LARA: Oh no...!

   7/1/990 A.D.
   I wish I hadn't heard what the doctor
   told dad.

   Mommie's legs...they're...

   7/15/990 A.D.
   If only I knew more about machines.
   Then mom would still be okay.
   If only I...

   7/2/990 A.D.
   I feel like I've learned something!
   I'll study machines now. There'll be no
   more accidents around here.

   Enter password.

Lucca: Thank goodness, mommie.

 [Fiona's Forest, 1000 A.D.]

Robo: I'll give you my legs!
   They're lightweight and well

   You could mount some treads on me

Robo: Don't be so sad Lucca!

Lucca: Thanks, you're such a good

Robo: A...friend?
   Me, a robot?
   You called me your friend?

Robo: Lucca, you've got a kind
   You're always thinking of others.

Robo: This is for you.
   It's a piece of amber I created using
   the sap from a tree in my forest.

   It took 400 years and a lot of
   pressure to make!
   I hope you'll find it useful.

Lucca: Robo...
   you're so sweet.

 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]

LARA: What a beautiful day!
   I'll finish the housework and take a

 [Medina Square, 1000 A.D.]

   Sir Ozzie...

   Oh, great Ozzie [musicsymbol] Ozzie the great [musicsymbol]
   He shall rule all [musicsymbol]

   Oh, great Ozzie [musicsymbol] Ozzie the great [musicsymbol]
   Ozzie fills our days and nights with joy [musicsymbol]

 [Medina Elder's House, 1000 A.D.]

OZZIE VIII: They still worship Ozzie's
   statue in the village square.

 [Ozzie's Fort, 600 A.D.]

OZZIE: Come on in!
   This's the Great Ozzie's place.

                  What the...!

OZZIE: Whoa!!

OZZIE:'re the great Magus!

OZZIE: Oh, and you again!

OZZIE: Outta here!

Magus: You're doing well, Ozzie!

OZZIE: The nerve!
   Deserting your fellow Mystics to
   serve these humans!
   You're a traitor! You're not our King!

OZZIE: Why did you desert us?

FLEA: Oh great Ozzie, stand back, and
   let ME take care of these cretins.

OZZIE: Howdy!

OZZIE: You're nothing but common

   Anyone who tries to steal my
   treasure is looking for a VERY cruel

OZZIE: And away we go!

OZZIE: Oz...

   Ozzie's in a pickle!!!

OZZIE: You pesky, low down, good for

   I'll have you begging for mercy.

OZZIE: Flea!

OZZIE: Slash!!

FLEA: You sent for me?

FLEA: Well, if it isn't Sir Magus.
   Who'd you bribe to get in here?
   Traitors like you deserve a beating.

FLEA: Long time no see.
   You know, I REALLY don't like you.

OZZIE: I'm counting on you, Flea!

FLEA: Get ready for a SLAPPING good
   time...get it?!

   Just you wait!
   We'll teach you a lesson!

SLASH: Yooouuu rang?

OZZIE: You STILL haven't given up?

   Well, how about a good thrashing!

OZZIE: Slash, don't let me down!

OZZIE: What in the...!

   Ozzie's stumped!

SLASH: Beat me once, shame on you!
   Beat me twice, shame on me.

SLASH: At first I really didn't want to
   slice and dice ya, but now it sounds
   kind of fun!

SLASH: Ready?

SLASH: Ouch!

OZZIE: Come on, sweethearts!

OZZIE: Mwa ha!!

OZZIE: Don't you want the treasure

   Probably filled with goodies!
   Found the treasure!!

OZZIE: Heh heh. Not so fast, friends.
   I'm not going to make it that easy
   for you.

OZZIE: Ozzie Pants!

FLEA: Flea Vest!

SLASH: Slasher 2!

OZZIE: These unique items make us

OZZIE: I can't lose!
   What would become of my Mystics?
   I MUST win!

OZZIE: Magus!
   You lied when you said you wanted
   to create a world of evil!
   You used me!

Magus: Oh, how dreadful.
   Say, can you hear that?
   It's the sound of the Reaper...

Magus: The past is dead.
   It was all just a dream...

   You will NEVER defeat me!

OZZIE: Adios, amigos!

OZZIE:! Not THAT switch!!

Marle: He never gives up, does he?

Lucca: What was he trying to do?

Robo: What was he trying to

Frog: The stupid fool...

Ayla: What he want?
   Ayla no understand.

 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]

   When Magus left, his troops ran

 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]

MELCHIOR: The Black Omen which floats
   in the sky.
   ...made by neither the Mystics nor

   What does it portend...?

 [Medina Square, 1000 A.D.]

   Race ya!

   Hey, wait up!

   Great weather.

   Groovin' on life...

   Oh, the Black Omen, the Black Omen [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol]
   We will smile on the Black Omen [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol]
   Always [musicsymbol]

 [Medina Elder's House]

OZZIE VIII: Yes sir!
   I take pride in cleaning up.
   No, I'm not slacking off!
   The name's Bandeau.
   Here to build the ferry between Medina
   and Truce.

   I'm the leader of Medina.
   Make yourself at home.

 [Medina Residence]

   Hey guys, long time no see!
   What's up?
   Gonna run a ferry between Truce and
   Medina soon.

 [Medina Inn]

   Hey there!
   How can I help you?

   It's so peaceful.

 [Old Man]
   Hey, this stuff's mighty tasty!
   10G per night. Care to stay?

   Not enough cash, huh?

 [Geno Dome, 2300 A.D.]

 [Mother Brain]
   Who enters here unbidden?
   Welcome home R-66Y.
   Or should I say, Prometheus?!
   You dare to defile this place with
   I haven't seen them in ages.
   Let me...welcome them.
   Come closer...

   Let's see just what you can do...

   Not bad...for humans.
   But can you find your way to me?

   Enter the «Dust Chute?»
 [Mother Brain]
   300 yrs. ago the Lavos disaster greatly
   changed the planet.
   At this rate, humans will die out from
   pure despair.

   Don't you understand?
   This planet would be peaceful if there
   were no humans around.
   And yet you still want to fight?

Robo: This computer can give us
   data about the Geno Dome.

      Conveyor Belt
      Guard Machine

Robo: What shall we examine

To open locked doors, simply charge
the energy pods beside them.

Energize first, in the pod to your left,
then enter the pod next to a locked

The robot guarding the figurine will
block anyone that tries to pass.
But if you place 2 guards in front of
each other, they will short circuit.

Return the broken guard to the room

The belt conveyor to the right can be
reversed with a switch above it.

You must obtain the 2 figurines on this
floor to fight the Mother Brain.
Do not leave with them.

Robo: Anything else?

Robo: It's too well guarded.
   We have to destroy the central

ROBOT: Welcome home, Prometheus.

Robo: ... ...

ATROPOS: Yes, it's been awhile
   You can stop pretending now and
   join us.

Marle: Pretending?

Lucca: Pretending?

Frog: This has been a guise?

Ayla: ??

Magus: ......

ATROPOS: Mwa, ha...
   Unlike the other R-series,
   Prometheus had a special task.

   To live with humans and study them
   as a species...

Marle: No...!

Lucca: That's a lie!

Frog: Impossible...!

Ayla: What you say?!
   Ayla no understand.

Magus: I see...

ATROPOS: Tell them, Prometheus...

Robo: ......

ATROPOS: Now step back Prometheus.
   We'll get rid of these humans, then
   go see Mother...

Ayla: ......

ATROPOS: What are you doing

Robo: I won't allow you to hurt

ATROPOS: ......
   You are indeed defective.
   They have tampered with you.
   I'll destroy them, then fix you.

Robo: Atropos... you've changed.

ATROPOS: Indeed. Mother remade me to
   eliminate humans more efficiently!

   Step back, Prometheus!

Robo: My name is Robo.

ATROPOS: Prometheus!!

Robo: Wait!
   Stand back and leave this to me.

System down...
Delete program...

ATROPOS: P, Prometheus...?
   It's been...ages...!

Robo: Atropos...?

ATROPOS: I'm damaged?
   What happened?

Robo: Atropos!!

ATROPOS: My memory bank...

   Mother must have done something
   nasty when she reprogrammed me...

   Partial memory...restored...
   I'm sorry...Prometheus...

Lucca: Save your strength!
   I'll patch you up.

ATROPOS: It isn't possi...ble...
   Vital functions are do...wn...
   M...memory bank damaged...

Robo: Atropos...!

ATROPOS: for you...
   You can...plug this...into your circuits...
   Please...take care...of it...

   Atropos' Ribbon ups Robo's Speed
   by 3 and Magic Defense by 10.

 [Mother Brain]
   Listen well, humans.
   Lavos's children will one day have to
   leave to seek new planets, and prey.
   This world COULD sustain them...if
   humans were not around...
   We robots will create a new order...
   A nation of steel, and pure logic.
   A true paradise!
   Our «Species» will replace you...
   So stop your foolish struggle, and
   succumb to the sleep of eternity...

Marle: What IS this?!
   We have to do something!

Lucca: Wh, what the...?!
   Let's help them!!

Frog: What be this?!
   We must rescue them!

Ayla: !!
   People there!
   We help!

Magus: Hmm...
   A human processing plant?

Robo: Let us stop the machine!

Marle: Aaa!

Lucca: Aack!

Frog: Arrgh!

Ayla: !!

 [Mother Brain]
   You did well to come this far.
   I am the Mother Brain of the R-Y
   series factory.
   Come Prometheus, you must once
   again join us.
   I'll reset your circuitry and erase your
   Then we'll dispose of these filthy

Robo: ......

Robo: I'm sorry but...
   I cannot afford to lose anything
   Not my precious memories, or my
   irreplaceable friends.

 [Mother Brain]
   You would betray ME, to stay with
   these humans?
   You would turn against the family of

Robo: Humans have taught me
   Crono, Marle, Lucca,
   Frog, and Ayla...
   I will not betray my friends.

 [Mother Brain]
   Fu, hu, hu...

   This is rich...!
   Don't make me laugh!
   YOU, have emotions?!
   I'll show you just how «human» you've
Robo: All machines in the factory
   have been shut off for good.

Marle: Robo......

Lucca: Robo......

Frog: Robo......

Ayla: Robo??

Magus: Hmph!
   We're leaving!

Robo: Let's go...!

   Got the Terra Arm and the Crisis Arm!

            All functions are down...

 [Sun Palace, 2300 A.D.]

         You got the Moon Stone!

Lucca: This is the ancient Sun
   It doesn't seem to have an ounce of
   energy left in it.

   We could probably recharge it with
   sunlight, but that would take aeons.

Robo: This is the ancient Sun
   The years must have robbed it of its

   But if we expose it to sunlight for
   approximately 65.2167 million years
   we just might be able to recharge it.

Magus: So this is the Sun Stone.
   Its power has been lost over time.

   With the sun's energy, it could be

   But it'll take over 65 million years.

Marle: Isn't this the ancient Sun
   But it no longer glows...

   Maybe it will regain its glow if we
   keep it in the sunlight!
   Might take a while, though.

Frog: 'Tis the ancient Sun Stone!
   But it lacketh luster.

   Perhaps the sun can rekindle it!
   But how long will that take?

 [Sun Keep, 65000000 B.C.]

Marle: Wow, sunlight!
   This must be the sun's favorite spot.

Lucca: It's never dark in here.

Robo: The sun shines 24 hrs.
   a day here.

Frog: This be the spot.
   'Tis warm.

Ayla: Is cozy!
   Sunshine good!

Magus: The Sun Keep...
   Where the sun never sets.

   Leave the «Moon Stone?»

Marle: Now, let's hop aboard

Lucca: Well, back to

Robo: Let's return to my era in

Frog: How long shall we leave
   it hither?

Ayla: ...
   No change.

Magus: Now, let us go.

 [Sun Keep, 2300 A.D.]

Lucca: It's gone!!
   The Moon Stone is gone!

   It looks like it's been gone for ages.
   Let's try another time period.
Marle: It's not here!
   The Moon Stone is gone!

   It's been gone for ages.
   Let's check out another time.
Robo: It isn't here!!
   The Moon Stone isn't anywhere.

   It wasn't taken recently, though.
   Let's go back in time a bit.
Frog: The Moon Stone, 'tis gone!

   Yet it hast not been taken recently.
   Let us return in time.
Ayla: ...
   Gone...rock not here?

   But plenty dust.
   Someone take long time ago.

Magus: ...
   The Moon Stone is gone.


   Seems it's been gone for 1300 years
   or so.
   Let's get back to the present.

 [Sun Keep, 1000 A.D.]

Lucca: It isn't here either.

   I wonder if someone from this time
   period has taken it?

Marle: Not here either...

   Did someone from this age take it?

Robo: Doesn't look like it's here

   Has someone from this era taken it?

Frog: Not here either...

   Hast someone from this time taken

Ayla: Not here too.

   Someone take!
   We find!

Magus: It hasn't been gone for long.
   Let's take a look around.

 [Porre Mayor's Manor, 1000 A.D.]

   Moon Stone?
   Never heard of it!

 [Snail Stop, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   400 years ago a strange metal
   creature helped a woman named Fiona
   revive the forest to the north.
   The creature was placed in a shrine
   within the forest.

 [Porre Elder's House, 600 A.D.]

 [Elder's Wife]
   I see you have some Jerky!

   Will you sell it for 10,000 G?
         I'll give it to you.
         Not interested.

   All right.
   Here's 10,000 G!

   You're giving it away?
   I thought there were no kind people
   left in this world!
   You can bet MY children are going to
   learn the value of sharing!
   Oh, well...

   Let's do some cooking!

   Something inside is reacting to the
   pendant. Remove the object?

                 Got a White Vest!

                 Got a Black Vest!

 [Young Man]
   Fiona loves nature.
   She's got a noble heart.
   I hope her dreams come true.

 [Porre Mayor's Manor, 1000 A.D.]

