ChronoMUCK Setting and Plot Details

This is a summary of the current situation on the world of Chronos. This is to be used as a refrence for scenes. This page will be updated randomly.

The Date - It is currently the begining of 1005.

Guardia Castle - There is NO Guardia Castle. There is an illusion brought about by the distortions from the slowly fading Time Crash. The illusion crumbles, however, when you actually go to the castle and discover that it is completely missing. Currently there is a huge crater there and Zeal's Palace rests half-floating in it's place. All the staff inside vanished along with the Castle. The road to Guardia Castle is currently blocked by the same 'Porre Soldiers' involved in the attacks on Truce.

Zeal's Palace - The Palace in question is -not- the one from 12,000 BC. It's the one from the Alternate world. It has a completely different map and was occupied until it was brought to Chronos. There is no longer anything at the bottom of the massive pit in the center of it. Anyone able to get inside would discover the Mammon Machine destroyed and Zeal missing. All things in statis inside are gone...

Magus's Horde - Unless someone forgot to update me, they are still on the loose and are no longer taking orders from Magus. Something should be done about them. The random 'demon' attacks are because of them. Unless something is done in mass random attacks will continue. Some of the Horde have banded together and will arrive in TP related elements, most are simply running around on their own. Finding a slain body of one of them killed by it's fellow 'demons' isn't far fetched.

Renegade Robots - Somewhere on the map is a group of robots which previously maintained the Zenan Blockade upon the bridge. Although the bridge is currently free to cross, these robots are missing. Probably picking on villagers from 65 Mil. BC. More than likely they are dwindling in number and having one or two randomly attack may be a good means of generating RP.

Dragons - Although there where no mention of them in Chrono Trigger, they -did- exist in Chrono Cross. Since that's just 20 years away there should be some near Medina. Smallish ones that could be ridden on, nothing big. But they do exist.

Porre and the Soldiers - Porre is completly off limits as no effort has been made to remove the damage done by Zeal. The troups running around in Porre Uniforms all wear some kind of garb covering their forheads. Some may have noticed a Zealion symbol etched onto their heads in a red glowing light beneath their armor. There are only 2 other people besides the Gurus who could read this mark and what they'd see is 'SLAVE'. There are soldiers guarding the blockage leading to Porre, the path leading to the palace, and the road leading into the mountains west of the Guardia Fairgrounds...

Mountains - The mountains on North Zenan have a magical radiation. This energy bears a striking similarity to the Kingdom of Zeal. The rocks themselves seem to hold magical properties, but you have to dig deep to find them. At the crater along the North West coast, this is most obvious. There are no Zealion structures to be found on the map besides the palace and the Crypt in the back of Guardia Cemetery.

The Royal Guard - Glenn has been acting Head Knight for quite some time now. His rightful place would be in the past, but with recent events he decided to oversee the 1004 knights to make sure they're up to speed and has been acting as their lead since the time crash. The guard have set up camp in and around Truce for the simple fact that the castle isn't accessible. Their numbers are dwindling...

Gates To Twisted - The only remaining gate to Twisted is one of the two doors to the Maniac's tower. After Crono stepped through this portal to investigate it was sealed. There are no other currently active portals between the two areas.

Time Gates - There are Time Gates. They lead to the End of Time only because of the damage to the map. If you don't have a Gatekey, you can't get to the End of Time.