ChronoMUCK Rules and Regulations

With recent changes this may become a little confusing. We'll do our best to keep things as organised as we can. Should you have any questions feel free to log on and ask a member of the staff for more information. The top half deals with Twisted World and the Muck in general, the bottom with only the Chrono-specific areas. This will become easier to understand with time...


Generally, any type of character is going to be acceptable on Twisted. Afterall, it is conceivable that every single dimension in existence is somehow linked to the Street, or at least, anyone/thing could be spewed out of a dimensional hole into it. What's that mean? It means, if you have a character you want to play, play it. Just remember, that if it's some over-powered psychopath, you'll either A) Not get any RP because no one wants to play with someone that will just kill them, or B) We'll put your character on hold and make you fill out an application because you've abused the free pcreate priveledge. Just use common sense and you should be fine, it's okay to have uber powered psycho's out there, what's a place without evil people to deal with? But, we won't except power-gaming or twinking.

Anyone who can bend time forward or backward is not allowed. If your character had this power, then it is taken away by some force when they come to Twisted. This is not to say you cannot travel -through- time, but you are not able to, say, in a fight, stop time, go back a few minutes, and redo what you had done. This is to try and help RP, not hinder it.

In summary, go ahead, be what you want, make what you want, but know that if we get complaints from other players about your character, you will be put on hold and your character reviewed. Other than that, have fun and go crazy!


Harassment can include, but is not limited, to any of the following:
  • Character relations, (i.e. twinking, powergaming, out of cannon, sexual harassment )
  • Inappropriate or Offensive comments, (i.e. racial, slurs, vulgarity)
  • General rude behavior


    If someone is bothering you in any way, whether or not it be personal or character related, your first step is to let them know it upsets you. Perhaps they’re not even aware that they’re doing anything wrong. If the problem continues or cannot be resolved, that’s what we have Arbitration wizzes for. There’s always the option to p#ignore someone or just simply not go near them if they continue to be a problem! Remember to always log the situation for records before or during your approach to any arb wiz, or any wiz for that matter. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable on this MUCK and we’ll strive to see that it remains a fun environment.


    It’s one of the worst disregards for RP-etiquette. Twinking can be described as anyone who uses OOC information during IC situations, forcing actions upon other players, someone who plays as though they are invincible, and many other examples. Don’t do it. If you are in a combat situation and pose something like “Player 1stabs Player 2 with a sword”, it’s considered twinking. A better way of posing would be: “Player 1 attempts to stab their sword into Player 2's leg”, or something to that effect. Of course, with more substance though! These are just simple examples. Your player cannot be killed without your consent, so every once in a while they’re bound to take a little damage if they’re constantly going into combat situations.


    Under no circumstances will wizzes ever release any personal information about any players or other wizzes. In correlation, never reveal any other players personal information or character alts. It’s just common courtesy. If anyone is found to be doing this, you will be approached by the wiz core for punishment.


    We stand behind the idea of consent-based RP upon this MUCK. If you’re going to do something adverse that may affect the other player, it’s always best to ask OOCly if it’ll be okay. Don’t just assume! The same goes with TS. Any act of TS with a minor, whether it be IC or OOC, is grounds for an automatic @frobbing. No explanation or warning needed. Use common sense, ‘kay?


    This is the official ChronoMUCK character policy last updated 06/24/07.

    Due to events involving players abusing our character creation policy, we have been forced to redefine the policy regarding character termination. This policy is intended to promote role playing and to discourage squatting. Any issues regarding this policy should be taken up with members of staff and not other players. Modifications to this policy from this point forwards will be publicly announced.

    Unless approved in advanced by staff, all characters must be able to show at least one logged scene per month. Logs must be made available either by request of the wiz staff or by posting them on ChronoMUCK's Live Journal page. ( Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the character being terminated. Characters pending termination will be made available the last week of each month.

    Characters who have been terminated can be recreated immediately on the grounds that they are not characters that have been placed on the Featured Character list by ChronoMUCK's staff. Recreated characters will once again have to adhere to this policy or they will be terminated again.