       Sealed with a mysterious energy...

         White Vest's power up!
         Received White Mail!

         Black Vest's power up!
         Received Black Mail!

   You're interested in the Moon Stone?
   Well, someone simply left it here.
   Seems important to you folks.
   Why don't you take it!
   Share and share alike!
   Help the needy!
   Thinkin' about makin' THAT the town
 [Young Woman]
   The person I like most?
   My dad, of course!

 [Mayor's Wife]
   I wish my husband were a little less
 [Little Boy]
   I love my daddy!
 [Little Girl]
   Everyone thinks DA.D.'s generous.
   Does that mean they think he's cool?
   Who knows.

 [Sun Keep, 2300 A.D.]

Lucca: Amazing!
   With THIS much energy I can make a
   powerful weapon!
   Let's go back to my house now!

Lucca: This really is the Sun Stone!
   With this energy, I can make an
   incredible weapon!
   Let's get back to my house quickly!

Marle: Acck! This is amazing!
   Lucca can surely put this to good
   Let's show it to her!

Robo: My sensors read high energy
   Lucca may be able to use this.
   Let us show it to her.

Frog: T, 'tis amazing...!
   What might Lucca create with it?
   She must see this!

Ayla: Wow!
   The sun!
   Lucca maybe use?
   Bring Lucca here!

Magus: The Sun Stone has regained
   its luster but...

   How might we harness its energy?

 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]

Lucca: I'll modify the Sun Stone to
   extract its energy...

Lucca: ...then, we'll just vacuum
   pack it into a cartridge...

Lucca: ...and it's finished!

Lucca: Sometimes I amaze myself!

TABAN: Take a look Lucca!
   I borrowed a bit of the Sun Stone to
   create something nifty!

 [Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D.]

Robo: He is resisting my attacks!

Ayla: It's like rock!

Lucca: What kind of shield IS THAT?!

Frog: My sword hath no effect!

Marle: Nothing can touch it!

Frog: Cyrus...


Magus: ...

Frog: Cyrus?!
   'Tis me, Glenn!!



 [Choras Mayor's Manor]

   There's an old structure to the north.
   It's been in ruins for ages.
   Ghosts lurk in the ruins.

   They say some brain-dead ghost hangs
   out in the ruins to the north.


   Spirits, still attached to the real world,
   live in places like that.

 [Old Woman]
   The anguish of tormented spirits has
   created a negative energy that
   surrounds the ruins.
   I'd stay away from the ruins!
   The structural damage is severe.
 [Old Man]
   The Black Omen sparkles in the sun!
   Tomorrow should be clear, too.

 [Old Man]
   Great weather today.

 [Choras Inn]

   10G a night.
   Will you stay?

   Not enough money.
   Come on in!

   Hey, bring some more soda!

   Sir, I think you've had enough sugar

   Pipe down!
   I'll tell you when I've had enough!
   Can't you see I love soda pop?

   Nothing like soda pop to quench your

 [Young Woman]
   Heard about the ghost?

   Then beat it!

   A Ghost Knight roams the Northern
   Isn't that a trip?

 [Old Woman]
   All the young 'uns went to the Millennial
   Kids are just gluttons for fun.
 [Old Man]
   The adventurer Toma's grave is on the
   western cape.
   He only failed to find the Rainbow Shell.
 [Young Man]
   Not a single sale!
   And I came all the way from Porre.
   You, will you please buy something ?

 [Choras Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Little Boy]
   When I grow up, I'm gonna be a
   carpenter, just like daddy!
   My husband's never around!
   I'm gonna show him who's BOSS.
   Next time, POW, right in the kisser!
 [Choras Market, 600 A.D.]

   Come on in!

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

 [Old Man]
   The Black Omen sparkles in the sun!
   Tomorrow should be clear, too.

 [Old Man]
   Great weather today.
 [Old Woman]
   There's something eerie about the
   Northern Ruins.
 [Choras Inn, 600 A.D.]

   10G a night.
   Will you stay?

   Not enough money.

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

 [Young Men]
   We're only trainees.

   The boss is at his favorite cafe.

 [Choras Cafe, 600 A.D.]

   My tools have been stolen!
   I can't get any work done now.
   I wish Toma would stay put for a

   Toma's off to find the Rainbow Shell.

 [Young Woman]
   10 years ago a beast was seen carrying
   something into the Northern Ruins.
   Treasure, perhaps?!
   Come on in!
TOMA: Hey  [member1], I've finally got a
   lead on the Rainbow Shell.

   But there's something odd going on...
   Oh, can you hang on to this for me?

TOMA: If I don't return, come to my
   grave and pour this on my

   Gee, isn't this morbid?

   I wonder where Toma's off to now?

 [Choras Inn, 1000 A.D.]

   You wanna borrow my tools?
   Be my guest!
   I'm busy here, so go get them from my

 [Choras Residence, 1000 A.D.]

   His tools?
   Oh, hold on, they're right here.

   Careful with 'em.

 [Choras Cafe, 600 A.D.]

   You've got some tools there.
   Will you lend them to a buddy?

   Thanks a lot.
   Now I can get to work!

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

   Thanks for lending me those tools.
   Now I can finally get to work!
   I guess I'll start with the ruins!
   C'mon, you lazy blokes!

 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!

 [Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.]

   We're done for now.
   We can't repair the spots where the
   monsters hide.
   Call us after you get rid of them.
   We'll do the rest.

   C'mon, you lazy blokes!
 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

   You want the Northern Ruins repaired?
   It'll cost you 2000 G.

   It ain't gonna happen without the cash.

   C'mon, you lazy blokes!
 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!

 [Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.]

   We're done for now.
   We can't repair the spots where the
   monsters hide.
   Call us after you get rid of them.
   We'll do the rest.

   C'mon, you lazy blokes!
 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!
   Cyrus, the fool who challenged
        Magus rests here.

Frog: Cyrus. I hath returned.

   I shall honor my promise to thee!

CYRUS: Glenn...

   Thank you...for making the journey

Frog: Dear Cyrus...

   Thou must...think ill of me.

CYRUS: On the contrary!
   You have come far, my friend.

   When Magus defeated me, I
   thought of all those whom I had left

   King Guardia, Queen Leene, and of
   course, you...

CYRUS: Your skill and dedication is

   I can rest now, knowing that
   everyone is in good hands.

   Good bye, my friend!

Frog: Cyrus, wait!


CYRUS: The Queen...
   Look after Queen Leene.

   Alas, and...farewell...G...le...n...n...

Frog: Cyyyruuus!!!

Frog: I'm so sorry, Cyrus.

Frog: !?

Frog: The Masamune?!

Frog: 'Tis flowing with strength
   and vigor.
   Heh heh

   That's it!

MUNE: That was special!

MASA: Quite. I guess it means that a
   Hero's power comes from within.

MUNE: Mucho metaphysical, man.

MASA: Like, MIND over matter, Mune!

Frog: My... mind?

MUNE: Now for a yummy, full-on test!

MASA: It's thrashin' time!

Frog: Ahh!
   'Tis the true identity of the

Frog: Cyrus, I promise to fulfill
   your wishes!

Frog: 'Tis a sad farewell!

Frog: Onward, all!

        Cyrus sleeps here,
   avenged by his friend Glenn.

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

   You want the Northern Ruins repaired?
   It'll cost you 2000 G.

   It ain't gonna happen without the cash.

   C'mon, you lazy blokes!
 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!

 [Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.]

   We're done for now.
   That's it for now.
   C'mon, you lazy blokes!
 [Young Men]
   Whatever you say boss!

 [Denadoro Mts., 600 A.D.]

Frog: I await thee, Free Lancer!

   It starts glowing in Frog's hand!

          You got the Gold Rock!

Frog: A changed frog art I!

 [Hero's Grave, 1000 A.D.]

          Kali Blade level up!
          Got 1  [item]!

         Level Up for Siren!
         Got 1  [item]!

          Nova Armor level up!
          Got 1  [item]!

   Something is reacting to the pendant.
   Take out the contents?

 [Choras Residence, 600 A.D.]

 [Old Woman]
   Sir Cyrus, a Knight of the Square Table,
   is buried north of here.

 [Choras Cafe, 600 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   Cyrus's grave is up north.
   It's a great place for a picnic!

 [Choras Mayor's Manor, 1000 A.D.]

   The tale of Glenn, Cyrus and Magus
   is known to all.
   A Hero's grave is to the north.
   400 years ago, the knight Cyrus fell
   while protecting our Kingdom from
   I'm bored...
   Maybe I'll check out the Millennial Fair!
   A peaceful world is a boring world...
 [Old Woman]
   Cyrus, our town's guardian angel, rests
   in a grave to the north.
 [Choras Inn, 1000 A.D.]

   When do I work?
   That's none of your business!
 [Young Woman]
   Hey, do you know the story about
   Cyrus and his best friend?

   Cyrus's best friend, Glenn, used a
   legendary sword to beat the
   Magus's troops.
   Then beat it!

TOMA XIII: Ancient scrolls tell us that if
   you combine the Rainbow Shell with a
   Sun Stone, you can make a fearsome

 [West Cape, 1000 A.D.]

   The Great Adventurer
   Toma Levine rests here...

TOMA:  [member1], long time no see.

   I've located the Rainbow Shell.

TOMA: To the northwest of this cape is
   a large island called the Giant's Claw.
   You can find the Shell there.

TOMA: But beware!
   There are many beasts about!

TOMA: Time to shove off.

TOMA: You guys are a riot a minute!

   See ya!

 [Giant's Claw, 600 A.D.]

   Toma's crumpled note:
   «Those holes! What if I jump into them
   on purpose? Yes!
   I'll start back at the beginning, and...»
Marle: Is this the Tyrano Lair?

Lucca: Is this the Tyrano Lair?

Robo: Looks like the Reptites'

Frog: The Tyrano Lair?

Ayla: What!!
   Why Reptites' castle here?

Magus: A prehistoric castle?

Marle: This must have been pushed
   underground when Lavos fell to

Lucca: When Lavos fell, this became
   buried beneath the earth.

Robo: This must have been pushed
   underground when Lavos fell to

Frog: When Lavos came hither,
   this place was buried beneath the

Ayla: Lavos fall and Tyrano Lair
   buried underground forever!

Magus: Prehistoric castle...

Marle: THIS's the Rainbow Shell!

Lucca: The Rainbow Shell!

Robo: The Rainbow Shell.

Frog: Behold!
   The Rainbow Shell!

Ayla: Pretty!
   This Rainbow Shell?
   Can eat?

Magus: Rather drab, isn't it?

Marle: It's heavy!
   We won't be able to carry it.
   Better get some help at the castle!

Lucca: It's too heavy.
   Let's get some help at Guardia Castle.

Robo: It weighs a ton!
   We must get help from Guardia

Frog: Heavy, it be!
   Let's seek the King's counsel!

Ayla: Heavy heavy!
   Can't carry.
   Castle people help?

Magus: Who's going to carry this for

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

KING: Hello!
   You're always welcome here.
   What can I do for you?

Marle: Well...

Lucca: Um, well, it's...

Robo: We would like to ask a

Frog: We asketh a favor...

Ayla: Ayla have favor.

KING: I get it. You want me to keep
   that huge shell safe here until the
   next century, right?

LEENE: I ask for the sake of  [member1].
   Please carry out their request.

KING: Done!
   I shall obtain the shell and store it in
   the castle, as a national treasure.

   Knight Captain!


KING: Go and obtain the Rainbow Shell,
   and bring it back in one piece!

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: At once, Sire!

Marle: Thank you, your Majesty!
   And Queen Leene too, of course!

Lucca: Thank you very much!

Robo: Thank you very much!

Frog: Thanks to thee, from one so

Ayla: You, good man!
   Ayla like!

 [Giant's Claw, 600 A.D.]

SOLDIER: It's heavy...
   But we'll manage!

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Okay, everyone!

 [Choras Cafe]

TOMA: So,  [member1], you beat me to the
   Rainbow Shell?

   Nah, I'm not sour about it. I probably
   couldn't have handled the monsters...

   But I WILL find the Sun Stone first!

 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]

      Sealed with a mysterious energy...

   Something inside is reacting to the
   pendant. Take out what's inside?

 [Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Woman]
   Why is there a different guard on duty
   at the castle every time I go there?
 [Young Man]
   The soldiers say the Chancellor's been
   acting funny.

 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]

 [Young Man]
   It's taking forever for the King's
   parade to begin.
   I wonder if something's wrong?

 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]

      Sealed with a mysterious energy...

          Level up for the Red Vest!
              Got the Red Mail!

   They say the King sold off the royal

   The trial of the century is about to
   Who's, you ask?
   King Guardia's, of course!
 [Young Woman]
   I can't get anything done, with you
   standing around!

   Cut the foolishness!

 [Young Woman]
   Jeez, I ain't gonna poison the

   The King ordered that the court be
   locked until the trial's over.

   Same thing on the left...
   But weren't there some stairs, over
   No entry allowed!
Marle: Let me through!!

CHANCELLOR: Had any of you heard of
   the «Rainbow Shell?»

   I too, had no idea until I found this...

CHANCELLOR: It's an ancestral will.
   It says, «Unveil the Rainbow Shell to
   the people at the Millienal Fair.»
KING: What are you talking about?!
   We have no family heirlooms here!

CHANCELLOR: So this is a forgery?

   Why does the defendant deny the
   people a glimpse of the «Rainbow

   Because he no longer HAS it!!
   He sold the heirloom for cash!
   Witness, please!

CHANCELLOR: Wh, what is it, Nadia?
   We are conducting a trial here.

Marle: Father!

KING: Nadia!
   The Chancellor is trying to frame me!

CHANCELLOR: He hurls insults!
   Confirm your innocence with proof!

Marle: Proof?

CHANCELLOR: Yes. If he hasn't sold the
   heirloom, it should be in the castle.

