ChronoMUCK Wizstaff Information

WIZ-ALT: Lavos/Johnny_C
STATUS: The Destroyer of Time, and head Wiz. RAR!
NAME: Jason Skaggs
AIM: marr0w
Y!: marr0w
ICQ: 15964586
ALTS: Yoiko/Yoiko_Hibiki (AOL, Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, ChronoMUCK), Johnny_C (Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, ChronoMUCK), Death (Metropolis), Nancy (ZekuKari), Meatwad (Neo Tokyo), ZIM (Metropolis, ChronoMUCK), Crono, QueenZeal, Yoko, Tabitha, Ranma, Burn, Mamo, Sally, Gaspar (ChronoMuck)

IC INFORMATION: An entity that fell from the sky in 650,000,000 BC and burrowed deep within the ground. Laying dormant and feasting upon not only the life energy, but the DNA of the planet itself, Lavos continued to evolve and consume until he eventualy awoke in 1999 AD and seemingly destroyed the world, finaly coming to rest upon Death Peak where his spawn went forth and contaminated the rest of the universe, one planet at a time... or, atleast that's how it should have been. Thanks to the efforts of Crono and his group of time travelers, the threat of Lavos was ended. Or so it seemed...

OOC INFORMATION: Besides making videos and websites under the name, Marr0w_Productions, this former clerk of many years now dedicates nearly all of his free time to overseeing ChronoMUCK and making sure it's players remain happy and content, even if that means taking on hundreds of alts to give people someone to RP with. Contact me for -ANYTHING-. (Well, anything but TS.)

QUOTE: "...boredom, a dangerous and deadly tool..."

WIZ-ALT: Zarek
STATUS: Builder Wiz of Niftahness
NAME: Derek Matte
AIM: ekartia1802
ALTS: Ekartia, Sabin, Tomuru, Heimdal (Metropolis Universalis); Ekartia(Prodigy Academy)

IC INFORMATION: A hard to read, impossible to not distinguish, a cheery assassin who appears and leaves with a smile.

OOC INFORMATION: Ummmm I'm an RP lover, and came aboard to help out and grab myself some good old fashioned RP!

QUOTE: "...So anyway, the guy says to me, he says, he says "Well it ain't -MY- poodle!" GAHAHHAHA..... Ehh ya hadda be there."

WIZ-ALT: Munin
STATUS: TP wiz, build wiz, player help wiz, smartass, and chaos wiz!
NAME: Wolf
EMAIL:Died. To Be Announced.
ALTS: Xue_Qian (NeoTokyoMUCK, Metropolis), Tsukiko (Metropolis), Kyoko (Metropolis), Ryoga@CTMuck, Oblivion@CTMuck

IC INFORMATION: IC INFORMATION: Not much is known about her. Appearently, she has some link to Zeals upper hierarchy, maybe even to Zeal herself. What IS known is that, via eye-witnesses, is that she CAN cast magic, has an energy weapon of likely-Zealian technology, and wields a pair of razor-sharp sickles to deadly effect. Unfortunately, the most important information, her motives, rate the unknown category.

OOC INFORMATION: TP wiz, player assistance wiz, and somewhat capable building wiz when needed. Beware, im quite often as blunt as a club with my opinions.

QUOTE: "Hide it in the plothole!"

STATUS: Hospitality Cavegirl
NAME: Arthur Keen
ALTS: Lee (Twisted); Malin, Chun-Li, Whip, Edge, Terry, Foxy, B.Jenet (Match of the Millennium); Sheridan Reynolds, Rogue (Multiverse Crisis MUSH); Samantha, Elria (Metropolis Universalis); Terry_Bogard, Karin_Kanzuki (NeoTokyo)

IC INFORMATION: Strongest woman in world seeks weak man to be pushed a--- to help rule Ioka village circa 65,000,000 years BC. Hobbies include beating on reptites, travelling through time, beating on more reptites, dancing, singing, reptite beating and eating. (C'mon, you know and love her... what could I possibly say here??)

