ChronoMUCK Character Races

These are just a basic few examples. One of the major points of role playing is variation and imagination. Feel free to be creative and create your own.

Humans - Self explantory really. Unless you have Elements, lived in the Kingdom of Zeal, or have visited Spekkio at the End of Time you can't use magic. Expect alot of conversations with our staff if you decide you want to. Techniques though are diffrent. Anyone and anything can use techniques if they are learned. You wouldn't exactly call a Ninja a magic user because he can stay hidden, would you?

Mystics - As Mystics are Demi-Humans feel free to be creative. Most either want peace or want to see Humans destroyed. Anything non-human and inteligent is lumped into this category. Those that served under Magus or are decended from them know a few spells as well as normal techniques. Each house generaly knows one spell or one type of spell.

Robots - From the future. They can't use spells but can be programed to do things similar. Individual ability depends on the purpose for which the robot was created.

Cats - Would you really want to be a cat? They sit around, don't speak, and seem to appear in the nick of time to save the day if nothing else works. Hmmm... sounds like some of our staff...

Reptites - Reptilian humanioids who hate everyone else. I shouldn't think this needs much of an explanation. No magic skills here.