   Show me the «Rainbow Shell,» and I'll
   accept his innocence, heh, heh...

KING: Chancellor!
   What kind of trickery is this?!

CHANCELLOR: Remove them!

   No entry allowed!
Marle: Let me through!!

   Princess, not even you may enter.

Marle: What ARE you saying!?
   It's a lie!
   There IS no heirloom!

Marle: Aha!
   The «Rainbow Shell» we gave to my
   ancestor 400 years ago is still here.

Marle: It's probably in the

Lucca: Find the «Rainbow Shell,»
   and we'll be able to prove the King's

Lucca: We changed history back in
   600 A.D., so the «Rainbow Shell» should
   still be in the castle!

Robo: The «Rainbow Shell» will
   prove the King's innocence.

Robo: We altered history in 600 A.D.!
   The «Rainbow Shell» should be here
   in the castle.

Frog: 'Tis the «Rainbow Shell» that
   shall prove his innocence.

Frog: Hast thou forgotten?
   History hath been changed, and the
   shell is within the castle.

Ayla: Take «Rainbow Shell!»
   Save Marle's father!!

Ayla: Remember Marle?!
   We ask old king save shell!
   «Rainbow Shell» here now!

Magus: Taking the «Rainbow Shell»
   to them will solve this problem.

Magus: Idiot!
   Have you forgotten our trip to 600

   The decision is about to be handed
   The King requests that no one enter or

   This is the treasury.
   No entry permitted!

   A rat bit me!
DUMB: The boss is itching to avenge the
   grudge that's been in the family for
   13 generations!
   Gee hee!

DUMBER: He's gonna frame the king!
   Ga haw!

Marle: So there IS a plot!
   Let's hurry!

MERCHANT: I confess.
   I bought it from the king.
   He said he needed the cash.

KING: Liar!!
   I've never even seen you before!

JUDGE: Order in the court!

MERCHANT: Heh heh.
   Was I convincing?


Marle: The Rainbow Shell!!

Lucca: What's this...a letter?

Robo: There is a letter?

Frog: Why, 'tis a letter?

Ayla: Something here!
   Paper here, paper!

Magus: There's a letter here.
   Shall we burn it?

Marle: To Marle...?

   «Dearest Marle, I know things
   are tough between you and your

   But nothing can break your bond of
   blood. Neither words of anger, nor
   great distances.

   Someday, when you have children,
   you will understand.

   This special bond is part of a family
   tree which links us together.
       -Queen Guardia XXI, Leene.»

Lucca: Boy, can she tell it like it is!!

Robo: Although I have no emotions,
   there is something warm and cozy
   about this letter.

Frog: Dear Queen Leene...!

   Let us now make haste and fulfill our

Ayla: Ayla know about
   leaving nest!
   Time pass, grow big, leave nest!

   Ayla leave nest!
   Dactyl leave nest too.
   Marle leave too?
   Big change!

Ayla: Leave nest!
   Have baby!
   Baby grow big!
   Leave nest too!

Ayla: Sure you ready leave nest?
   Not too big yet.

Magus: Perhaps we could have this
   conversation later...?

Marle: Father!
   Hang in there, we're coming!

JUDGE: Members of the jury...
   If he is guilty, stand to the left.
   If innocent, stand to the right.


   Not guilty.
   Princess, not even you may enter.
Marle: You won't reconsider?

SOLDIER: No, Princess.

Marle: There is one way...
   It's a bit rough, but just follow me!

JUDGE: The verdict is in!

CHANCELLOR: The Guardia line ends
   This domain shall be mine!

   Take him away!


CHANCELLOR: Who is it?!

Marle: FATHER!!!

KING: Nadia!

   Control yourself!

CHANCELLOR: You're too late!
   The King has been found guilty.
   Even kings are subject to our laws.

Marle: No, this was a set up!

   The King's a crook!

Marle: But the treasure is right


Marle: Your little scheme is over,

CHANCELLOR: Grrr...I mean...uh...

Marle: Huh?

CHANCELLOR: Hee hee hee!

   It's not the plot you think!
   I'm here to avenge my ancestors!

CHANCELLOR: Super, ultra, presto...

Marle: Father...

KING: No, don't say it.
   I was wrong to be so stubborn.

Marle: No, I didn't even think about
   how you felt.

   I know it in my heart, but the words
   just come out wrong.

KING: I too, have that problem.
   I thought you left me, but realized
   that it was I, who abandoned you.

Marle: But I'm here now.
   We'll talk about everything that's
   About Crono, and mother, and...

KING: Your mother...
   How sad! It has taken me so long to
   understand what Aliza meant with
   her last words.

   «Someday when Nadia grows up,
   she will bring her beloved to meet
   Welcome him warmly.

   It will be a day you remember

Marle: You...heard her last words?

KING: Of course!
   You were so young!

   You ran around saying «Daddy, it's
   fun having all my favorite people

   Seeing you so happy, she felt
   reassured, and she left us quite

Marle: So that's how it was...

KING: Yes, why?

Marle: I used to call you «Daddy?»

KING: You did.

Marle: I'm sorry...Daddy.
   I'm really sorry for doubting you.

KING: I'll let you exit the castle, BUT! be careful, now.
   Take care of her!

Lucca: ...Yessir!

Robo: You can count on us!

Frog: Indeed, Sir.

Ayla: You no worry!
   Ayla protect Marle!

   It's my turn, now...

Marle: Melchior!

Lucca: Melchior!

Robo: Mr. Melchior!

Frog: Melchior!

Ayla: Melchior!

MELCHIOR: Can't let you run the whole
   show. Let me make some weapons
   from the Rainbow Shell!

   Finally time for me to do somethin'.
   Watch and learn!

MELCHIOR: This is a very rare!
   As armor, it deflects magic!

   I can make you 1 Prism Dress,
   featuring maximum defense.
   Or I can make 3 less-effective
   Prism Helms.

   Which would you prefer?
      1 Prism Dress
      3 Prism Helms

MELCHIOR: The Prism Dress?
   Only females may equip it.
      I want the Prism Dress.
      I've changed my mind.

MELCHIOR: You want Prism Helms?
   You're sure?

MELCHIOR: All right, you just wait there!

MELCHIOR: Finished!
   Off you go, now!

               You got 3 Prism Helms!

MELCHIOR: I finally feel like I'm doing
   something worthwhile!

MELCHIOR: Interesting substance!
   I could make some great stuff with
   an alloy of it!

   A Sun Stone!
   I'll create an alloy out of it!

MELCHIOR: Heh heh!
   Don't think that's the last of my bag
   of tricks!

MELCHIOR: Finished!
   Off you go, now!
MELCHIOR: I finally feel like I'm doing
   something worthwhile!

   The Chancellor was a beast!

   The King's finally feeling better.
   No one could tell that the Chancellor
   was a beast...
   Now THIS is what I call a 1000th
   The soldiers hired by the fake
   Chancellor were all monsters.
   I'm Pierre, the lawyer.
   So, like, where's the real chancellor?

 [King Guardia]
   Pierre's, he's in the soldier's quarters.
CHANCELLOR: Phew, finally!
   That beast, keepin' me locked up in
CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia!
   Your friends, I presume?

CHANCELLOR: Wait, I don't have time for
   I must prepare for the Moonlight

   The real Chancellor's okay.
   He took off to the Knight's room sayin'
   he was gettin' ready for the parade!

   Princess Nadia!
   At the moonlight parade, you shall
   receive a lovely present from me!
   I'm Pierre, the lawyer.
   I've been planning the Millennial Parade
   with the Chancellor.

   Enjoy yourselves at the moonlight

   Now we can go on with the moonlight
   Gonna be a great night.
   The parade's the grand finale.
   It's the kind of parade that brings out
   the kid in all of us.
   That's great to hear...!
   Sorry, fellas.
   I'm terribly embarrassed...
   Take care of Princess Nadia, OK?
   Princess, let's start with P.
 [Old Man]
   It's no game, now !
   No, we MUST start with discipline!

   Please have a seat over here.

   What will you have?
         Refresh bread.
         Power roast.
         Crono special.
   Coming right up.
   A fine choice
   This dish is named after a hero from
   the past.

   Here you are.
                   MP recovered!

                   HP recovered!

             HP/MP recovered!

 [Young Man]
   We owe it all to you!
   Eat all you want.
 [Young Woman]
   Come on, now!!

 [Black Omen, 2300 A.D.]

 [Queen Zeal]
   Know this!
   The mighty Lavos reigns here!

   Relax, poor creatures...
   The Mighty Lavos has already
   consumed this world's life energy!

               It's shut tight...

 [Black Omen, 12000 B.C.]

   Return to Epoch?

 [Queen Zeal]
   Haven't you learned your lesson?!
   We are immortal!
   We shall live forever with Lavos, who
   devours this planet even as he sleeps.

   Draining this planet's power, Lavos will
   rule the world in a mere 14,000 years.

 [Black Omen, 600 A.D.]

 [Queen Zeal]
   Within 1,400 years he will emerge to
   become ruler of this world!

 [Black Omen, 1000 A.D.]

 [Queen Zeal]
   Within 999 years he'll become the ruler
   of this world.

 [Black Omen, 12000 B.C.]

 [Queen Zeal]
   The Black Omen is a path which leads
   to Lavos.
   It is a shrine which provides us with
   limitless power.
   As long as the mighty one reigns, your
   dreams are hopeless!

   You should sacrifice yourself to the
   mighty Lavos!

   3 of you! And in a place like THIS!
   You've got a long journey ahead of you
   so please rest awhile.
   And if you wish to awaken from this
   dream, there probably is a way...

   What will you do?
         Wake up.

   We've got a customer!

UNDERLING: You're starting to bug me!
   How long do I have to put up with
   your drivel, ribbit?

BOSS: Just shut up and push, will ya,

   What's your life's dream, ribbit?

BOSS: My personal dream?

   To be King of the Sewer!

BOSS: Oh, all right...!
   What's your little dream?

UNDERLING: I just want to keep being
   your apprentice, ribbit.

BOSS: Sheesh!
   You're making me cry, here.

   I'm gonna tell Krawlie what you just

UNDERLING: Ribbit...ribbit, ribbit!

BOSS: Gribbit, gribbit, GRIBBIT!

UNDERLING: Get on, ribbit!

   What will you do?
         Just chat.

   Got a lot of great stuff!

   Come again!

   These just don't sell too well, ho, ho!!
QUEEN: Behold, my pretties!
   Destiny, in its most brutal form.

   All the dreams that might have been.
   All the happiness, and sorrow, you
   might have experienced.

   Gone forever!!!
   For you there will be no tomorrow!

QUEEN: The Dark Omen transcends time
   and space, waiting for Lavos to

   Destiny has led you here.
   And here you shall rest forever,
   unless you can defeat me, and smash
   the Omen!

QUEEN: Come, dear friends.
   Perhaps I can persuade Lavos to
   share his dreams with you!

   Did I say dreams?
   I meant his eternal nightmare!

QUEEN: Argh!
   My powers don't seem to work here!

   Wait! I'll simply toss you into the
   Mammon Machine!

   You'll be one with the Omen,
   Lavos...and me!
 [Queen Zeal]
   You cretins...
   I plan to live with Lavos, and control
   the universe forever.
   You will not get in my way!

Magus: Idiots...
   Nothing can live forever.
Magus: Zeal...
   A pitiful woman, duped by Lavos!

Magus: I, myself, will bring an end
   to all of this!

 [Queen Zeal]
   Prophet! You are doomed.
   I haven't forgotten what you did at the
   Ocean Palace.
   You will now forfeit your life.
   How dare you insects come after ME!

   Oh almighty Lavos, lend me your
   Mwa, ha, ha...
   At last, Lavos awakens!
   Compared with him, you are like
   But, I...I shall obtain immortality!
   Indulge in such regrets in the next life!

 [C26: The Final Battle]

 [End of Time]

OLD MAN: That poor woman can finally
   rest, now that the Black Omen is
   She's reverted back to a human...

   Now it is time for you to access the
   Gate contained within that bucket!

   You fight not just for yourselves, but
   for all living things...

   This is a battle between Lavos and
   the entire world!

 [Lavos Battle, 1999 A.D. (Without Winged Epoch)]

Marle: What!?

Lucca: This is...

Robo: Energy value at 100!
   And increasing!

Frog: What be happening!?

Ayla: !!

Magus: It's coming...

Marle: It's coming out?!

Lucca: No way!

Robo: A.D. 1999!
   At 1:24!
   Data confirmed!

Frog: Lavos...!?

Ayla: Strong guy!
   Much, MUCH strong guy!!

Magus: Come on out, now...!

Marle: This is...

Lucca: Oh, my......

Robo: Unable to calculate attack
   level value!?

Frog:'s HUGE!

Ayla: Uoooo...

Magus: I've been waiting for this!


Marle:  [member1]! What do we do?
      Run away for now!

Lucca: Are we REALLY going on?
      Run away for now!

Robo:  [member1], shall we go on?
      Run away for now!

Frog:  [member1]! Be thee certain?
      Run away for now!

Ayla: Fight now?
      Run away for now!

Magus: Hm, how frightened are we?
      Run away for now!

Marle: You're right!
   For Doan and the others too!

Lucca: Ours...was a short youth!

Robo: Let us go!!

Frog: Cometh, Masamune!

Ayla: Ayla not run!
   Ayla fight!!

Magus: Finally, I shall destroy you!

   Did we do it?!

Marle: Unbelievable...!

Lucca: It's finally over...

Robo: We were successful!!

Frog: Can it be over?!

Ayla: Lavos down!
   Ayla No1!!

Magus: It's over?

Marle: Look, a hole!

Lucca: Did we do that?...

Robo: A...hole...
   Did WE do that?!

Frog: That hole...
   Did we do that??

Ayla: Lavos has hole!

Magus: The exterior's slain...

Marle: But THIS couldn't have done
   him in...!

Lucca: I wish it were over...

