ChronoMUCK Time Periods

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~The Chrono Lisa~
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Apparently the 'Time Period of Origin' has confused some applicants, so we've made this page to hopefully clarify that and give a few ideas for those of you still deciding on characters.

65 Mill BC - The time before and during the fall of Lavos. Humans wore clothing made from animal fur and talked with bad grammer. No spells, but very strong. Most are called 'cave-dwellers' despite the fact they lived in huts. A woman named Ayla becomes the first leader of the humans. Reptites are more arrogant here than anywhere else. Also in greater number. As the Big (La) Fire (Vos) fell from the sky the world got very cold. Reptites die off and humanity prospers. Yay for the humans!

12,000 BC - The Kingdom of Zeal. Either you lived in blissful ignorace of the world around and used magic... or you lived like the 'cave-dwellers' but with less fur and more cold. After the fall of Zeal the use of magic was banned as everyone began to worship nature.

600 AD - The war between the Mystics and the Humans. Your on one side or another. Choose or run the risk of not being very popular. A metal man from the future runs around South Zenan protecting plants and planting trees.

1000 AD - The Princess keeps sneaking out and people live in peace. A good time to be alive.

1004 AD - Called the 'present day' for the most part even though we did away with time. Crono and Nadia rule in the absence of the true King. Spirits watch over the Kingdom from the mountains. War is brewing to the South and Mystics are rambling about the Magus returning.

1005 AD - The Kingdom of Guardia is in ruins, Porre is prosperous. Mystics are mad that the home they where fighting for has burned to the ground. Elements are now available in shops at high price.

1020 AD - Although Chrono Cross has already took place, no sign is left to prove it aside from the memory in people's minds. Elements are very common. Lots of deja-vu going on.

1999 AD - Lavos awakens, but doesn't. Or, he does and gets stopped. Let's just avoid this shall we?

2040 AD - Humanity has prospered. War has ended. Studies of the nature of time begin. Robots are everywhere, Lucca and Belthasar are well known and respected. The Chronopolis is built and FATE is in charge... then a huge gateway opens and sucks the building away. Weird, huh?

Alternate World (CC) - Your home was destroyed when things where fixed. Otherwise you believe your from 1020 AD. Damn those good deeds!

Alternate World (Zeal) - It's 1004 AD and the world has fallen to your mighty whims. Well, those of the Kingdom as a whole anyways. Gateways to other worlds are being opened and those worlds are being fed to Lavos. The Queen is completly insane and watches everyone and everything. The military has fallen to the state that they've become her puppets. Not a good place for the sane.

Alternate World (?) - Be creative. Impress our staff and your in. Be ready to explain your origins in great detail though... pre-existing characters that have RPd on other worlds have to get by the pcreate team and must speak to Lavos BEFORE submitting an application. We recomend you avoid this scenerio.