    Scenes involving characters must show a minimum of six poses. A pose in this case is defined as a character's speech or actions in a given scene. These must be at least two sentences each in length. Spoofing is only acceptable when it is made clear who is responsible for them.


    Characters on the world of Chronos (the world comprised of themes based upon Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross) which have been designated Featured Characters must show a minimum of three logs per month. Featured Characters who have been terminated MUST be re-approved by at least three members of staff in order to be recreated.

    Staff members who take on Featured characters as alternates must adhere to this policy if they have any more than one featured character designated as being under their control. Otherwise the life span of those characters will be determined by the other staff's approval.


    There may be situations not defined here which will reflect a characters potential for being terminated. These situations will be determined by a vote decided by the wiz staff and discussed privately with the characters involved. Please speak to a member of staff for more details on these kinds of situations.


    You want it? Build it. Twisted Street is a connecting point of dimensions, buildings, and people. There's no reason that an entire world wouldn't be connected to it somewhere, either through a doorway or the massive opening of a black cave. Or, perhaps there's just one building or city from the world you came from, or maybe you just want a place that has nothing to do with your character. Well, if you want it, build it. Just be sure to follow these guidelines:

    1) Everything built must have an exit and a description BEFORE it is linked to Twisted St.
    2) All exits should have @succ, @osucc, and @odrop descriptions, even if they are very simple.
    3) You can have as many rooms as you want, but there MUST be one link that comes off of Twisted Street. Nothing can exist by itself in Twisted World. (At least, nothing anyone knows about)
    4) The link off of Twisted Street can be whatever you want, a door, a window, a portal, touching a rock, whatever. But, it -needs- to be there!


    If you are interested in being a member of Task, feel free to page #mail Lalorien or (put your Task character here if you want to be a part of it) about it. The Council is always looking for new people to help...protect...the other dimensions from Mal-Travelers afterall! If you want to be someone who is already an established member of Task, that's fine, but keep in mind it might be fun to be interviewed for the job as well! RP generation = GOOD!


    There is currently only one character who is active on The Council named Lalorien, a High Elf. There are eight more positions open. If you're interested in getting a position on The Council, page #mail Lalorien about it. It's best to have an established reputation on the muck already however, as being on The Council would require a lot of trust to be put in your lap. Also, don't be insulted if you are flat out refused without a good reason, Lalorien is a bit of a snob. She's a High Elf afterall.

    Chrono-specific Areas


    While Twisted is a chaotic landscape where everything intersects, the Chrono map is not. YOU ARE NOT FREE TO BUILD THERE WITHOUT CONSENT FROM A MEMBER OF THE STAFF. Anyone caught doing so anyways may suddenly find their buildings removed without notice, or in a worse case scenerio they may find they no longer can log onto the Muck. If you insist on building something for the maps put it somewhere on Twisted and then get it approved for Chrono.


    Generaly this is handled ICly, but before you assume things keep inmind that Chrono is deemed by the Council as an off-limits area. This means that if someone from Twisted should decide to visit they run the risk of having TASK come after them and imprisioning them. If you'd like to arrange safe passage contact a member of the staff and we'll instruct you on the proper way to go about it ICly. Also, just because you can teleport does not mean your character can. OOC visits are fine, but if you want to exist on both Twisted and Chrono at the same time, create an alt.


    Absolutly no changes to the past plotline are permitted without approval. This falls under the category of twinking. Alternate world characters ARE permited while duplicate characters require approval, just don't be surprised when everyone calls you a lier because your world had a diffrent outcome of events.


    If it is brought to our attention that someone or something is on Chrono and doesn't belong there (say for example Magus riding a battlemech or Pikachu suddenly showing up) this would fall under the same category as unapproved travel to Chrono. You will need to remove your character/creations immediatly or risk being subjected to a visit from TASK.

    In general, ChronoMUCK has a three strike policy. Unless a situation is delt with ICly if you recieve three warnings you will be removed from the MUCK. We'd like to think we've created a setting where you won't need to break the rules to have a good time, but there are those who seem to only enjoy doing what they're not allowed. Repeat offenders (those that remake their characters or create a new one after termination) will be banned from the MUCK if the inappropriate behavior does not come to an immediate halt. This is not subject to debate.