Robo: I sense a powerful life force
   within Lavos.

Frog: Will there never be an

Ayla: This Lavos's shell!
   Inside still strong!!

Magus: It ain't over yet...

Marle: L...let's go inside!

Lucca: I guess we have no choice.

Robo: We must invade the interior
   and attack its...core!

Frog: This be only armor!
   'Tis what's inside that must be

Ayla: Ayla no give up!!

Magus: We'll get to the bottom of
   this, Lavos...

 [Lavos Battle, 1999 A.D. (With Epoch)]

Marle: Eeeeeek!

Lucca: We're all right, aren't we?!

Robo: Unbelievable energy!
   As if the sum total of all the human
   spiritual power that has ever existed
   were somehow being amplified...

Frog: What's happening?!

Ayla: Epoch alive?

Magus: We'll break our way

Ayla: Okay, carry on!

Frog: This battle leadeth nowhere.
   We must use the Epoch
   to break through!

Marle: Let's just burst through
   Lavos with the Epoch!

Robo: This will have no effect on

   How about invading the interior with
   the Epoch?

Lucca: Think we can burst through
   Lavos with the Epoch?

Lucca: We might wreck the
   But...we really don't have a choice...

Robo: The Epoch's
   strong enough to penetrate Lavos's
   armor...but we may not be strong
   enough to survive the shock...

Marle: What?!
   That means we'll ALL perish...

Frog: If we err, we're done for...

Ayla: It  Okay?!
   Epoch not die!

Magus: You really think this is
   going to work?

Magus: This is a losing proposition...

Marle: Let's put our trust in the

Lucca: The Epoch'll get
   us through...

Robo: The odds are not good...

   Perhaps if Epoch's
   energy and our own vitality are

Frog: We haveth no choice!
   We must break through...!

Ayla: Epoch win!
   Ayla win!

Magus: Very well...

Marle: Countin' on ya,

Lucca: Sorry, Epoch...

Robo: We're fresh out of options.

Frog: It's either one or the other...

Ayla: All right!
   Ayla try!
   Epoch try hard too!!

Marle: Everyone, hold on!

Lucca: We believe in you,

Robo: Everyone, get ready for the
   initial impact!

Frog: Cyrus!
   Please protect us...

Ayla: Ayla not give up!
   Epoch not give up too!!

Magus: I'm waiting for you, Lavos.

Marle: C'mon, everyone!

Lucca: Epoch, don't let
   us down!

Robo: The Epoch's

Frog: Go forth, Epoch!

Ayla: Go!

Magus: Here we come, Lavos!

Marle: Hmmmmm...

Lucca: Everyone OK?...

Robo: ......

Frog: Owwww......

Ayla: Ayla...alive...!

Magus: You can open your eyes.
   We're inside!

Frog: We beat the odds...

Robo: Epoch

Marle: Thank you,

Lucca: I'm sorry,

Ayla: Epoch...
   Me proud!

Magus: ...No turning back now.

 [Lavos Shell, 1999 A.D.]

Marle: We're in pretty deep...

Lucca: We're okay...right?

Robo: According to my sensors,
   we are close to the center!

Frog: This is creepy.
   It's worse than Magus's place...

Ayla: !!

   Lavos smell...STRONGER!!


Lucca: This's the REAL thing?!

Robo: Amazing...
   It houses all the DNA of every
   creature that ever lived...!

Frog: Cyrus, this be our finest

Ayla: Ayla not give up!!

Magus: Finally...
   You have met your match, Lavos!...

Marle: It's...humanoid...

   It seems like it has collected all of
   the vitality from the creatures who
   have lived on this planet.

Lucca: Now I understand...

   It lives on a planet for as long as
   possible, stealing away the most vital

   It combined the DNA it found here
   with its own, and gave birth to those
   creatures up on Death Peak.

   Eventually the young must migrate to
   other repeat the cycle...

Robo: This was Lavos's goal...!

   Using the DNA of every organism...

   And achieving the ultimate in

Frog: This be evil!

   Indeed! This thing possesseth the
   vitality of all living creatures...

   It hath harvested DNA from animals,
   only to further its own evolution!
   And whilst sleeping, to boot!

Magus: ......

   So...since the dawn of time, it has
   slept underground, controlling
   evolution on this world for his own

Ayla: This smell like Ayla's
   Reptites, Ptero, Nizbel.

   Ayla, and  [member1]!
   Smell like all people I know!!...

   Smell of all living things!!

Robo: Attack value is... the scale!
   It's shorting out my sensors!

Marle: Are you saying IT'S the
   reason we're all here?

Magus: We were created only to be
   All people...

   ...and all living things...

Lucca: Grown like farm animals,
   waiting to be slaughtered...

   All of our history...
   our art and science...
   All to meet the needs of that...

Frog: too much to bear... We
   have been reared like animals...!
   Our lives hath been for naught...

Ayla: Me no run!
   Ayla no run away!
   Worse than losing!!

Marle: This is Crono's and ours...
   Leene's and Doan's...everyone's...!

Marle: This is Crono's and
   our's... Everyone's...!

   ...and I mean, EVERYONE's world!!

Lucca: Impossible...

   You CAN'T expect to toy with an entire
   world and get away with it!

Robo: Human hands created me...

   Which means I am a product of that
   thing...I am no different than
   Lucca and the others...

   I am a part of all living things!!

Frog: My life retain'eth its

   We haveth our own will!!

Ayla: Ayla strong!
   Ayla and world good!

   You outsider.
   Not part of planet's life!!

Magus: ......

   It's over for you...

   Your life ends here!

       Lavos enters attack mode!

       Lavos changes attack mode!

 [Ending: Day of Lavos]

OPERATOR: Direct attack on Truce!!

SUPERVISOR: Calm down!
   How does it look down there?

OPERATOR: Porre...Choras...Medina...!
   Everything's been destroyed!!


OPERATOR: Director!
   We're under attack!

DIRECTOR: Take cover in the

OPERATOR: Director!
   Sir, you must come with us!

DIRECTOR: We're out of time!
   Get moving!!

OPERATOR: Y, yes sir!



   But...the future refused to change.

 [Ending: The Dream Project]

   Good job! You finished the hardest
   version of the game! This is the
   development room for the Chrono
   Trigger game.
   Take a walk around and hear what the
   team has to say...

Ken Narita: Love was in the air...
   But then...the boat sank.

Hiroyuki Ito: Heh heh... the Tyrano Lair?
   Yup, it was my bright idea to put the
   switch in the mouth!

Kazuo Suzuki: Hey that's me, the

Shun Moriya: I've been working on this
   ROM for 24 hrs! Aaah!! Someone save
   me...I'm getting sucked in!

Masanori Hoshino: Hey, they promised
   to name the game Hoshino Trigger!

Mami Kawai: Oops!
   Did I forget to insert a few parts?
   I'm so sorry, it won't happen again...

Taizo Mamo: How 'bout those Dodgers?!

 [Hiroko Yamamoto]
   Don't look for me...
                Hiroko Yamamoto

Minoru Akao: Boy isn't this fun?

Eiji Nakamura: Congrats on finishing
   the game.
   Now get a life!!

Katsuhisa Higuchi: Legendary
   programmer seeks that special
   Waiting for those cards and letters.

Kenichi Nishi: Boy it was a long haul...
   I've gotten my first grey hairs
   because of this game!!

 [Manabu Daishima]
   Hey out there in TV land! How're we
   doing? It's me, Manabu Daishima! If you
   like this game, check out the other
   Square Soft titles!!

Shinichiro Okaniwa: Gee, you know they
   really kept us locked up for a long
   My hair's THIS long as a result!

Keizo Kokubo: Well I hope everyone
   can say it was a learning experience!
   When you complete your rounds,
   come back to see me.

Hiroshi Uchiyama: That's a pretty good
   costume you got on there, kid!
   It's really YOU, isn't it?!

Fumi Nakashima: Someone kiss me!

Yasuhiko Kamata: Isn't 32 megs great?
   The graphics become incredible. It
   was painful at times, but it sure was

Keita Eto: It'll cost you 10,000,000G to
   fix a broken map!

Haruyuki Nishida: Want to see a
   Chrono Trigger 2?

   That'd be nice huh?

Kato: Every night will have a day.
   Even forever has to come to an end.
   ...I think...

Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank
   you, no applause necessary, just
   send money...

   Another of my masterpieces will be
   available soon, so stay tuned.

Matsuzo Itakura: Did you figure out the
   Poyozo Dance attack?
   See you again in the next game.

Hasui: Shh, I'm in the middle of
   something good here!

Akane Haruki: Feed me!
   They've kept me locked up for so

Hiroki Chiba: So which is it, the Raiders
   or the Cowboys?

Kazuhiro Ohkawa: Congratulations!
   Now wasn't that fun?

Akiyoshi Masuda: Kokubo and I've been
   polishing up on our anti-stress
   massage technique...

Tetsuya Takahashi: If you thought this
   was tough, get a load of Final
   Fantasy 2

Yoshinori Ogura: Well I'm glad they
   gave me a bit part in this game...

Koji Sugimoto: Bet you can't beat the
   score of 2110 in the bike race!

Koichi Ebe: Wow, you just jetted
   through the game huh?
   Let me throw you a kiss!

Toshiaki Suzuki: Aaack! I'm so tired...
   No, I'm hungry... No, I can't decide...
   Acck! They've made me into a
   zombie, working on this game...

Kiyoshi Yoshii: You finished the game
   What about all the work I put in it!?

Tsutomu Terada: Hey don't mess with
   the monsters I created! They kinda
   grow on you after awhile you know?

Tadahiro Usuda: Look closely and you'll
   appreciate the individuality of the
   monsters. Check out the shadow on
   this guy's sword!

Makoto Shimamoto: Can you do it?
   THE 9999 damage point strike!

Yasunori Mitsuda: Well, it's my turn to
   go on a journey!

Kazumi Kobayashi: I've lost 22 pounds
   because of this game.
   You'd better be enjoying it!

Kaname: Like, does this mean we're
   finally free to go home?

Hirokatsu Sasaki: Ever since I started
   growing out my hair I've been
   getting a lot of attention...from guys!

 [Takashi Tokita]
   Sorry, it's a bad makeup day for
   Takashi Tokita.

Yukio Nakatani: Will you be my friend?
   Are you a girl?

Akihiko Matsui: Now wasn't that
   See you same time, new game!

Tetsuya Nomura: 3......
   2... ... 1......

   Just joking!

Yasuyuki Honne: Phew, what a relief
   it's over!

Shinichiro Hamasaka: Good job guys!

Yoshinori Kitase: Did you get through
   all 10 different endings? It depends
   on when you challenge Lavos.

Yusuke Naora: Well are we having fun

Takayuki Ohtachi: Mission complete!

Kezuka: Better find the switch soon or
   it'll all go up in flames!

   Well then,
   open the Gates to the Dream Team!

 [Dream Team]
   C'mon in.
   We've been expecting you!

Akira Toriyama: Heeey! Sasuke! Kikka!
   Pop's working on games like this!
   Hey are you guys watching?
   Isn't this great?!

Yuji Horii: One of these things is not
   like the others...
   A Stapler, Mothra, and the Olympics.
   SO...which one is it?

Hironobu Sakaguchi: Boy, it used to be
   that I'd get thinner after each game.
   Now I'm gaining weight instead.
   Ack! I must be getting old.

Kazuhiko Aoki: Guess what!
   I hit the 100,000 yen jackpot!

Nobuo Uematsu: siht daer naht od ot
   retteb gnihton evah I
   Now run out side and play, boys and

 [Dream Team]
   Cheers! You made it to one of the
   You're now a member of the Dream

   And since you blew through the game
   so fast, we have adjusted the credits
   to suit your style!

 [Ending: Successor of Guardia]

 [Various People]
   Wearing our disguise again, are we?

   My, your majesty, you look splendid!

 [Little Girl]
   I see you're dressing...normally again!

Marle: Something doesn't look

Marle: Let's return to the castle!

Marle: Father!
   What's wrong with the
KING: Where have you been, Nadia?
   First, calm down.
   And why those clothes?
Marle: Everybody keeps saying
   What do you mean?
KING: What ARE you babbling about?
   You needn't keep dressing that way!
KING: You're just in time!
   We found this 400 year old wedding
   album in the treasury.
Marle: ???
Lucca: Marle!
   Tell me you didn't...
Marle: Nooo!
   This can't be!!
 [Ending: Legendary Hero]

HERO TATA: Magus!!

 [Ending: The Oath]

Lucca: Phew...
   You're pretty stubborn.

Robo: My apologies, Lucca...

Lucca: It's not your fault.
   We're the one's who created

Lucca: Man, that fool sleeps a lot.
   We should make him help us!


Marle: Let him sleep
   He fought long and hard.


Lucca: Phew...all right.

Marle: Where're you going?
   We just got cozy.

Frog: Gotta take care of some

Marle: Tee, hee...

   Grow up...!

   Finally, we've got someone who wants
   to die young!

   Harhar, this is hilarious...!

   So, you think YOU can take us on?

   Y, you're...!!

   Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...
   Now the chosen time has come...

   Exchange this world for...!

Magus: So, you came...

Magus: We Wizards and humans
   have brought about our own ruin...

   Except for you and I, this world is
   populated by cretins...

   The one who wins this battle...
    ...will rule the world...

   No, make that RULE THE FUTURE...

Frog: So that's the story...
   But who cares.

Frog: But there is some merit to
   fighting you!

Magus: Hmmmm...
   You have the Masamune...

   Let's see if you know how to use it...

 [Ending: Dino Age]

 [Crono's Mom]


   Wake up, Crono!

MOM: It's time to rise and shine!
   Dreams are for sleepers, son!

MOM: Dear me! I'd forgotten how
   beautiful Leene's Bell sounds!

MOM: You were so excited about the
   Millennial Fair that you didn't sleep
   well, did you...? [delay 11]

   I want you to behave yourself today!

