ChronoMUCK Character Races

These are just a basic few examples. One of the major points of role playing is variation and imagination. Feel free to be creative and create your own.

Humans - Self explantory really. Unless you have Elements, lived in the Kingdom of Zeal, or have visited Spekkio at the End of Time you can't use magic. Expect alot of conversations with our staff if you decide you want to. Techniques though are diffrent. Anyone and anything can use techniques if they are learned. You wouldn't exactly call a Ninja a magic user because he can stay hidden, would you?

Mystics - As Mystics are Demi-Humans feel free to be creative. Most either want peace or want to see Humans destroyed. Anything non-human and inteligent is lumped into this category. Those that served under Magus or are decended from them know a few spells as well as normal techniques. Each house generaly knows one spell or one type of spell.

Robots - From the future. They can't use spells but can be programed to do things similar. Individual ability depends on the purpose for which the robot was created.

Cats - Would you really want to be a cat? They sit around, don't speak, and seem to appear in the nick of time to save the day if nothing else works. Hmmm... sounds like some of our staff...

Reptites - Reptilian humanioids who hate everyone else. I shouldn't think this needs much of an explanation. No magic skills here.

ChronoMUCK Featured Characters

Featured Characters are the characters who've had the most significance in a storyline. When dealing with role playing these FC's are very important as they tend to influcence events around them and can instantly make things go from bad to worse depending on how they are played. FC's on ChronoMUCK require an interview process and the approval of at least three members of staff to play. These include:

MagusSpekkioQueen ZealMelchior
Characters who are crossed out have already been taken. Characters in itallics are being played only until another player comes around to apply for them. Feel free to ask about any character, taken or not.

There are other characters which will likely be added to this list at a later time based upon the decision of our staff. Players are welcome to come and apply for these characters, but anyone caught creating them without going through the interview process will find their characters removed from the system without heisitation.

ChronoMUCK Secondary Characters

Secondary characters are the more minor characters from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross who, while still important, did not play a major role in the plot. We would like players to ask about these first before creating them, but you won't be required to go through the approval process should you wish to play them.

Gina (Crono's Mom)KinoDaltonChancellor
Characters who are crossed out have already been taken. Characters in itallics are being played only until another player comes around to apply for them. Feel free to ask about any character, taken or not.

Spells, Elements, and Techs

Only characters born in the Kingdom of Zeal have spells. The only exceptions to this rule are Mystics and people who have visited Spekkio and had that ability awakened within them. Those characters not on the FC list need to check with our staff about which spells they are able to cast.

At this moment, only Chrono Cross characters should have elements. Period. In that mold, here is the element list as follows.

All characters can have their techs. As well, the character can have /one/ weapon that they can obtain in the game, as long as it's not rainbow shell. Any weapons or items that have rainbow shell, dreamstone, sun stone, etc... should be cleared through staff before being granted.

So yes. All techs are allowed. Each character is allowed basic healing elements and one attack element. The attack element will be based on innate color. For example, a good attack for a green innate would be "AeroSaucer", the one that fires the green discs of air that are razor sharp. You can pick one, and only one, attack. It can't be a powerful attack, such attack elements must be earned. That means no elements like "HolyLight". Pick one and make sure you clear it with staff. We'll let you know if it's okay.

Also, and this is a big one, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any character have a summon element. At least not yet. We will introduce those in time. Serge, also, does not have the Chrono Cross. That is a TP only and must be earned. This is in the interest of fairness all around the board. If you have any questions, please ask.