Greetings players of ChronoMUCK.

Our muck began almost four years ago when various members of our current staff sat around discussing building a place to RP that was fair and fun. We'd spend countless hours going on about what we could do to make the place work and not be like other mu*s who set the example before us. Finally the day arrived and from that moment forward I dedicated myself to keeping the muck the way we had envisioned it, my own personal tribute to all those who had provided so much RP with me over the years which had made all this possible.

RP is important for many reasons. It helps us relax, it helps us unwind, it helps us to let our fantasies roam free and unrestricted letting us be better persons overall. Mu*s have declined greatly over the years for the graphical standard setting MMORPGs that even now steal players away from this powerful tool of connectivity. Lost are those who find themselves turning off their imagination for a seemingly endless showcase of graphics claiming itself to be a role playing game. It's easy to loose sight of RP's origins, and it's easy to forget about all those nameless faces that come and go.

However, for me it's not. I've always tried to connect to our players on a more personal level. I want to know who these people are that RP around me. I want to share ideas and stories. It's that level of connection that helps our muck run as smoothly as it does. It's what helps us grow, and in many cases, it's what sets us apart.

Many of you feel 'disenchanted' with our muck as of late. I know I include myself in that statement. Things have gotten a bit stale and imaginations are running dry. I sencerly believe many of this lies withing our setting itself. While Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are fun games and when done properly are a fun setting I don't feel it's justified in being the dominant force on the muck. When people see 'ChronoMUCK' they expect ChronoRP, but lets face it. We don't have a full cast and we don't have dedicated enough players to keep ChronoRP going full time.

As staff many of us have been overexerting ourselves trying to keep Chronos running smoothly and the majority of us are becoming very disheartened over the whole ordeal. With the staff and the playerbase suffering, I feel it's time for a change in the best interest of the muck. As of December 1st we will be known as Twisted Muck. Now, don't mistake this for thinking we'll have some massive change. Chronos will still be run as it is now with no changes. All we are doing is changing the name. Why is this such a big deal? Simple. People who have avoided us for our set theme will be more willing to play here. Chronos will no longer be the first priority of the staff, and we can all begin to relax about things once again. As staff we've become too serious and it's straining us, keeping us distracted from the most important thing about RP. The RP itself.

We want this muck to be fun again. We want to see it grow and prosper. While we've grown a lot in the past three years, we have a long way to go before we can compete with the numbers on other mu*s. Please help us with this transition by letting us change things as effortlessly as possible. If you feel you have to complain about the change, or if it makes you want to fight, take it out in RP not on our staff. We know it will be difficult for some of you, but please believe me when I say we only have the muck's best interest in mind. Also, if some of you would like to help with the change on a more influential scale, we need help designing our new logo. As such, we'll be taking submissions via with a deadline of December 30th. All entries will be posted on our livejournal community page so that all may vote to decide our future.

Thank you for spending so much time role playing in our little community, and thank you for your continued support.