MOM: Now, get out of that bed!

 [Ending: What the Prophet Seeks]

   If history is to change, let it change! If
   the world is to be destroyed, so be it!

   If my fate is to be destroyed...
   I must simply laugh!!

   I'm coming, Lavos!

 [Ending: A Slide Show?]

Marle: What!
   This's ending already?

Lucca: That's what that word
   usually means!

Marle: But things were just
   starting to get interesting!

Lucca: Well, come on folks, let's do
   the «ending» thing.

   But first, let's remember all the fun
   things we did!

Lucca: Okay!
   Let the ultimate slide show begin!

Marle: First, let's see a close up of
   Leene Square!

Lucca: There's the Steel Runner.

Marle: I've never understood why
   anyone would want to run for 3
   hours at a stretch...

Lucca: Forget that!
   Can you imagine what the inside of
   that armor must smell like?

Marle: What a lovely thought,
   Let's get on with the show, OKAY?!

Lucca: Next let's visit Guardia
   Castle, your home.

Marle: Goodness!
   VERY nice scenery!

Lucca: But of course, my dear!

Marle: I guess you never took a
   shot at him, right?
   Say, didn't he just wink at you?

Lucca: RELAX, Marle!!

Marle: Hey!
   It's Pierre!

Lucca: Wouldn't want anything to
   do with someone like HIM.
   Too shifty...
   He should be put on trial!

Marle: Come on, Lucca!
   Live it up a little!
   Let your hair down!
   Get Crazy!!!

Lucca: Yeah, thanks PRINCESS.
   I'll take that under advisement!!

Marle: There's the seed.
   Hope it grows...

Lucca: Theeeeere's Johnny...
   Mr. Speed himself!

Marle: Someone ought to tell him to
   take a permanent pit stop.
   Look at that hair!

Lucca: Hey, check it out!
   He's really a tricycle!
   Pass him!

Marle: Try again when you learn to

Lucca: There's that stuffed-shirt,

Marle: He IS pretty handsome,

Lucca: But WHERE does he buy his

Marle: Hey, did you hear?
   He plucks his eyebrows!

Lucca: You've GOT to be joking!
   But...he's still a hunk!

Marle: Hi, Toma!
   Now HE'S definitely my type!

Lucca: Aw, he's just a flake.

Marle: Probably has a dozen

Lucca: Actually, I see him as more
   of an intellectual!

Marle: What about him?
   That Kino guy?

Lucca: Total Neanderthal!
   Throw him a bone!

Marle: But he's honest.
   That's kind of attractive.

Lucca: He walks like a DUCK!!

Marle: Well, he'll never hurt anyone.

Lucca: He's really very gentle, isn't

Lucca: Crono!!!

Crono: What ARE you two doing?!
   I thought you said something about a
   nice little slide show?

Marle: So, we got a little carried

Lucca: Where do you want to go

Marle: Some place fun!!

Crono: How about into the «now» ?!

Lucca: Now, as in the present?

Marle: Okay!
   Back to the present!

Lucca: So I guess we don't need a
   Gate Key anymore, right?

Lucca: Hey!
   Wait a sec!!!

 [Ending: Reunion (With Epoch)]

ELDER: Lavos is gone, so the Gate will
   Return now, or you'll be lost in time.

Marle: Let's go back in time and
   save Crono!

Marle: Don't you care?

Marle: Come on!

Frog: 'Tis necessary that I return
   and protect Queen Leene.

Ayla: Kino wait for me.

Robo: This really is the last we will
   see of each other.

Ayla: Ayla go home now.
   Good luck all!

Frog: Fare thee well!

Robo: Goodbye...everyone.

Marle: You're all so heartless!

Lucca: It's a fate we can't escape.
   Someday we will all pass away.

ELDER: Hey there!

ELDER: They've all...
   Have they all left?

ELDER: I forgot to give them this.
   ... ...Oh well.

ELDER: They dropped this!
   ... ...Oh well...
   Come on!
   It's the last night of the fair!

   Princess Nadia is finally home!
   At last, Guardia is back to normal!

         It's a moonlight parade!
   This is fantastic!

   The princess is gorgeous! Don't get me wrong, of course you are
MOM: Have you seen Crono?
   He was really looking forward to this
   Where do you suppose he is?
   It's a real problem when the person
   who's in charge of the cat is gone!
MELCHIOR: Not much business in
   weapons anymore.
   But I like it that way.
LARA: What a dreamy night...
   Thank you darling.

LARA: Honey, don't just be a sack of
   Dance with me!
   Lemonade sure tastes great

Lucca: Do you remember that talk
   we had?

Marle: You mean about whether
   our lives flash by before we die?

Lucca: Yeah. I get the feeling that
   the «Entity» is finally at rest.

Marle: Yes, I feel that too...

Lucca: I thought Lavos made the
   But I guess I was wrong.

Marle: What do you mean?

Lucca: I think a greater force
   wanted us to experience those
Marle: I wonder how everyone is
Ayla: Give me «Time Egg!»

GASPAR: Calm down.
   Rushing won't bring him back!

Ayla: Ok, understand.
   Now hurry, give!

Robo: Hey!
   He is escaping!

Marle: What's going on, everyone?

   That «Time Egg» of his can bring HIM

Lucca: Bring who back?
You mean Crono?


Marle: By the way, who...are you?

Marle: He just took off.

Lucca: Could that have been...

Lucca: H, he's handsome!

Lucca: Let's catch up with him!

Lucca: Hey Frog!
   Why didn't you tell us you were a

Marle: Go after them?!
   But the Gate's...

Marle: Lucca, don't turn off
   your brain, yet!

Lucca: I forgot!
   We have a Time Machine!

                  Nya ha ha!

SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for
   your presence.
KING: I'm so happy!
   Now there's no reason for you to go
   away anymore.
KING: This is Nadia's Bell.
   It will ring out across the land.
KING: Marle...where did you go?
   Could someone please lend me a
Marle: Daddy...
   I hate to say this but...I can't sit around doing nothing!
TABAN: Phew!
   Made it just in time!
   Shall I fire one off?

KING: Uh, no Taban.
   Actually, I could really use your help...

KING: Marle...where did you go?
   Could someone please lend me a

 [Ending: Reunion (Without Epoch)]

Marle: What's up?!
   How did everyone get here?
   The Gate's been shut!

Lucca: Heh heh, I tinkered with the

Marle: And made it into a time

Marle: You're the guy from the
   End of Time!

GASPAR: You forgot the «Time Egg!»
   The «Time Egg» is used for...

   blah, blah, blah...
   etc, etc, etc...

   etc, etc, etc...
   etc, etc, etc...

   ... You got that?

Marle: You mean we can get
   Crono back?

GASPAR: Yes, that's possible.

Marle: Th, that's why you're all

Marle: Let's get Crono!

SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for
   your presence.

Lucca: Why don't you stay here
   with your dad?

Marle: But...

Lucca: Don't worry!
   I'll bring the idiot back!

Lucca: Trust me!

KING: I have a gift for you,
   to commemorate this day,
   Princess Nadia.

Marle: It's...

KING: It's Nadia's Bell, which will
   replace the 400 year old Leene Bell.
   Henceforth, Nadia's Bell will
   proudly ring for lasting peace.

Marle: It's beautiful!

KING: Now, you can do the honors.

Marle: Done!

Marle: ?!
   H, help!!

 [Ending: Beyond Time (Without Epoch)]




SOLDIER: It's time to rise and shine!
   We have a little surprise for you!

SOLDIER: Your stay of execution has
   been cancelled.
   We must now carry out your

KING: We've been looking for you,
   Where did you take my daughter?

Marle: Father!
   Stop this!

Marle: Daddy, don't!

Marle: Crono hasn't done a

KING: She says Crono has been a
   perfect gentleman, but...

KING: What do you think, Chancellor?

CHANCELLOR: Crono's deeds have
   had an enormous impact on the

KING: Pierre, what do you think?

PIERRE: I think Crono's been
   keeping himself...rather busy!

Marle: Chancellor, how could you?!

Marle: And just WHAT are you
   saying, Pierre!

Marle: Please!
   Just listen to me!
   We had to...

KING: the future, right?

Marle: Huh??

DOAN: You saved the future, and gave
   us hope.

KING GUARDIA: You fought Magus's
   troops, and brought peace to the
   kingdom in the year 600.

KINO: Crono beat Reptites!

Marle: Wh, what's going on here?

Marle: Lucca!
   You brought them here, didn't you?

KING GUARDIA: Our kinsmen told me all
   about your incredible mission.

Marle: Kinsmen?!
   You mean these're MY ancestors...and

KING: Here I was fussing about my
   kingdom, and my daughter, and you
   were saving past, present and

KING: Now, for a true victory parade!
   Tonight we!

CHANCELLOR: B, but your majesty, what
   We have never fought anyone!

KING GUARDIA: Do you have any
   children, Chancellor?

CHANCELLOR: Y, yes, of course.

KING GUARDIA: Then our victory is their
   Your children, and theirs as well, now
   live in a world that knows hope.


KING GUARDIA XXI: Yes, he's real.

KING GUARDIA: Now Marle, go out
   and enjoy the last night of the fair!

   Come along with Crono, our Hero.

   Princess Nadia is finally home!
   At last, Guardia is back to normal!
         It's a moonlight parade!
LARA: What a dreamy night...
   Thank you darling.

LARA: Honey, don't just be a sack of
   Dance with me!

   Lemonade sure tastes great
TABAN: Crono, have a sip!
   You're the Hero today.
LARA: Crono, the King says YOU
   saved the future!
   Wait 'till I tell my friends!
   This is fantastic!

   The princess is gorgeous! Don't get me wrong, of course you are

MELCHIOR: Not much business in
   weapons anymore.
   But I like it that way.
Lucca: Well everyone, this is it.

Frog: Each to thine time.

Robo: The Gate has grown weak...

Lucca: We've got to say our
   goodbyes before the Gate closes.

Marle: You're all leaving?

Ayla: Crono was strong!
   Marle too!
   Ayla have fun!!

Marle: You're my distant ancestor.
   So you'd better have tough kids or I'll
   be in trouble!

KINO: Heh, heh!
   No worry.
   Ayla VERY strong!

Marle: Right!

Marle: Hey...what do you mean by

Ayla: Kino dummie!
   We go now!

Frog: 'Tis a feisty crowd!
   But they are thine kin, and 'tis of

   Queen Leene awaits.
   Your Majesty, we too shall take our

Marle: Mr. Frog...

Frog: ...
   Long farewells ne'er were

Marle: Right!
   Besides, actions speak louder than

Lucca: Yeah. Don't these things end
   with the princess kissing the frog?

Marle:'re going to search
   for Schala?

Robo: Lucca, I will miss you.

Marle: What's wrong Lucca?
   Aren't you going to say goodbye to

Robo: She knows.

Marle: Knows...what?

Lucca: ......

   Robo was born in a bleak future.
   When we defeated Lavos, we
   changed history.

   Robo...may not exist in the

Robo: Ha ha.
   Please relax.
   The new future has a place for me!

Lucca: Darn it, Robo!
   Don't pretend you don't care when
   you're really sad!
   It just makes things worse!

Robo: ......
   Lucca, YOU have taught me these
   Thank you.

Marle: Tears don't become you,
   Robo'll be there in the new

Robo: Good...bye.

Robo: Caution!
   Oil has washed over my sight
   Sight diminished...

Marle: I guess this wraps things up.

Lucca: Do you remember that talk
   we had?

Marle: You mean about whether
   our lives flash by before we die?

Lucca: Yeah. I get the feeling that
   the «Entity» is finally at rest.

Marle: Yes, I feel that too...

Lucca: I thought Lavos made the
   But I guess I was wrong.

Marle: What do you mean?

Lucca: I think a greater force
   wanted us to experience those

SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for
   your presence.

KING: I have a gift for you,
   to commemorate this day,
   Princess Nadia.

Marle: It's...

KING: It's Nadia's Bell, which will
   replace the 400 year old Leene Bell.
   Henceforth, Nadia's Bell will
   proudly ring for lasting peace.

Marle: It's beautiful!

KING: Now, you can do the honors.

Marle: Done!

Marle: Huh?!
   H, hey Crono, help me!

 [Ending: Beyond Time (With Epoch)]

Marle: Time

Lucca: We should dismantle the
   Its job is finished.

MOM: You naughty thing, come back

MOM: Look, Crono!
   Your cat's running away because
   you haven't been feeding it!

MOM: Hey, come back here!

Marle: Oh, great!
   Crono, that Gate will never open

Lucca: Well it looks like we have no
   choice but to go after them!

Marle: Go after them?!
   But the Gate's...

Marle: Lucca, don't turn off
   your brain, yet!

Lucca: I forgot!
   We have a Time Machine!

                  Nya ha ha!

SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for
   your presence.

KING: I'm so happy!
   Now there's no reason for you to go
   away anymore.
KING: I have a gift for you,
   to commemorate this day,
   Princess Nadia.
   It will ring out across the land.
KING: Marle...where did you go?
   Could someone please lend me a
Marle: Daddy...
   I hate to say this but...I can't sit around doing nothing!
TABAN: Phew!
   Made it just in time!
   Shall I fire one off?

KING: Uh, no Taban.
   Actually, I could really use your help...

4.) Appendices

 [Unused Lines]

 [Programming code, denoting January 11th as the finish date for Trigger]
      1/11 1G version

 [? - Appears in Porre, 1000 A.D. lines]
   It was Magus who killed off the
   forest up north.

 [? - Appears in Ioka Hut Trader lines]

 [Appears out of place; different spelling of normal 'Awaketh']
Frog: Awake'th, Crono!

 [? - Appears between Magic Cave and Death Peak lines]
                It's closed tightly.

 [? - Appears with Ioka lines of reaction to Lavos]
   Big ball of fire suddenly appear and
   burn Reptite's castle.