OOC INFORMATION:Just another legendary bum, surfacing only to RP before returning to his constant roaming of the earth. A champion.. a mystery.. a true legend-- well, okay. But the 'bum' bit was dead on... once. Now engaged to the girl of his dreams, living in a big house and working for THE MAN, Ayla's player is pretty much dead as the world once knew him. No More Mr. Bad Guy. Still, despite cleaning up his act don't expect him to actually get off his ass and RP unless you absolutely force him to. Sudden mad idling and disappearing acts are part and parcel of the whole shebang! But hey, we're trying.

"Samantha has reconnected.
Samantha has dropped a connection."

WIZ-ALT: Jensa
STATUS: Builder Wiz
NAME: Ashley Stap
ALTS: Cassie (Twisted), Devi (Twisted), Kid (Chronos)

IC INFORMATION: A small flightly fairy that can't do much but annoy and confuse people to the end of their wits. :D

OOC INFORMATION: A building nut, and a lover of Roleplaying (who isn't)

QUOTE: "Squee!"

WIZ-ALT: Blues
STATUS: TP Development, Player Relations, Being Cool.
NAME: Aaron Crabtree
ALTS:Blues, Caliga, Crono, Squee, GIR, Melchior, Speedy, Happosai, Luffy, Norstein_Bekkler (ChronoMUCK), Vash Kobayashi, Caden, Saitaku, Mew Strawberry, Fujiwara Ikki (Magical Destiny) Retired Characters:Vash Kobayashi (Angelic Layer MUSH), Pheobus Kilathos (Gundam Wing Mud), Pheobus Kilathos, Caliga Satanas, Alexander Ryan Kilathos (Gundam Wing: Code Blue), Pheobus (Beyond Exiled), Pheobus, Zelda (Realms of the Exiled)

IC INFORMATION: The first robot developed by Dr. T. Light, Blues has a sense of self preservation, and likes to do things his way. He is a prototype, and doesn't come without his flaws.

OOC INFORMATION:TP Wiz, Player Relations. I like helping.

QUOTE: "I've got my own theme music. What do you have?"

STATUS: Helper Wiz - Note: Has Narcoleps--zzz
AIM: SSKalean
ICQ: 31300043
ALTS: Rystan, Frog, and Nuu (ChronoMuck), Kaen (Metropolis Universalis), Crux Caedon (Neo Tokyo), Kalean (Sephiros), Kalean, Soma (Neo Tokyo), Driftwood (#AnimeRPG @, Lucas Korbin (Marvel Extreme), John Preston (Private RP), Raien Kourei (Naruto RP), Naaya (Darker Half), Vegeta ( *Eleven years ago* #DBZRPG @ ), Kieran (Exalted Online), Taryn (Ironclaw MU*)

IC INFORMATION: silver-haired former doctor and former human, Crux's youthful looks and kind demeanor hide the power to affect the lower six dimensions of space/time at will, and a very complex mind. Older than most countries, and the cheapest fair-fighter ever known to exist. Possibly the Muck's only officially pardoned twink. But he'll give you the shirt off his back.

OOC INFORMATION:11 years of RP experience, and Crux's player still can't make a character without giving them some kind of ace in the hole in combat. Still, he's a decent enough guy, and he'll help out anyone who needs help. A veteran gamer, if you've heard of it, he's played it, and, odds are, beaten it. He likes to spread RP like a plague when he escapes the clutches of reality.

QUOTE: You're simply not thinking sixth-dimensionally. It's not your fault. Well, maybe just a little."

WIZ-ALT: Phibrizzo
STATUS: Uh...wiz of......what were we talking about again?
NAME: Jalle Sokol
ALTS: Zelgadis@Chrono, Mic@MU

IC INFORMATION: IC? What's IC?.......Oh. Phibs is one of five demon lords from the Slayers world, the most powerful of the lords serving Shabrinigdo, in fact. Normally content to watch the goings on around him, he's more than happy to do anything that could add a little chaos and destruction to the mix. Quite personable if you get him on a good day...he can be quite helpful, if you make one of his little....'deals'. n.n

OOC INFORMATION:Weeell....I play guitar, quite anime, play video games...the usual stuff. I love my GF...and I love her daughter much LESS....but you know how they are at THAT age. n.-