-------Chrono Trigger OST-------
A Premonition
Chrono Trigger (Crono's Theme) 2 3 4
Morning Sunlight
Peaceful Days
Memories of Green
Guardia Millenial Fair
Gonzalez's (Gato's) Song
A Strange Happening
Wind Scene
Secret of the Forest
Battle 1
Guardia Castle
Manoria Cathedral
A Prayer to the Road that Leads...
Silent Light
Boss Battle 1
Kaeru's (Frog's) Theme
Fanfare 1 (Lucca's Theme)
The Trial
The Hidden Truth
A Shot of Crisis
Ruined World
Mystery of the Past
Dome-16's Ruin
People Who Threw Away the Will To Live
Lavos' Theme
The Day the World Revived
Robo Gang Johnny
Bike Chase
Robo's Theme
Remains of Factory
Battle 2 (unreleased)
Fanfare 2
The Brink of Time
Delightful Spekkio
Fanfare 3
Underground Sewer
Boss Battle 2
Primitive Mountain
Ayla's Theme 2
Rythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
Burn! Bobonga!
Magus' Castle
Confusing Melody
Battle With Magus 2 3 4
Singing Mountain (unreleased)
Tyran Castle
At the Bottom of Night
Time Circuits 2 3
Zeal Palace
Sara's (Schala's) Theme 2 3 4 5 6
Sealed Door
Undersea Palace
Chrono and Marle
Silvard ~Wings That Cross Time~
Black Dream (Black Omen)
World Revolution
Last Battle
First Festival of Stars
To Far Away Times
-------Piano Only-------
Gato's Song
Delightful Spekkio
Battle With Magus
World Revolution
To Far Away Times
-------Fan Creations-------
Magus Remix
Zeal Deal
Enhasa Remix
-------Chrono Cross-------
Lena Beach
Lizard Grotto
Primal Forest
Serge's Village