 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   The wounded just keep piling up.

 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   I'm sure Cyrus is smiling, wherever he

 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   I was one of the people you saved at

 [? - Probably Schala; appears in Ocean Palace Lavos scene]


 [? - Perhaps alternate version of Arris Dome greetings]
   It's them!

 [? - Placed oddly in script; attributed to Dalton as he has similar lines]
   Mwa, ha, ha...
   It's complete!
   I've done it!

 [Magus - Alternate opener of flashback speech on North Cape]
Magus: The lost Kingdom of Dreams.

   To have gained so much, and then
   have lost it again...

 [These appear before the lines of Magus's flashback]
QUEEN: So Melchior?
   You see, the Mammon Machine
   functions perfectly.

   Your worries were for naught.

QUEEN: The Guru of Reason, Belthasar.

QUEEN: And the Guru of Time, Gaspar...

QUEEN: Foolish ones, watch closely.

   Lavos awakens!
   The sun will never set on Zeal!

 [? - Strangely placed in Guardia Castle speech]
   Pierre's, he's in the soldier's quarters.

 [? - Perhaps used when the soda pouring on Toma's grave wasn't planned]
TOMA: How have you been,  [member1]?
   I kept my promise and found it!

TOMA: When next we meet, I'll have
   some good news for you.
   Heh heh...

 [? - Placed with Chancellor lines]
   Oh, my...

   That Crono, he'll be strung up!

 [? - Perhaps meant for Giant's Claw]

          You got the Rainbow Shell!

 [? - Appears in Guardia Castle lines]
   The real Chancellor's okay.
   He took off to the Knight's room sayin'
   he was gettin' ready for the parade!

 [? - Appear in Black Omen frog lines]
   See ya around!

 [? - Appears between Ioka reaction to Lavos and Arris Dome lines]
   Info  [num16]
      X   [num8]   [num8]
      Y   [num8]   [num8]

 [Compression Dictionary]

$35:e t;
$41:e th;
$46:t t;
$49:s t;
$4A:t th;
$51:s th;
$57:: Th;
$5D:e the;
$5E:e a;
$5F:t the;
$65:n the;
$69:e you;
$6F:n th;
$71:s a;
$72:s the;
$7E:: T;
$7F:n t;
$81:e s;
$85:e w;
$8B:e i;
$8C:d t;
$8D:e to;
$8E:t you;
$90:to the;
$91:of the;
$96:e yo;
$99:of th;
$9B:o the;
$9C:f the;
$9D:o th;
$9F:in the;


$3JLV: [bladesymbol]Wood_Sword
$3JLg: [bladesymbol]Iron_Blade
$3JLr: [bladesymbol]SteelSaber
$3JM2: [bladesymbol]Lode_Sword
$3JMD: [bladesymbol]Red_Katana
$3JMO: [bladesymbol]Flint_Edge
$3JMZ: [bladesymbol]Dark_Saber
$3JMk: [bladesymbol]Aeon_Blade
$3JMv: [bladesymbol]Demon_Edge
$3JN6: [bladesymbol]AlloyBlade
$3JNH: [bladesymbol]Star_Sword
$3JNS: [bladesymbol]VedicBlade
$3JNd: [bladesymbol]Kali_Blade
$3JNo: [bladesymbol]Shiva_Edge
$3JNz: [bladesymbol]Bolt_Sword
$3JOA: [bladesymbol]Slasher   
$3JOL: [bowsymbol]Bronze_Bow
$3JOW: [bowsymbol]Iron_Bow  
$3JOh: [bowsymbol]Lode_Bow  
$3JOs: [bowsymbol]Robin_Bow 
$3JP3: [bowsymbol]Sage_Bow  
$3JPE: [bowsymbol]Dream_Bow 
$3JPP: [bowsymbol]CometArrow
$3JPa: [bowsymbol]SonicArrow
$3JPl: [bowsymbol]Valkerye  
$3JPw: [bowsymbol]Siren     
$3JQ7: [bowsymbol]          
$3JQI: [bowsymbol]          
$3JQT: [bowsymbol]          
$3JQe: [bowsymbol]          
$3JQp: [gunsymbol]Air_Gun   
$3JR0: [gunsymbol]Dart_Gun  
$3JRB: [gunsymbol]Auto_Gun  
$3JRM: [gunsymbol]PicoMagnum
$3JRX: [gunsymbol]Plasma_Gun
$3JRi: [gunsymbol]Ruby_Gun  
$3JRt: [gunsymbol]Dream_Gun 
$3JS4: [gunsymbol]Megablast 
$3JSF: [gunsymbol]Shock_Wave
$3JSQ: [gunsymbol]WonderShot
$3JSb: [gunsymbol]Graedus   
$3JSm: [gunsymbol]          
$3JSx: [gunsymbol]          
$3JT8: [gunsymbol]          
$3JTJ: [gunsymbol]          
$3JTU: [armsymbol]Tin_Arm   
$3JTf: [armsymbol]Hammer_Arm
$3JTq: [armsymbol]MirageHand
$3JU1: [armsymbol]Stone_Arm 
$3JUC: [armsymbol]DoomFinger
$3JUN: [armsymbol]Magma_Hand
$3JUY: [armsymbol]MegatonArm
$3JUj: [armsymbol]Big_Hand  
$3JUu: [armsymbol]Kaiser_Arm
$3JV5: [armsymbol]Giga_Arm  
$3JVG: [armsymbol]Terra_Arm 
$3JVR: [armsymbol]Crisis_Arm
$3JVc: [armsymbol]          
$3JVn: [swordsymbol]BronzeEdge
$3JVy: [swordsymbol]Iron_Sword
$3JW9: [swordsymbol]Masamune  
$3JWK: [swordsymbol]FlashBlade
$3JWV: [swordsymbol]Pearl_Edge
$3JWg: [swordsymbol]Rune_Blade
$3JWr: [swordsymbol]BraveSword
$3JX2: [swordsymbol]Masamune  
$3JXD: [swordsymbol]Demon_Hit 
$3JXO: [fistsymbol]Fist      
$3JXZ: [fistsymbol]Fist      
$3JXk: [fistsymbol]Fist      
$3JXv: [fistsymbol]Iron_Fist 
$3JY6: [fistsymbol]BronzeFist
$3JYH: [fistsymbol]          
$3JYS: [fistsymbol]          
$3JYd: [scythesymbol]DarkScythe
$3JYo: [scythesymbol]Hurricane 
$3JYz: [scythesymbol]StarScythe
$3JZA: [scythesymbol]DoomSickle
$3JZL: [bladesymbol]Mop       
$3JZW: [swordsymbol]Bent_Sword
$3JZh: [swordsymbol]Bent_Hilt 
$3JZs: [swordsymbol]Masamune  
$3Ja3: [bladesymbol]Swallow   
$3JaE: [bladesymbol]Slasher_2 
$3JaP: [bladesymbol]Rainbow   
$3JbT: [armorsymbol]Hide_Tunic
$3Jbe: [armorsymbol]Karate_Gi 
$3Jbp: [armorsymbol]BronzeMail
$3Jc0: [armorsymbol]MaidenSuit
$3JcB: [armorsymbol]Iron_Suit 
$3JcM: [armorsymbol]Titan_Vest
$3JcX: [armorsymbol]Gold_Suit 
$3Jci: [armorsymbol]Ruby_Vest 
$3Jct: [armorsymbol]Dark_Mail 
$3Jd4: [armorsymbol]Mist_Robe 
$3JdF: [armorsymbol]Meso_Mail 
$3JdQ: [armorsymbol]Lumin_Robe
$3Jdb: [armorsymbol]Flash_Mail
$3Jdm: [armorsymbol]Lode_Vest 
$3Jdx: [armorsymbol]Aeon_Suit 
$3Je8: [armorsymbol]ZodiacCape
$3JeJ: [armorsymbol]Nova_Armor
$3JeU: [armorsymbol]PrismDress
$3Jef: [armorsymbol]Moon_Armor
$3Jeq: [armorsymbol]Ruby_Armor
$3Jf1: [armorsymbol]RavenArmor
$3JfC: [armorsymbol]Gloom_Cape
$3JfN: [armorsymbol]White_Mail
$3JfY: [armorsymbol]Black_Mail
$3Jfj: [armorsymbol]Blue_Mail 
$3Jfu: [armorsymbol]Red_Mail  
$3Jg5: [armorsymbol]White_Vest
$3JgG: [armorsymbol]Black_Vest
$3JgR: [armorsymbol]Blue_Vest 
$3Jgc: [armorsymbol]Red_Vest  
$3Jgn: [armorsymbol]Taban_Vest
$3Jgy: [armorsymbol]Taban_Suit
$3JhK: [helmsymbol]Hide_Cap  
$3JhV: [helmsymbol]BronzeHelm
$3Jhg: [helmsymbol]Iron_Helm 
$3Jhr: [helmsymbol]Beret     
$3Ji2: [helmsymbol]Gold_Helm 
$3JiD: [helmsymbol]Rock_Helm 
$3JiO: [helmsymbol]CeraTopper
$3JiZ: [helmsymbol]Glow_Helm 
$3Jik: [helmsymbol]Lode_Helm 
$3Jiv: [helmsymbol]Aeon_Helm 
$3Jj6: [helmsymbol]Prism_Helm
$3JjH: [helmsymbol]Doom_Helm 
$3JjS: [helmsymbol]Dark_Helm 
$3Jjd: [helmsymbol]Gloom_Helm
$3Jjo: [helmsymbol]Safe_Helm 
$3Jjz: [helmsymbol]Taban_Helm
$3JkA: [helmsymbol]Sight_Cap 
$3JkL: [helmsymbol]Memory_Cap
$3JkW: [helmsymbol]Time_Hat  
$3Jkh: [helmsymbol]Vigil_Hat 
$3Jks: [helmsymbol]OzziePants
$3Jl3: [helmsymbol]Haste_Helm
$3JlE: [helmsymbol]R'bow_Helm
$3JlP: [helmsymbol]MermaidCap
$3Jll: [ringsymbol]Bandana   
$3Jlw: [ringsymbol]Ribbon    
$3Jm7: [ringsymbol]PowerGlove
$3JmI: [ringsymbol]Defender  
$3JmT: [ringsymbol]MagicScarf
$3Jme: [ringsymbol]Amulet    
$3Jmp: [ringsymbol]Dash_Ring 
$3Jn0: [ringsymbol]Hit_Ring  
$3JnB: [ringsymbol]Power_Ring
$3JnM: [ringsymbol]Magic_Ring
$3JnX: [ringsymbol]Wall_Ring 
$3Jni: [ringsymbol]SilverErng
$3Jnt: [ringsymbol]Gold_Erng 
$3Jo4: [ringsymbol]SilverStud
$3JoF: [ringsymbol]Gold_Stud 
$3JoQ: [ringsymbol]SightScope
$3Job: [ringsymbol]Charm_Top 
$3Jom: [ringsymbol]Rage_Band 
$3Jox: [ringsymbol]FrenzyBand
$3Jp8: [ringsymbol]Third_Eye 
$3JpJ: [ringsymbol]Wallet    
$3JpU: [ringsymbol]GreenDream
$3Jpf: [ringsymbol]Berserker 
$3Jpq: [ringsymbol]PowerScarf
$3Jq1: [ringsymbol]Speed_Belt
$3JqC: [ringsymbol]Black_Rock
$3JqN: [ringsymbol]Blue_Rock 
$3JqY: [ringsymbol]SilverRock
$3Jqj: [ringsymbol]White_Rock
$3Jqu: [ringsymbol]Gold_Rock 
$3Jr5: [ringsymbol]Hero_Medal
$3JrG: [ringsymbol]MuscleRing
$3JrR: [ringsymbol]Flea_Vest 
$3Jrc: [ringsymbol]Magic_Seal
$3Jrn: [ringsymbol]Power_Seal
$3Jry: [ringsymbol]Relic     
$3Js9: [ringsymbol]SeraphSong
$3JsK: [ringsymbol]Sun_Shades
$3JsV: [ringsymbol]PrismSpecs

 [Item Descriptions]

$3LhL:Magic +2
$3LhT:1.5x hit on Mg enemies
$3Lhd:4x damage at critical
$3Lhh:Speed +2
$3Lhx:Random «Slow»
$3Li1:Random «Stop»
$3LiJ:Random «Stop» on machines
$3LiR:Random «Chaos»
$3LiT:Damage can vary
$3LiV:Cuts enemy's HP by 1/2
$3Lj1:Attack changes below 10 HP
$3LjD:1.5x hit for Mg enemies
$3LjF:Magic +4
$3LjH:2x hit for Mg enemies
$3LjJ:2x hit for Mg enemies
$3LjL:2x hit for Mg enemies
$3Ljh:Attack up when ally falls
$3Ljr:Speed +3
$3Ljv:70 % critical hit rate
$3LkL:Cuts «Fire» by 50%
$3LkN:Mg Defense +5
$3LkT:Mg Defense +5
$3Lkb:Mg Defense +10
$3Lkd:Protects status
$3Lkf:Cuts Mg attack by 1/3
$3Lkh:Mg Defense  +10
$3Lkj:Cuts «Fire» by 80%
$3Lkp:Absorbs «Lightning» hits
$3Lkr:Absorbs «Shadow» hits
$3Lkt:Absorbs «Water» hits
$3Lkv:Absorbs «Fire» hits
$3Lkx:Absorbs 50% of «Lightning» hits
$3Lkz:Absorbs 50% of «Shadow» hits
$3Ll1:Absorbs 50% of «Water» hits
$3Ll3:Absorbs 50% of «Fire» hits
$3Ll5:Speed +2/«Fire» guard up
$3Ll7:Speed +3/«Fire» guard up
$3LlV:Def. +9/locks status 
$3LlZ:Cuts «Shadow» hits by 50%
$3Llb:Protects status
$3Lld:Cuts physical damage by 1/3 
$3Llf:Mg Defense +10
$3Llh:Prevents «Chaos»
$3Llj:Prevents «Lock»
$3Lll:Prevents «Stop,» «Slow»
$3Lln:Protects status
$3Llr:50% less time between attacks
$3Llt:Cuts «Lightning» hits by 50%
$3Llv:Cuts «Water» hits by  50%
$3Llz:Speed +1
$3Lm1:Strike +2
$3Lm3:Power +2
$3Lm5:Vigor +2
$3Lm7:Magic +2
$3Lm9:Protects status
$3LmB:Speed +3
$3LmD:Strike +10
$3LmF:Power +6
$3LmH:Magic +6
$3LmJ:Mg Defense +10
$3LmL:Max HP up by 25% 
$3LmN:Max HP up by 50%
$3LmP:MP use cut by 50%
$3LmR:MP use cut by 75%
$3LmT:Shows enemy's HP
$3LmV:«Charm» power up
$3LmX:50% Counter attack rate
$3LmZ:80% Counter attack rate
$3Lmb:2x Evade
$3Lmd:Turns Exp. into G
$3Lmf:One-time auto reanimate
$3Lmh:Auto attack / Hit & Def. up
$3Lmj:Power +4
$3Lml:Speed +2
$3Lmn:Invokes triple tech. «DarkEternal»
$3Lmp:Invokes triple tech. «OmegaFlare»
$3Lmr:Invokes triple tech. «SpinStrike»
$3Lmt:Invokes triple tech. «Poyozo Dance»
$3Lmv:Invokes triple tech. «Grand Dream»
$3Lmx:Ups critical hit rate of Masamune
$3Lmz:Vigor +6
$3Ln1:Mg Defense +12
$3LnB:Ups attack power
$3LnD:Ups attack pwr. to the max
$3LnH:Restores 50 HP
$3LnJ:Restores 200 HP
$3LnL:Restores 500 HP
$3LnN:Restores 10 MP
$3LnP:Restores 30 MP
$3LnR:Restores 60 MP
$3LnT:Restores HP/MP
$3LnV:Restores MP
$3LnX:Restores HP/MP for all
$3LnZ:Restores Status
$3Lnb:Revives an ally
$3Lnd:Recovers HP/MP at Save Pts.
$3Lnf:Recovers from «?»
$3Lnh:Restores 200 HP for all
$3Lnj:Cuts magic hits by 1/3
$3Lnl:Cuts physical hits by 1/3
$3Lnn:«Power» +1
$3Lnp:«Magic» +1
$3Lnr:«Speed» +1
$3LoJ:Logs the Bike Race score

 [Item Types]


 [Item Classes]



$3K2n: [starsymbol]Lightning 
$3K39: [starsymbol]Lightning2
$3K3K: [starsymbol]Life      
$3K3g: [starsymbol]Luminaire 
$3K4D: [starsymbol]Ice       
$3K4O: [starsymbol]Cure      
$3K4Z: [starsymbol]Haste     
$3K4k: [starsymbol]Ice_2     
$3K4v: [starsymbol]Cure_2    
$3K56: [starsymbol]Life_2    
$3K5d: [starsymbol]Fire      
$3K5z: [starsymbol]Protect   
$3K6A: [starsymbol]Fire_2    
$3K6W: [starsymbol]Flare     
$3K8T: [starsymbol]Water     
$3K8e: [starsymbol]Heal      
$3K90: [starsymbol]Water_2   
$3K9B: [starsymbol]Cure_2    
$3KAx: [starsymbol]Lightning2
$3KB8: [starsymbol]Ice_2     
$3KBJ: [starsymbol]Fire_2    
$3KBU: [starsymbol]Dark_Bomb 
$3KBf: [starsymbol]Magic_Wall
$3KBq: [starsymbol]Dark_Mist 
$3KC1: [starsymbol]Black_Hole
$3KCC: [starsymbol]DarkMatter
$3KCj:Ice_Sword 2
$3KDG:FireSword 2

 [Tech Descriptions]

$3MS3:Spin-cut nearby enemies
$3MS5:Slash attack
$3MS7:Attack using Lightning
$3MS9:2x damage
$3MSB:Strikes all enemies
$3MSD:Bring ally back to life
$3MSF:Attack enemy w/ Confuse 4 times
$3MSH:Ultimate damage on all enemies
$3MSJ:Restore ally's HP (Some)
$3MSL:Confuse enemy
$3MSN:Attack enemy w/ Ice
$3MSP:Heal ally (More)
$3MSR:Cut ally's wait time by 1 / 2
$3MST:Damage all enemies w/ Ice 2
$3MSV:Heal ally (Full)
$3MSX:Revive & restore all HP
$3MSZ:Hit all enemies on a line
$3MSb:Put enemies to sleep
$3MSd:Fire damage / one enemy
$3MSf:Damage enemies in bomb area
$3MSh:Ups ally's phys. def.
$3MSj:Fire damage / all enemies
$3MSl:Damage enemies in bomb area
$3MSn:Strongest Fire magic attack
$3MSp:Punch enemy
$3MSr:Restore ally's HP (Some)
$3MSt:Laser Spin / all enemies
$3MSv:Tackle enemy
$3MSx:Restore all allies' HP (Some)
$3MSz:Hit enemy w/ Multi-Punch
$3MT1:Damage enemy w/ Meltbeam
$3MT3:Damage all enemies w/ Max Shock
$3MT5:Restore ally's HP (Some)
$3MT7:Snag and slash enemy
$3MT9:Damage enemy w/ Water
$3MTB:Restore allies' HP (More)
$3MTD:Leap-slash an enemy
$3MTF:Damage all enemies w/ Water
$3MTH:Restore ally's HP (Full)
$3MTJ:Low HP = greater damage
$3MTL:HP(Some) & Status restored
$3MTN:Rollokick an enemy
$3MTP:A savage cat attack
$3MTR:Stone an enemy
$3MTT:Steal from enemy
$3MTV:Damage enemies w/ Tailspin
$3MTX:Low HP = greater damage
$3MTZ:Damage enemy w/ Triple Kick
$3MTb:Damage enemies w/ Lightning
$3MTd:Damage enemies w/ Ice
$3MTf:Damage enemies w/ Fire
$3MTh:Damage enemies w/ Darkbomb
$3MTj:Ups ally's Mag. def
$3MTl:Damage enemies w/ Darkmist
$3MTn:Power of Life/Death
$3MTp:Black magic damage
$3MTr:Restore allies' HP (Some)
$3MTt:Ice Sword attack / single
$3MTv:Ice Sword attack / multiple
$3MTx:Flame Whirl attack
$3MTz:Fire Sword attack / single
$3MU1:Fire Sword attack / multiple
$3MU3:Rocket Roll multi-attack
$3MU5:Crono's Max Cyclone
$3MU7:Super Volt attack
$3MU9:Attack enemy w/ X Strike
$3MUB:Attack enemy w/ Sword Stream
$3MUD:Attack enemy w/ Spire
$3MUF:Attack enemy w/ Drill Kick
$3MUH:Attack enemy w/ Volt Bite
$3MUJ:Crono's Falcon Hit
$3MUL:Attack enemies w/ Antipode
$3MUN:Attack enemies w/ Antipode 2
$3MUP:Attack enemies w/ Antipode 3
$3MUR:Restore allies' HP (Some)
$3MUT:Attack enemy w/ Glacier
$3MUV:Restore allies' HP (Full)
$3MUX:Attack enemies w/ Ice Water
$3MUZ:Massive Ice attack
$3MUb:Restore allies' HP & Status
$3MUd:Steal from enemy
$3MUf:Attack enemy w/ Ice Toss
$3MUh:Attack enemy w/ Cube Toss
$3MUj:Burn enemies w/ Fire Punch
$3MUl:Burn enemy w/ Fire Tackle
$3MUn:Robo's Max Bomb attack
$3MUp:Burn enemy w/ Flame Kick
$3MUr:Burn enemy w/ Fire Whirl
$3MUt:Burn enemy w/ Blaze Kick
$3MUv:Frog's Blade Toss
$3MUx:Robo's Bubble Snap
$3MUz:Restore all allies' HP (Full)
$3MV1:Halts all enemies
$3MV3:Attack enemy w/ Spin Kick
$3MV5:Hurl an enemy!
$3MV7:Restore all allies' HP & Status
$3MV9:Attack enemy w/ Bubble Hit
$3MVB:Inferno Toss
$3MVD:Burn enemy w/ Flame Slash
$3MVF:Bomb enemies on a line
$3MVH:Ult. 2x damage / multiple
$3MVJ:Elemental damage / multiple
$3MVL:Revive / restore allies once
$3MVN:Attack w/ Ice Slash
$3MVP:Attack w/ Final Kick
$3MVR:Crono's Fire Zone
$3MVT:Elemental Attack / multiple
$3MVV:Attack w/ Gatling Kick
$3MVX:Delta Attack
$3MVZ:Trio Whirl / multiple
$3MVb:Delta Attack
$3MVd:Ultimate Dark Bomb
$3MVf:Ultimate Laser
$3MVh:Damage w/ Whirl Jump Cut
$3MVj:Damage w/ ? Magic & Chaos
$3MVl:Phys. Att. w/ NewMasamune

 [Tech/Battle Strings]

$3MVn:Can't run away
$3MVp:Single Tech
$3MVr:Dual Tech
$3MVt:Triple Tech

 [Battle Menu Labels]


 [Monster Names]

$3PLC:Mammon M.  
$3PLY:Blue Imp   
$3PLj:Green Imp  
$3PLu:Stone Imp  
$3PM5:Mud Imp    
$3PMn:Roly Rider 
$3PN9:Blue Eaglet
$3PNK:Gold Eaglet
$3PNV:Red Eaglet 
$3PNr:Avian Chaos
$3PO2:Imp Ace    
$3POD:Bantam Imp 
$3PQA:Fly Trap   
$3PQL:Meat Eater 
$3PQW:Man Eater  
$3PST:Free Lancer
$3PSp:Giga Mutant
$3PUQ:Blue Shield
$3PUb:Yodu De    
$3PV8:Boss Orb   
$3PVJ:Side Kick  
$3PVf:Jinn Bottle
$3PXR:Bull Frog  
$3PXc:Mad Bat    
$3Pd7:Lavos Spawn
$3Pdp:Cave Bat   
$3Pet:Winged Ape 
$3Pf4:Cave Ape   
$3Pfm:Blue Beast 
$3Pfx:Red Beast  
$3Pgf:Avian Rex  
$3Phj:Proto 2    
$3Phu:Proto 3    
$3Pi5:Proto 4    
$3Pj9:Rain Frog  
$3PjV:Dragon Tank
$3PkZ:Masa & Mune
$3Pl6:Nizbel II  
$3Plo:Flea Plus  
$3PmA:Dalton Plus
$3PmW:Metal Mute 
$3Pmh:Super Slash
$3PnE:Great Ozzie
$3Pnw:Fossil Ape 
$3Po7:Tank Head  
$3PoI:Frog King  
$3Pq4:Mega Mutant
$3PqQ:Super Slash
$3Pqb:Flea Plus  
$3Pqx:Rust Tyrano
$3PrU:Atropos XR 
$3Psj:Yakra XIII 
$3Pty:Lavos Core 
$3PuV:Giga Gaia  
$3PvD:Red Scout  
$3PvO:Blue Scout 
$3PvZ:Lavos Spawn
$3Pvv:Laser Guard
$3Q0M:Roly Bomber
$3Q0X:Golem Boss 
$3Q14:Son of Sun 
$3Q1Q:R Series   

 [Location Names]

$1uXi:Mayor's Manor
$1uXm:Crono's house
$1uXo:Lucca's house
$1uXq:Gobb's house
$1uXs:Truce Inn
$1uXu:Snail Stop
$1uXw:Eternal repose
$1uXy:Breakwave Pt.
$1uY0:Leene Square
$1uY4:Porre Inn
$1uY6:Ticket Office
$1uY8:Guardia Forest
$1uYA:Guardia Castle
$1uYC:Zenan Bridge
$1uYE:Melchior's Hut
$1uYG:Forest Ruins
$1uYI:Heckran Cave
$1uYK:Fiona's Shrine
$1uYM:West Cape
$1uYO:Sun Keep
$1uYQ:Hero's Grave
$1uYS:Truce Canyon
$1uYW:Cursed Woods
$1uYY:Denadoro Mts
$1uYa:Tata's House
$1uYc:Fiona's Villa
$1uYe:Sunken Desert
$1uYg:Magic Cave
$1uYi:Magus's Lair
$1uYk:Ozzie's Fort
$1uYo:Elder's House
$1uYq:Northern Ruins
$1uYu:Bangor Dome
$1uYw:Trann Dome
$1uYy:Lab 16
$1uZ0:Arris Dome
$1uZ2:Lab 32
$1uZ4:Proto Dome
$1uZ8:Sewer Access
$1uZA:Keeper's Dome
$1uZC:Death Peak
$1uZE:Geno Dome
$1uZG:Sun Palace
$1uZI:Robot village
$1uZK:Mystic Mts
$1uZM:Ioka Hut
$1uZO:Chief's Hut
$1uZQ:Meeting Site
$1uZS:Forest Maze
$1uZU:Reptite Lair
$1uZW:Hunting Range
$1uZY:Dactyl Nest
$1uZa:Tyrano Lair
$1uZc:Chanting Mt
$1uZm:North Keep
$1uZo:Terra Cave
$1uZq:Zeal Palace
$1uZs:Ocean Palace
$1uZu:Last Village
$1uZw:North Cape
$1ua6:Medina Square
$1ua8:Black Omen
$1uaA:Vortex Pt
$1uaE:Land Bridge
$1uaG:Ayla's tent
$1uaI:Laruba ruins
$1uaK:Lair Ruins
$1uaO:Medina Inn
$1uaQ:Choras Inn
$1uaS:Truce Inn
$1uaU:Dorino Inn
$1uaW:Porre Inn
$1uaY:Choras Inn
$1uaa:Giant's Claw
$1ub6:A.D. 1000
$1ub8:A.D. 600
$1ubA:A.D. 2300
$1ubC:65000000 B.C.
$1ubE:12000 B.C.

 [Era List]

$HYAg:     ???
$HYAi:  Present
$HYAk:Middle Ages
$HYAm:   Future
$HYAq: Dark Ages
$HYAs:Black Omen
$HYAu:End of Time

 [Save-Game List]

$HXws:   The Millennial Fair
$HXwu:  The Queen Returns
$HXww:  The Queen is Gone
$HXwy:       We're Back!
$HXx0:         The Trial
$HXx2:    Beyond the Ruins
$HXx4:   The Factory Ruins
$HXx6:    The End of Time
$HXx8: The Village of Magic
$HXxA:   The Hero Appears
$HXxC:   Tata and the Frog
$HXxE:  The Rare Red Rock
$HXxG:   Footsteps! Follow!
$HXxI:     The Masamune!
$HXxK:      Magus' Castle
$HXxM:Forward to the Past
$HXxO:Unnatural Selection?
$HXxQ:  The Magic Kingdom
$HXxS:     Break the Seal!
$HXxU: The Guru on Mt.Woe
$HXxW:  What Lies Beyond?
$HXxY:     Lavos Beckons
$HXxa:      The New King
$HXxc:      The Time Egg
$HXxe:     The Fated Hour
$HXxg:     The Final Battle
$HXxi:          No data

 [Battle Messages I]

$46bZ:Got  [num32] experience point(s)!
$46bb:Got  [num32] tech point(s)!
$46bd:Found  [num32]G!
$46bf:Got 1x  [item]!
$46bh: [member]'s level up!
$46bj: [member] learns  [tech]!
$46bl:Learns Dual Tech,  [tech]!
$46bn:Learns Triple Tech,  [tech]!
$46bp:Ran away!
$46br: [member] got up!
$46bt:Nothing there!
$46bv: [monster]  [num16]/ [num16]
$46bx: [monster]
$46bz:It was the thought that counted...

 [Battle Messages II]

$3W9p:Head repairs damage.
$3W9r:Head repairs damage.
$3W9t:Energy is stored in the wheels.
$3W9v:Too far away to counterattack.
$3W9x:Too close, can't counterattack.
$3W9z:Mortal blow!
$3WA1:NeedleSpin / Yakra's needle attack.
$3WA3:Naga-ette's [heartsymbol] [heartsymbol] [heartsymbol] / Slow spell!
$3WA5:Ding-a-ling / Chaos
$3WA9:Attacked by moving object.
$3WAB:I'll shred ya.
$3WA.D.:Break down
$3WAH:Ozzie's spell is broken.
$3WAJ:Ozzie needs help!
$3WAL:Sand Breath / Darkness
$3WAN:3 can join together for a Delta Attack.
$3WAP:Gore, gore, gore, gore...
$3WAR:Doom, doom, doom, doom...
$3WAV:Go ahead! Try and attack...!
$3WAX:Water wave!!
$3WAZ:Revives the Bit.
$3WAb:Brief counterattack break.
$3WAd:Chemically fuse with other members.
$3WAf:Storing Tornado Energy.
$3WAh:Tornado Energy has been neutralized.
$3WAj:AmpliFire Counterattack
$3WAn:What are you aiming at, you fool?
$3WAp:Yes indeed!
$3WAv:Revives from shock.
$3WAx:Dark Matter / Magus's strongest attack!
$3WAz:Releases electrocution energy.
$3WB1:Waltz of the Wind  [heartsymbol] /  Chaos
$3WB3:Prism Beam  [heartsymbol] /  Darkness
$3WB5:The bit disappears...
$3WB7:MP Buster / Steals MP!
$3WB9:Magic defense ON
$3WBB:Physical defense ON
$3WBD:The Stare  [heartsymbol] /  Flea's  [heartsymbol] [heartsymbol]Magic
$3WBF:Crimson Rain / HP down
$3WBH:Geyser /  HP down
$3WBJ:Masamune decreases Magus's M def.
$3WBL:Magus risks casting a spell!
$3WBV:Attack, attack, attack...
$3WBX:Barrier change/Only Lightning damages.
$3WBZ:Barrier change / Only Shadow damages.
$3WBb:Barrier change / Only Fire damages.
$3WBd:Barrier change / Only Water damages.
$3WBf:Def pwr decreases when shocked
$3WBh:Telepathy / Sleep
$3WBj:Teleportation / Teleports a rock!
$3WBl:Destruction zone
$3WBn:Rainbow Storm / Wind of Poison
$3WBp:Def pwr up when attacked.
$3WBr:Releases absorbed electric energy.
$3WBt:Ultra-electrical discharge
$3WBz:Azala Break / HP down
$3WC1:Removes def,and is storing pwr.
$3WC3:Attack pwr up!
$3WC7:Lavos Core shuts off def
$3WC9:Runs away!
$3WCB:Rising Sun
$3WCD:Copycat Ability / Copies physics!
$3WCF:Copycat Ability / Copies enemy's techs!
$3WCH:Apart, Masa & Mune are powerless.
$3WCL:2 Hand Attack:  Dbl. HandBlaster / Fire
$3WCN:Continuous tech / HP goes to 1
$3WCP:Lock All / Can't use techs or items!
$3WCR:Commencing arm restoration...
$3WCT:Arm Attack / HP cut by 1/2
$3WCV:Barghest's Shield destroyed...
$3WCX:Reviving head with Defense Arm.
$3WCZ:10,000 Hz / Sleep
$3WCb:Lock / Can't use techniques!
$3WCd:Delta Force / 3 monster technique
$3WCf:Iron Orb / Reduces HP by 1/2!
$3WCh:Rollo Kick
$3WCl:Emblem / Fuses with Defunct
$3WCn:HP recovery magic
$3WCp:Multiple Counterattack Technique
$3WCt:Bad Impulse / 3 monster technique
$3WCv:Protected by Barghest Shield
$3WCx:Muscle Fusion with nearby brothers...
$3WCz:It's like sand and impossible to damage!
$3WD1:Water hardens sand / Def pwr is down!
$3WD3:HartFire Sword
$3WD7:Motherbrain Attack Mode...
$3WD9:The Motherbrain left w/o the display...
$3WDB:Memory Reset / Lock
$3WDF:Cyclone / Water
$3WDH:Sand Cyclone
$3WDJ:Golem Boss: Um...
$3WDL:Fire pwr up!
$3WDN:Pwr up!
$3WDP:Blizzard / Chaos
$3WDR:Water Rise / Water
$3WDT:2 Hand Attack: Dark Plasma / Shadow
$3WDV:GaiaMagnade / Fire
$3WDX:Darn! Buurrrp!
$3WDZ:Brother Conversion / Fusion
$3WDb:Bluuurp! / Copying Dalton...
$3WDd:Runs away when the core is lost...
$3WDf:Absorbing energy from the core...
$3WDh:Go! GolemBoss...???
$3WDl:Opposite magic attack.
$3WDn:Wing Blow / Chaos
$3WDp:DALTON: Take this!!!!
$3WDt:Attacks with «Lavos Spawn Needle.»
$3WDv:A small current...
$3WDz:NeedleSpin: Version 13!
$3WE1:Reprogramming / Chaos
$3WE3:Heard about it from the ancestors!
$3WE5:Your weaknesses are...
$3WE7:This is it!
$3WE9:D...defeated again...
$3WEB:Roulette Shuffle
$3WED:Roulette Stop
$3WEF:Counterattack: Flare
$3WEH: Miss: Flame Counterattack
$3WEJ:Cricket Chirp / Sleep
$3WEN:Son of Sun's losing its fire...
$3WEP:Time Stop / Stop
$3WER:Mutant Gas / Sleep
$3WET:Mutant Gas / Poison
$3WEV:Steel Steam / HP down
$3WEX:Chaotic Zone / Chaos
$3WEb:Point Flare
$3WEd:Counterattack: Lock
$3WEf:Hear ye, hear ye...
$3WEj:The Drop /  HP down by 1/2!
$3WEl: [musicsymbol]-- [musicsymbol]- [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol]-- /  Chaos
$3WEn:Absorb / Steals some MP...
$3WEp:Magic becomes attack pwr / Attack up!
$3WEr:Releases stored energy!
$3WEt:Mammon M. modifies all energy...
$3WEv:Mammon M. stands still...
$3WEx:Attack used to increase defense!
$3WEz:Life Shaver / HP goes to 1
$3WF3:Dark Bomb
$3WF5:Lavos Spawn Needle: Disorder
$3WF7:Hallation / HP goes to 1
$3WF9:Masamune absorbs energy...
$3WFB:Dark Gear / Shadow
$3WFD:Skygate / Lightning
$3WFF:Hexagon Mist / Water
$3WFH: Counterattack: MP Buster
$3WFJ:Destruction rains from the heavens!
$3WFL:Counterattack: Life Shaver
$3WFP:The parts on the right store energy...
$3WFR:The parts on the left restore HP...
$3WFT:The Masamune drops Lavos's M def!
$3WFV:Lavos casts a spell...
$3WFX:Two-Part Attack: Pair Blaster
$3WFZ:Double-Part Attack: Dark Plasma
$3WFb:Commencing parts restoration...
$3WFd:Revives head with Defense parts!
$3WFf:Barrier change...
$3WFh:Engaging main body...
$3WFj:Protective Seal / Disables Def Status
$3WFl:Evil Emanation / Lavos's attack pwr up!
$3WFn:Laser beams / Doors of doom open.
$3WFr:Shadow Slay
$3WFt:Flame Battle
$3WFv:Shadow Doom Blaze
$3WFx:Span Death / Arm revives main body...
$3WFz:Lavos Core is defended!
$3WG1:«Active Life» decreases Def pwr.
$3WG3:Time warp...
$3WG5:Counterattacks during battle...
$3WG7:Active Life / Revives the Lavos Bit!
$3WG9:Counterattacks with Magic!
$3WGB:The Lavos Core's Def pwr restored!
$3WGD:Evil Star / Reduces HP by 1/2
$3WGF:Grand Stone / Ultimate phys. attack
$3WGH:Spell / Random status
$3WGJ:Dreamless / Ultimate Magic attack
$3WGL:Invading Light / Slow
$3WGN:Freeze / Stop
$3WGP:Crying Heavens / Hidden blow
$3WGR:Defense down!
$3WGV:Area Bomb
$3WGX:Scouter fights all Mag but «Lightning.»
$3WGZ:Red Scout fights all mag but «Fire.»
$3WGb:Blue Scout fights all mag but «Water.»
$3WGd:Lavos's sigh / Sleep
$3WGh:Shining Bit / Lightning
$3WGj:Attack / Will attack with no center bit.
$3WGl:Copycat Skill / Copy Lightning tech
$3WGn:Copycat Skill / Copy Shadow tech
$3WGp:Copycat Skill / Copy Water techniques
$3WGr:Copycat Skill / Copy Fire techniques
$3WGt:GolemBoss «Impossible! I'm...s...scared!»
$3WGv:GolemBoss «I HATE heights!»
$3WGx:GolemBoss «Chew on this!»
$3WGz:GolemBoss «5»
$3WH1:GolemBoss «4»
$3WH3:GolemBoss «3»
$3WH5:GolemBoss «2»
$3WH7:GolemBoss «1»

 [Screen Offsets]

$HX9j:_LV HP_ / MP__ /_ _ _ [shieldsymbol]
$HX9n:TIME __ G
$HX9v:_LV HP_ / MP__ /_
$HXA5:Who'll you  replace?
$HXAB:Fast__Slow 12345678 12345678 12345678 Off__1__2
$HXAF:Confirm Cancel Menu Dash Map Warp
$HXAH:Erase old save? __Yes __No
$HXAJ:New Game +
$HXAL:New Game +
$HXAN:New Game +
$HXAP:New Game
$HXAR:TIME  __ G Save #
$HXAV:_ [shieldsymbol]
$HXAX:Can't do that!
$HXAZ:Can't do that!
$HXAl:HP_ / MP__ /_ MP Used_
$HXAn:Skill Pts Need_
$HXAp:Can be used  by: _ _ _
$HXAv:Erase old save? __Yes __No
$HXAx:New Game +
$HXBf:Buy__Sell G # Owned # Equipped

 [Name Input Characters]


 [Miscellaneous Prompts]

   Enter a name, then push the
   Start Button.

   Enemies will attack even
   if you're not ready!

   Take your time to choose
   items and fight strategically.

   Start using
   which data?

   Who'll you 

   do that!

   Can be used by

 [Configuration Screen Settings]

$HYCO:Battle Mode
$HYCQ:Save Menu Cursor?
$HYCS:Save Battle Cursor?
$HYCU:Save Skill/Item Cursor?
$HYCW:Battle Speed
$HYCY:Window Color
$HYCa:Battle Gauge
$HYCc:Control Pad
$HYCe:Skill/Item Info.
$HYCg:Battle Gauge Speed
$HYCi:Battle Mes. Speed

5.) Credits

ZeaLitY and GrayLensman for editing the script.

Joel Yliluoma, a.k.a. Bisqwit, for releasing Chronotools, which allowed the
dumping of the script.

The members and readers of the Chrono Compendium, including those who assisted
with locating lines in the script.

Those who assisted in locating lines on Gamefaqs.

whatev and Doulifée for assistance with lost lines. for serving as the temporary home of the Compendium
during its downtime. and other sites that host Chrono series music and

Yasunori Mitsuda for the wonderful music of the Chrono series.

Kishimoto Masashi for creating 'Naruto.'


Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, and John Keats for inspiration.


© 2004 ZeaLitY, GrayLensman